idk i just love this character and actor a lot

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my questions!

1. favorite villain? why?
2. a character that you disliked at first but gradually came to care about a lot?
3. ost from a drama (kdrama/jdrama/cdrama) that makes you sad?
4. favorite scene from your favorite drama?
5. favorite animated movie? or just favorite movie if you’re not into animation?
6. a movie or show you love but wouldn’t necessarily recommend to others?
7. an actor/actress you got into recently? what made you get into them (show/movie/variety show/etc)?
8. your favorite artist/band? or just favorite genre?
9. a drama that had a lot of potential but failed to live up to it?

i think i’m supposed to put 10 but i honestly couldn’t think of any more.

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favourite actor/actress that you consider underrated?

if this were a few months ago i’d say kim jae wook, but i think with voice he finally started getting the recognition he deserves :’)

also yoo in na? she gets a lot of second lead roles and they’re usually kind of similar? so i don’t think a lot of people get to see that she can do a lot more. (ahem please watch the master piece that is queen in hyun’s man) lee el as well, since she usually gets minor roles but she’s always so great to watch :’)

first kdrama & kmovie you watched?

first kdrama was playful kiss. and first kmovie was love me not. i grew out of the kver of playful kiss but i still really like love me not.

favourite books? (so i can have more book recs hihi)

  • a tree grows in brooklyn - betty smith
  • the uglies series - scott westerfeld
  • and then there were none - agatha christie
  • the book thief - markus zusak
  • kindred - octavia e. butler
  • yotsuba&! - kiyohiko azuma (ok its a manga but still it’s really great!!!!)

an actor/actress you think deserves a main lead? (coz yknow always gets casted as a supporting char and stuff)

kim seul gi! she’s been the lead in two webdramas, but i’d love to see her as the lead in a full length one. she’s so good and she deserves it :’’)

also choi yeo jin!

favourite screenwriter you wished would produce dramas/movies more?

hmm i don’t think i have a favorite screenwriter. tbh i’m just waiting for the liar game writer to make their comeback with s2

favourite otp or dream otp?

favorite otps are boong do and hee jin from queen in hyun’s man and yi suk and hong do from heart to heart.

for a dream otp i would love love love to see kang ha neul and kim seulgi do a drama together. ever since that happy together ep i’ve been waiting

if you have a chance to produce your own drama/movie, who would you cast?

tbh i want to get song yoon ah and ji chang wook together again for a good slow burn melo! their chemistry in the k2 was just Too Good

favourite actor/actress that you would want to see in real life?

I think I’d like to meet kim seul gi the most because she seems really fun and chill to hang out with. I’d love to meet gong hyo jin too but i honestly don’t think i could handle her presence.

a drama/movie that didn’t disappoint you from start to finish?

it’s rare for me to go into a drama with high expectations or any at all so i’m rarely disappointed. idk if that makes sense. but i think both my wife is having an affair this week and awl really surprised me. for both of them, i went in just to watch b/c of cast or people saying it’s good so i only wanted to check it out and they really just blew me away with each ep. also dmf! i hadn’t really seen any of the actors/actresses in other things so i was kinda going in blind (and i didn’t really love its okay its love or that winter the wind blows) but it’s a fave now :’’)

favourite kdrama/kmovie of all time?

queen in hyun’s man is my absolute fave but i also love age of youth, gaksital, signal and misaeng just as much :’)

favorite movies are my ps partner and sunny :D

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I'm curious - I know Tarjei is absolutely phenomenal and the boy has a gift but what do you think of Henrik Holm? Like I think a lot of people don't even register him as an actor because he was so fucking convincing as Even, as a bisexual boy, as a boy in love, as a person with bipolar...or like is it because the character is v similar to his off screen persona? Idk I'm just asking if you would put him in the same league as the other great actors or above

OH YES i am still so SHOOK of his performance in episode 10…………….the first clip….like that was the best depiction i have ever seen of depression on film/tv ever in my life…… well as the “saw you on the first day of school” clip where he’s so nervous about the party and you can just tell…….like wow


I’m like 5 away from my next hundred so let’s be super cliché and do a post.

If you follow/ship these reblog/follow and I’ll probs follow you back. (Especially if your blog has a lot of Fitzsimmons/ Olicty/ Waige/ Densi/ Quintis/ Jeller - really just a lot of the first few things in the list below:)


  • Agents of SHIELD (FITZSIMMONS!!, Staticquake/Lincoln x Daisy, Huntingbird, just basically the entire AOS cast - fair warning though.. I’m really NOT happy with Ward right now)
  • Blindspot (Jeller; Jane/Taylor and Kurt)
  • Scorpion (Quintis, Melvester, Waige)
  • Arrow (Olicity)
  • The Flash (Barry x Patty? idk..?)
  • Mysteries of Laura (Jaura?)
  • NCIS LA (Densi)
  • NCIS (Tiva!)
  • Elementary (Joanlock)
  • Agent Carter (or just Hayley Atwell in general is good too)
  • Rizzoli & Isles (yes, I’m like 2 seasons behind but I still love it… I’m still torn on whether to ship Rizzles as an otp of a brotp..?)
  • Once Upon a Time (CAPTAIN SWAN!!, Outlaw Queen)
  • BBC Merlin (one of my original fandoms from the good old days. I don’t like to talk about the ending though tbh)
  • Forever (Jo x Henry? Who knows what could’ve happened if they hadn’t been cancelled?)
  • Supernatural (I’m a newbie to this fandom and I’m only up to like season 2 on Netflix but I LOVEE the characters and have a softspot for Destiel… To be fair I’ve only just finished classes for the year, so go easy, 11 seasons takes time to catch up on y’all)
  • The Blacklist (Keen2? Tom x Lizzie? Also love Red - James Spader is such a great actor with such a great character to play and I love it. The way his face moves when he talks is also weirdly fascinating..? Idk)
  • Sherlock
  • The 100 (Bellarke? Ish. Linctavia? I like Lexa too)
  • Pretty much anything Marvel or DC..


Anything by:

  • Cassandra Clare (Clace, Wessa/Jessa, Sizzy, Malec, etc, Herondales in general is good too ;) )
  • Collen Houck (Just all the guys - Ren, Kishan, Amon, Asten, Ahmose etc)
  • Rick Riordan (Anything - 
  • Matthew Rielly

I also like:

  • Eragon
  • Hunger Games Series
  • I Am Number Four Series
  • Jane Austen
  • Strange Angels Series (Lili St Crow)
  • Graceling Series

Of course I’ve read a lot more than just those but they’re the ones I’m most interested in


“Like any dance partner, he’s not afraid of being led or leading, and he’s willing to switch. And he’s great at improvising. There’s a candid honesty that we have with each other, when something is not working or when we need help. We rely on each other, a lot. I really admire his intellect and his awareness and his humor, above all. You’re not going to have a lukewarm attitude about each other, playing these characters. You’re either going to love each other or hate each other, and I just have such a deep affection for him. I admire him. He makes me a better actor.” - Vera

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dear amy rose who do you think is this major character dying i feel like stiles and scott are a big nono because the show is made by the two of them , i have a gut feeling its either derek or allison and im scared ( plus they said they wont be bringing this character back after its death)

i think it’s Allison. i think Jeff’s totally lost interest in her character, to the point where it’s obvious on screen, the same way it became obvious Shonda lost interest in George O’Malley, to the point where they made jokes about George not being around in conversation and he’d clear his throat and say “i’m still here” and there’d be awkward moments. on screen.

i think Allison’s pretty much been removed from all the major plot points she was involved in before, there’s literally maybe been one scene in 3B where she wasn’t with Isaac, she no longer really interacts with Lydia at all, her screentime/relationship dynamic with Scott and Stiles has pretty much vanished, and whenever she is on screen, she’s not doing anything to lead the story forward for herself. it’s literally focused on the darkness with a casual “oh i didn’t have my phone on” or “oh i saw my dead aunt but then we forgot about it to focus on things Stiles sees instead”, or having awkward sexual tension with Isaac. the only other significant dynamic we see her involved in is the one with her dad, and i think it might come down to him going with her… if it’s some sort of ultimate sacrifice, or having to actually…. do it. for some awful parallel with Victoria. i honestly don’t know, but i think Stiles is a massive red herring, i think obviously Scott’s safe, Lydia’s going to be the lead in S4 (lol teen wolf what teen wolf), and Hoechlin/Derek is so popular i honestly can’t imagine anyone higher up allowing Jeff to even try it. they’d literally lose half the fanbase. 

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tyler posey is so important. he’s an amazing human being, he’s sweet, he’s hardworking, he’s a great actor, he’s talented af, and he’s still so down earth even after being the main character of a popular tv show for so many years. tyler posey is everything.

Girl Meets The Secret Of Life

I loved this episode so much. Not only did it make me 10x more attracted to Lucas as a character and Peyton as an actor and person, but it honestly brought out a lot about Lucas’ character. It showed a different side of Lucas that no one really saw coming. Peyton did an absolutely WONDERFUL job. This episode also brought out Peyton’s skills of acting and creating the character of Lucas. Idk this episode is just so so so so so good! I want a few episodes in the future to reflect on this one tbh.

Ps. He is so damn attractive when he is angry I can’t even deal with my life. I actually couldn’t breathe.