idk i just like the way he draws her


So, remember how I said I was going through a really frustrating art block and having and art style crisis?
Well, while so, I came accross this cute challenge.

Basically what you have to do is draw something by yourself, pick some artists and draw the same thing in their style so I did the phanart version of this. Technically this is about drawing in your friends’ style but since I don’t have enough friends for that I just drew in the style of my faves haha-
And then you compliment something you really like about each person’s style and it’s all nice and happy.

Also! Just to spread some love in the phanart community, if anyone else wants to do this challenge please tag with #phanartstylechallenge and I’ll be sneaking around to follow some new phanartists I don’t know yet since I’m actually quite new.
You can pick as many artists as you want or do the drawings as complex as you want! This is just for fun. Absolutely no cheating though, I shouldn’t be even saying this but art theft is not okay.

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mr steal yo (demon) girl

this is all just getting weirder and weirder lmao. but seriously i had to draw something like this?? if anyone remembers when mara had her own blog, she had a lot of black drippy ink themes - when it came to her shapeshifting. i always described it as ink but it obviously was not literally

either way this had to be done

Since I’ve literally written about basically every other character, I present: Some Thoughts About Zoe Murphy.

I’m going to be real for the first few weeks I really really disliked Zoe. I genuinely did not like her, but when I looked a little further, and past my biased towards my son Evan Hansen, I freaking fell in love with her character.

I’m not saying that she has no flaws. One of my biggest problems with her is how she treats Evan’s anxiety. She obviously doesn’t know how to handle it, so she just kind of tries to get him to suppress parts of himself(I.e. apologizing a lot, always being nice) but I think that was her way of trying to tell him that he is safe with her? IDK she’s just a kid and all.

Reasons I love Zoe Murphy:

-She’s such a strong girl. She honestly has gone through so much with her brother and her parents and yet she has the strength to be open about her feelings regarding it all. Ten points to Zoe. I couldn’t do any of that, especially not openly.

-Ummm the girl draws stars on her jeans, like that’s freaking adorable. Case closed.

-She is kind. Like she stops to talk to Evan after he gets shoved on the ground. She tries and help Evan with his college funds. She has gone through so much, but still finds a way to be a caring individual.

-Is literally so adorkable. I. Can. Not.

-Has impeccable style.

-Literally everything Evan notices about her is so cute.

-I had another one but I forgot it.

-I love Zoe Murphy. A lot.

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This is kind of random but I adore the way you draw Uraraka's eyebrows


seriously tho i love her thick eyebrows and i refuse to draw them any other way. i’m glad you enjoy that haha<3

actually she’s one of like…. only a few characters who’re consistently drawn with slightly thicker eyebrows 

Bakugou has goddamn beautiful eyebrows and i swear if i didn’t know better i’d think that he plucked them. however i’m fairly certain that he is just naturally that goddamn beautiful b/c of course he is. also i don’t think he really cares that much when it comes to his appearance

(maybe Mitsuki made him pluck them b/c he looks like her. idk. but either way he’s always drawn with really nicely shaped eyebrows. ALWAYS)

and i can’t forget Todoroki

i assume his eyebrows are drawn slightly thicker to show their different colors, but either way, his eyebrows are almost on par with Bakugou’s

and then there’s the father of all eyebrows

All Might’s mighty thick eyebrows. like holy shit dude how the fuck do those even work

i don’t care how they work i love them

(meanwhile Kirishima and Kaminari barely have eyebrows lmao and many other characters just have thin lines representing them)

anyway yes Uraraka has beautiful thick eyebrows 

we must love and appreciate them 

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Ok but like I'm just imagining Lucas and Manon walking on the sidewalk or something and she's cold and he gives her his sweatshirt and she snuggles into it and looks at him and has a moment and is just like "holy crap I think I love him" and I just really want to write about this now (or you could write about it you're obviously way better at it than I am) but yeah my heart hurts now and I need this in my life (OOH YOU COULD WRITE SOMETHING SHORT AND I COULD DRAW IT IDK I JUST LOVE THIS A LOT)

She’s nervous. This is the same boy who confessed to liking her in a courtyard full of people months ago, after all. She knows that accepting his sweater might mean more to him than it does to her.

It’s only when they reach the street corner and she hazards a glance in his direction and sees that he’s shivering—silently, so as not to attract her attention—that she realizes it doesn’t mean more to him than it does to her.

It might, in fact, mean the exact same thing to both of them.

And she can’t help but be annoyed at herself for having such an earth shattering revelation somewhere as mundane as a street corner.

SWEETIES SHIRT IS A KNOCKOFF BRAND OF HELLO KITTY I THINK???(actually ‘knock off’ is supposed to be written under her, like sweeties outfit got complex and I simplify and forget some of the things he has on him vgdhska)

IT’S CUTE I SWEAR I JUST DONT EVER DRAw it out all the way (what are arms???) vdgshak it’s like

a white kitty with big blush cheeks wearing a blue dress and a blue bow


I’m replying like this cause idk if dannie n zac saw it yet it’s adorable oh my gosh -Shadzy

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Sakura ♥

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: Sasuke, SS FOREVER!!!  I find KS cute and NS funny- both not serious ships though

brotp: Naruto, Ino, Shizune, Hinata, Tenten, Karin

general opinions:

I love Sakura. I tend to like the characters that many dislike or don’t appreciate. Idk why but I was drawn to this character. I didn’t really fanboy over the main males in this series that much. I think it’s because Sakura was normal and emotional that I liked her. She wasn’t goodie goodie and preachy like Naruto and she wasn’t too perfect like sasuke (his skills). She was smart and she relied on her intelligence most of the time. I love Sasuke too but I like sakura a bit more. 

I think it’s also because she is a girl. I am drawn to female characters because I like strong females. Now Sakura may not be like Erza from Fairy Tail but I consider her strong, interesting and skilled. She also worked for everything and didn’t get free powerups and asspulls like the rest of the team. Maybe if they didn’t get so much help I would have liked them more. I think it’s because she is an underdog too and she’s really HUMAN. I am not too emotional but I do understand and I do like emotional characters, strangely enough. I think the super strength and healing abilities are badass as well. She has a feminine role but she has a forward, aggressive masculine style as well. 

I can’t talk about Sakura without talking about SS, now can I? Sakura’s love for Sasuke is what really appeals to me the most. She doesn’t have some big fancy dream what everyone else has or a dream that is detrimental to herself. Her dream is simple, unique and positive for both her and sasuke. Her undying love and the growth she experienced as a result of being around sasuke is really a plus for me. She went from being a fangirl to being so in love. She also has the most development emotionally and in terms of skill out of anyone IMO. Her training actually made a difference. Her love is probably the most powerful and tested love in this entire series and I am a big sucker for an angsty love story. Idk if it’s because I am a guy, but seeing a girl fight for her love like that is really new and interesting to me. If she were a guy I probably would not care as much. The way Sasuke and her interact is also so emotionally charged and it just draws me in. He obviously loves her (team 7) but he treats her and acts differently with her. He is aware of her feelings and I can’t help but think that there is a reason he acts the way he does with her. (eye sex, ‘even you’, ‘thank you’, hesitating anytime she opposes him etc.)

I also like her relationship with Tsunade. I wish we saw more of it. Also her relationship with Kakashi, most recently, is amazing and I can’t get enough. He is like a concerned dad and I think their relationship if nice. She is the good student, the only one who is level headed and reliable and I think he likes the stability that she brings much like Rin and Minato. Sakura can handle the guys and I think kakashi appreciates that. I also love her relationship with Naruto. It’s nice seeing a girl and a guy be good friends. I am glad it’s just not Sakura with Ino and Naruto with Sasuke. Unpopular opinion: I think that Sakura hitting Naruto and scolding him is funny and nice. She is the Kushina in his life, just not the way Kushina wanted. Maybe if naruto was like minato his Kushina would come as a lover. I say Kushina meaning, the woman who delivers tough love and scolding. Come to think of it, Naruto needs Kushina who is his mother. So I guess Sakura being a friend and like a sister makes since. Even her relationship with Ino is nice. It isn’t out of nowhere and annoying like the SN brotp. Is it me or are the things kishi focuses on the least, the most appealing? 

blog rate: 10/10- I only followed you recently but so far, I think your blog is nice.


I attempted to do a Raven Cycle/Mad Max/desert apocalypse fusion I had a whole road trip to California planned out but as usual I ran out of steam halfway through so I never got around to properly drawing Adam and Ronan

I mean Ronan is pretty much Ronan but with more weapons and scars and anger at the world and Adam is just pissed his biggest asset is now his mechanic skills

Gansey thought apocalypse = boots = L.L. Bean duck boots plus soccer kneepads he looks like a boy scout but he’s trying ok

Blue is 200% ready for any bullshit life throws at her also the rest of the fox way ladies are probably zooming around on motorcycles idk I never said I was good at writing


[[ i have no excuse for this i just have way too much time to think about fictional characters as i said earlier today ]]

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doxy is making another transphobic comic but this time is about SU im worried of what is going to happen

people will jack off to it? Idk what you think will happen. Like spoiler alert people who frequent a website called “trap futa” probably aren’t particularly interested in the harmful effects of media to begin with.

the way he drew amethyst is pretty funny though

“how do I draw a fat character, I just make her 90% anime boob with a little head on top right”

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In joes new video he put a heart on December and everyone is saying that he is dating the manchester tour girl :( do you think he is doing this for attention ? no my jaspar heart. :(

First of all, i feel like the last thing Joe would want is attention when it comes to his love life, idk i felt like he was just drawing broken-heart/heart/broken-heart and he just started to draw a heart for december then noticed and stopped and erased it all, he probably didn’t even think about it.

Secondly, just adding that even if he’s dating someone at the moment i don’t think it’s the Manchester tour guide girl, cause Joe is aware how his viewers are, he wouldn’t be so comfortable about including her in his vlogs if they were dating.

And lastly, I understand why you are upset about the possibility of Joe having a girlfriend anon but think about it this way, Caspar has dated before too, and it didn’t change Jaspar’s friendship. Even if you believe they have feelings for each other and want them to date, Joe having a girlfriend right now won’t change anything. Don’t worry about it too much.

Shipping real people is a bit of a sensitive topic, it’s the best to not be too serious about it, I try to see it as something fun and as a way to appreciate the relationship those people have, and accept that what they feel might not be what i would want them to. Since Joe wants to keep his love life private, let’s respect that and just try to enjoy all the Jaspar we are gonna get when Joe finally flies to South Africa!! :3 Tbh i’m too excited about that to care about anything else, be excited with me and don’t be sad ok?? <33