idk i just like this look on him

i rly want in Justice League for the whole team to like congregate in the batcave and they all see the suit in the case and someone asks Bruce about it and he’s like “Jason… was my partner. He was murdered. He was just a kid and he… didn’t deserve it.” and i want Clark to try to like idk lighten the mood a lil or something and be like “was he killed by a freak dressed like a clown?” and Bruce to just look at him sadly “he goes by the Joker”

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I miss Luke. Like I miss the Luke that would close his eyes when he hugged fans, the Luke that would tweet pointless but funny tweets that are just so Luke and the Luke that has a high pitched giggle when he thinks something is funny. Idk but lately I just feel like he hasn't been himself. He gets so much shit for things he can't control and idk to me it just feels like it might be getting to him. I'm probably exaggerating but idk he just seem detached at the moment idk I want him to be happy!!

He still does all these things, but i agree lately he seems like he’s always in a bad mood, not smiling in selfies with fans, being very inactive on social media even for him and just looking downright pissed off all the time and tbh i’d probably be the same if my ‘fans’ were shitting on me constantly for things that are out of my control. He can’t control the fact that he is the face of the 5sos brand, he can’t control Arz’s actions, he’s not super human he can’t fix the world, how people act or what they do, he’s a 20 y/o kid who’s been thrusted into this world of fame, attention and fakes. He’s trying his best to make everyone happy yet everyone is always fucking bitching at him for things he didn’t even have a hand in doing. People need to back the fuck off and realise he’s still young and dumb and is only trying to fucking please you all  

it’s so interesting because sometimes (even while watching the show originally) I forget that Zuko even has a fucking scar?? right there on his pretty little face. It’s not even small or something that ever goes away - it’s very obvious, taking up almost half his face.

I guess it’s just one of those things that becomes such a part of the character it doesn’t stand out as unusual anymore.

idk I was just looking at a photoset of him and I was like ‘geez his scar sure is THERE, funny how I almost don’t even notice it’

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Idk if it's just me but I think Michael seems so sub when he's around Calum like I was just watching videos and looking at photos of the two and he just seems so submissive around Cal

remember that one interview during the asian leg of the slfl tour where michael gets up and leaves and calum tells him to sit back down and michael immediately does what he says?? yeah.

idk michael seems really sub around most guys tbh but cal and ash especially. idk i love malum and michael is just such a sub in general but i totally see what you mean bc i can totally see it too.

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My bc has a high sex drive and I'll tell him before I go over if I don't want to have sex or give him a bj, etc. but he'll still end up getting turned on while I'm there. He doesn't force me to do anything but he won't leave it alone. He'll basically whine, "I wish you'd suck me off" "*sigh* I'm just really turned on" "do you want to now?" Etc. or he'll ask me why I don't want to after I say no. A lot of times I end up giving in just to shut him up. Idk, I'm just looking for any kind of advice

Hun, relationships are about compromising in order to meet the needs of both individuals. You’re not there to please all his needs, you have a voice and it seems unfair for him to consistently pressure you into doing him sexual favours. Talk to him about this (like not just a casual convo, but be honest and let him know the way you feel while reiterating how much you care about him). If things dont change, you have a right to end the relationship, hun. Sometimes people just aren’t compatible (due to sexual expectations, or otherwise) x


“The thing is though he’s pretty amazing. He’s got a magnetic quality about him and if he looks at you it’s like staring into the face of a lighthouse. I don’t know what it is about that boy, he’s just incredibly charming.”

Lance's Rage

So I headcanon that Lance is like the most chill person until you make him Mad™. He absolutely loses it, like a “Hell Hath No Fury”™ kind of lose it. It won’t even be just one thing that makes him pissed, he’s chill with the first thing, then a little annoyed/irritated after, and when said thing (idk maybe the team teasing him after he did something wrong) keeps happening constantly he just snaps. What if it’s during training 101 with Kieth and Kieth just ends up getting his butt handed back to him on a silver platter. Everyone else watches in shock, Kieth is like WTF. And Lance looks like he is going to kill somebody still. So later they use this to their advantage in battle, say they are losing, just make Lance Mad™ and he just destroys everything. I just like Lance being hell/rage incarnate.

just your daily reminder that it’s canon that rey adores finn. literally adores. not another word. she adores him. already. imagine all she’s gonna feel for him the more that time passes?

first of all bitch i just wanna come clean and say that i would my set left tiddy on fire cause i don’t like that tiddy as much as the right one, gotta have respect, but mostly because this is some bullshit man i feel betrayed and personally and legally attacked by patrick martin fuck, this mf thinks his cute ass looks like a troll doll now idk what kinda trolls he’s seen but he’s wrong and im willing to make my case against him in court of law now this is just my onion but he should learn to have some RESPECT towards his damb self and traditionally i would whoop his ass for thinking of himself like that BUT i think he and i would agree that that mayhaps be morally wrong and the last thing i want to do is upset him so im just. gonna positively roast him till he’s medium rare and sizzling like his left nut if he does not BELIEVE me when I say that his smile is absolutely gorgeous and stunning but that takes us back to the morally wrong thing,

Dating Luke would Include:

-cAN YOU SAY “SWEETHEART” bc he’d call you that all the time
-you constantly reassuring him that he’s funny whenever he makes a joke
-just being his best friend that he’s constantly messing with
-him always having you sit/lay on his lap, since he’s so big compared, you’re so tiny and he’s obsessed you’re like a cute lil lapdog he just wants to love
-“Luke why are you petting my hair”
-“idk babe it just looked so soft and I just wanted to touch it”
-cONSTANTLY rolling your eyes
-him blurting out his feelings at random times and immediately blushing and trying to take them back
-he’s very touchy feely but when it comes to speaking his mind he’s as useless as noodles
-you have to pick up on his emotions from very small clues he gives you in his actions
-he shows his emotions to you during sex, it’s very passionate and majority of the time it’s slow love making
-can I get a missionary folks?
-Luke is very vanilla in bed unless you bring up that you’d like to switch it up and then it’s all up to you to do the work
-koala cuddles when you’re trying to sleep at night
-“Luke I can’t brEATHE”
-him nuzzling into your neck all day every day
-him buying you a promise ring when he’s ready because he doesn’t understand marriage

So I Convinced My Younger Brother To Watch Voltron

Some highlights:

  • Thanks to tumblr, I called Sendak a purple chinchilla, not thinking about the consequences. My brother then proceeded to crack up whenever he came on screen, ruining any suspense or fear he might have caused. 
  • All I had to do was hum when Keith messed with the panel and my brother was suddenly convinced Keith was Galra. He jumped right on that bandwagon, no looking back. Hell, he even pointed out the energy thing, which I never mentioned to him? On his first watch, too, I’m so proud. 
  • He was also convinced Zarkon is Keith’s dad going into the 9th episode, so by the 11th, when the whole fight scene was going down, he shouted “Father, nooo!” 
  • We laughed. A lot. Like we haven’t hung out like that in a long time and it was great. 
  • Hunk is his favorite and has been lovingly dubbed “Nacho Man.”
  • Lance is ‘Leo’. Idk why he just is. Keith was named ‘Shadow’. As in the hedgehog. @lorazeli I think this is officially a family thing. Pidge is ‘Pidgey’. Shiro didn’t get a nickname, but he said he was like a big brother so we can go with that. 
  • The scene with Hunk and Shay watching the sunrise had him asking if they were going to kiss. 
  • He didn’t trust Rolo or Nyma for a second and had a very Hunk-like reaction to the reveal. He also wanted Voltron to leave them for the Galra, like dang dude, no mercy
  • He announced “Get Wrecked!” when Allura threw Shiro across the room.
  • The gasp when it sounds like Shiro swears in the second episode had me laughing so hard we had to rewind because he couldn’t hear what was going on. 
  • Shiro: “Patience yields focus, so— Run!” My Bro: “Well, he listened.”
  • Zarkon is an old cat. 
  • The dramatic scene where Sendak and his group are walking to the castle as Shiro is carrying Lance: “Look! It’s Mr. Chinchilla!”

Voltron: Legendary Defender, everybody. 


matsukawa has a younger brother who’s like around the age of 6/7, but bcos of how small and adorably chubby he is (in contrast to his super tall bro) as well as how similar he looks to issei (i imagine mini mattsun has longer hair + a fringe, but it’s still messy + the same colour as issei’s) everyone thinks that he’s issei’s son. mattsun just rolls with this. 

sometimes after practice he’ll just turn to makki and say “hey we need to go pick up our son” and makki plays along like “i’ll get him, you make a start on dinner” or something idk i just love big bro issei ok

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k but matt holts having a crush on shiro even before they lift off bc im sure that they had to have some time before the mission to warm up and bond as a team, and he's like nervous/excited during the months of flying with shiro. whether shiro knows or not idk but he still saved matt from the gladiator arena so i mean i just want shiro and matt to hug whenever he and commander holts get found safe and sound;;

Ngl, I’m pretty sure Matt was sunk the moment he saw Shiro’s picture and got the assignment. The man looks damn fine in a uniform and that’s before his super-soldier physique upgrade. Plus, those accomplishments of his that got him to be the pilot of the Kerberos mission at 19? Brains, brawn and beauty right there. Matt is terrible at hiding what he’s thinking and his pale skin is perfect for showing off a blush so all of his friends and colleges know that somebody’s sweet on the Kerberos pilot. It’s a miracle he’s not cherry red the whole time he and Shiro and Commander Holt are working on their team building exercises at the Garrison. Because some of those exercises obliterate the idea of “personal space” and Matt learns far more than he ever expected about Shiro’s arms and keeps getting these whiffs of the aftershave he wears. It’s a good thing his aftershave isn’t approved for the mission or Matt might have gone insane.

(Cue Katie pulling a Miss Congeniality: “You liiiiiike him. You want to daaaaaaate him. And maaaaaaarry him.”)

And when the Holts are finally found alive and somewhat-okay, Shiro scoops both of them up in a bone-crushing hug and gets suspiciously wet eyes because his teammates and friends are safe after a year+ of not knowing what ever happened to them and fretting about what terrible things Haggar and Zarkon could have done. Matt and Commander Holt start crying too because they’ve been through hell and back and they’re finally back with family and friends.

Okay I normally don’t post stuff like this but since these past weeks have been filled with bad news after bad news after bad news, in a very tense and often divided society, I wanted to share with you something cute and encouraging I saw today:

I was at the store and I heard laughing and turned to look, and there was a tall, large-ish biracial girl giving a piggy back ride to her gangly, pasty white boyfriend (or just friend? Who is to say), he had his head in her shoulder like either he was embarrassed or just resting, idk. She was smiling ear to ear, just carting him about the grocery store like that.

I don’t know. Sometimes it’s easy to get so depressed by the realities of sexism and racism and stereotypes, but when I see carefree things like that it makes me a little bit happier for what the future could look like.