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ID #80013

Name: Zuzanna
Age: 17
Country: Poland

Hi! I’m Zuza, and I’m from Poland. Idk why I’m writting here, but i think it would be nice to have someone to talk to about anything. I love to read books, watch movies and series (Game of thrones, breaking bad, the walking dead etc.), I collect postcards (postcrossing) and I listen to music like all the time :D
I have a sense of humour, but if needed I’m completly honest, helpful and… just myself :v I used to watch a lot of anime, but now i sometimes read some manga (if i have enough money to buy one). Actually im a whore for space, stars and everything what happens in cosmos, it’s SO interesting (BUT don’t think im a nerd, it’s just what i find beautiful :p).

I speak polish, english, i studied french, but everything i know is ,,croissant’’, and now I’m studing spanish, which is awesome and i love to learn it (even if it’s hard, it’s great to speak in many languages), so if you’re from Spain, you could teach me something :v
I’m quite an introvert, i avoid ppls (i like just few) and probably i have an anxiety, but hey! I’m still a sarcasting piece of shit.

We can chat on facebook, e-mails, tumblr whatever, just talk to me >:c

Preferences: Age 15-?
-any sexuality
-any religion
-don’t be a dick

IMs have been disabled for now except for the ones I follow. I don’t know how long this will last, sorry for the hassle. If you have questions I’m still available via ask. Mutuals still can message me as always though I might not be too responsive at times. Sorry, going through some tough RL stuff now, just need a break from this site. More or less, I’ll be mostly lurking, trying to post art when I can. Maybe I’ll set up a queue too

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What is "the last something"? I tried searching for it but idk if I found the right one

The Last Something That Meant Anything (100k)

When Harry leaves the band - leaves Louis - to pursue his dreams of a solo career, he breaks much more than just One Direction.

It’s a gamble and a new start for each of the boys but while Harry walked away smiling, finally having got everything he apparently dreamt of, Louis is left to pick the pieces up.

Some hearts don’t break even, some are simply shattered. So can you really learn to un-love someone?

okay so, I need to make a disclaimer about this fic because it’s REALLY intense and angsty, so it might not be the cup of tea for a lot of u, so be careful about it, read the tags and take care of urself 💖💖
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™I was tagged by @sncinder thanks boo it was really interesting to read!!

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5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  • Some form of sketchbook
  • My panda pencil case he’s gotten a little ratty but he holds all my inking pens pencils etc. 
  • At least 2 pair of shades (one that should def be in it’s case which is also in there but eh, I’m too lazy)
  • AT LEAST like 5 lipsticks, why do I do this? I always need one when I carry a different bag and it’s just not there because I hoard them in one bag at a time
  • 3lbs of change just breaking my shoulder

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • My cat Poppy digging her face and claws into my thigh because I only sleep with fluffy blankets (idk who’s more diva me or her)
  • A seasonal candle lit (also some incense)
  • Christmas lights year round babyyyy (I just love that English people call them fairy lights makes em see more magical and less trashy)
  • Probably an abandoned iced coffee cup (rip)

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:

  • I want to live abroad specifically London/Brighton
  • Get more tattoos, 4 isn’t enough
  • Own a coffee shop/art studio
  • Bike around a city (I did this for the first time a few weeks ago! It was magic)
  • Kiss a celeb

5 things that make me feel happy:

  • The first sip of an iced latte is orgasmic
  • orgasms
  • A sunny breezy day with a picnic blanket or hammock and birds chirping and I can just close my eyes
  • when a puppy or kitten chooses you as The One ™ and snuggles in
  • When your art comes out just right 

5 things I’m currently into:

  • I’ve been really into just walking around the city lately?
  • PLANT MOMMING I have my Granny text me pictures of Bulby my pet succulent
  • Trying new types of coffee (I’m sensing a theme)
  • Finding the right reaction memes/gifs
  • Blush Pink color
    5 things on my to-do list:
  • Save money for an apartment
  • Get a Husky pup and name him Rowan
  • Write/Illustrate my own graphic novel
  • Master art
  • Maybe learn a little animation

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so i’ve watched that Daemos Rising movie (the one with Kate Lethbridge-Stewart and Douglas Cavendish who was played by Miles Richardson. it was.. a ride) and i thought.. what if Douglas’ situation was simular to Yana’s and the voice in his head was Brax’s voice and it was a story about a guy who wanted to live a normal life maybe start a family n’ stuff but unfortunately he was just a disguise for an asshole alien who desperately wanted to break free??? ?


I’m about to fuck up my life, watch me

Ok, but I have this headcanon (inspired by this) in which Aurora (my noctluna fandaughter) really liked one of her mama’s pretty dresses so she wanted to wear it to her first fancy party. Long story short, the only way to convince her to wear her own clothes is dad’s promise that he would ask his Queen to save gown for her little daughter. (

I have so many unfinished sketches for this, but my hella important exams are  about to start, so see you in two or three weeks 

Sometimes I’ll be sitting in my room, perfectly fine, and then I just get slammed by this wave of loneliness and I hate it

  • Kara: hey Alex can you help me with this
  • Alex: is that a lamp
  • Kara: yeah well it's supposed to be a red sun lamp but I can't get it to work
  • Alex: why do you need a red sun lamp what are you--
  • Maggie: *smirking* just help the kid out with her red sun lamp, little danvers has plans
  • Kara: *blushing* I- *fixes glasses* want to surprise Lena later ton--
  • Alex: you know what? I don't even wanna know just hand it over
  • Maggie: trying not to break any more of your furniture I see

Except for the heart-shaped hole where the hope runs out

the types as things they've all said to me

ENFJ: “yeah i’ve take the personality tests a few times and it can never type me, i always get like 50/50 on each of the things, so i’m really balanced; i’m EXXX” (bitch MORE than 2 of you have said this to me, you are all problematic and project those questions onto yourselves you fake ass hoes)
INFJ: “i should start a psychic business and pretend to take people’s fortunes because i’m so good at this.” (this was said after she guessed that her boyfriend would get a 96 on his philosophy exam after he had gotten a 97 on the last one, and was exactly correct. tl;dr every INFJ is a demon)
ESFJ: “i get to take care of you and treat you until you’re better!” said with real tears in his eyes after i had rolled my ankle and it was the size of an actual softball. he held my hand as he said it.
ISFJ: “i’m trying my best!” said very flusteredly (it’s a word, shut up) after we poked fun at the fact that he was still 4 labs behind on homework. he was also on youtube at the time.
ESTJ: “joe hasn’t answered me and we’re leaving for austria for spring break in TWO months and i need a plan for what we’re going to do the first weekend ASAP or i’m going to literally kill him with my bare hands.”
i have no more context to add to this, yall are literally just the most extra people i’ll ever meet.
ISTJ: “i feel like…” and then you proceeded to lie to me because none of you have felt anything, ever.
ESFP: “what’s happening?! should i talk to him?! should i ignore it and be oblivious?! idk what to do im not an intuitive!” said when i was pissed at everybody and he accidentally got the brunt of my rage. you are all pure and naive and just want to have a good time and i respect that; you do you, boo boo the fools, just keep doing you.
ISFP: “i’m about to make a transatlantic flight to austria to instill the fear of god into every one of those girls playing with joe’s heart over there.” said about her little brother while still in her horse riding gear, in between walking from the dinner table to her laptop to watch sherlock and dr. who. im 100% not joking about this, her name is Mary Duran and she paints on the side too.
ESTP: “well, enough of that.” said moments after crying for two minutes, and seconds before throwing a lawn chair across the yard and breaking a window because he didn’t know how else to process his emotions. @everyESTP, pls get help.
ISTP: “HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF A FUCKING BLINKER. USE YOUR BLINKER BEFORE I SLIT YOUR THROAT.” (this is literally every time i’m in the car with him, no matter what, no matter how long; tl;dr every one of you shouldn’t drive, ever.)
ENTP: “but was kant really that bad?” said by some hoe in one of my higher level philosophy classes as he introduced us to Irrelevantland™. stick to your memes and stop antagonizing every person you meet you bored ass mfs.
INTP: “the old lady thinks i’m going to fix our neighbor’s AC, which means i have about 45 minutes to get to a town 34 minutes away to see if the guy has one of the car parts i’ve been looking for. it’ll cost about $200-$220, but i gotta take the money out in small increments around town so she doesn’t get suspicious.” said by my best friends dad, in reference to his wife and his unhealthy obsession with fixing up old, unusable cars.
ENTJ: “socrates was probably the dumbest person to ever live, and i wrote an entire 12 page paper on it and got an A.” (i have no more to add to this; you’re all just as bad as the ESTJs and must be stopped.)
INTJ: “that was a good burn. i think i’m going to like you.” said to me after i said something witty and sarcastic to my ENFP best friend. p.s. every INTJ has an XNFP best friend, it’s just a fact, accept it).
ENFP: “hey remember how you’ve been telling me for the past three months that im overcommitting myself and doing too many things? well today after my seventeenth breakdown of the semester so far, i realized that you might be right.” (said by my best friend. not much else to add to this, really; you’re all insane.)
INFP: “my friend brought me a puppy between classes today and it was only the second of four times i cried today.”

i…. drew this trickster aradia… because its super cute and you all know how little self control i have when it comes to super cute trickster designs…….. sorry i dont know how to draw strawberries though omg ??

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clexa college au fics? sorry if you've already done this, i'm on mobile so i can't browse your fic rec tag

hey there! first of all, SORRY for the delay. idk if I’ve done it either, so here’s some (also, only gonna include reasonably recent fics that either have been updating or are complete):

Help, I Need Somebody (Not Just Anybody) — IT UPDATED! IT UPDATED! IT UPDATED!

Open Windows, Open Hearts — this is the smutty fic you’ve been looking for.

Room 615 — lexa is the stoic RA, clarke is the annoyingly obstinate transfer student. read it read it read it read it!

Breaking Out — this is one of my faves :) check it out!

don’t wanna be your girl — filth. delicious filth. hilarious too!

A Forest Fire — this is painful but 100% worth it.

Chasing Shadows — lexa is a French hockey player, clarke is more of a rugby gal, and this is a super awesome fic. read it!

Rude Awakening — clarke doesn’t like early mornings. great one-shot with the possibility (please please please please please) of more chapters!

Butterflies — this is a really great take on love and how the media (and ourselves) portray it. Seriously worth a read!

Waiting For Love to Strike — football! striker lexa and midfielder clarke! football!

She — you know it, I know it, your dog knows it, your neighbour knows it, everyone knows it. but just in case you don’t, here it is. a fandom favourite.

Remember when (we used to be between the sheets) — my good friend Carmen does it again: an honestly great fic, sequel to between the sheets.

Civil War — “And Clarke Griffin opened her annoyingly attractive, opinionated, and this time entirely wrong mouth.” No words needed.


Broken Rules — this is seriously great, a college and no strings attached sex au must read. read it.

To You, I Give Myself — ;))))))))

From You, I Take My Pleasure — ;)))))))) 2

The Favour — sweet and sexy, showing there is no right age for anything

April Fools — a fest of clexa hilariousness and sweetness. a great read :)

been lovin’ you for quite some time —CHRISTMAS!!!

She Was a Storm — haven’t read this one yet, but have been wanting to.

These Walls Are Paper Thin — an oldie that never gets old :)

There’s so many more, but then I’d take another century to post this. Besides, this is quite lengthy already, isn’t it? I think so. I hope you think so too ^-^

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Symbolism? What?

idk about you but…he’s walking to the light, opening a closed door.


“The script was written and I could not change a thing. I want to rip it all to shreds and start again.”

“Drifting, weightless, waves try to break it”

People say we shouldn’t be together, too young to know about forever”

“I don’t care what people say when we’re together”

“Is it so wrong?”

“They don’t know I’ve waited all my life just to find a love that feels this right

“We were meant to be but a twist of fate made it so we had to walk away”

Close the door, throw the key”

“But I know you’re only hiding and I just wanna see you”

"People always trying to escape it”

"I know you wanna leave so come on baby be with me so happily.”

Lights off when they should be on”

"Shut the door. Turn the lights on

"When you’re lost, I’ll find a way and be your light”

“I’m not scared of the dark

"We will find a way through the dark

“I was stumbling looking in the dark with an empty heart”

"I don’t wanna get lost in the dark of the night”

"There’s me inside a sinking boat running out of time”

"Voice is numb, try to scream out my lungs”

"’Cause I wanna be free and I wanna be young”

"I know you wanna be loved

"Without you I’ll never make it out alive”

“Whatever chains are holding you back.. don’t let them tie you down”

"Just let me set you free. We’ll touch the other side, just give me the key

"It’s been so long, it’s been so long

"Did they ever hold each other tight like us?”

“All of these lights, they can’t blind me… With your love, nobody can drag me down.”

"Not even the gods above can separate the two of us”

"You must be fireproof

"Did they ever fight like us?”

"But I know yes I know we’ll be alright”

"I think I’m gonna win this time.”

"This time I’m ready to run

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Gods, that Adamms Family au tho. Do you have more headcanons??? Cause I def need more, lmao. :"))) I can only imagine Keith and Shiro dancing dramatically, Shiro dipping Keith down, gracefully and flawlessly spinning him and after the dance, kissing each other without missing a beat. ♡ :"D

It started as a joke but the more I think about it the funnier it gets and the more I want it to happen HAHAHAAHHHA but yes what you said YES!

Sheith The Addams Family AU PART 02  [PART 01][PART 03]

  • They dine like normal rich people. Four chandeliers in the room, longass obsidian table darker than the human soul with six candelabra, black and red utensils, black goblets, a dead boar’s head hanging on the wall, a guillotine in a corner. Yknow, the usual… stuff.
  • Their car is the 1938 Packard Hearse. Fricking beautiful lmao Of course they get weird looks. Who in the right mind would have a funeral car for family use? Apparently they do. 
    Pidge (Wednesday): Father, kids at school make fun of our car.
    Keith: Oh, they’re just jealous they don’t carry the dead with them wherever they go, my dear. Now run along.
  • Every morning, Pidge would try to do something to Lance (Pugsley) before breakfast when he’s asleep.
    Lance: Father! Pidge tried to suffocate me again in my sleep!
    Shiro: *sighs and turns to Pidge* Pidge, my darling, what did I tell you?
    Pidge: To use a pillowcase with a rope instead of my own hands.
    Shiro: Good. *smiles* We’re not barbarians you know. 
    Pidge: *frowns*
    Keith: Poor thing, she’s lost all her desires to strangle her brother. 
  • When they are receiving visitors, Shiro is usually the first one introduced. And when Keith walks in, Shiro just couldn’t keep his eyes off him, pretty much ignoring everyone else in the room.
    Shiro: Mon amour. *walks up to Keith and pulls him closer* *takes his hand and kisses it* *kisses Keith’s neck*
    Keith: *tilts head to give Shiro more room* *hums in pleasure* *sees the visitors and smiles* Forgive my husband. He’s like a desperate howling demon. Especially when I wear this suit. It brings back memories
    Shiro: *cups Keith’s face* My little bat. I remember that night as if it was only yesterday. 
    Keith: Mon chéri.
    Shiro: Oh, Keith. The things you do to me when you speak French.
    Keith: *whispers and kisses Shiro’s jaw* I know. 
    Visitor: *to the family’s butler* *coughs* S-should we um… come another time? They seem so busy with… each other.
  • They get called to school when one of their kids had done something. Keith would walk in the school hallway and get stared at.
    Kid: *looks at Keith funny* Did someone die?
    Keith: I can only hope. *sighs*
    Kid: You’re weird.
    Keith: *raises an eyebrow* And you’re wearing colours. 
    Teacher: Ah, you must be Lance’s Dad.
    Keith: *nods* I am his father, yes. What did my precious devil do?
    Teacher: He had a fight with one of his classmates.
    Keith: *eyes widens* Did he win?
    Teacher: *shock* Mr. Shirogane, he punched a boy in the face. A boy named Hunk.
    Keith: *sighs* I told him to aim for a bloody nose if he liked someone. Don’t you worry. I’ll have a talk with him.
    Teacher: Mr. Shirogane, Hunk was crying and Lance was pleased.
    Keith: Well, what did you expect? Life if not all lovely thorns and singing vultures you know? They like each other. Give it time.
  • Love declarations all the time! Shiro and Keith doesn’t give a damn about the time and place. If there’s one thing certain about them, it’s the fact they are so in love with each other.
    Shiro: To live without you, only that would be torture. *leans in*
    Keith: A day alone, only that would be death. *leans in*
    Shiro: Someday we’ll be buried here, side by side, six feet under, in matching coffins… *lips almost touching*
    Keith: …our lifeless bodies rotting together for all eternity.
    PTA Meeting head: *clear throat* Umm, Mr. and Mr. Shirogane. If you please, we’re having *cough* a meeting and would like to hear your opinion and not your… *gestures at them* whatever inappropriate thing you are doing in front of us right now. *flushes*
  • They are very very dramatic. Slow dancing with so much kisses here and there, teasing each other that other people at the formal restaurant couldn’t help but just stare at them in awe. They don’t even break a sweat after such intense dancing.
    Person 1: Who the hell invited Dracula?
    Shiro: *perks up* What? Is our cousin around here? *looks around*
    Keith: *caresses Shiro’s face* Oh, my darling. We could only hope he died after what you did to him.
    Shiro: *looks at the person* *grins* Cyanide poisoning. 


idk if any of you guys has watched zoe and alfie’s latest vlogs but they basically moved to a bigger and more private house and zoe was talking about how people on the internet were speculating about a break up due to the lack of videos but she stated that it’s quite the contrary, they moved to what it’s going to become their family home and they are happy and in love and it just made me think about dan and phil bc they basically did the same thing,,, they needed more storage, they needed more privacy and i just love the idea of both of these couples in their mid and late twenties who have been together for years and who are ready to start a family together wHAT A BEAUTIFUL THING LOVE IS


My heart is crying out
I may never see
But still I have to go  

Noisycell - Last Theater 

This was heavy inspired by the song Last Theater of Noisycell. Pshhhh, watch Death Parade kids! 

I’m so sorry Prompto. I ruined a perfectly pure chocobo child. I’ll crawl back into my pit of darkness now. [madness laughter]

This design for MT!Prompto is created by @chocobaes. Do give them tons and tons of kudos too guy! ^^


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Mirrors (M) | 01

Drabble game request: Jungkook + “Don’t argue. Just do it” + Friends with Benefits au | for @jeonggukes & important banana anon

Character / Genre: Jungkook x reader | FWB!au, smut, angst

Word count: 3,460 words (idk what happened)

Warning: Smut. A little bit of exhibitionism and a much graphic smut. Please read with much caution.

Parts: 01 | 02 (coming soon!)

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