idk i just needed to share this

aaron and andrew don’t celebrate their birthday but when aaron’s kids are like 5-6 years old they get him a card and they also get one for uncle andrew and aaron looks at katelyn like.. “honey we’re not going to see him just so he can have his card” so they mail it to neil & andrew’s apartment

it becomes a thing every year. andrew receives a corny hallmark card in the mail and it has the kids’ names scribbled on it. andrew doesn’t care and doesn’t send any to aaron but he keeps every single one he gets

idk if it’s bc it’s friday and i’ve had a really long week and everything is just really fucking funny to me rn but @lady-pei and i are dyinggg and so i need to share: 

imagine bitty’s moving back into the haus, unpacking his baking supplies while talking to jack on the phone, and lardo, chowder, ransom and holster just think he’s talking to his mom until bitty says “i’ll talk to you later, sweetheart… haha i love you, too.” 

and everyone else in the haus stops whatever they’re doing and stares at bitty 




“um… my mother?” 

“you call your mother ‘sweetheart’?” 


“wait. you know what this means?” 



“wait no i–” 



so ransom and holster immediately spam the SMH group text with “BITTY HAS A BF AND HE DIDN’T TELL US” and everyone’s like ??????? 

it’s utter CHAOS and bitty’s just trying to take it all in stride until jack responds with “haha. nice.” and then bitty’s… well, a little ticked off bc how is it fair that he’s the only one that has to deal with this 

it takes a few minutes for shitty to respond, but when he does, all hell breaks loose: WHAT?????????? DEETS, BITS.  GIVE US THE DEETSSSSSSSSS 

ransom and holster obvs just egg him on like “DEETS DEETS DEETS” 

lardo’s the more reasonable one that’s like “look, bits, you don’t have to tell us who he is” 

bitty breathes a sigh of relief 

…until lardo adds: “if you tell us how he is in bed” 

cue even more pandemonium, ransom and holster keep chanting “DEETS DEETS DEETS” 

and then 


jack fucking zimmermann texts: “come on, bittle.  how is he?” 

bitty, being the little shit he is, finally responds with: “he’s ok. nothing special” 

Every live performance of Jet Black Heart

Legitimately. Every. One.

It’s simple. I miss michael. I also miss seeing new videos of michael performing jet black heart, my favorite 5sos song, live every night or so. because of this, i made this masterlist of nearly every live performance of jet black heart

((well pretty close to every one,,, please don’t sue me)) ((also if i missed any cities or fucked up anything please let me know xx))

You’re welcome.

Rock Out With Your Socks Out

~North America~

since it was only played at the very end of rowyso… also i think jones beach was the first place it was played but i could be wrong its been over a year

Sounds Live Feels Live



~North America~


  • Melbourne - September 29th ((only half))
  • Brisbane - October 2nd
  • Sydney (1st night) - October 4th
  • Sydney (2nd night) - October 5th ((LAST SHOW IM EMO))

Don’t care for the live performances? 

do not fear. here’s some alternatives:

yes this did just take me like 2 weeks to make.
do i regret it?

absolutely not.


Gal Pals @ prom sharing a Friendship Dance

if you’re feeling a bit sad/down/depressed, these might make you feel a little bit better:

Things to watch: Parks and rec (tv show), The office (tv show), H3h3productions (youtube channel, check out their older videos they’re hilarious!), 2 broke girls (if you like sitcom), Pushing Daisies (tv show), Amelie (film), Some like it hot (film), Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (film), Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (film), The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (film), Zootopia (film), Pride and Prejudice 2005 (film).

Things to listen to (not necessarily cheery/happy but the beat is light and nice):  Vampire Weekend - Step, Passion Pit - Carried Away, LANY - pink skies, Mariage d'Amour by Paul de Senneville and Oliver Toussaint, La Valse d'Amelie (Orchestre), omptine d'Un Autre Été- Die fabelhafte Welt der Amélie Piano, Pride and Prejudice soundtrack - Dawn, Single - TheNeighbourhood, Birdy - Keeping Your Head Up, Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend, Youth - Troye Sivan, Florence + The Machine - Too Much Is Never Enough, Fake it - Bastille.

What to drink: Camomile tea with spearmint, Cold water with (lemon, mint, cucumber) or (lemon, mint, strawberry, raspberry).

These things helped me a bit at times where I was down, so I thought I might share it, maybe someone needs it right now. take care guys, I wish you the best ♥︎

They spoke very little of their mutual feeling; pretty phrases and warm expressions being probably unnecessary between such tried friends.

My fave crewt isnt just them being cute and holding hands and sharing scarves while giggling but also these two antisocial dingus’ being seen as Those Weirdos Over There wherever they go because it’s the noodly ginger who keeps staring at the ground and mumbling what you highly suspect are insults while his suitcase growls ominously and his boyfriend/bodyguard, Credence “Resting Murderface” Barebones, isn’t saying shit but is staring at people in a way to make everyone highly suspect he may in fact, be a serial killer

Of the two, the one with the serial-killer stare is the more socially adept. Because at least he isn’t prone to suddenly climbing over people/buildings because a neat looking bird went by


imagine being so threatened and riled up over a voice line being shared by two characters that you feel the need to post hate in the ship tag

like… mercy and roadhog share the “piece of cake” voice line and no one has lost their shit over that lmao

idk I’m just happy for meihem shippers cos they constantly have trash in their tags from gross people, and having something cute and nice between the chars in their ship is a good bolster to fandom morale; god knows it gets fucking dragging to see pissbabies whining about how toxic or abusive something is when like no one takes a ship at face value?? like I don’t see anyone throwing fits over other popular ships that have major roadblocks or other obstacles that would have to be addressed; people make art and write fic for them and are left alone because that’s how things should be. I don’t delve into many other ships but like for christ’s sake character growth and development is a thing, get off your discourse horse you assbasket

and that’s another thing too, like all these kids get whiny about ships and calling them these particular buzzwords and it’s like? do you know what an abusive relationship looks like because I was in one and I sure as hell do! and simple differing dynamics between characters does not equal toxicity by any means – especially when people want to expand character experiences and interactions and show growth and development.

does Mei not like Junkrat? judging from some of their interactions, probably not. could she learn to like him through teamwork and mutual effort to understand one another? absolutely. in the hands of fans and writers and artists, anything is possible. that’s what fandom is for.

and anyone who feels compelled to police others’ ships and experiences (within reason) can piss right off.

please share

lol okay so the instagram account swiftshappiness (not to be confused with the tumblr account, not the same person!) tends to repost things from tumblr without giving credit. i asked her to please start giving credit, to which she responded by saying she doesn’t need to give credit then posting a snarky post. 

even more annoying is that she sometimes gives credit, but usually doesn’t. if she gives credit some of the time then i really don’t understand her issue, especially when someone is asking for credit of their own work.

so yeah anyways here’s some posts that she’s reposted without credit, idk whose they all are but please share so people actually get credit for their own posts (also these are just a few i got tired of scrolling):

(these are some of mine):

(other people’s):

so yeah anyways please share this so people know whose posts they are

Guys i seriously need to interact with some cool lesbians who watch like supergirl or the 100 or love kristen stewart or kate mckinnon or johnlock or just sherlock in general or carol and like literally any of y'all out there. Follow me or msg me or like this and I’ll msg u or idk let me know in some form so we can do sth cause i have all these feelings inside and i need to share! Hit me up you like minded fellow homos.

anonymous asked:

your headcanons are the best. do you have any more shallura-related ones??

thank you! here’s some fluffy ones bc i’m a big doof who needs love

  • everyone thinks space dates are Super Epic when in reality it’s just shiro and allura sharing a blanket and listening to a nice relaxing playlist in the castle
  • shiro: allura’s hair…. is a marshmallow
    lance: …how?
    shiro: white and floof
  • i feel like allura is lowkey really artistically talented and one day she just gives shiro like…. a life sized sculpture of the two of them
  • look…. idk why… but they’re the kind of couple that would go minigolfing
  • trying to cuddle always turns into wrestling matches where they both try to be the big spoon
  • allura, after trying shiro’s cooking: wow :) this is soooo… great :) humans sure do know how to eat :)
    • she makes everything a smoothie and shiro is…. mildly bothered but not surprised
  • since the mice can’t really speak, they come up with a way to talk to shiro without having to speak through allura which ends up being silly pantomiming. sometimes they give him advice and ideas
    • allura: shiro, how did you know i wanted a dress like this
      shiro: *pretending not to notice the mice waving at him* i dunno….. call it a hunch….,
  • shiro’s such a nerd ok i bet he gets allura a little model of one of the lions except it’s pink and sparkly and the way her eyes light up when she sees it??? 10/10
  • allura, queen of massages and shiro, king of being exhausted and stressed and needing massages
  • when they order pizza, shiro never eats the crust and allura only ever eats the crust
  • shiro: how do you say ‘i love you’ in altean?
    allura, suspiciously: depends
    • she really wants to be the one to say i love you first

Flight Log: Turbulence phone wallpaper (JB ver.)

dimensions: 768 x 1280

do credit if you’re using them!! :D

Thank You | John Murphy


can you do a Murphy imagine with prompt #62 from prompt list 6 and #8 from prompt list 4?? like maybe after the banishment and after the sickness is over murphy needs somewhere to sleep and the reader is the only one to volunteer to share their tent

#62:  “It’s only one night, we’ll just share the bed.”

#8:  “Please, just- stay. Please.”

(A/N: I legit don’t remember or know if they had something like beds or cots in the tents, but for the sake of the imagine lets just pretend they do…idk maybe they built them or something lmao)

Originally posted by john-murphys-trash-queen

You watched from your place helping Clarke organize medical supplies as Murphy let out a yawn. He was moving stretchers and cleaning up blood from the floors with Bellamy, the four of you trying to get the dropship back to the state it had been before the virus wreaked its havoc on the camp.

“Alright, I think that’s enough for the night,” Murphy declared. “I’m out.”

“Not so fast, Murphy,” Bellamy called before the boy could leave the dropship.

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