idk i just love this song with them


my casual suga post just got a bunch of notes recently and people seemed to like it so i thought id draw another one in my own outfit from a couple of days ago bc im Gay And Edgy


…”The music was a blade, knifing through the dark. The melody sang and the Corsai arced back as one, as if repelled by the single, massive beam. They hissed like steam and broke apart, and fell away beneath the music…”


time moved too fast

you play it back

please do not repost :)

for the first time
i’m having a different dream
i say goodbye to you
these words will be the last.

one day eleven and max realize that they’re both good singers and they start doing covers together in private.  eventually they show the boys and will, lucas, and dustin all wanna join because they love singing too, and eventually they get jonathan and steve to join them on the instrumental parts.  mike’s the band manager who constantly makes them play the songs over again, and nancy just shows up to practices to watch her dumb boyfriends show off

  • Person: oh my gosh twenty one pilots is so good I love them.
  • Me: oh really me too don't you just love their album blurryface?
  • Person: what's that?
  • Me: … what's your favorite song by them?
  • Person: Stressed Out
  • Me: I personally like tear in my heart better
  • Person: idk what that is but I love twenty one pilots.
  • Me:

Ok frankly idk why but I’m having serious Legally Blonde thoughts rn and I just wanted to point out how amazing the song “Take it Like a Man” is. They take the girl makeover trope and change it so that Elle is taking Emmett on a shopping spree, and you get to hear him protest that “clothes dont matter” and “hes not into that kind of thing”. But Elle explains how clothes help make you more confident and bring out the best of you, but they don’t change your personality. And its such a beautiful moment for them and I just really love it. Ok weird-ass rant over. But yea listen to the Legally Blonde soundtrack its a fucking gem.


This is low key random but wow I was just scrolling through tumblr Instagram and all these social media today and I just saw like a Bts dance cover competition?? And wow man idk it just suddenly came to me how TALENTED we all are, like wow, we have dancers dancing to their songs, singers covering them, we have writers writing fan fiction, we have artists drawing amazing fan arts and aesthetic edits, fans who create dedicated fan accounts and provide updates, even fans who merely watch and like their videos, streaming them, creating endless accounts JUST to vote for them, attending their concerts/fan meets, fans who tweet them supporting stuff… Really, the list could go on and on, and what I’m saying is, WE’RE ALL ONE. WE’RE ALL DOING THESE THINGS TO SUPPORT AND LOVE OUR BOYS. NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE, WHERE YOU LIVE, WHAT RACE/AGE YOU ARE, THE DAY YOU BECOME AN ARMY YOU ARE A PART OF THIS FAMILY. and yeah, there was a while where armies were just widely criticised, which was a low point both for us and BTS. But together, we can go through this. Never feel bad for being an army, because this is the name that BTS made for us. :) Idk this was just random AF but urghhh I just wanna say I love you all I guess?? We’re all important and A PART of this fandom :) Thank you to everyone. 💕

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Shawn Mendes
Words ~ 1,300
Warnings ~ Surprisingly, there’s no swearing. I know one of the request says panic attack, but I tried to stay away from writing anything too triggering. However, it still does contain things like hyperventilating and stuffs.
Requests ~ 1) HI! Can you write a Shawn imagine where y/n is also famous and he surprises her on one of her shows? 🙄😱 I love your imagines btw, you’re one of the best writers here💕 2) can you do a request with Shawn gf reader where she has a anxiety attack he comforts? idk just fluff cutness😇🙂

Note ~ Not really important but a little bit of extra info for anyone interested. The YouTuber I was talking about was Dodie and the song was Satisfied from Hamilton. But I tried to keep it sort of vague because I know a lot of people don’t know them :D And I did go through and edit this one, but I’m really tired and probably missed out a bunch of stuff XD

It’s pretty much impossible to miss Mike, I mean the dude is giant. Saying that, he still managed to make me jump as he snuck up behind me, snaking his arms around my neck.

“I’m excited! Are you excited?” Even with him standing so close, I could barely hear him over the loud music. His excitement instantly faded when he got a good look at my face, "Alex, are you okay?“

I really wasn’t okay. This was my first time preforming in front of a crowed this big. I mean, there were about five thousand people out there. Five thousand! That’s a lot of eyes staring at me if I do something wrong. And I know that’s nothing compared to the amount of people that watch our videos, but with a video I can hide behind a screen and I could edit any mistakes out. I can’t do that with live shows.

Running a trembling hand through my hair, I could already feel my heart pounding against my chest as all these thoughts fluttered around my head. Mike instantly pulled me into his arms as tears began spilling down my face. 

"Come on, lets get you away from this loud music for a while.” I didn’t really have any say in the matter as Mike dragged me away from the stage wing and into the hall. The music could still be heard through the thin walls, but it was a lot more bearable. 

I found myself pacing the length of the hallway, but ended up sliding to the floor when my legs became too weak to hold my weight. With my back against the wall, I placed my head between my bent knees as I tried to block out the sounds around me. I started counting each time my chest moved up and down, but it did nothing to slow down my rapid breathing. A uneasy feeling burned in my stomach, slowly creeping up my throat.

I didn’t even hear Que until she was kneeling in front of me. She asked me a few questions, but I found it hard to answer apart from nodding yes or no. When she went to stand up again, I pulled her back down, not wanting her to leave incase something bad happened, "I’m just going to get Shawn. I’ll be right back.“ she explained.

"Shawn’s not here. He’s on the other side of the country.” I told her through gasps, my eyes flickering between the two friends as they both let out an awkward laugh.

“It was meant to be a surprise. He wanted to see you preform, and we knew how much you missed him, so we arranged for him to fly over. He was going to meet you after the show.” My head felt like it was going to explode. Too many emotions were running around me.

Mike did his best to calm me down as Que ran off to find Shawn, but it didn’t really work. If anything his constant questions only made things worse. A few minutes later I heard both of their voices in the distance as Que talked Shawn through what was going on.

“Hey Baby.” Shawn spoke softly. I looked up to see him crouching in front of me, smiling weakly as his hand stroked my knee in an attempt to comfort me.

“Hi.” I struggled to keep my shaking voice steady, but ultimately failed as I broke into sobs.

“Shhhh, it’s okay.” Shawn sat on the floor next to me. I flinched as his hand touched my arm, but let him pull my body into his anyway, “Do you want a drink or anything?”

I shook my head no. He didn’t say anything else which I was grateful for because I really couldn’t speak through my crying. Burying my head further against Shawn’s chest, my eyes squeezed shut as I tried to think about anything but the screaming crowed on the other side of the thin wall. Instead, I concentrated on my breathing again, trying to match it to Shawn’s heart beat. But every time I got it somewhat level, the crowed would make a sound and I would start freaking out again.

Que and Mike walked back and forth a few times, stopping to check if I was okay while they prepared to go on stage. At one point Que placed a bottle of water and a small plate of biscuits next to me, saying it was ‘energy food’ for when I felt better. It was a really nice thought, and her words did make me laugh a bit, but the butterflied storming through my stomach made me to not even want to touch the food.

After quite some time I finally felt my heart slow down. I winced at the bright light as my eyes opened once again. My gaze met the one of a girl who I quickly recognised as one of my favorite YouTubers. I’ve watched her video’s for so long and always dreamed of working with her, but this wasn’t exactly how I imagined meeting her.

She smiled and gave me a thumbs up before turning back to her friend. I gave a small groan and burrowed myself deeper against my boyfriend’s chest, attempting to hide my very red and tear stained face.

Shawn chuckled and pressed a kiss to my temple, “How you feeling?”

“Embarrassed, but other than that I’m good.” Okay, I was lying a bit. I was still nervous and felt weak as hell, but I didn’t want to worry him any more. But I knew he saw straight through me. He didn’t force the subject though, instead he forced the bottle and biscuits into my hand.

“It’s okay to feel nervous. I still get nervous before going on stage.” Shawn wrapped his hand around mine, helping to stop the shaking as I took a sip of water.

I let out a small laugh and shoved a biscuit into my mouth, “Great, now I feel stupid for getting nervous over five thousand people.”

“I didn’t mean it like that, Silly.” He poked my cheek.

“I know.” I smiled up at him, “I love you.”

“Love you too, Baby.” Shawn leaned in for a quick kiss before helping me to stand. The crowed burst into life as the act finally came to a close. Nerves spiked through me again, but they defiantly weren’t as intense this time.

Que rushed over to us as the announcer began introducing us, “We need to go, like now.”

She started dragging me away but Shawn tugged me back, pulling me in for a very brief kiss, “I’ll be standing with Jon in the back. You’ll be fine. Just have fun.”

Really pushing for time now, Que broke us apart. I managed to yell another quick 'I love you’ before we started sprinting through the hall. Mike was already out there keeping the audience entertained when Que and me made it up onto the stage, while a crew member shoved a microphone into my hand.

“Sorry about that. Alex was making out with her boyfriend.” The crowed burst into a chorus of laughter which made my face burn up. Well, this was a good start.


The girl from earlier was actually really chill. After coming off stage, I bumped into her and we ended up getting into a really in-depth conversation about something completely random. We were in the middle of organising a colab that we were planning to film later on this weekend when a pair of arms circled around my waist, lifting me off the floor and spinning me around.

“You were so good. I’m so proud of you.” Shawn gushed as he kissed my cheek. I couldn’t do anything but join in with everyone else’s laughter. When he did finally let me down, I felt so dizzy that I had to grab onto his arm just to stop myself from falling over.

“I messed up so much on the second song. My voice cracked at least twice during the high note, and I swear I forgot half of the words for the rap…”

“Really? I didn’t even notice.” He smiled sweetly. Rolling my eyes, I hugged my arms around his neck. He was about to kiss me when randomly popped up out of nowhere, breaking us apart.

“Okay, break it up before someone posts this on YouTube.”

You only know what I want you to
I know everything you don’t want me to
Oh your mouth is poison, your mouth is wine
You think your dreams are the same as mine
Oh I don’t love you but I always will
Oh I don’t love you but I always will
Oh I don’t love you but I always will
I always will

I wish you’d hold me when I turn my back
The less I give the more I get back
Oh your hands can heal, your hands can bruise
I don’t have a choice but I’d still choose you

Oh I don’t love you but I always will
I always will

-Poison & Wine

idk why i just remembered this but when i was in ninth grade my earth science teacher got talking to us about what we’d do if the world was gonna end and the first person he called on said the standard “call my family and friends and tell them i love them” but the next person said “skydiving” and the following person said “rocky mountain climbing” and the person after said “go 2.7 seconds on a bull” and teacher just nodded along thoughtfully somehow not knowing they were just the things tim mcgraw said he’d do in his hit song live like you were dying

Girl Crush (ABC) - Lemonade

AN: Happiness? Fluff? Idk them, they seem nice though. This is based on Little Big Town’s song Girl Crush, I’ve been wanting to write this since Danny covered it like a month ago so here we are. Courtney’s trans in this. I hope that’s not offensive. I just thought it would make more sense this way and didn’t want to make her a cis straight girl. Everything else is based in our universe. I hope you guys enjoy!!

Summary: Danny has a crush on Courtney, because she’s dating the love of his life, Roy.

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So what did you think of the episode? I'd love to hear your opinions

Hmmmmmmmm, well, there were parts I liked a lot, and parts that distracted me from the parts I liked a lot.

Super Friend was a highlight, and the love of my life, Melissa’s, Moon River will be on repeat into the night. The other songs were fun but I also would have liked some more, actually?? Idk how many songs I expected them to complete on their busy schedule but apparently it’s a lot.

I wasn’t as into the gangster war as I could have been. Maybe it’s just been done a lot on tv shows lately. But the rest of the setting was very cool.

And as far as the famed Mon-El topic…

I knew that Kara was going to forgive him and everything, which was ‘super’ premature and I wish they could keep them either together or broken up for one entire episode. But really, I wish the episode had been written to be centered around some other lesson for the two heroes. 

Not just because this crossover glossed over the greater relevance of Mon-El’s complacency in his planet’s wrongdoings in favor of “but he lieeed to me” so they could have a neatly wrapped storyline, but because it was about that at all. 

(Not to mention, their love story’s weight was so incongruent with westallen that it was alienating. Like if your last words have to be “I forgive you” and right next to you, someone is dying and saying “I love you”, then your coma-waking kiss doesn’t quite ring as romantic. Though I do think not having her saying that was a good call.) (Also I’m annoyed that people who said ‘but if she hadn’t seemed so against slavery, he might have told her!’ feel validated by the show right now.)

Really, I’m just tired of Kara’s storylines revolving around romance at all this season. In season one, it was like a footnote at the end and beginning of the episodes and hinted at here and there within. Right now, it’s Kara’s only storyline. 

And I’m bored.

So I would have preferred Kara and Barry’s interactions to be more like their first crossover. When Kara had to win the city back and Barry gave her advice about it and THEN maybe a push in regard to her romantic storyline.

Honestly, if they’re going to have them be together, just do it already and stop adding on more relationship twists so I can get back to Kara’s own storylines. I think the producers are severely misinterpreting their audience as romance-needy viewers, when, if anything, many of us wouldn’t mind cutting the romance all together.

But whenever there was a break in talking about Kara’s dislike or like of Mon-El, the execution of it was pretty fun.


  • Mon-El and Kara’s reunion was sloppy, premature and missed the point.
  • The episode was about romance at all.
  • No Alex.
  • Not enough songs (this one may be expecting too much).
  • Could have had better song choices.


  • Super Friend!!!!! Wow cute.
  • Moon River, I’m love
  • Barry lovingly looking at Kara with no romantic undertones
  • Put a Little Love in Your Heart was corny but fun
  • Kara’s outfits!! GOSH
  • Iris’ accent was great and also v attractive
  • Iris saying that Kara’s name is Supergirl so the fact that she’s a great singer is implied. more of these two forever, please
  • Very pretty cinematography
  • Space Dad “I thought you two broke up” was really cute to me??? Just him trying to keep up with who his Space daughter is dating?? I can’t explain why I just love him
  • Gay gangster dads
  • Mon-El’s fake!dad John Barrowman was very well chosen
  • Kara angry that Barry thought he should kick down the door is so me that I feel attacked
  • Kara walking in on people hooking up will always be funny
  • Did I mention that Kara was (is) beautiful? Every frame is gold
  • The more I think about it the more beats there are that I liked

I knew I loved you then, but you’d never know.

Just say you won’t let go.

here’s a thought...

Calum never gets the credit he deserves.

Like yes he is extremely loved and respected throughout the fanbase, but he’s not appreciated like he should be. Whenever he does the slightest thing wrong people are all over him saying how vial he is and how much of a whore he is. Like if Calum were to trip and fall while meeting fans people would be like, “OHMYGOD IS HE FUCKING KIDDING ME?? HE HAD TO LEAVE EARLY TO GO GET AN X-RAY BC FUCK HIS HEALTH I DON’T EVEN WANT HIM TO TALK WITH ME JUST TO GET A PICTURE WITH HIM OMG WHAT A RUDE FUCK I HATE HIM….still love you though Luke!!!!!” Like he legit met fans with luke and they all crowded around luke but not Calum…like he was there to say hi to them…calums also in the fucking band believe it or not! But, when he does something amazing- like idk if you guys ever heard the fucking songs dayLIGHT OR ANYTHING BUT THE KID O W N E D THE SONG BUT I DON’T REMEMBER PEOPLE FREAKING OUT ABOUT IT BUT A N Y W A Y S- it gets ignored so easily, like people are just sitting there like “who calum”. AND ITS ANNOYINGG!!! bUT whenever 5sos realease a song with michael singing on it, all those same motherfuckers hop right on in to michaels lane and make themselves cozy. firstly, fuck out of my lane. secondly, you are actually a fucker if you do that. don’t even try and fight me on saying calum isn’t under appreciated. Don’t. because it happens everyday. groupie rumors, and the fact that he was flipped off for asking fans to live in the moment and put there phones away, and the fact that people don’t even care about talking to him they only want a picture (cough bitches at the state champs show in aus couGH)!!!!!! he’s been ignored for too long and i aint having it anymore. calum has been nothing but a kind ass person. he’s been there for the fans, for the music, for the boys, and never is he nasty to fans. i’m not kidding if you want to fight me on this my messages are open for discussion, bc i’m ready to fucking fight someone. the boy needs more respect. if by any slim chance in hell calum sees this, i hope he knows how loved and appreciated he is by me and by so many. i really love and want to meet and hug him and tell him this face to face. and to all you jackfucks out there who treat calum like dirt, please exit to the left!!!!!!!!! srry this is so long tHX TTYLLL BITCHES!!!!!!