idk i just love mad men

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I'm a (probably) gay guy and??? I just wanted to say that lesbians are wonderful and deserve to be away from men as much as they want bcs they only deserve the best and not enough guys realise that and idk I just wanted to tell you?? I love lesbians and hope they all find a beautiful wife one day, ok, and all the hate and pressure they receive is totally undeserved and idk the recent rise in lesbophobia just made me mad

this guy gets it

half woman, half fish, entirely fatal; the sea sisters who lure men to their deaths with such beautiful grace they’re feared for their ability to be loved. 

                             Our song will tear open your heart, and you will beg for more. It will tease you with your greatest desire till you grow mad. And this desire will eventually burn so fierce that you will drive yourself directly to us.