idk i just love this character and actor a lot

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"luke had no role to play in this" i mean thats a bit weird because idk he could be a producer or another actor or idk even magnus' driver who mocks them... anything could be relevant to the story. and im not trying to cause something i loved this fic series a lot but he could have many roles to play in this.

I’m sorry but how would that help the lack of Luke in the fandom? Does that really help if I give him two lines? If I write Luke, I want to do him honor, and not throw him in there just for the hell of it. He’s an important character and if I want to use someone as an irrelevant character to a story, I’d rather use Hodge, or some other character that doesn’t have half as much importance as Luke does.

When you write a story, you work around a plot, and then on which characters come into play, not the other way around. Otherwise, you harm both the story and the characters. 

As I said, if I’m writing Luke, I’d rather make him relevant to the story, to have him play an actual part in it like he did in BLST and like he does and will in CoM and others. 

tyler posey is so important. he’s an amazing human being, he’s sweet, he’s hardworking, he’s a great actor, he’s talented af, and he’s still so down earth even after being the main character of a popular tv show for so many years. tyler posey is everything.