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Hey :) love love love your blog! I was wondering about the graphics you mentioned.. I would love it if you did a whole post on how to make them, I'm so lost in that area haha.. thanks a million

oh man oh man oh man okay. first, thank you so much for the compliment, it means so much to me that you like my blog, thank you bby <3 and okayyy let’s do this. oh boy. alright anon, i’m not a professional or all that good by any means and there are other amazing graphists that make amazing graphics but i got you, so welcome to-

let’s begin:

okay i use photoshop to edit my graphics but you don’t need to ok??


  • so when you make a graphic, you need to specify your image size.
  • tumblr photos (like the one i have above) has a horizontal length of 500 pixels 
  • so your image should be 500 x a number. the one i have above is 500 x 200 pixels. you can make it 500 x 300, 500 x 700, whatever your heart desires.
  • facebook timeline covers are 815 x 315 pixels, instagram photos are 500 x 500 (but they’ve changed so you can have any size)


  • so anon! i’m assuming you want to make graphics like the ones i’ve made before, right? (bc i dabble in lots of different graphic editing there’s a lot more different types of graphics but i think the one we want rn is like the one above)
  • so you should just start with a solid colored background
    • usually, light, pastel colors look the best. 
    • when you go dark, unless you go navy blue dark or some variant of gray or black, the background usually looks hard to look at and is less pleasing to the eye.
  • so yeah! solid, light colored backgrounds work just fine.
  • but you can hit that up with some Patterns
    • yah so you can add patterns to your background if you wanna spice things up a bit ey (waggles eyebrows)
    • either go black, white, lgiht gray or go home when you do patterns. don’t try and mix up colors for patterns for backgrounds 
      • unless you’re super super sure that your pattern will look ok
    • you can make horizontal lines, vertical lines, diagonal lines, crossed, etc. for your patterns and add them to your background!
    • do not make the patterns too bold or complicated or put too much, because the patterns on your background should be subtle. 
    • so yup, you can do things like i did in the header for this post! gray diagonal dotted lines. 

Text / Fonts

  • so next step is fonts or your text or whatever it is that you want to say in your graphic
  • typography and text is a whole thing in itself and you could write like, two hundred posts about it and not be done, but i’ll try my best to pass on a quick tuto for this
  • so first choose a text color that compliments your background. here this usually involves color coordination, but you can go by a few rules
    • and you can make cool text effects. for example make a few copies of your text and change the color just a shade lighter or change the color just a tad and kinda move the texts behind each other so they diagonally overlap to get a hella cool bg.
    • if you have a light / pastel bg
      • you can either do colors that are right next to what your bg color is (pink and white and orange, red and purple, remember the rainbow: ROY G BIV)
      • go with white. white is always an option. always looks hella good.
      • you can go opposite the color of your bg, so pink and blue, purple and yellow, etc.)
    • if you have a white bg:
      • you can work with any color, really, and it’ll look really nice!
      • go gray or black to get a more clean and crisp look.
        • special tip: to make your text pop but not look tacky, don’t go complete black. go very dark gray or just gray and the color makes a world of difference!
      • if you’re going to work with multiple colors, just remember to follow the color rules and u know what if u don’t know the color rules or just are too lazy just eyeball it
      • (no that’s not what i do with every. single. graphic i make hahaahaa h  aa (laughs nervously))
    • if you have a darker bg:
      • once again use white as ur text color
      • or just super light colors like sakura-color pink or something
  • then you’re going to choose a font
    • fonts are so darned complicated ugh ugh ug H
    • but okay. you can go on google and look up font tutorials to really get into the whole font thing but here’s a super basic rundown on fonts
    • use the basic, common fonts (but not comic sans please or i will poke you in the eyeball om g). here are the basics I use
      • vijaya, times new roman, arial (u can go all caps and get a super aesthetic thing)
    • use uniform, clean fonts (idk what to call these, i should know but wtv)
      • slim joe, big john, basic title font, brain flower, bebas, znikomit
      • whaTEVER idk these are the ones i can think of off the top of my head ok
    • use cool handwritten fonts
      • selima, levibrush, peach sundress, satisfaction
      • you can look on creativemarket in fonts to find more free pretty handwritten fonts
    • use weird but amazing fonts
      • fyi: never go overboard with the more complicated fonts never ever bc it only makes your graphic look yucky 
      • wolf in the city, men in black, franks, easy going stroke, a series of unfortunate events, romangridcaps
    • once again, there are rules to making different fonts and different styles go together, but once again, i say just eyeball it if it gets too complicated. 
    • i usually just slap a handwritten or cool font and add a preinstalled normal font to go w/ it in a smaller sized font

Shapes and Other Things 

  • you can then add different things and shapes to add extra dazzle to your edit
  • just add stuff
  • i don’t really know what to say for these shapes bc um honestly i don’t have a guide for doing this. i usually just randomly do whatever looks good to me.
  • squares, circles, and triangles are super cool though. you can experiment and play around and see what looks good to you.
  • also look on google for images that end with .png because those will have transparent bgs and are easy to use as shapes and stuff

Color Schemes / Palettes

  • i am way too lazy to explain all the color things but in general
    • go either similar or go opposite
    • light shades or colors go with light shades (pastel yellow with pstel orange) or color or light shades go with dark shades (dark dark gray with pastel pink)
    • colors go with colors right next to them on the spectrum (orange and yellow, purple and red, blue and green) or else opposite (red or orange with blue, purple and yellow)
    • and of course, white, gray, or black go with anything!
    • to look for nice color palettes to choose colors that go well together

umm so i don’t know what else to put on here. i’ll add stuff if i remember though. this was a super basic rundown on making a graphic, so sorry about not being able to answer your question more thoroughly, anon!!! 

but please, message me again if you have a more specific question like how i made my header for this post or how i made my minimalist edit, my ‘drink water’ edit, or my iphone wallpapers because i can answer your question if i know what type of graphic you want!!!

happy editing!! xoxo


more of my stuff: 

Lunch Date With Yoongi

A/N: I’m going to attempt to do a thing hope you don’t mind weeeee

Originally posted by jeonsshi

  • lunch dates with yoongi and you wouldn’t be planned.
  • like the two of you would just be sitting on the couch, your head resting on his shoulder and legs intertwined, watching tv or just on your phones
  • then your stomach would just start growling
  • he hears and he starts to chuckle
  • you play along, pouting and groaning
  • “i’m so hungryyyyyy!” “Yoongi feed meeee!”
  • “feed yourself i’m busy”
  • “no you’re nottt, you’re just on your phone!”
  • “exactly”
  • you sit and pout some more, trying to think of what you could eat
  • then, a light bulb would go off in your head
  • “you wanna go out to eat?”
  • he doesn’t look up from his phone but he stopped scrolling, so you knew he was considering what you said
  • “maybe…will you drive?”
  • “if you pay”
  • “deal”
  • you jump off the couch and onto your feet
  • “Yayyyy!”
  • he just rolls his eyes
  • but you knew he was also looking forward to it
  • so after chauffeuring yoongi to the restaurant, the two of you would sit down
  • same side of the table, cause you’re both lowkey clingy like that
  • like, yoongi would never admit it, and he’s always saying how “annoying” you are
  • but you know deep down he loves every bit of it
  • he’s the type of bf to always have his hand on your knee, or always has to be holding your hand, or even just sitting super close to you and pressing up against you to the point that he might as well be sitting on your lap
  • but every time you point it out and say how cute it is, he just glares at you
  • “you’re annoying”
  • “you love meee”
  • “no”
  • yet, he never lets go of your hand, or never takes his hand off your knee so??????
  • anyways, the two of you are sitting by eachother, sharing a menu and trying to decide what to order
  • you look over your options, and everything looks so good to you because of how hungry you are
  • “oh, I want that! And that! Oh that looks so good, can we also get that?”
  • “let’s start with one thing each, then we’ll order more”
  • “but im hungryyyy”
  • “stop eating with your eyes”
  • you pout, cause you know he’s right.
  • “fine”
  • he’d nod, keeping his eyes on the menu.
  • so y’all order your food (btw you’d be the one to order, while yoongi nods in approval and simply orders his drink)
  • but you two order your food, and while you’re both waiting, you two would do lowkey super cheesy stuff
  • like you two would play little table games
  • or dare each other to eat a handful of salt
  • or take a shot of hot sauce
  • stupid but cute shit like that
  • if not that, you two would just talk about random stuff
  • “did you do the laundry?”
  • “i thought it was your turn to do it?”
  • “no, It’s my turn to fold this week”
  • “well, shit”
  • yoongi also doesn’t like to admit how much he admires you
  • like you know it, you know he’s lowkey your biggest fan
  • but he doesn’t ever really say it
  • so, one of the things yoongi loves to do, is take candid pics of you.
  • like his phone is filled with them
  • he’ll take one literally anywhere and everywhere.
  • so he’d take a candid of you at the table
  • and then immediately set it as his lockscreen
  • not his wallpaper though, cause that’s a pic of the both of you
  • “did you just take a picture of me?”
  • “no”
  • “yoongi, i see it on your screen”
  • “that’s not you”
  • “what- YOONGI YES IT IS”
  • “no”
  • then you’d start teasing him
  • and say how cute he is
  • “aww yoongi, you’re so sweeettt”
  • “stop”
  • “you’re such a good boyfriendddd”
  • “I know I am, but stop”
  • but you’d ignore him, and just snuggle up to him while he sits there unamused
  • but you know he’s smiling
  • then after a while, your food would arrive
  • you two would eat, mostly in silence cause y’all are hungry
  • one of you might mutter something about how good it is while your mouths are full of food
  • “it’s suh guhd”
  • “huhm?”
  • “i seh it’s suh guhd”
  • “wuh?”
  • then you’d swallow your food, “I said it’s so good”
  • “ohhmmm” he’d say, nodding with food still shoved in his mouth
  • when you’d finish eating, the two of you would skip out on dessert
  • cause 
  • you know
  • dessert’s at home AMIRITE? *WINK WONK*  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • and by that I mean you two would go home 
  • change into your super baggy pajama clothes
  • grab that giant tub of ice cream in the freezer
  • two spoons
  • and plop yourselves back onto the couch.
  • after that, the two of you would most likely fall asleep on the couch together from food comas
  • overall you two would just be domestic af
  • but you love it 
  • you love everything about your guys’ relationship
  • the sarcasm, the teasing, and the super lovey dovey shit you two lowkey adore
  • you know, it may not be the most ideal kind of relationship for some people
  • but for you two, its perfect
  • and you guys wouldn’t have it any other way

Thank you guys for reading! I wanted to kind of jump on the bandwagon and try this kind of, style, of writing I guess? Idk I just would see other writers doing scenarios and writing them out this way and I thought it was so cool and casual and stuff. Idk, I just wanted to try it out.  Let me know if you want to see more of this kind of writing? Or maybe you absolutely hated it and never want me to write like this again cause I suck? Whatever it is just let me know, lol! Hope you enjoyed! ♡

-Kat ღ

Lee Taeyong: Pretty Boy


No answer.

“…Babe?” Again, no answer from the boy who was sitting on the couch, laptop on his lap.

“Taeyong.” Yet again, you receive no response from your boyfriend. You were standing by the kitchen entrance, staring at him with a frown. Was he giving you some sort of silent treatment? But what did you even do?

You slowly approach him but then come to a sudden stop. You want to try and recall the events that happened between you, so that’s what you do.

Did anything happen this morning? I don’t think I did anything to upset him or make him mad, did I? I made him breakfast and we ate together… This afternoon… Oh! I remember! We went shopping and… we took selfies! Then I criticized him. I made fun of his photo taking skills. Also because the filters were ugly. Right. Oh Taeyong…

Earlier in the day, both of you decided to go shopping, getting information from your friend that there were sales going on. When you were inside one store, Taeyong asked you to join him in his mirror selfie and you happily agreed. In another, he had asked you again to take a selfie with him while standing in a section full of hoodies. You didn’t ask why and just joined him. The thing was, while the both of you went to go eat, you saw him editing your selfies from earlier and you pointed out that the filters were really ugly. Your criticism probably made him feel bad and upset. On the way home though, he looked fine. But once you reached home, he’s been in his whole world.

You sigh and walk towards him.

“Taeyongie…” His legs were spread out a bit so you stay between them. “I think I know why you’re upset.” You slowly lift up his chin with your hand as the other one rests on his shoulder. The laptop is the only thing blocking you from sitting on his lap. You look at each other and he’s giving you this soulless stare that kind of makes you regret approaching him.

“What.” He mumbles and avoids your gaze. “I’m busy.” You roll your eyes because you notice that he isn’t even doing anything on his laptop. His wallpaper, which is a photo of you both and your friend’s at his 21st birthday party, is being shown. Has he been staring at it the whole time? Waiting for you to come and talk to him?

“I, um… Sorry Tae. For judging you about the filters and stuff earlier. Please don’t beat yourself up over that, sweetheart.” You’re now cupping his cheeks and lightly running both your thumbs on his cheekbones. He doesn’t give you a reply, his eyes staring at his hands that are placed on top of his laptop.

“…How will you make it up to me?” He finally answers you, placing his laptop on the other side of the couch. He looks up to you but a frown is still on his face. “You made my mood down for the whole day, babe. How could you tell me that. You’re mean.” He mumbles sadly and leans back on the couch.

You let out a laugh and sit on his lap, your arms going around his neck. “I’m really sorry. I really didn’t think it would make you feel like this. It was my mistake. But hey, I’ll teach you how to take pictures with the right filters. You can count on me.” You wink. Taeyong rolls his eyes and places his hands on your sides. “Actually, you don’t even need to use a filter, you pretty boy.” You explain, grinning.

“…Can we take pictures now, then?” He asks, ready to bring out his phone from his pocket.

“Hm, later. After this.” Before Taeyong could talk again, you move closer to him and bring your lips to his, giving him a long and sweet kiss. You feel Taeyong squishing your sides and you squirm, making him chuckle.

Shortly after, you lean back and smile at him. “Forgiven?”

“Yeah, yeah. Forgiven. Can you teach me now?” Even if Lee Taeyong was upset over this little thing, he couldn’t really hold a grudge against you. He was always a softie for you. He would gladly learn from you (and be better at it so that he could tease you after).

“Give me your phone, then. Your girlfriend will show you how to take the best selfies ever.” Winking at the boy who was showing you an amused look, you move to his side. You hold his phone close to your faces, ready to take several photos of you together.

Taeyong eventually mastered the use of filters and his selfie skills. Now, he was teasing you. It was also your turn to give him frowns and a silent treatment the whole day. Oh, how the tables have turned.

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I love, love, love your art! I especially love twin demons. I find it super cute! I actually have one of your pictures as my wallpaper (hope that's not creepy). Where did you get your inspiration for Billy's appearance and his personality? BTW, out of all the AU's, I like yours the most, along with the Gravity Rises AU.

nsELG;FLJNW;lefjn;LSFNlfjs;dl aaaaaAAAAAAAA thank you so much. I’ve actually been wanting to explain this for a while and you’ve given me a reason. 8D

Billi’s personality is Dipper and Mabel, honestly. I smashed them together and then sprinkled a bit of Bill Cipher (Minus the insane) on there. I started with what Bill would be like minus eternal/crazy demon, and I came up with something sort of like Dipper/Mabel, but since we only have two episodes to go off of for his personality, I just decided to do whatever. Most situations I go for a middleground of how Dipper/Mabel would react, then add some quirk, and that’s Billi.

As for his design…the list of notes for what I wanted is short.

His eyes are blue like Bill’s fire, but everything else I tried to keep muted and not scream “THIS IS BILLLLLLL” because…he’s sort of not? IDK how to explain it anon. D: Also, I wanted him to look a little androgynous but IDK if that succeeded because I SUCK AT THIS GENDER THING.

I also suck at explanations so I’m sorry if this is jumbled and confusing.

Hacked into Love

Hacking was your life. It was all that you could ever think about. Coding came as easy to you as 1+1. You never meant to do it, but your fingers had a mind of its own. They would find their way into back channels of secure networks and you could find anything that you wanted. There was never a system you couldn’t crack.

You never meant to hack into Namjoon’s personal laptop but with all his teasing on Twitter of all the new songs he was working on, you couldn’t resist. You only had intended on taking a peak at what these songs were. You were never the one to leak information, you just didn’t like secrets.

The day you broke into Namjoon’s laptop was like any other normal day. You found yourself, plastered to your desk tracking the IP address of his last Twitter update. It took you less than four minutes before you were in. When searching through his files you saw that Namjoon currently had a file running. Being the nosey person that you were, you activated his webcam so you could see what he was doing.

In one of the several studios in Bighit, Namjoon found himself working on the beat for an upcoming track on the new album. No matter how hard he tried, something just didn’t flow right with the lyrics he had imagined. Three consecutive days working morning to night on this one beat and there was still no progress. What was he going to tell Bang PD when he asked how the new title track was coming along? Out of frustration, Namjoon slammed his hands down on the keyboard aggressively. Not knowing what else to do, Namjoon let out a big sigh and buried his face in his hands. When He looked up he couldn’t believe his eyes, someone, somewhere was typing to him on his computer.

“It sounds good, don’t give up.”

What were you doing? This was going against every rule you had ever set for yourself. You were to never let anyone know you were there. But how could you sit back and watch him beat himself up over something that sounded so amazing? Like always, your hands took control and started typing away before you could even process what you had done.

“It sounds great, just some minor tweaks and I think this will be my favorite song yet.”

Namjoon couldn’t believe his eyes, he had to be dreaming. He obviously had spent to many sleepless days in the studio where he was imagining that someone was talking to him through his laptop. No matter how hard he tried to wake himself up, the text was still clear as day on his screen. He decided that either way he might as well go for it and get this outsiders opinion.

“Oh really, and what needs to be changed?” He typed without expecting anything in return.

“Well if I were you, I’d slow down the tempo just a smidge and in the chorus it sounds a little choppy right now, I’d add a few more beats.”

Namjoon couldn’t believe he was actually taking in consideration from a mysterious person, but he thought he had no other ideas so he gave it a try. When he did he could hear the song flow closer to what he had imagined it to be. It wasn’t perfect yet, but it was definitely in the direction he wanted to be in. It sparked so many ideas in him, he instantly started scribbling down notes.

“Hey thanks, that really helped! I think I know what I want to do with this song now.”

“Haha no problem, glad to be of service. I won’t bother you anymore, I’ll leave you to it.”

“No wait, who are you, how am I even talking to you?”

“Oh um, I’m just a fan who is kinda, maybe, sorta really good at hacking lol.”

“ hacked me, how?”

“Well it wasn’t that hard really, all your posts on Twitter made it really easy to trace your IP address and that made everything else a piece of cake.”

“Why did you do it?”

“Because you kept teasing about upcoming songs, and I hate secrets with a passion. I couldn’t resist, I’m sorry!”

“You’re not going to like give me a virus or something or leak the song are you?”

“Nah that’s not my cup of tea lol, I was thinking I’d just download it for myself and enjoy the music. Oh by the way the pictures of you and Rap Mon you have saved on your computer are too adorable, they’re definitely my new wallpaper.”

“Wait you’re looking at everything! Hold on, can’t you just stick to the music! I mean yes you helped me, but a man needs his privacy.”

“Chill, I won’t go through everything, but you have to look at it from my point of view. It’s like a kid in a candy store, everything is so tempting to look at!”

Conversations like that went on for days. You spent at least a hour everyday talking to Namjoon. You two had some how gotten pretty close. Two months had gone by and it felt like you knew everything about him. For Namjoon on the other hand, all he knew about you was that you were indeed a girl and you finally told him your name after a month of begging. He wanted to know so much more about you but how could he ask? You just mysteriously appeared on his computer one day, but there wasn’t anything he didn’t trust you with. Whenever a problem occurred in his life he went in search of you. He decided that he couldn’t take not knowing you any longer, so he decided he had to make a move.

“Are you there?”

“Yeah I’m here, what’s up?”

“Well I have a question for you?”

“Ask away then.”

“Umm..well, we’ve been talking for quite a while now and idk I was wondering instead of this hacking business, you’d want to, idk text? I mean I’d still show you all my new material and everything but it would be a lot easier if I could talk to you on the phone.”

A question hanging in the air, Namjoon waited for your reply. He wished more than anything that you would agree. If you could agree to that, he was sure he could convince you into sending a picture of yourself to him. He had spent days trying to imagine what you looked like, but nothing he could think of ever felt quite right. He needed to know more about you, you were all he could think about lately.

When you finally replied Namjoon literally jumped out of his chair, completely forgetting the fact that you were watching him through his webcam. Once he remembered, he sat back down awkwardly blushing so many shades of red. The first thing he did was shut down his laptop, he wanted it to be a surprise of what he was doing.

Before long you heard the sound of your phone go off, you had a new text message from a number not yet in your phone. When you opened the text, you were greeted with a picture of Namjoon smiling ear to ear. You swore you could get lost in his dimples alone. Once again, without realizing what you were doing you took a picture of yourself and sent it back to him replying hey there.

When Namjoon looked down at his phone he forgot to breathe for a moment. You were more beautiful than he could have ever imagined. How did he get so lucky to be able to talk to someone as smart and beautiful as you. He instantly saved your picture to his phone so he could look back at it later. Without hesitation he messaged you back.

“Wow, hello beautiful.”

You didn’t think you’d ever smiled so much in your life, did Namjoon really just call you beautiful? This had to be a dream. Your bias of your all time favorite group just called you beautiful. You couldn’t stop smiling no matter how hard you tried. You hated to admit it, but you had really fallen for him. Not in the way that most fans love their biases, but you actually did love him.

You loved the way he ran his hands through his hair when he was thinking too hard, or the way he’d smirk when he thought he was being funny. You loved the way he’d lose himself in the music and yet he would still be aware that you were there. You loved how he valued your opinion, there hasn’t been a song that he didn’t run by you first before the members even. You loved the way he said your name, it sounded so foreign yet so familiar all the same. You loved him for him and not the Rap Monster everyone else knew him as.

You were afraid to tell him though. Yes you considered yourself his friend, but how could he ever love a fan? You felt as if you were just another fan in his eyes. Little did you know that Namjoon was just as afraid as you were. How could you ever truly love him more than just an idol? He’d be gone all the time and when he was home he’d be stuck in the studio preparing for the next comeback. You deserved someone who could spend every moment with you, not someone who you could only talk to via electronics. No matter how much he loved you, he couldn’t tell you.

Texting turned into phone calls and phone calls turned into face timing. There wasn’t a day where you two didn’t talk. You’d sacrifice hours of sleep just to talk to him a little longer. Namjoon and you had gotten so close that he even told the other members about you. You had spent just as much time talking to them as you had Namjoon recently. You could really see how close they really were.

One day in particular you decided to hack back into Namjoon’s laptop for old times sake, maybe find some new pictures of Namjoon and Rap Mon on there. Out of habit you activated the webcam and you saw Namjoon and Hoseok sitting in the studio.

“So have you and ______ talked yet today?” Hoseok asked mischievously.

“No not yet, probably will soon though.”

“You know, I’m surprised you two aren’t together yet. You guys act like you’re a couple anyways. Have you ever even gone a day without talking to her.”

“Um I mean once I wasn’t able to talk to her until after midnight, does that count?”

“No it doesn’t, so you literally talk every day then. Why not just ask her out then. Since I’ve known you I haven’t seen you talk to anyone as much as her. Heck I don’t think you talk to me as much as you do her.”

Just ask Namjoon was about to respond out of the corner of his eye he saw the green light of his webcam on. He instantly knew you were watching. He slammed the lid of his laptop shut and started yelling at Hoseok.

“Shit, what have I done?”

You were panicking, was that something you weren’t suppose to hear? Did Namjoon like you? You thought about the conversation you just overheard and you reassured yourself it couldn’t be true. He never said he liked you, Hoseok must have been jumping to conclusions. You guys were just friends right?

You grabbed your phone and waited for Namjoon to call you. After being caught you expected him to call you almost instantly. Instead you waited and waited and he never called. You wanted to talk to him, but maybe he was upset at you hacking him again. You went to bed wondering why he didn’t call you.

For the first time in over six months Namjoon and you didn’t talk to eachother. A day turned into a week and there was still no response from him. Was he really that mad at you? Each day you sent him a text in the morning and a text before you fell asleep and each day he didn’t text you back. You started to think that your whole friendship was a sham, that he just thought you were some creepy fan and indulged your fantasy for some shits and giggles. That he had finally grown sick of you and didn’t want to talk to you anymore.

A week was too much, you couldn’t take it anymore. You decided you were going to send him one last text and than you’d be done with him. Screw him if he wanted to throw away six months of friendship over one overheard conversation. You had enough of him ignoring you and you were going to give him a piece of your mind.

“Look here Kim Namjoon. I don’t care how famous you are or how busy your life is, you still have enough time in your day to at least send me one simple text to tell me your busy. But no, I get nothing, nada, for a whole fucking week! Are you really upset that I overheard your conversation? It’s not like it’s the first time I’ve heard you talk with your other members. If you don’t want to talk to me anymore than that fine, but let me at least know. If you want me out of your life just let me know, I delete every conversation I’ve ever had with you and I promise you, I’ll never hack into your laptop again. I thought we were friends but I was wrong. Whatever Namjoon, if you’re going to ignore me then I’m done, good fucking bye..”

Namjoon looked down at his phone and he couldn’t believe that you had just sent him this text. Not talking to you for a week had been living hell for him, but he thought it’d be better for you not to like him. But seeing you wanting to throw away what you two had was eating him alive. Could he really live without having you in his life? Was he being selfish for wanting you to be apart of his life? All Namjoon knew was that he wasn’t willing to lose you. Without hesitation, he called you.

“Look you don’t have to say anything and by the end of what I have to say, you still want nothing to do with me then just hang up. I know I made a mistake by ignoring you a full week, but I didn’t know what else to do. You heard a conversation that I hadn’t even figured out myself yet. Look, I have been in love with you for four months now, but how could I tell you that? I’m an idol, everything I do is in the limelight. I’m constantly awake and I never have any free time. I want to be with you more than anything, but you deserve someone who can spend every moment with you. I can’t give you that, so I thought it’d be best if I made you not want anything to do with me. But the thought of losing you is killing me. I know what I did wasn’t right but please, please don’t give up on me. If you can forgive me, will you please do me the honor and be my girlfriend?”

He spent a whole week ignoring you so you’d move on, because he wanted what was best for you. How stupid could he be. You had loved him for just as long if not longer and yet he thought you deserved someone better, but to you no one could even compare to Namjoon. Your bias, your friend, actually loves you, you couldn’t believe it you didn’t know what to say, but you knew you had to say something before he thinks you hung up.

“How dare you decide what’s best for me. Did you ever think of asking me what is best for me? You can be so stupid at times! I love you too and yet you think I should be with someone else, how dumb does that sound? Of course I’ll be your girlfriend, we’ll make it work. You need to stop worrying about the ifs and focus on what’s actually in front of you.”

And just like that Namjoon and you were dating. It came to no surprise to the rest of the boys when Namjoon told them the news. Jungkook actually won twenty dollars off of Jimin because Jimin was sure he wouldn’t ask you out until a year had past. You went from being a fan who couldn’t take the teasing, to a hacker who gave some pretty good advice, to be Namjoon’s girlfriend. You had never been so thankful for your hacking skills before.



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