idk i just loved those photos so much

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why do you like yuta so much, lowkey annoying :/

o! k! so have you seen nct life in osaka??? my ass fell ! in ! love ! a must watch tbh !! HELPFUL LEADER YUTA?? MY KINK!! he has the sweetest personality and his smile rly makes my heart go 🛇😩💓💥 he is so so so kind and i would honestly do anything for him??? his voice is so beautiful AND HES A RLY GREAT DANCER, hes so fckn cute when hes roasting someone!! i literally can’t believe hes alive out here doin the most honesty, he really is a blessing to my FCKN EXISTANCE. i could be sad and in my feelins and i’d just think of him and booyah im fckn happy! 

binch can you believe i got a photo with the loml!! ANYWAYS hes alsl a gentleman and who doesnt love those? idk i love him so much I’d shove coconut up my ass for him.  im soft now bye 😩💓🌸

wait im not done asdghjkl et has a lil hoodie on thats so cute !! but like,,, yea i love my mountain man ! im goin back to sleep, bye bye😊💓🌸

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It’s the Princess with a trucker voice Himchan and the giant baby Zelo! 🐥🌼

X’D OH MY. Those descriptions are gold

I definitely see these two the least, though, so I’ll have to keep my eye out for photos and gifs and things and try to commit the names + faces to memory.

Also I still am not sure why I’m doing this?? Like, legit, I still have yet to really listen to much BAP. 

But they’re just so…

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