idk i just like trying to put the objects in the names and stuff

Markiplier Theory: The Final Showdown

I think all these ego pop-ups / cameos (idk) are going to lead up to something big, and here’s my theory on it. (Buckle the fuckle up my dudes this is a pretty girthy theory that I hope you enjoy!)

We all know that the alter-egos (I’m calling them ‘ipliers’ to make it easier) are trying to take over mark’s channel hence the whole dark thing saying “How does this help us take back control? We’re the heart and soul of this channel after all.” These fuckos kNoW how much power they truly have over us I mean c’mon they would have probably picked up on it by now (and by they I mean google could have found it easy seeing as we were all and still are freaking the fuck out) and now they’re trying to steal the channel from Mark.

I’m stating this next sentence very loosely so just kinda ignore it if it makes no sense but: Maybe, they’re gonna pull and Anti and by ‘pull an Anti’ I mean they’re probably gonna find anyway they can to eliminate Mark and take over his channel, so probably killing him.

Ok the Anti thing doesn’t really make a lot of sense but let’s continue: We do know that they are trying to take control or to be ‘let in’ to be able to wield the power that Mark and his fans (us) hold could lead to chaos and they want as much of it as they can get.

Here’s how I see it: something bigger than just ‘Ooo evil yet hot characters coming back to be all evil and stuff, haha murder’ I’m thinking like a civil war type show-down. (Bear with me it may be completely ridiculous) i’ll leave that there for now cause I have other things to say.

Let’s examine the teams (if this is what I’m theorising)

Team Dark:

Let’s face it this is Dark’s team 100% will not share he is like a toddler with candy. Mark said it himself in a live stream that “ He’s a social manipulator. He is literally, 100% manipulative. He leads you into this false sense of security, and he wants you to trust him because he wants to take advantage of you.” He will legitimately do anything for you (“I can give you anything”) or, in this case, will literally do anything to make sure that the people on his side, STAY on his side and he’s willing to put up with it all to make sure he WINS.

Wilford: Well this should be pretty obvious: Will wanted famed way to make his mark (pun not intended) on the world, forget about all the murder and such (bUBBLES). He is an important ‘iplier’ and is obviously not new to the whole killing thing. Plus he is one of the oldest characters on the channel, revealing even dark himself, and if not contained he could become a deadly enemy. Which is why Dark wants him: (I’m sorry new darkstache shippers) to use him. c’mon do you really think that whole ‘Will’ thing was real? Pfft nO throughout the whole Dark encounter we see he’s barely keeping his calm. As Mark would say, he’s ‘cracking’ and is barely managing to keep up with Wilford’s shit because all he wants to do is take Mark’s channel and to him this is a complete wast of time. I’m also thinking that Dark is saving most of the gory details for when he’s closer to reaching his goal because Wilford seems more fixated on the tv show more so than the initial plan.

Google: Well I’m guessing Dark managed to convince him that the plan was to take over Mark’s channel and ‘destroy man-kind’ which just so HAPPENS to be his secondary objective which guessing by the “this deviated from our primary objective” Dark either messed with his programming or google just went full evil robot all on his own. (you do you boy, I’m proud) Also, who wouldn’t want a powerful murderous robot with a brain that’s literALLY GOOGLE ITSELF. I’ve made my case I think.

The Host: (personally one of my faves and I hope to see more of my son soon) well I’m not 100% sure what drives the Author/host (if you haven’t seen Mark legit confirmed they were the same person) but I’m guessing it has something to do with control (as in the fans) as in manipulations (his experiments) to see how far he could go to actually drive a person insane. Or he wants to write more books, who knows. But by the constant if almost forced narration is anything to come by he is very important and is either psychic (from other theories I’ve read, sorry can’t remember who but it was good) or can alter/shape reality by just talking which makes him very powerful.

Dr. Iplier: I have two possible Dark manipulation tactics Dark may have used. 1) He never really wanted to be a doctor but maybe parents forced him to (very loose theory here) but his true heart was in show business so like I’m thinking the opposite of Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S like the over dramatisation of the “I’m sorry. You’re dying” plus the inexperienced eye movement thing (which may have just been Mark fucking around. Probably the case tbh) or he just really wanted to act but never really knew how and was inexperienced so Dark promised him an acting job and judging by the “it wasn’t actually that bad, featured my ideas quite well” he probably doesn’t care / isn’t aware of the initial “end game” but is content where he is right now.

Ed Eddington: (really fucking last name that I can’t remember how to spell adoptalotakids???) he did mention it himself and I quote, “I know this is of topic, but I still need to sell my son.” He’s definitely aware of whats to come (well probably as much as Dark told him, which probably isn’t a lot tbh) but he ws promised he would A: sell his son and B: get a thirty second spot which is probably the only reason why he’s onboard.

Bim Trimmer: (I’m skipping silver sheppard and you’ll soon find out why) well Bim is probably only after one thing: fame and he’ll probably do as much if not anything he can to reach it and that makes him an easy target for Dark. He isn’t too happy about not being able to host that game show but I still think he’ll stay on board (for now anyways)

Silver shepherd: who could forget him? Well every evil super villain team needs a mole. Yes, I said mole and who better to be that mole then Mark himself. Let’s go back to that Cyndago sketch shall we? I think the silver Shepard is one of the only ‘ipliers’ that is ever referenced as mark himself. I know this is kind of a long stretch but Wilford himself confims it by saying this “it’s for everybody, not you” gestures to the Silver Sheppard as if to say “I know it’s you Mark, come on” which in return receives a double finger defence (signature move idk just wanted to put that there) and I’m pretty sure the rest of team (or a couple) know it as well but they’re keeping it from Dark for some reason. A back-up plan or escape route if it all goes to shit.

Septiplier: well maybe just Mark’s way of killing it forever or Dark promise to kill it or something. Sorry guys, Septiplier is dEAD once and for all

We’ve talked about the who now let’s cover the why, let’s examine this quote shall we? “So Completely unironically, Darkiplier is a completely separate entity from who I am. But, he admires what I’ve accomplished” there is no denying that Dark does in fact admire Mark’s work and al that he’s accomplished but not in the way that most people think. Dark isn’t some mega fanboy of Mark. No, he’s an evil version of Mark so the reason why he admires Mark and stuff is not because of all the good he’s done, it’s cause the channel itself could be seen as a power source, And Dark wants it. Badly. Seeing as he’s reappeared at least three times this year even. Going so low as to try and manipulate US for his cause because I’m guessing he’s been planning this for a long time and I’m sure he and the other ‘ipliers’ will make a reappearance real soon. As for why he’s trying to take Mark’s channel, I’m not sure. So for now, I leave you with this, Buh-Bye!

Plan J for Jealous

Request: Hi !!! Love your blog:) can you please do an imagine where the reader is part of team flash and Barry gets jealous cause of someone idk you chose and the reader is like why you care and he admits his name and lots of fluff Thanks ;)) -anon
Pairing: Barry x Reader
Warnings: Fluff, jealousy
Word Count: 1122

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anonymous asked:

I'm too shy to come out of anonymous... but how did you start your studyblr?? It looks so professional!

hey anon! dw, jo here has got your back! B )
     (& don’t be shy, anon! feel free message me or de-anon and tell me to answer privately if you have any questions or just want to talk!)

onto your question, personally, I kind of tripped into the studyblr community one day and simply put, fell in love. So I decided to start my own studyblr as means to motivate myself, but only started working on it about three weeks ish ago? anddd the rest, they say, is history.

WARNING: A LONG POST BC JO TENDS TO GO OVERBOARD (and i probably forgot something even tho there’s this huge post but whatever oops)

but hey! i’m sure my blabbering wasn’t quite what you’re looking for, so
here’s what I’d recommend if you’re looking to start or spice up your studyblr!!

  1. find a nice theme: I find that if you can find nice, clean, simplistic (but cute and aesthetically pleasing) themes, you’re well onto your way to becoming a v nice studyblr. but still, you don’t need a theme to be a good studyblr!
    here are a few blogs that make really nice themes you can look at!
    1. shythemes - is where I got my theme. Shythemes has very simplistic, clean type themes that I really like. These themes look crisp and neat and a sort of minimalist feel.
    2. ciralismthemes - has a cute, magazine/website layout (??) type theme. Cute and clean type of theme, ciralismthemes almost seems to build a little personalized "theme” within a blog. lots of choices, each theme different and unique.
    3. micaelis - has cute, tidy themes. ‘Mediocre’ is the theme that some studyblrs seem to favor, is compact and has lots of options and things, has other themes anime-related.
    4. zenthemes - zenthemes has clean, neat, minimalist themes. loads of options, all free. take a look around and choose as you like!
    5. tumblr’s themes - tumblr has loads of free themes all ready to go, you can pick and choose whichever theme you think you like!
  2. customized backgrounds/icons: let me say this first. you do not need to have all these “pretty, cute, aesthetic, personalized items” to be a great and amazing studyblr. you don’t. but I do suppose that it makes your blog look better strictly-aesthetic wise? I’m not saying you need perfect themes and great everythings to be a good studyblr, but this is something that people seem to like, if you get what I mean.
    but here are a few things you can do
    1. on your desktop - you can do a few things with your desktop theme and stuff
      1. find nice background wallpaper - choose a wallpaper! i don’t recommend complicated backgrounds or pictures as your wallpaper, because it can make your blog look messy and hard to look at. instead, choose pastel colors or solid colors with a simple pattern (like with gridded lines or dashed lines, maybe). 
        you can also put random things on your wallpaper to customize it. I put a border with my url on it, but you can do a lot more, like add pictures of people, flower petals, stars, anything! to do that, you can use photoshop (software) or picmonkey, etc. (online photo editors) to edit.
        the usual size for wallpaper is 1920 x 1080 btw!
      2. don’t clutter - make sure your blog doesn’t look to cluttered, i guess? remember KISS (keep it simple, stupid).
    2. on mobile - just like desktop view, you can pretty up your mobile look
      1. make a header - you can either make your own personalized header (like I did for my mobile theme) that fits with your desktop (or doesn’t) or you can put nice, pretty pictures as your header.
    3. make an icon - icons are like, super important. to me, at least. so try and make or find a good icon!
      1. letter/url icon - you can make an icon by putting the initials of your url or your entire url into the icon and setting a (most often pastel) solid color as the bg. it’s pretty popular and what my icon is. you can also add things that represent your url to the icon.
      2. photo icon - set a nice photo as your icon. i don’t think there’s much to say about this type of icon.
      3. selfieeeee - you can set yourself as your icon! only if you want to though (though i’m 100% you’re super handsome/pretty, i know it ;) )
  3. URL making - you can make up anything for your url!
    1. i’d recommend you add something related to studying or academics so that people know that you’re a studyblr, but you don’t have to!
    2. most often, people find good urls by either doing
      1. favorite object/thing/color/anything + study/studies or
      2. studywith + name
      3. name + studies/studying 
  4. Original Content - make original posts! here’s the thing, i’ll be honest with you. if you have good lighting, nice notes, nice filters, etc., your stuff is more likely to get noticed. but they don’t have to be. the only step is that you post stuff! don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a lot of notes because you aren’t defined by notes. just post photos (if you need motivation, try doing the 100 days of productivity challenge), make your own masterposts, write about things, make a advice/tip list, etc. do anything! 
  5. Signal Boost - related to original content! when you make your own posts or whatever, you can tag people! put their urls or whatever tag they track in your tags because then studyblrs will see your posts! the studyblr community is a great and friendly place, we won’t ignore you or your posts (promise) unless we don’t see it on accident! people do it, and if you don’t feel comfortable tagging studyblrs you look up to or just studyblrs in general, tag me! i’ll def reblog and boost your stuff, so feel free to tag me (and it’s ok to tag other studyblrs in your posts, honestly!) and if you have any mutuals, tag them too!
  6. Intro Post - oh gosh, the intro post is like, the most important thing ever. you should make an introduction post, introducing yourself to the community! in general, the formula for an intro post is your name, age, what you’re interested in, etc. etc. and tagging studyblrs that have inspired you or helped you make a studyblr. It took me a month to get around to this, but ohhh boy, can I tell you what a difference it made. It’s important to show yourself to the community, so do this!!
  7. Get Talking & Be Nice - not like you aren’t nice, but be friendly and outgoing and nice and kind to people in general and you’re gonna get far in both the studyblr community and in real life. and you should talk to people! reach out! find new studyblrs or talk to studyblrs that you look up to, etc and message them / send them an ask (like you did me!) this gets you far, youngun, trust me <3
    1. Communities - also, you can join communities and other study groups to get connected. 
  8. Reblog - reblog posts and stuff that you like and you’ll get nice content filling up your blog in no time. also, the queue is your best friend if you’re pressed for time. 
  9. Extra things - extra things idk where to put
    1. nice things - you can buy nice things to treat yourself. buy stationery, paper, just nice things to treat yoself. they look really nice btw and yes just do it. 
      1. stores -  you can buy things at stores like muji, kikki.k, tokyo pen shop
      2. brands- that are really nice include pilot, uniball, sharpie, copic markers, etc
    2. apps/extensions - apps and stuff people use
      1. Focus Now/Forest - keeps you on focus by having you put your phone away. you either kill or grow a tree for a certain time you don’t use your phone. (extension for chrome: Forest)
      2. Leoh - chrome extension that opens on a new tab. includes to do list, time, goal for the day, news, weather, etc.
      3. Momentum - the typical studyblr extension, gives time and sets goal for the day
      4. - alternative to Momentum, gives time, has a built-in pomodoro timer, and a lot of lists and stuff to keep track of things.
      5. Flashcards+ - helps you study by opening a new tab and having you do flashcards.
      6. OneTab - a super lifesaver. Onetab collects all the tabs you might’ve had open and saves it so you can go right back to here you were last time if you need to close your laptop, etc.
      7. Pomodoro Timer - sets a 25 min timer to have you do things and keep you on track, etc. 
    3. Bullet Journal - keep a bullet journal! A bullet journal is a sort of to do list, note, journal, and everything else mashed into one. Lots of studyblrs and other people use bujos. You can search reach the official bullet journal website or look on tumblr to see more about bujos. 
  10. I don’t know what else, but if you have any more questions or if I didn’t answer your question properly, contact me again, anon! (If you were referring to my wallpaper and icon looking professional, I made them myself and you should contact me if you’re looking for stuff like that!) 

Other (great and quite possibly better than my hastily written answer) New Studyblr Posts:

also, some great studyblrs you should follow just to get you on your feet, etc: 
@standardunistudent @succulentstudy @hope-studies @studyign @studybuzz @studyblr-bri @haleystudies @hayley-studies @academla @sirenastudies @studylikeslytherin @studytildawn @elkstudies @studycxlture @study-well @studylou @katsdesk @studyvet @the-brightest-witch-studies @studyandblacktea @green-tea-and-studying @emmastudies @milkystudies +  hella lotta more lovely people

i hope this helped, anon! feel free to come and talk to me whenever xoxo


Daredevil 101: Fall from Grace

And we’re back! It’s time for the death of Matt Murdock (again). Also, a lot of 90s-style grimacing. Most importantly, ELEKTRA RETURNS!

Content Warning: Some extremely racist (specifically, anti-black) imagery behind the cut.

When we last left our hero, he had returned to New York, regained his memory, and patched things up with Foggy. And aw, they’re being so cute:


Now up there I mentioned 90s-style grimacing, and I just…I feel like if you’re not familiar with the aesthetic of comics in the 90s nothing can really prepare you, but basically, picture a lot of veins and teeth, flowing hair, everyone wearing armor and wielding two swords and six guns, POUCHES, and very questionable anatomy. This cover is a pretty good example:

No, I cannot explain anything that’s happening here. Just accept that the next few posts are gonna look like this until we round the horn into the late 90s. We’ll get through this. It’ll be okay.

(That art, by the way, is by Scott McDaniel, who is responsible for most of this post. The writer is still D. G. Chichester.)

Despite that cover there’s not a lot of Frank in here, but I do have something behind the cut for the Fratt fans:

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anonymous asked:

convince me of binu. u have no word limit to do so.

Before reading this post, I highly suggest you read @asterocky ‘s binu post. It goes over the basics from early binu stages and the big moments that show binu shipping binu before it was brought to us. Nobody shipped binu. Everybody shipped moonrock. And the Moonbin and Eunwoo were like “hey our ship name is binu” and it kind of rolled from there. 

also note : please take everything with a grain of salt ok 
this post is a mess and not in chronological order bc i’m just scrolling through my binu tag and pullings from it

(please note none of these gifs are mine unless stated otherwise) 

most are @noombean ‘s gifs

I’m going to start with the turning point moment for me idk it might not have the same affect for you but basically I’ve experienced the going from best friends to dating thing so sometimes i see binu and feel sparks but i also understand that not everybody has the same experiences to base it off of as i do. 

Watch this video, and watch binu. 

Here’s play by play what I see: Astro just chilling in front of the camera everybody is piled on top of each other. Sanha says some shit and eunwoo hits him a few times but it feels kind of forced (his yah yah yah sounds awkward idk) and then when he finishes hitting him eunwoo leaves his arm behind him in a very awkard looking position sanha looks down at eunwoos new arm position and he’s like wtf ok. moonbin notices that eunwoos arm is no longer in the way and leans his elbow down in the space that eunwoo opened up by putting his arm behind him. 

Then the camera goes to jinjin rocky and mj and when it goes back to everyone binu is suddenly like rly close like eunwoos arm is around bin and he’s leaning into his arm. Also this moment is v important to me. (also look at rockys face i’m crying he’s so extra )

eunwoo licking his lips

i should probably go and gif that moment basically in my opinion it feels like they made eye contact and thought about kissing each other

it might be just me but their hands look v v close.

to me it looks like eunwoos playing with bins fingers u know like when one person strokes the other person fingers but i coul be wrong

this one can’t be argued tho bins hand is on eunwoos wrist

and then everyone starts screaming again lmao. 

Okay basically for me that was the turning point bc that was like, casual secret comforting touches that often happen between couples when they are in larger groups of friends

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Okay, so I have a bunch of Miraculous Ladybug/Danny Phantom crossover ideas that I was originally going to turn into a fic but I don’t have the time to do that, so I’ll just post all this stuff here. I’ll put it under a read more.

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[you don’t know me, you don’t wear my chains]

idk what this is, other than that it wanted to be written, and i was having a lot of young!emma and killian feelings. so, cursed lieutenant duckling AU. probably a one-shot, but who knows. angst warning.

Boston is not the best place to be living out of a car in winter. It’s an even worse place to be living out of a car in winter with a six-month-old baby, as there’s nowhere to stash Henry’s Goodwill car seat but the front, while Emma and Killian curl up together in the back, cramped and restless, woken to tend to him or by the hum of passing traffic, or to ensure the windshield hasn’t iced up, because while they’ve managed to avoid one of those infamous blizzards that shuts down the entire Northeast for a week, the temperature has rarely struggled above freezing since November. They don’t like to drive around much because they don’t have gas money, and that, combined with the legendary difficulty of finding a parking spot, means they mostly stay put. But they can’t remain in one place as obvious vagrants forever, even in the seedier sections of the city, and with both of them used to a life on the move, this feels different. Stranger. Oppressive. As much as they want a home, they don’t want it like this.

Still, it could be worse. At least they’re here. At least they’re together. Killian is out pounding the pavement all day looking for work, and after Emma suggested that he cut his shaggy hippie ponytail and fringe – or rather she cut it, chopping methodically away with a pair of blunt scissors while he was as uptight as a princess about the whole thing – he’s managed to keep them in enough money to feed Henry, if not always themselves, and book into a hotel room if the cold ever gets really bad. She loves those nights, those sweet rare nights where they’re warm and comfortable, can take a hot shower and stretch out in a real bed rather than the tiny, cement-hard black leather boot of the Bug, where she knows they can sleep without the fear of an officer knocking on the window, or Henry abruptly turning into an infant icicle, or any of those. She’s tried to persuade Killian that they should do this more often, they should sneak in between housekeepings or break into a low-rent motel where they’d probably just be glad there was anyone staying there at all, but he remains stubborn. He doesn’t want to steal things. He wants to do this the right way. And he doesn’t want to take any risks of what happened in Portland happening again.

Emma supposes grudgingly that he has a point. Even clear across the country, she’d be foolish to think they had an entirely fresh start. Of the two of them, Killian is the cautious, traditional, straight-laced one, the one who vociferously objected when she wanted to just steal food when they were hungry, who fretted that she was running too many risks by keeping the Bug, who still has this confounded old-fashioned belief that the world is a just and upright place filled with essentially good people that they should be loathe to take advantage of – much as she loves him, Emma doesn’t understand half of how he thinks sometimes. But if it’s ever a question of applying the five-finger discount or making her go hungry, Killian always chooses the former. Even insists that he do the stealing so she won’t get caught, which they furtherly disagree about; of the two of them, Emma is the one who knows how to do this. Killian is as conspicuous as a four-piece mariachi band when he’s trying to shoplift, sweating and nervous and stammering and loitering casually by the shelf with the food he definitely, no sir, is not going to try to stuff under his jacket the instant the bored cashier turns their back or goes for a smoke break. Nope. Nothing to see here, everyone. Move along.

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Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly Prologue 01-04 Translation + Video

Prologue 01-04     Prologue 05-07

(σ゚∀゚)σ  Yooo sinners~! I’ve gotten asked to translate this game in the past and I was kinda ehhh about it. But then I heard loads of good things. Nil Admirari was another one requested to me a lot. You have to consider though, I have to buy the games I translate. I can’t be spending hundreds of dollars on games since I don’t work. ヽ(´▽`;)/  I chose psychedelica because I liked the system set-up better and the atmosphere. Plus I’m a sucker for amnesia plots. No one knows shit in the beginning of this game.

This will be a test run. If people show interest, I’ll continue. If not, I dunno haha.


Prologue is 7 parts long. This is the first half.

Video is raw only. (´ω`*)  Translation is the post. I hope you enjoy~

~~[Prologue: Part 1]~~

*Scenes Flash By Until It Stops At A Bus In The Rain*

*Muffled Voices*

???: Ahh. I see. I guess that’s true. It’s something that can’t be undone.

???: What do you mean?

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I ended up rewatching Frank and Karen’s first prison scene in 2.07 “Semper Fidelis”, so now here I am, completely distracted from my original purpose and about to go step by step through their body language, words, and how important this scene is for establishing their dynamic. Because it really is. (If you read this, I’m so sorry for the length.)

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bad news;

“It starts with a hastily packed duffle bag in the backseat. A pistol sheathed within the waistband of her jeans.”

summary: where ward keeps his promises, and skye makes sure he delivers. a road trip that includes burning alcohol, dusty motels and route 66 as their race track.

a/n: created in association with this fanmix/graphic. i am nothing but skye/ward trash. 

find at: ao3, tumblr

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genre: fluff 

word count: 2,239    , i think ??

pairing: guess!!!!!! here i’ll give u a hint it’s phan

warnings: mentions of alcohol, some smoking, a few swear words, a lil bit of  badly written kissing woah call the police

A/N: oh my fucking god so i looked up what “renegade” meant bc i love the song and one of the meanings for it was “someone or something that causes trouble and cannot be controlled” and i was like wow that’d be a good title for this fic then and so yeah,,, the more u know and um sorry if there’s spelling or punctuation errors bc i literally did not proof read this at all

PS!!! if ur against gayness (if ur in this tag and u are then what are u doing here) then this is not a story for u, buddy.

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