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Sooo yeah, Neon IS purposefully trying to kill me. First she reblogs bunch of her sweet art, then develops Croix's arc for YLAU (it IS something new, or was I merely blind the whole time? idk idc, for me it was new and refreshing), which I secretly wished for the longest time since I'm a closeted roomba and Croix is too damn relatable. By now it has become a daily routine to express my love for you. Not that it's bad or anything. You're just too blessed. (Hungover&allSmiles anon)

Croix’s redemption arc is in between new and old. Before ep24-25, Croix was originally an actual baddie, but had redeeming qualities. 

In the updated version, Croix, away on her research to cure Chariot’s curse, but is framed by the Sorcerer who creates a puppet version of her and tries to kill Diana a second time on her inauguration day as headmistress of Luna Nova.  

I just love and admire Troye Sivan and Hayley Kiyoko for being so unapologetically gay and bisexual in their music and explicitly expressing that these songs are for boys and girls respectively and not allowing there to be even a shadow of a doubt in or out of their music that these songs are love songs for people of the same-sex


guess who wasted an hour of her life to make these-
that’s right- 

it was me-

i made up like half of these expressions so they look silly enough to match the cap. idk if these are rly in-game or not lololol rip

totally free for u and ur squad to use lololol
any requests just @/ask me, tnx!!  


Try to remember that.

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not the same anon that asked for your fav writers but... what about some fav fics you can rec? 😏

hoo boy anon ok u asked for it !!! this is going to be long but here are a few jikook fics i adore that i can think of right now!! pls give them lots of love afterwards!! also the ones im not mutuals with i put a slash in between bcus im too ahlgsfjlb shy to actually tag them oK ANYWAYS ଘ(੭ु*ˊ꒳​ˋ)੭ु*.°❤🌸❤🌸❤🌸❤🌸❤🌸❤

Dream Maker by graesun (@/bottomkook), Polkari Seuta (VeritasEtVita), (@/polkari-seuta) [rated M, complete 12/12, 73k] poor!au, fluff and smut, angst, past child abuse, established relationship || (i died a lil bit of joy when two of my fav writers collaborated… but after finishing this my entire being has been resuscitated. this is such a wonderful & incredible fic!!! i still go back to re-read it bcus it’s so good,, like it’s rly fluffy and it made me smile a lot but the angst sent my soul into the astral plane of decease.. and i rarely;; read smut but this is a total big exception!! i was blushign the whole time okadjl;akj they’re such great writers i lov asdjkl anyways it’s rly good alright!! i lov it sm) 

dream a little dream of me by wordcouture [rated G, oneshot, 2.7k] magic realism, lots of fluff, dreams vs reality || (idk how a person can be this creative.. like.. all of couture’s fics are perfect and so beautiful!! i’m p sure everyone has read ‘wonder’ and like?? i just love the author’s craft and couture has a way of weaving her words!! it’s short but sweet ok i lov it idk what else i can say to express the magnitude of emotions i have for her complex fics ;;) 

this is the way the world ends and begins by aborescent (@/kookie-time) [rated T, oneshot, 1.7k] mutant!au, supernatural elements, violence, angst || (i love her fics so much.. she’s an astounding author!! the concepts she has for her fics are always amazing!! this fic has some dark themes but it’s totally captivating and gripping and it rly sucks u in. i believe she has some backstories? of the boys? on her tumblr and she’s p well known hehe so yeah!! i lov this a lot ok she’s great!!) 

Training Wheels by jeonify @shyjimins [rating G, oneshot, 4.8k] childhood friends to lovers, fluff and angst, mutual pining, slow burn || (this was the very first jikook fic i’ve ever read and i fell in.. absolute love.. and after this, i fell in love with all of jo’s other fics too!!! her writing is so beautiful and so eloquent and dreamy too. and this!!! fic!! broke my heart in the beginning from all the angst and pining, which i lov a lot, but the fluff n happy ending slowly mended it back together. my soul lifted into another dimension that’s full of sparkles and stars bcus it was that good ;; she’s amazing, trust me! i genuinely lov her other writings too and she’s the sweetest person and adk;laksj i get so shy talking to her omg anyways!! i lov her and her fics lots)

Of Scatterbrained Mix-ups and Lame Pen-Names  by happy-tokki @berry-happy-tokki[rated G, twoshot, 14k] pen pals!au, lots of fluff, awkward jungkook, cute jimin || (this was so freakin cute ok!!! pen pals!au are my weaknesses and this was so amazingly well-done. her writing style is so pretty and whimsical and gentle - the pacing was so smooth too. it was such an enjoyable read,, i smiled and giggled lots becus it was so adorable!! i lov awkward jungkook too so it was a major addition. plus, her other fics are incredible ok im in lov with all of them!! tokki’s the cutest and the sweetest too and u won’t regret checking this out and the author ok!!! i lov lov lov this)   

those who dream by day by melonmilk [rated T, oneshot, 3.1k] ballet!au, fluff and angst, internalized homophobia, dancing || (this was rly beautiful;; the mood was tense and poignant but it was really breathtakingly well-done too! this is a great ballet au and though it’s short, it’s totally worth taking a look at!! the author’s writing style is so pleasing!!) 

you’re intoxicating (I can’t stop) by astrochild (@/astrochild) [rated T, oneshot, 1.9k] fluff and angst, high school!au, rich kid!jungkook, swearing, mentions of violence || (this was rly angsty and it p much shoved an ice pick thru my heart but the happy ending healed it;; it’s so lovely!!! even tho it’s short it still really sticks with u after u finish reading it and… the way it’s written is so nice and appealing!! plus i rly love the vhope sequel too hehe she’s great!!) 

Bad boys and good-byes by blt_prf (@/blt_prf) [unrated, 12/12, 20k] college!au, enemies to friends to lovers, fluff, minor violence, music!au ish || (she’s one of my fav authors and this is one of my all time favs ok!!! this was such an amazing read i loved it so much!! i love the gradual build up of their relationship and her writing style is so pleasant and soothing,, like it’s a rly great fic ok i lov it lots!! she’s incredible i lov her other fics too) 

crush(ed) by fatal (cumrich) (@/witchboyjimin) [rated M, oneshot, 5.2k] space!au, angst, self-discovery, sci-fi!au, fantasy!au || (i lov this fic so much it’s written so beautifully and the worldbuilding is so wholesome. like, there’s enough detail for u to imagine the world the fic takes place in and!! it’s great rly i lov it n i lov her other fics too;; she’s amazing and i also lov her other fic ‘he hangs like tuesday morning’) 

run (you son of a gun) by infires (infires_man) (@/infires-man) [rated T, oneshot, 13k] gang!au, angst, hurt/comfort, heavily implied abuse || (this is so!! beautiful!!! i can’t express how much i lov this fic kadjf;k i still go back to read it because it was so amazingly well written and it just!! rly pulls at ur heartstrings but the ending just gives u such a warm feeling. i lov it so much!!! the composition is brilliant as well,, just pure amazing idk what else to say to convey how much i loved this asdjfkl;)

Brightly, Flare by flitter [rated G, oneshot, 2k] magic realism, hinted soulmate!au, art!au, artist!jimin, student!jungkook || (i lov all of flitter works ok!!!! i had a hard time choosing which one to put on here but this fic is the first fic i read from her which made me fall in lov with her writing!! this was such a dazzling fic… like she strings her words together like poetry and i just love her work so much!! amazing rly i lov her. plus her ballet!au one and the santorini fic is great too) 

speak now by recordmin  @minblooms [rated G, threeshot, 3k] freeform, fluff, pining, arranged marriage, wedding crashing || (this was rly cute ok i lov this so much!!! even tho it’s short it’s super duper sweet and my heart had burst open into sunshine and fluffy clouds bcus it was that enjoyable and great ok!! plus all her other works are rly great too i lov them so much;; she writes short fics but despite the length, all her writings will always leave this kind of lingering alluring and warm feeling with u and.. plus, wedding crashing!! is a great trope we need more of that! i adore this a lot ok!!) 

Fell For You In A Snap by Polkari Seuta (@/polkari-seuta) [rated T, oneshot, 3k] youtuber!au, social media!au, modern!au, drinking || (this was so cute,, like i smiled so much bcus it was so nice to read!! this was a great social media fic and it was incredibly delightful to read. i lov the author’s other fics too bcus they’re always so well-written and like, her writing style is always so crisp and fluent and is just such a pleasant to read!!) 

Push-up (push me down) by Mintsugakookies (@/mintsugakookies) [rated T, oneshot, 2k] canon compliant, fluff, domestic fluff, crack, established relationship, john cena kookie || (i am one big sucker for domestic fluff ok when i read this, it immediately cheered me up and my heart fluttered all the way into the sun dkafj;slj this was so so cute i lov it so much!! and i lov the author too) 

Aorta by minimints @strawberrywhaliens [rated T, oneshot, 15k] fluff, little angst, sick!jimin, lovesick!jungkook || (look this was so freakin fluffy i’m crying adsfjkl the rest of the series is rly cute too!!! i adore this so much,, like it’s word heavy but it’s rly fluffy and cute and it leaves a warm feeling, u know!! she’s a wonderful writer with a clear and eloquent voice and she’s a wonderful person too!!! the cutest mom i probably should have linked the first part but i love aorta the most so!! check it out ok!! i lov it a lot) 

너의 목소리 Your Voice by pinkmonnie [rated M, 10/?, 65k] college!au, assistant professor!jimin, student!jungkook, teacher-student relationship, fluff, realism || (oohmy gosh pink’s an amazing and an utmost incredible author!! and i lov all of pink’s fics and this fic is so precious and well-written. jungkook is selectively mute in this but the author doesn’t romanticize it and pink’s portrayal of their personalities and jikook’s relationship is so beautiful and stunning!! i lov it to bits. plus!! her other fics like ‘After Hours’ and ‘Thirst’ are freakin golden, ok;; she’s brilliant)

Let The Walls Break Down by pjungkook @pjungkook [rated M, 5/?, 37k] canon compliant, non au, friends to lovers, homophobia, heavy angst, fluff, smut || (the angst in this?? broke my heart but like the lil fluff afterwards healed my soul. and then it shattered again like, another 100 times again bcus so. much. angst. isa why isa is a rly awesome writer & i love her writing lots!! the way she paces her stories are so wonderful and so well-done. her writing is so fluid and articulate too! plus!! she’s the sweetest and loveliest person ok!! my wimpy shy ass probably wouldn’t have made a move to talk to her if she hadn’t msged me first;; her other fic ‘lost stars’ is amazing too omg so check her out ok!! i lov this and i lov her)

Cherry by bananacookies @bananacookies1 [unrated, 11/?, 36k] wolf!au, hurt/comfort, a/b/o dynamics, fluff and smut, omega!kook, alpha!jimin, mature themes || (a/b/o fics are not my cup of tea but this!!! is amazing!!! like i said i rarely read smut but this is another exception!! it’s so fluffy and cute and it’s getting rly angsty right now, but the author’s updates are so consistent and she’s an incredible writer!! the pacing of the story is wonderful as well and the story’s so intriguing, especially since it’s omega!kook. but bcus of that, pls give her lots of love and be open-minded about it ok!!! she deserves lots of love bcus she’s awesome,,)

Tie Me Down by ohdizzy (@/ohdizzy) [rated M, twoshot, 23k] college!au, taegi is main, side jikook, kidnapping, humour & crack, fluff, ot7 dynamics || (i’m sure we’ve all read.. the lejindary Blow Me Like Your French Horn fic.. and i love that fic so much but i love this fic so much too!!!! her fics are so well-written and so funny i lov them so much!! reading them makes my heart all warm and fuzzy hehe;; this was hilarious i lov how she writes their dynamics! i know the main pairing is taegi but!! pls read!! it’s amazing i lov her writing sm) 

son of a witch by syubnugget (@/namgifucker) [rated E, 2/?, 9k] witch!au, main sugamon, side jikook, humor, strangers to lovers, witchcraft || (i think i’ve fallen in love with sugamon after this… like i kno jikook is a side pairing but this!!! is such a wonderful and lovely fic!!! the characterization is fantastic and it made me giggle a few times from the banter, but the world building and the little details are so well written! i love witch!aus too so i rly lov this a lot!! the characters are rly interesting and i’m rly excited for more hehe) 


So, remember how I said I was going through a really frustrating art block and having and art style crisis?
Well, while so, I came accross this cute challenge.

Basically what you have to do is draw something by yourself, pick some artists and draw the same thing in their style so I did the phanart version of this. Technically this is about drawing in your friends’ style but since I don’t have enough friends for that I just drew in the style of my faves haha-
And then you compliment something you really like about each person’s style and it’s all nice and happy.

Also! Just to spread some love in the phanart community, if anyone else wants to do this challenge please tag with #phanartstylechallenge and I’ll be sneaking around to follow some new phanartists I don’t know yet since I’m actually quite new.
You can pick as many artists as you want or do the drawings as complex as you want! This is just for fun. Absolutely no cheating though, I shouldn’t be even saying this but art theft is not okay.

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July 21st is Bel.gium’s national holiday  and I wanted to try something a different for this occassion. I’ve been thinking a lot about Bel’s characterizaton lately and as much I love her when she’s sweet, friendly or even anxious, I would love to see her express other emotions too, like bitterness and anger. Himaruya even mentioned in a character note that she’s scary when she’s angry - whatever happened to that? Idk, I just want to see the women in Hetalia being given a wider range of emotions and overall more layered characterization (in both canon and fanon).

Anyway, Bel.gium in 19th century totally makes sense to me as a woman who’s had enough of being passed around by men and feels like she has something to prove. I imagine this scenario took place during the Ten Days Campain in 1831, when the Dutch army invaded Bel.gium to regain control of the country. It wasn’t until French intervention that they backed off and it wasn’t until 1839 that the Nether.lands officially recognized Bel.gium’s independence. (Ned seems to be very reluctant when it comes to admitting defeat - Indo.nesia declared independence in 1945 and they didn’t recognize it again until 1949.)

Don’t tag this as any ship!!!

“The issue isn’t whether he loved you, it’s how much. Too much. Love can be a poison.” And then he was gone.”

This is probably the only Rhysand quote that I really….dislike.

I mean I get what he’s saying. But I just…don’t really think someone loves you if it becomes a poison. I mean love can hurt, yes, but I just…don’t consider Tamlin’s treatment of Feyre to be “too much” love. I consider his actions to be selfish. And I think it’s impossible to truly love someone if you only think about yourself…like Tamlin does. I mean I think that Tamlin THINKS he loves Feyre but I’m not sure if I…really believe it. Like love is more than just the personal conviction that you love someone. Like… I don’t think this issue with Tamlin is too much love, or even the wrong type of love. I think it’s that his personal definition of love and how he expresses his “love” is….shitty, and abusive….and not actually love. I mean you don’t love someone if you lock them in a house. He thinks he loves Feyre and is protecting her but…it’s coming from a selfish desire to control her…and i just…don’t think that real love has much selfishness in it. 

I guess I’m just really nit picky and Im sure Rhys would agree that Tamlin didn’t love Feyre but I don’t like Tamlin’s actions being described as any type of love because…real love is not abusive. 

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Idk if this has been done yet but could you do companions (+Travis Miles) reacting to Sole survivor holding their hand for the first time? Like they don't expect it to happen and Sole just holds their hand. I think it would be real cute ^^ Also I love this blog and everything you post on it :D

Aww, fluffly! ^w^

Cait - Her expression doesn’t change, as she always looks kind of angry. However, she fully grabs their hand and squeezes it tight, as they continue in their way. Her facade seems strong, but she is very close to smiling wide from ear to ear.

Curie - She gasps as she feels Sole’s hand grasps hers and doesn’t for a while. “Holding hand is a sign of affection, yes?” she asks. As she gets a soft nod from blushing Sole, she holds their hand even tighter and even strokis it with her other hand from time to time.

Danse - He automatically squeezes them as well, looking at their hands for a while, with a slight smile on his mouth. He huffs in pretended anger as Sole smiles at him and says ‘You’re such a dork’.

Deacon - He smirks and tangles his fingers with theirs, pulling them closer to him, until they aare pressed side by side, their hands behind them.

Hancock - He lets go of their hand and wraps an arm around their waist instead, pulling them close to him. He sometimes slides his hand down, to give their backside a little pat, but keeps it rather innocent.

MacCready - He lowers his head and smiles, his cheeks warming up a little. He squeezes their hand and they answer in the same manner. After a while, he pulls both of their hands up, being perfectly connected and says: “Like we were made for each other, huh?”

Nick Valentine - He is quite surprised they don’t mind being seen with a synth like this, but he is far from complaining. He even comments of how well their hands fit together and both he and Sole send a smirk to Myrna as they walk around her store.

Piper - She giggles and holds onto their hand, like her life depended on it. She also steal a few innocent pecks, each time she has the chance and each time it isn’t completely inappropriate.

Preston - He stops in his tracks to look at Sole. He smiles at them bright as the sun and Sole could swear he was blushing a little. they tangle their fingers with his and carry on in their way.

X6-88 - Curiously looks at the connected hands, but doesn’t really pull away, at least not immediatelly. He pulls his hand back as soon as they are in less safe area, however he softly says that he wouldn’t mind this happen some other time.

Bonus!Travis - He instinctively jerks his hand back, startled, but as he sees Sole’s calm smile and their hand reaching for his again, he utters a soft ‘Oh, okay’ and blushes as their fingers tangle.

i think this is my favorite screenshot of lapis. idk why? it’s just like…something about her expression…and the way her hair is drawn. i just really loved the way lapis was drawn in this scene so much??? i liked how she was drawn for the whole episode but i thought this scene in particular where they wash mayor dewey’s truck was really well drawn and animated

the signs as shit the qlcpgc does
  • Aries: ellen sippin tea
  • Taurus: christina chiming in with that smutty phan headcanon at 2am
  • Gemini: audrey slurping maple syrup during the hockey game
  • Cancer: phantom swearing in at least 5 languages
  • Leo: gabs being the emotional drunk
  • Virgo: mikayla crying over ryan ross
  • Libra: key vaping
  • Scorpio: em being in love with lee
  • Sagittarius: anushka expressing her undying love for phil
  • lester with shitposts
  • Capricorn: kyra petting doggos
  • Aquarius: tawnie having an intense game grumps marathon
  • Pisces: ash being a harry styles stan

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Unpopular opinion which idk where i could express so ive chosen your blog bc of reasons. It kinda gets on my nerves that Kate acts like she's suddenly in closet. I mean, I get that she doesn't want to be /the/ lesbian comedy actress but her gushing over Hollywood hunks just screams fake even when you don't realise she's gay. Idk but i would really love her to acknowledge her sexuality publicly once in a blue moon. I love her but like, come on girl. We need this kind of support and representation

Ya I understand why you feel this way, but it’s not fair to force her to be an icon right now. Idk as long as it’s her choice. I want it to be her choice and I want her to feel comfortable with it. Maybe she just doesn’t want to be known for her sexuality. Maybe she’s just really focused on her career and has been told to be quiet about it idk. There are plenty of people that choose to not publicly discuss their sexuality because it’s their business. I just don’t think we should push her ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’d like her to be more open about it, but I don’t know her situation

so many antis say that stiles looked in pain when he kissed lydia, but that was never what i thought. like, his expression to me was him being so emotionally vulnerable, like…FINALLY. i FINALLY get to kiss her, and i get to love her, and. he’s so happy. they both are. idk man i guess i just understood how emotional they both were to finally have this revelation together. to be reunited.

Utter heartbreak. Just look at this expression. This Mavina scene had me bawling because it shows just how much Marcel loved Davina and it’s clear that Davina is devastated with her current situation. She’s been kept apart from those she loves most. She was just a kid and she was murdered for a feud that she had no part in. I really hope that there was foreshadowing when Marcel said there was another way and that he hoped she still believed in him. Idk, Davina deserved so much better and she is deserving of a redirection.

I’ve got this idea about how Fitz will come back to himself and if only I was good enough I would write a fanfiction about it, because oh would I love to see something like that!
As I read in other posts here on Tumblr, the things which triggered the characters so far have been NOT actually remembering their team mates, but finding again their own real and genuine personalities thanks to a certain kind of events.
NOW. We know that Alistair Fitz is and has been a violent man, Framework or not. Fitz, our Fitz, hates him with all his strenght. Just imagine if, when Jemma confronts Mr.Fitz, he points a gun at her or attempts to hurt her. And just imagine a confused series of flashes and memories going through Leo’s mind: memories about his father being violent and aggressive and unrespectful with his mother. And he just snaps out of it. Not because he actually remembers everything about Jemma, but because something tells him that he has to PROTECT her, just like he had to protect his mother. And it just happens like that, and I think that if the authors do something like that we will get an emotional, deeep deeep deeep scene with Fitz becoming again his real self not just because Jemma is the love of his life, but because he’s more than programming. HE’S GOOD. And we’ve seen how this Fitz reacts when his mother is mentioned, there something bittersweet in his expression.

Idk man, that would be a great scene IMO.

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Hello. I just wanted to ask about 4th episode of season 3. When they find altean corpse and we see Allura's face expression (poor child) Keith stands right behind her and...looks at her? I mean Lance, Allura and literally everyone was looking at the body at the moment, and Keith like...worries about Allura's feelings, idk. Tbh, I almost want to be wrong because even if i like both of them i try to be objective and I'm afraid i'm just overthinking. Sorry for my english, have a nice day :)

Ya know I give Kl///rs shit for not being objective but honestly I’ll admit it’s hard when you really love a ship. You see what you want to see.

With that being said, I just rewatched that scene and you might be right. The focus is on Allura with a blurry Keith in the background and then once she moves out of frame he’s zoomed into focus and it looks like he’s staring after her! It wouldn’t be that far-fetched to believe he’s worried about her and wants to make sure she’s okay, maybe that’s why he accompanies her with Hira?