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phil, the boy who loves horror movies and sweets and spontaneity and instrumental music and linguistics and creating things and had dreams of being a weather man. the boy who loves doing nice things for his friends and adores his family. the boy who wants everyone to be happy in their own skin and believes each passing moment is a possibility for a new adventure. do it for him.

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Magnus's entire thing with Alec in season 1 made me uncomfortable tbh. I loved all their season 2 moments plus Jace was a dick to Alec at times in s1 so idt malec is unshippable bc of how Magnus acted but like...ever episode was him telling Alec he was "being unfair" "living a lie" the weird pro bono exchange, even crashing the wedding fell flat for me bc their last conversation was Alec telling him to back off. Idk I think the issue is the writers are straight people who think that coming out

Th(Part 2 of malec ask) is about “just being yourself” which is why they give Magnus lines like “you have a choice to make”. I mean in the show nothing seriously bad happened but in reality, people like Alec really don’t usually have a choice. It’s being closeted or being fired/disowned. Malec having a secret relationship and then Alec being like screw if and coming out would’ve been hotter and more believable than Alec randomly being grateful over a nonstop guilt trip tbh…

i did like malec in season 1, my blog and friends can attest to that, but i truly did have some irks and moments that bothered me. i don’t necessarily agree with the whole “magnus treated alec better than jace” argument some people like to use, a) bc i think the jace and alec bond is a lot more complicated than that which i talked about extensively here lol, and b) bc magnus and jace both wanted something from alec that season and they both pushed him for it. but i’d rather not get into the whole jace v. magnus thing.

i think the writer’s just… rushed them? there were so many great dynamics they could’ve gone with and didn’t and they just feel a bit odd at times. i don’t necessarily like the whole secret romance thing, i liked that alec came out and the wedding moment, but then they just… dropped it? one of my favorite alec lines was in 1x12 when he said, “You don’t have any clue what I feel… so back off. This is all just a game to you, isn’t it? You flirt, you laugh, you use magic, but at the end of the day what do you risk? Even if I did feel something for you… you want me to give up my life for you? I have to do what’s right for me. I could lose my family, my career, everything. You just don’t get it.” There is so much in that and it is barely explored. We got Alec’s “I always knew I couldn’t have what I wanted” in 2x06, but that really doesn’t expand farther. There was an opportunity with Aldertree coming in to show the kind of backlash Alec was talking about. Maybe Raj treats Alec with even less respect now and his comments become more homophobic. Or we see a ton of shadowhunters are at the institute, it really wouldn’t take that much time to show them reacting negatively around Alec or taking his orders but looking unwilling to do so, etc. Don’t just tell me the Clave is homophobic, etc., show me. All we got was a glimpse with Robert and Maryse - who seemed more uncomfortable with Magnus being a downworlder than a guy tbh - but Alec feared for his life, his family, his career, etc., if he came out and I don’t get why. And also, it’s not like Alec was just some low level no name shadowhunter. He is Alec Lightwood, acting head of the NY Institute, and I’m expected to believe he’s seen no backlash being that known of a shadowhunter in an extremely homophobic society?? Yeah right. 

With Aldertree, the comment about Magnus being “a friend” was there, but you could’ve played even more into the homophobia of the Clave. Why would Alec lose everything if he came out? What would happened? I know in the books Alec’s coming out also influences other gay shadowhunters to come out - where is that arc? I know they have a gay writer on staff, but that’s only one and he can’t write every scene and moment and they’ve really dropped the ball with Alec’s coming out. Alec’s career and family and supremely important to him and that took a backseat this season which is annoying when it was such a big part of him and his arc last season. They truly, truly, dropped the ball on what they could’ve done with Alec’s coming out tbh.

As for Alec and Magnus, I agree about parts making me uncomfortable. Magnus’ “pro bono” line will always make me cringe - it always has. And the way he pushed Alec about the wedding… like for Alec’s own sake I get it. I get wanting him to realize he doesn’t have to do this or hide who he is or whatever, but it was the “I don’t either” line or the “you have a choice to make” or the anger Magnus reacted too in I think 109 when Alec told him about the wedding… like I know he likes Alec but he only knew him for a few days and it was just… A Lot to me. This isn’t about you Magnus; it’s entirely about Alec and what he feels he needs to do and his struggle with himself. I would’ve preferred Magnus confronting Alec about why he was marrying Lydia and for his family and stuff and making their conversations more about that and Alec’s struggle to come out, etc. I never understood Magnus’ hurt over what Alec was doing because… well a) it wasn’t about him and b) you’ve known him for like a day my friend he’s not breaking your heart and leaving you lonely like?? His response at times read like they were already lovers when they truly were not and still knew next to nothing about one another. Whereas, I think it’s 108, when Magnus comes to give Alec the report on the forsaken and Alec talks about his struggle and family and how he’ll never be the head of the institute, etc. I loved that moment. Idk; it’s complicated, but I also think that part of this does just fall back to them being rushed a tad. I enjoyed them and I ship them, but some interactions especially in s1 leave me truly baffled. The “dirty lair” line also still throws me - Alec’s confused facial expression to that is 100% me lmao

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1. Favourite food? 🍱

I DONT ACTUALLY KNOW LMAO I JUST LOVE EATING but probably rice?? idk help

2. Ult bias group?

BTS yay

3. Most important object that you own?

what kind of question is this HAHAHA idk but I think my wallet?? its legit right

4. Favourite song at the moment?

Monsta X’s Beautiful I guess? and ofc my never ending love for I Need U ahaha

5. Last movie you’ve watched?


6. What colour would you dye your hair?

I wouldn’t exactly want to dye my hair but some natural light brown highlights would be cool

7. Favourite video of SF9?

this is a hard question HAHAHA I think it would be their Fanfare Let’s Dance? I mean that video got me into the fandom so yea

8. Do you play any musical instruments? If no, which one would you like to learn? 

NO IM PERFECTLY TALENTLESS IN MUSIC, I think the guitar or the piano would be cool I guess?

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When did you get into kpop and how?
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What are your interests? (or favourites)
If you have the chance to visit any 5 countries, which countries would they be?
Would you prefer music or movies? (i love this question idk why its interesting)
What would you like to achieve (or experience) before the age of 60? (like bungee jumping or visit the north pole)

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Twd episode season 7 idk what episode

I don’t really don’t put this stuff up but today I am. But let me just talk about it

HOLY CRAP like Sasha almost got fuckin raped, Maggie, and Terra almost died! The shit with Dwight and the cell. And Eugene giving Sasha the pills instead of a knife. THE RICHONNE MOMENTS I KNOW YALL SAW THAT! AND FUCKING OCEANSIDE AND MY NEW SHIP IF TERRA AND CINDY yall know what I mean u to think they would be cute together don’t youuu😂

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Top 6 Westallen

not even westallen moments just westallen omg I love it

  1. iris pulling him from the speedforce always and forever the number 1
  2. the second proposal!!!!!
  3. every forehead kiss
  4. the porch kiss with the light between them
  5. when she realized he was the flash with the shock between them that moment makes my stomach swoop every single time
  6. the apartment!!! what about the apartment? idk all of it. “I got you a wallet.” they on their couch in their comfy socks. mcsnurtle. all of it

Do you ever just have a sudden rush of love for books? Like, you love to read in general but you have a very intense moment, similar to an epiphany, where you are just so happy that books are a thing. That you can go from reading a book about a blonde sassy detective to reading about time travel, or go from reading historical fiction to reading about superheroes. It’s just amazing, I’m so glad I get to experience so many stories and lives. That I’m not just confined to my own existence, and that I can lose and yet find myself in books and words. 


Take a moment to think of just flexibility love and trust

Happy (10/9) Hina ❤ Kage Day !! [Here’s the video version of this]

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Isn’t it kind of fucked up that some people become so used to being treated like shit that they start to expect it? Like it’s kind of heartbreaking that there are people that are so genuinely shocked and surprised the moment that they’re treated with kindness and empathy. And it’s so hurtful that this sweet, loving person who just happens to suffer from things that they can’t control has been conditioned to believe that they and their emotions are nothing but a burden to others. And idk. It’s something I think about a lot.

I wish i could go back to the exact moment you fell out of love with me, i want to pause there so you could hear the sound of my heart breaking in your hands as your tore it out of my chest.
A bloody mess of my love for you
I wish i could go back to the exact moment i fell in love with you, i would pause there just for you. I want you to see the way my heartbeats lit up like stars and it didn’t hurt anymore.
I spent my entire life with my heart wanting to stop beating but i didn’t feel that when i was with you. 
The stars have been dead for a long time, just the dreams of being with you forever.
—  You were a dream i never wanted to wake up from

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Hey I love your art! I'm an artist too, but sometimes I have trouble drawing Voltron characters with the complex hair and proportions and such. Do you have any Voltron character reference sheets to share? Especially for Lance. Thanks! I might try to make some myself.

Hello there fellow sufferer! Thank you so much!!! <3

BOII I hear ya. Let me just use this moment to express my eternal hatred for everyone’s hair in Voltron. ESPECIALLY Lance’s. I freaking hate having to draw his hair mannnn. I don’t even know why it’s so hard, I just absolutely despise drawing his stupid hair gahhh ;o;

okay! So, I don’t have a character reference sheet, I just kinda… let my hand go wild whenever I have to draw hair. BUT! I thought I’d use this as an excuse to study their ridiculous hair and whip out this little… guide(?? ?) for ya!

Little note: I like to break down hair into sections. It makes it easier for me to understand the flow and direction of the hair!



(note: disregard the labelling of the sides and back section! Shiro’s hair is an enigma, I honestly don’t know how to divide his hair into sections)




AND DONE! Yeah I dunno how this would help you BUT I HOPE IT HELPS! 

Not to be dramatic but the looks Mako and Korra give each other in the series finale are and forever will be the most loving and heartfelt expressions in any fiction universe and nothing will convince me otherwise

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A week in the life: Robert Sugden
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