idk i just like this look on him


Something about Sasuke just feels… different to me. He just looks… idk, sad. We’ve only see 2 chapters with panels of him in them but each time his face is drawn he just looks drained and miserable. Maybe I’m reading too much into it. That panel of him with his head lowered and eyes closed before he stands up, it just looks painful. The way his mouth is drawn, how tightly his eyes are closed, etc… idk. I’m bored as fuck and analyzing shit, but yeah. Sasuke just doesn’t seem to be like Sasuke at all, and I know we’ve yet to really see how much he has changed since he’s gotten older, but yeah. He just needs to go home and be with his family.



when i walked up to osric i was like ‘heeyy man we’ve skyped before on my birthday!’ and he was like ‘omg really what’s ur name’ ‘amanda’ ‘oh yes oh my god hi amanda!!!’ and like i showed him my anti possession tattoo bc we talked about that during the skype call and id k man he was really cute and just aa hhh. when i walked up to him during autographs he was like ‘hi amanda!!’ and he asked me things and said it was really nice to finally meet me and i still can’t believe 

tim was so good looking like omg i rlly wanted him to smoulder // do the blue steel bc like his hair and just ???? idk so yes we did that and it was great he also thanked me for coming out to meet him and shook my hand and like woah u kind being 

i wasn’t rlly nervous tbh like it was my turn to take a photo w jen and i kind of skipped up to him like ‘heeeey’ and he smiled and ‘hi’. then i asked him if we could hug bc i was being rushed and they wouldn’t let me have like a pose thingy and he was like ‘ofc you can’ and i held my arms out and he came in and like he had such a strong hold and he was rlly firm and tall and just oh m god as i was letting go he held me in a bit more and squeezed and i felt so loved omg 

i also gave him a letter i wrote to jared and asked if he could pass that on and he was like ‘yes sure definitely!’ and i thanked him for coming ‘my pleasure!’ and out of reflex i said it was rlly nice to meet him ?? ? and like he said it was nice to meet me too and idk he great 

look i know i talk about the bangtan group dynamic all the time but really just…i get superbly emotional over jungkook bc like he was sooooo scared about going to seoul alone and he came from a place where he was the best at everything to one where he felt like a fish out of water

and he cried a lot and he worked so hard and he called home so often and they all took such great care of him and look at him now! he’s a nerd and he’s more comfortable with the members than anyone and idk i get very overwhelmed to the point that if i ever meet them all i just wanna thank them

*sigh* such great big brothers

Kinda need a gifset parallel of the way Emma "hugged" Neal when they saved him in Neverland with, idk EVERY HUG SHE'S EVER GIVEN KILLIAN EVER (or for simplicity's sake, just the one from the finale after watching him die.) With Neal, she literally looks like, "Great, you're not dead. Kinda wish I was though." With Killian, she looks like she's coming home.

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Would it be okay to ask your natural hair color? If it's too intrusive I don't need an answer. I was just seeing Hannah's photos (she looks pretty with her natural hair color and pink, I love it all) but it made me curious about yours.

yup sure i’ll show you

it was just brown idk nothing special?

the unfortunate part is that i have like 2 pictures of myself w brown hair so like

there is a sonic screwdriver there i’m 15

and here i was at a fucking space museum i was in 6th grade (so 12) playing a part in mission control and having to sit next to two boys: one who kissed me and i punched him and the other who had a crush on me and didn’t mark my incorrect math answers so i got 100′s.

areyougoodwithyourhands replied to your post:about the pap pics. calvin posted a video in…

i dont understand the big deal either haha

I don’t even think they’re trying very hard to push that Louis was staying there. He’s not hauling out a ton of luggage. If we saw him arriving there at night and then leaving in the morning, yeah, that’s pushing that image. This seriously just looks like him picking up his friends so he can go to the airport.

What Gackt’s photoediting team doesn’t seem to get is that they make him look worse by photoshopping him so super white, upping the contrast, and smearing away every discernible feature, like the difference between this:

And this:

Is astounding and I don’t need to tell you which one looks better.

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I LOVED that post you made on the tst trailer it was hilarious but after watching the trailer for the billionth time (srsly I think I need help) I noticed that thomas wasn't the one who pushed the crank that jumped on him off it looked like Aris or Minho idk but it wasn't thomas he was still lying on the ground when someone kicked the crank thought I should share my astounding discovery :-)

thank you haha c: 


i just watched it again and it is actually newt who was attacked by the crank and is on the ground

and it is thomas who kicks the crank off

i am ashamed 

I gave this boy I been talking to for the last 2 months a tiny kalanchoe plant from my work a couple weeks ago as a dumb tiny gift casually without thinking and he’s kinda thug n tough guy type dude so I was like he gunna kill it quick or not really care so it’s w/e and I didn’t realize how much he liked me until I went to his house and saw it on a window seal with the best lighting and a lil plate under it where any guest of his could see it and him asking me “does my plant look okay???? I am trying really hard to water it good…. Am I doing okay?? I just want to keep it alive for you” and it was weirdly sweet idk.

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is askbox open? if not, I apologize. could you do the texting/calling/facetime thing with vixx hongbin? thanks x

Texting - 

Hongbin - Park Hyo Shin is the best.
You - What’d he do this time?
Hongbin - Oh, right now? Nothing. 
You - Okay…
Hongbin - I just really like him.
                And really appreciate his existence.
                And really like his voice.
You - Yes yes, I am aware. 
Hogbin: He’s just so handsome and talented and idk what I would do without him.
You - Yeah, idk where I would be without Park Hyo Shin’s great vocals.
Hogbin - Me too.
You - Or his looks. 
Hongbin - Me too.
You - idk what I would to without Ravi…
Hongbin - Me too.
You - You heard me.
Hongbin - You’re kidding.
You - lol, yeah.
Hongbin - Good, because Ravi can only be the master of ONE work of art haha
You - Wowww.

Calling - 

Hongbin - The lord is testing me.
You - What happened?
Hongbin - Hyukkie needs to stop growing.
You - Are you serious?
Hongbin - Really, I am. I swear, at this rate I’ll end up being the maknae. I feel like a child next to him.
You - Aw, Hongbin you’re the perfect height.
Hongbin - How am I to play basketball? How am I to survive? Maybe Hyuk’s not getting taller. Maybe I’m shrinking!
You - …
Hongbin - I should’ve eaten those vegetables like Grandmother told me. No more spaghetti, I need calcium!
You - Dang, Hongbin! Never know that you’d be able to freak over something like this. 
Hongbin - Ugh.
*Hyuk steals phone*
Hyuk - YAH! Hongbin’s just mad that I beat him in basketball AGAIN! BWHWAHAHA. His height means nothing! I won this game fair and square with skill and he’s just making up excuses! Ha!
*Hongbin snatches phone back*
Hongbin - Ughhhh.
You - You sure you don’t want spaghetti anymore?
Hongbin - No.
You - How about a spaghetti date then?
Hongbin - Yes, please. 

Facetime - 

Hongbin - Will you please stop doting on me? - oh, hey honey!
You - Nice to see that Ravi has been feeding you well haha
*Ravi waves from next to Hongbin*
Hongbin - Sooooo, how was your day today?
You - Oh, hey Ravi. And yeah, It was alright. Just had work as usual. Nothing interesting here. 
Hongbin - Yeah, today was boring for me too. If only we could-
Ravi - What? Today wasn’t boring. Today we got to play soccer and we got to go shopping after practice. Oh, and don’t forget how we-
Hongbin - Ravi, I swear. It’s no surprise you don’t have a girlfriend.
Ravi - Who needs a girlfriend when I have you? *makes kissy face*
Hongbin - *points to Ravi* THIS has been my day today. Ugh. 

Those photos of Louis with the deep ass cheekbones and the green tracksuit actually scare me. He looks so unhealthy and unhappy
When I watched their four hang out I almost threw up because he was so thin. I’m not saying skinny people are gross tho I’m just saying that he is quite a curved person and seeing him like that makes me feel horrible

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In regards to the part here Midorima was talking I'm not sure if I am remembering correctly but I thought they were talking about grades or something because I remember Midorima saying "Not like Akashi who had enhanced learning"?

OKAY I CHECKED I stopped being a lazy asshole for 30 seconds

They’re talking about Akashi being able to be Captain as a second year and Midorima’s like his family is distinguished and he’s been groomed for this shit so he’ll be fine and then Kise’s just like “You look well off yourself” and Midorima just says not as much as Akashi so I GUESS it’s about money? It’s kinda vague idk but money makes the most sense bc I’ve never heard “well-off” used for anything else

then he tells Murasakibara to stop eating and Murasakibara tells him to FUCK HIMSELF

-Admin Murasakibara

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Is it bad that I feel as though one day Murdoc is gonna look back on his life as he's dying (cause do we really no he's immortal?) and think "Maybe one of the others ways to stick it the old man... was to have a kid and be a better father than he was.." and the others will be there with him. So Noodle is like crying and holding his hand saying "You were a better father than he was. You were still kind of an ass... but a better one." Idk it's late night thinking is all.

After I read this, not gonna lie, I just kind of sat there on the floor and got a little teary-eyed.
It’s such an ironic tragedy that Murdoc has, unbeknownst to himself, become almost as rotten as his father - the man he vowed he’d never turn into; the sole reason he wanted to reach superstardom in the first place.
I truly think that’s one of the bigger reasons he likes to stay consistently in an intoxicated state, so that he can forget and ignore the awful truth.
Anyway, no, Doll, it’s not bad - late night Gorillaz thoughts always plague me hahahah oh man, but I really like this! I hope Murdoc gets some sort of reassurance that he wasn’t as bad as his daddy. Especially as a father figure. I would hate for him to be plagued with regret on his deathbed. Honestly kills my insides.
(Though, yeah, he was a total ass. What a tosser. Honestly.)

My friend Mitchell always makes fun of me like as a joke and usually I am fine and can just be like ”yeah haha im trash” but lately he’s been like… a huge fucking douchebag. Like I asked him if the wax I put on my braces made me look silly and he said “Well it’s impossible not to look stupid for you” and I just kind of. “ha…wow…”

And then today I fucking failed my biology ECA and I was kind of upset about it and my other friend Vanessa was just listing off friends of hers that passed it and Mitchell was like “yeah glad to I have some smart friends”

like okay occasionally I can be like yeah i suck woohoo but like idk lately he’s just being a huge fuckass and idk what to really do about it

charles could make any sex fantasy come tru tho or at least make you feel like it’s coming true and idk that just gives me really twisted cherik ideas because come on we all know Erik’s got some real fucked up kinks just look at him….that face screams “i have weird fetishes” 

Uggghhhhjdkdke what do I dooo

Ok so I’ve mentioned him once on here before, and I know for a fact that this super hot guy at the gym that’s there literally every day at the same time as me keeps looking at me. This has been happening for a few weeks now, and sometimes I wonder if someone is just looking at me cause I’m looking at them lol. But tonight I paid attention to it more, and I fully caught him looking at me first multiple times. We were walking by each other a few times and just to see what would happen, I pretended to be looking at something else but then last second looked up, and he 100% was fully staring at me. This isn’t up for debate any more he FOR SURE is.

So like idk what to do. I’m such a wimp, there’s no way I’ll say anything. I try and smile a little when he looks at me but ahhh. He works crazy hard like I do, so neither of us are the most approachable either. It’s just frustrating. Maybe I should subtly workout near him if there’s an opportunity? Because the few times a hot guy has approached me, it’s been when we are beside each other. They didn’t just walk up from the other side of the gym. Idk.

I hear my brother playing with his Legos in the other room and

I think to myself I’m glad he’s stayed a kid like there are kids at his age that are like little grown ups and it’s weird and kind of sad, like yeah he plays on the computer and Stuff but
Like I’m glad he still plays with his toys
I’m beyond happy that he still uses his imagination
As his older I tried to make his childhood fucking awesome and done things with him that kids his age probably haven’t done like
I’ve taken him to Midnight screenings of movies and showed him awesome films and awesome music and gone on just random adventures and I play Legos with him. I just want him when he’s older to look back at his childhood and be like shit I had a great one.

Idk I just wanted to say that

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Hannibal/Sin City AU you say? Whaaaaat like Chilton looking mighty fine in the black&white noir style w/ the only color being his large green eyes whoop & what if they met w/ actual Sin City characters? Say idk Jackie Boy? Jackie Boy & Chilton in the same room. JB thinking Chiltons green eyes are so beautiful. Green is so his color but so would red bruises & hickeys on his neck & collarbone. JB makes sure of it as he shoves Chilton against the wall &makes him whimper w/ a knee between his thighs