idk i just need money


headcanon time!!! Nani and I were talking about miraxus + shopping/spending and I have thoughts.

Laxus is the rich kid of the guild. Like sometimes im just imagining how everyone probably grew up poor or just a step above it, being orphans and all. Lucy’s definitely The Rich Kid but that stopped when she joined Fairy Tail. Laxus might not be as rich but think abt it. Guild Master’s grandson. Ivan was probably loaded, too. I’m betting my ass that both men just gave Laxus money to compensate for not being there. And then Laxus became S-Class, earning all that money to fund a bachelor lifestyle. I mean, the fur coat is a dead giveaway to how he celebrates TREAT YOSELF culture (side note: imagine laxus window shopping in some other city and he sees a nonsense luxury item he absolutely doesnt need and he just whispers “treat yoself” to himself before buying it). He’s never had to take care of anyone and he doesn’t seem like a guy who thinks much about insurance (i think all of makarov’s paranoia of liability costs and this and that insurance has made laxus think insurance is just a myth). I don’t think he puts money away. People tend to not worry about finances so much when money has been there all their life.

So anyway. Fast forward to Laxus being an Adulte™. It never occurs to Mirajane that he has a spending habit until she sat down and reviewed their monthly expenses. Mira has been raising her siblings since she was 13. You don’t raise kids and not learn how to hold your finances by the balls. She’s stressed. Sure, Laxus makes a lot of money, but he’s spending a lot, too. Despite eating at home, he eats out a lot when Mira’s at work. He buys useless things when he’s at a job. He racks up A Bill™ when he goes drinking because he has to get the most expensive kinds of liquor. Basically, when she’s not there to keep an eye on him, he’s just burning through the monthly budget. She’s so stressed. She married a 4 year old. Death would be so sweet.

It gets worse when they have kids. Laxus just likes buying stuff for his powerful offspring. Sometimes its just a cute heiloom toy. One time it was 3 crates of baby wipes. Mirajane is just confused. Who needs all that baby wipes? She has to sit him down and get serious. Laxus, babe, sweetiepie, fire of my loins, you need to get your shit together. We just made a human. Humans are expensive. Your wednesday night tab could cover 2 months of baby formula. Do you understand? My most luxurious expenses are Fuji Apples and you have the nerve to buy some snake leather boots that make you look like a 70’s pimp. Stop this or I’m leaving you. It’s not an overnight thing to get over a spending habit (Laxus would DIE before he called it a shopping addiction) so Mirajane doesn’t force it. They do little things to help him stay on budget. Laxus puts an angry picture of his wife in his wallet so every time he opens it, He Won’t Be A Money Dumbass.

“we’re moving out” is honestly the better coming out video

I’m thinking about doing pokemon art commissions? I really need the money and it’s something I can do but before I start putting time and effort into it would that be anything anyone would be interested in/wanna do? 

do coffees actually cost $3 

I want to go to school in philadelphia and possibly live there after college and I really want to open a store where I repurpose cool shit I find in thrift stores and!! there’s like 50 thrift stores in Philly alone! im so hype

Should i pay like 200$ for a senior prom night which is considered a big deal and look good and all or should i just skip it because man this is so much more than i want to spend on this kind of thing it’s just a party with people i’ll never see again and never really liked, but i still feel weird missing this idk what to do??

my family’s been in a bit of a tight situation regarding money since last year so i was kinda scared to pre-order the new yugioh movie and i was just hoping my mom wouldn’t get mad at me (even though she’s told me that the money i earn editing is my money and i have no obligation to give her anything) but i just told her about it and i told her i was also gonna order a book so i could get free shipping

and she was like, good for you, i know how excited you were about that movie!! you should definitely take advantage of the free shipping, ‘cause sometimes the shipping costs more than what you’re actually ordering. i’m so happy for you, sweetie!

and i was just like moooooom ;_____;

Tomorrow is my last final!!!!

So, I’ll be taking requests at my art blog @thefadoodlequeen

Like this post if you’d be interested or leave a suggestion of what I should draw?


Nozomi Tojo Avatars


hey guys so

i kinda need money right now?

and like

my absolutely loaded moirail has offered to buy me what I need

but I would feel awful about it if she did

anyways my question is if I got a redbubble would you buy stuff from me?

and if so what would you want  me to sell?

idk I just need money and thats really the only thing I can do right now

its just i’m not 16 yet and I can’t get away with having a patreon or doing commissions

okay, so I (technically my little sister but you know, same difference lol) actually won tickets to the walking dead premiere!!! but there’s one problem: I’m from philadelphia and the premiere is in los angeles. 

I lost my job last week and my depression has been getting worse as a result of this, so even though I pretty much immediately accepted that I wouldn’t be able to go, I got very excited when I saw the email saying that we’d won. The walking dead has been a big part of my life for a while now, and I’ve been dying to meet the cast since forever but I never got the chance because I couldn’t afford to go to comic con and pay for photo ops and autographs and all that. Now I finally have the opportunity to, but I still don’t have the means.

I was looking up plane ticket costs out of curiosity and it looks like the cheapest ticket would cost about $295 (each). I don’t really feel good asking people for money but I was just wondering if anyone would be up to donate if they can? I haven’t made a gofundme yet or anything, I’m still thinking about whether or not I even should. 

If I were to go I would definitely do my best to try and ask a richonne related question, for what it’s worth ;) 

Thanks for reading.


i don’t think people remember this enough or keep this in mind but it’s driving me crazy. people need to realize that us, as writers who are just merely doing it for fun, because we want to share, are people with lives, too.

we don’t spend the whole day on our blogs, writing all day when believe me, probably we want to or dedicate our time fully to be here. we have programmes like you guys do. we go to school, college, university. we work, we need time off and sometimes, we need a break, too.

not to mention, there are so many people here who feel entitled. like, it’s already mentioned that the requests are closed and you want to come here and act like a victim? if you can take the time to structure your question/request, why can’t you take extra step forward to read whether the requests are actually opened or not? or if we even have a faq which will already answer your question?

the problem here is that ‘new users’ or ‘people who are not used to tumblr’ will make this kind of mistake. they’ll think that the requests are always opened or they won’t know where to find it. or they won’t even know that requests can be closed. which is perfectly fine. but you have to understand that it takes a little bit more effort to explore around the blogs before you send your request or even have the courtesy to ask if the writer you’re requesting for has their request open.

then again, if we have stated it on our bio, more importantly our bio, where you can see it before you send a message, that’s being selfish and ignorant and if we reply you rudely if you call it, you have no right to be mad at us. because then we can be mad at you for putting a blind eye and just thinking we’ll accept it.

people need to realize how toxic this place is and how much shit we have to deal with. tumblr is a great place but with people who feel entitled and think that we are supposed to provide content for you, you really have another thing coming.

we are normal people like you, who just have a passion for writing and i think if you can’t even be understanding enough to try to understand how it is like for us, you really need to think about it. we don’t owe you a living. before sending your message, rethink if you’re coming off the wrong way or if you may have phrased it wrongly because like i have put emphasis on this: it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.