idk i just like the thought of this

He panicked.

Dex said it first, and Nursey panicked.

He never thought Dex would be the one to confess his feelings first.

Which might be why, when Dex says “I love you Derek”, Nursey responds:


Dex’s jaw dropped, and he blinked at Nursey. Once. Twice. Thrice. Before he closed his mouth, and shook his head at Nursey.

“What?” Dex finally managed. They’re quiet for a moment before Nursey realizes Dex is expecting an answer.

“Um…I meant to say I love you too.” Nursey explained sheepishly.


“100% babe. I really love you.”. Nursey said and Dex smiled.

“But instead of telling me that, you said ”#relatable"?“ Dex said with a laugh.

"Uhm…”. Nursey tried, but it was useless. He couldn’t explain why he’d said that.

Dex smiled, and Nursey realized he was going to be chirped for this forever.

And he didn’t even mind.

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Imagine: Jungkook when the band is finally taking a long break and he starts doing all kind of wild shit. He gets a tattoo. He gets a new haircut idk maybe shaving part of his hair. He starts buying a bunch of new clothes on different styles. And he just is doing all kinds of stuff he didn't do as a teenager.

didn’t get a haircut and didn’t get new clothes (prob just borrowed Yoongi’s jacket) but he got a (several) tattoos

I thought “hell yeah” when I first read that but I realized I don’t know what to do so just.. yeah.

i also run away from tattoo designs like the plague bc how tf do u do them

He Can’t Hurt You.

Summary- Reader is starting to hallucinate Lucifer, (basically like Sam) she keeps it a secret but her brothers find out.

Warnings- Swearing(I think idk).

A/N- It’s just something I thought of when I was watching reruns of SPN, I’m honestly really chuffed with it:)

Slowly opening your eyes you tensed up, somebody was in your room, you slowly reached your hand under your pillow and grasped the gun you had lying under it.

“I know you’re awake, Y/N” the voice spoke, “and a gun? Really? You think a gun would work on little old me? How adorable” he mocked. Rolling your eyes, you sat up and faced him with furrowed eyebrows, “who are you?” You asked quietly, he looked at you with fake hurt as he placed his hand over his heart, “you mean, Sammy hasn’t told you about me? I’m hurt” he spoke, then his eyes turned red causing you to shuffle back slightly.

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Ok so I actually thought about this a while ago and idk why I’m only posting it now but here you go

Theory: Joseph’s clackers were literally just improvised from a toy he already happened to have with him

When Joseph first demonstrates the clackers, he talks about them as if it’s some cool thing he put a lot of thought into beforehand, but I don’t think he actually did. I think he’s full of shit. Here’s why:

These screencaps are from when Joseph, Caesar, Speedwagon, and Mark were in the car on the way to the colosseum. This couldn’t have been more than like, maybe a half hour before they fought the Pillar Men.

Now what’s important to note here is that Joseph doesn’t say “I’ll show him my special attack”, he says “I’ll invent a special attack”. This implies that he doesn’t already have one- he’s still thinking. (It also means he’s probably been somewhat hyperfocused on wanting a cooler attack than the bubble launcher for a couple hours now, poor guy. But that’s not important right now.)

Obviously, there’s no way he could have thought of a ton of potential weapons to make, decided on the clackers, and created and practiced using them while in the car. So they were almost certainly an improvised weapon.

Now, where did he get the clackers? He certainly didn’t pick them up on the floor of the colosseum. In fact, he specifically mentions that they’re “ordinary American clackers”. This implies that he brought them with him from America, and has had them on his person this entire time. A toy.


In addition to my post about how they might be aiming to write Mick off of Legends (abruptly stopping storylines / giving what seemed like his storylines to Nate after 2x04, like his partnership with Ray and then his potential romance with Amaya, not to mention Dominic Purcell hating Vancouver and missing his family)…

I would also suggest that we’re probably going to lose Ray after this season.

Note how many of Nate’s storylines now parallel Ray’s stories and character arcs? The question of how to contribute and desire to be a hero, the ‘golden boy’ on the team. The cute nerd. The guy who falls too hard for a girl who’s maybe not as into him, and has her own shit (including a vengeance quest) going on. They even look alike.

Given that I suspect some of those stories were maybe supposed to go to Mick as a foil for Ray’s season 1 arc instead of to Nate, I feel like we were originally going to see a slightly different development between Nate and Ray, one with maybe a bit more tension than the ‘little brother’ thing we see, and one that culminated in them managing to get along in a pivotal moment later in the season.

Regardless of how they’ve changed that though, the end result is the same. Which is that I suspect that they’re maybe writing Nate into Ray’s role. That Ray and Mick were going to get close this season and then were were going to lose Ray at the end as he either dies or goes on to different things (maybe gets lost in time and needs saving, maybe turns evil for season 3, idk, they did a lot of that with Rip this season instead).

Now, if they do lose Mick, they might want to keep Ray. But they’re going to have to come up with a different storyline for him than they have so far, something that actually uses the character’s full range and potential (which, again, we’ve missed after 2x04 this season). And how knows, they might lose Nate instead, or work harder to differentiate the characters moving forward, in terms of tropes and such I mean, but yeah. Just a thought I’ve had that seemed worth sharing.

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Why do you think he sorted JK into ravenclaw?? Jk struck me more as a gryffindor hmm but like you said Namjoon knows best :3

Idk jungkook personally obviously but ravenclaw is not just about studious and wise people. They’re really curious, which make them creative and try all sort of things (even the crazier) (jungkook tells us he’s leaning something new every 2 days) theyre also very competitive and like rivalry.
They’re also tolerant and acceptant and I always thought jungkook was a
nonconformist kid

at like 3 am i tried on these swimsuits i got relatively recently that actually fit my chest and i looked so good i almost cried? Idk ive just never really been able to celebrate my body that much but my shoulders looked really wide and strong, i love the way my upper torso looks, i love my big thighs! so like i never thought id say this but shout out to target for carrying a line of swimsuits that can go by cup size. theyre still not as diverse as people need them to be but ive never felt comfortable in a bikini once and now i wanna show the whole world and im feeling v grateful

idk i just feel like a lot of people would be surpised if they found out the extent of the fakeness of youtubers and internet celebrites (and famous people in general tbh), like their whole life is a fabrication that they use to make money. it’s their job to make themselves and most aspects of their life as marketable as possible. i’m not saying it’s a bad thing per se, but none of it is genuine and it annoys me when they pretend it is.     

Ideal Type // Seo Johnny


the prompt: Could you please do a Johnny scenario where he meets (Female Reader) after one of NCT 127’s concerts for a interview (She is reporter) with NCT 127 and Johnny shows signs or liking her? And also the rest of NCT 127 teasing him during their interviews? Please? Thank you~

words: 792

category: drabble + fluff

author note: sorry this came out as a drabble instead of a scenario. i wasn’t too sure what all to write. also, idk if kbeatz is a real magazine or not i just made it up on the spot. please enjoy this johnny drabble~

- destinee

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Johnny took a deep breath and tried to collect his thoughts. It was always like this after a performance. Struggling to catch his breath while simultaneously trying to keep the smile from overtaking his face.

Waiting all those years to debut had been worth it, he concluded as he and the other members wiped their sweat.

People liked them. They had fans.
NCT had people supporting them and screaming their names.

Johnny wasn’t sure he could be any happier.

Then, as cheesy as it sounds, that’s when you walked in.

You were tall and beautiful, walking into the room with a notebook in your hands. Your aura was intimidating as you told the cameramen were to position themselves. Your manner was regal, like a queen who knew her place in the world. It made Johnny nervous.

Then, with a curt bow and a smile, you addressed the rookie group calmly. “Hello, members of NCT, I am L/n Y/n. I’ll be interviewing you for an article in Kbeatz magazine.”

Taeyong gave the signal, and the nine members bowed politely, “To the world! We are NCT!”

Johnny unconsciously leaned closer to the members as you moved to sit beside him.

Oh no, she smells good. Breathe through your mouth, Johnny.

He cleared his throat and subtly scooted away from you as you began to ask each member individual questions.

Doyoung snickered from beside him and asked, “Why are you so nervous Johnny?”

“I’m not,” Johnny replied, wiping his hands on his pants.

Johnny didn’t miss the way the boys kept drawing all the attention towards him. He was half-thankful, except every time you smiled at him he could feel his breath getting caught in his throat. Every question you asked drew his attention towards you and the way your lips moved when you talked.

“So I hear fans are really excited about your debut, Johnny.” You pointed the mic at him. “Are you excited too?”

“Of course,” Johnny replied, his smile growing as he thought of the ones who had been supporting him all this time. “The fans have been super supportive towards my debut. Even before, when I was a trainee, they supported and encouraged me. I owe a lot to them.”

“That’s sweet,” you said, eyes meeting his for a moment before turning away.

Johnny could barely think as you went on asking another question. Your smile was too genuine and your words were too kind.

“What about you?” You handed the microphone over to Johnny, drawing him out of his thoughts.

His fingers brushed against yours, making the poor boy even more nervous. “I’m sorry, what did you say?”

“I was asking for everyone’s ideal type,” you laughed, “but you seem to be distracted.”

“I wonder why~” Yuta suddenly sang, clapping Johnny on the shoulder. The members laughed knowingly.

“Guys, stop,” Taeyong scolded the members. Then, he sent a mischievous smirk towards Johnny, “I can tell you Johnny’s ideal type.”

Johnny was about to protest when you hastily took the microphone out of Johnny’s hand and placed it in Taeyong’s. “That would be different. I’m sure the fans would like it.”

“Right,” Taeyong started, his eyes twinkling with playfulness. “So first of all, Johnny really likes tall girls. How tall are you?”

“Me?” You looked surprised. “I suppose I’m on the taller side. Over five feet and five inches.”

“That’s a perfect height for Johnny!” Haechan butted in. “That’s his ideal height.”

“And he likes long, soft hair. Especially when it’s plaited.” Taeyong announced, gesturing to your braids.

Johnny could feel his ear turning red. He didn’t know how to tell the guys to stop without admitting his obvious crush on you.

“Oh!” Taeil grabbed the microphone. “Johnny loves a girl who can speak well.”

“Wow!” You laughed. “Sounds like someone I know.”

Johnny smiled nervously and looked down towards the floor. “They’re not wrong, of course.”

The interview went on, with the mood getting lighter as easier questions were asked.

Johnny’s mood seemed to deflate as you began to close the interview up.

Would he ever get to see you again? Would you even want to see him again.

More worrisome thoughts then ran through his head.

What if you were weirded out by him? What if his parrot impression was too much and scared you off?

“Alright, guys,” you stood up, collecting the few microphones you handed out. “It was lovely speaking with you guys. This is the most fun I’ve had in an interview.”

“Didn’t Johnny do well?” Jaehyun asked.

You turned and smiled at Johnny. “You did great.”

Then you began to leave, as quick as you came. But not before running back to Johnny to say these words, “You’re my ideal type, too.“

~the end~

Some FFXV thoughts:

the other day I heard someone describe Noctis as ‘bland’ and it really got me thinking, not just about how much I love his character but about why I love him–like, Prompto’s my all time fave but I love all the chocobros so much, and there’s something about Noct and the way he’s written that I find really intriguing? and I think I finally put my finger on what it is.

it’s really rare to see characters (especially in video games and especially protagonists) who start off the game in a state of resignation, but that is exactly Noct’s emotional state when you meet him. he’s not particularly traumatized–at least, not in the usual way video game characters are, with some kind of large loss or grand dramatic tragedy that befalls them right after the opening credits. we spend a lot of time with Noctis before the fall of Insomnia, we see how he reacts to his father and to the burdens of being the prince, and in the Brotherhood anime we see it in even more (I’m thinking of the episode with Ignis specifically, although it’s kind of a running theme in the whole webseries.)

and the interesting thing is that Noct isn’t rebellious and angry and resentful about the responsibilities that he was born into. we don’t see him having an argument with Regis about how he doesn’t want to marry Luna, or become King, or how he just wants to run off and be a dentist or whatever. most modern stories of ‘prince reclaims throne/becomes king’ start with the prince bemoaning his lost freedom and running away from his fate. it would’ve been very easy to play into cliche and have Noct be that character who runs from responsibility and learns to accept it at the end, but they didn’t. Instead, his character arc is less about him learning to accept the inevitability of his fate and more about his capability to rise to the challenge.

Noct is afraid to become king because he doesn’t want to watch his father die and then be consumed by the same unbearable weight, and perhaps because he fears that he won’t be able to protect what he is meant to. Noct mourns his freedom but he doesn’t take it out on his friends or family or country the way so many other protagonists do. no matter how angry he gets he recognizes that it isn’t anyone’s fault that things are the way they are, and that’s just… such a surprisingly mature angle to take for a character who seems so immature in other ways. and I think it’s that dichotomy, between Noct as a bratty teenager who hates vegetables and tells dumb jokes, and Noctis as a solemn young prince trying to work up the courage to do what must be done, that I find so fascinating.

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hi you'll have to forgive me if u have ever done any but have u ever considered doing serious film reviews on letterboxd? not that yours arent already good and all bc i love the jokes but i would rlly like to hear what u actually liked abt a movie, y'know? u come off as having seen so, so many movies that there's no way u dont have thoughts that dont expand past a joke, y'know? idk. i would just really like to hear ur thoughts on movies more often on there

this is a really true point to make hshsjdjskdh. i have done serious reviews, but only a few times. the truth is that about half of the time i finish a movie i have absolutely nothing deep to say about it? like, many movies are just ok, and i don’t love them or hate them and therefore don’t have much to say, and that’s kind of where my one liner joke reviews came from. plus i prefer discussing movies, especially among friends, rather than just writing paragraphs on what i personally thought. i’d be happy to talk in depth about movies when i get asked on here though!

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as a screenwriter who's currently writing a tv show where two of my characters (both female) are going to have a tense rivalry, the first thing all my classmates asked me is: there has to be a romance between them, because this dynamic just screams future romance. idk where I was going with this but I thought it's an interesting piece of information you'd like to know.

i think with keith and lance it’s also the position they’re in like red n blue, fire n ice, possible rivals to friends (to lovers) trope… ya know

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Hello Holly! Idk if I'm the only one who'd like to see a book on choices which is dealing with the whole married couple thing. Like them going to dinner and meeting their hated neighbours or them hosting a little party, or just overall a bit drama. I'd love to see something like this sometime :D Thoughts on it? Have a nice day\night! :) xx

I would LOVE a married couple’s story on Choices! 😊

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Relationship status: Single and ready to Flamingle!

Favorite color: Orange

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick is life, my lips must be smooth and soft, and not fucking cracked!

Last song I listened to: Oh fuck it may have been Waiting for Tonight by J Lo and that is all Aidan’s fault

Last movie I watched: Pretty sure I watched Mad Max Fury Road for the 10th time this week

Top 3 TV shows: Fuck…uhhh Stargate, Star Trek, Penny Dreadful (okay but Brooklyn 99 needs to be mentioned too)

Top 3 characters: Right now? Orson Krennic, Rae Sloane, Mr. Bones 

Top 3 ships:  It’s so hard to pick…I’ll do it this way Orson Krennic/LITERALLY EVERYONE, Blueberry Coconut, and Sinjir/any man worth his snark (I cut out at least 98% of my ships but saying Krennic/everyone)

Books I’m currently reading: Aftermath: Life Debt, Timekeeper, and Skullduggery Pleasant

I’ll tag @impornialgarbage @absurdistplayer @orsonkraennic @archistratego my new friend @benfuckingmendelsohn annnnnnd lets tag @mrsjadecurtiss too! I love all of you and anybody else who wants to go for this

Tbt to when i posted this long thought piece about how the mods dont care if theres lgbt characters in yansim and someone was like “um dont try to speak for all of us stop coddling yandev” and i was like “i meant the mods” and they never responded. idk it just goes to show that people will do ANYTHING to make us look like the bad guy


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about Rich Stoughton's 'sherlock related announcement' do you think there's a possibility it could just be them announcing something like Tom will be attending Sherlocked UK? I want to Believe that it could be something more, but am always hesitant to get my hopes up after everything

I’m not familiar enough with the Sherlocked events to know, but I think they already announced their guest appearances? The way he phrased it made it sound like it was an announcement happening soon - as in like March 8th soon? But also I’m struggling to make a connection between Tom and the existence of a Lost Special. Our theories are that they’ve already shot it, so my first thought is that they’ve hired him to come back for season 5? IDK man, I just remain cautiously skeptical at all times.

garden gains from 2day
  • went to the garden center down the block and talked to the Bonsai Guy, whose name is Scott, and he hooked me up with some special soil for my elm and gave me some tips
  • grabbed a new pot for my little violet
  • ran by earl may, where they’re only just pulling out last year’s stock to see what survived
  • found an awesome little ninebark bush, totally gorg twisty trunk, I love it
  • earl may guy was like ‘idk it might be dead?’ and we picked at some branches, I don’t know shit about telling whether bushes are dead but my roomie thought it might be, worked out a deal and got the bush for 15 bucks
  • so yeah I’ve got 2 bonsai now lol, and my roomie got some jade clippings he’s going to pot, so I’ll have those
  • also juniper clinic in idk 2 weeks? 35 bucks for the clinic and I think you get to keep the tree, so then I’ll have 3 trees
  • my parents are also going to dig me out some babies from their massive yard. they’ve got ponderosa pine, maples, and buckeye, so I’m gonna get a bunch of baby trees and let em hang out, grow them and experiment with them for a few years
  • bantered with the peeps at the garden center about bonsai and they said they have some hours open saturday, so maybe I’ll be able to get some hands on time with the beautiful trees and plants they have there, which would be amazing

ALSO i’m officially starting that roomie blog if anyone is interested in following B)

pointless rant but I'm sad I'm sorry

(Warning this is so cringe I hate myself I’m sorry) Ok I’ve been having this thought in my head for awhile and idk if it’s just me but do you guys ever feel so unimportant and irrelevant in the world and that like all these people you look up to and admire just don’t care about you?
For example, I’m a huge fan of the YouTubers filthy frank, Idubbbz and maxmoefoe. They are the people I watch when I have a bad day and I need to laugh. But, they seem so unappreciative (for lack of a better word) because their fans are so invasive and cringy and they, understandably, want nothing to do with them. So I just feel dumb and cringy too.
But for a more relatable explanation to this account, let’s talk about meteos. If you guys haven’t noticed I really like him. Watching him play or stream immediately makes me so so happy. It’s the point where my friends will send me clips of him in interviews or something when I’m sad just to make me feel slightly better. I love listening to him talk, he always makes me smile and idk, there’s just something about him ok? It’s one of those things where like, he makes my life slightly better in a way. I’m generally a pretty sad, lonely person, and when I’m watching him stream I udon’t feel that yaknow? He’s so interactive and sweet and funny and I have fun for a few hours. It’s one of those things where I wanna be like “hey, thanks for being an entertainer for us” just so he knows that he’s at least helped one person (because personally, I love helping people) but then I just think that “oh wait, he literally wouldn’t care at all, what does it matter?” And I feel super irrelevant and sad.
It’s weird. Not just with him, but that’s my example. I tend to get super invested in my interests (typically streamers, games, youtubers, etc) because I want to find something to make me happy and that usually works but then I think about how dumb and cringy I sound and then I hate myself for it.
I don’t really know what the point of this post was but this has been bothering me for some reason lately and I’ve been sad and even reading over this I just feel so dumb for liking famous people so much like I’m 17 not 12 what am I doing?? But I can’t really help that it makes me happy I need something but
Ugh idk guys sorry for this but gotta vent somehow so why not to 250 strangers on the internet am I right

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Top 5 messages you've ever gotten?

1. This one was just so blunt yet relatable


3. This was when I very vaguely hinted at something at the end of Laundry Mishaps (aka Take a Break) but this anon saw right through me and proceeded to freak out in an amazing way

(o mi dioooooooooos)

4. Okay kinda cheating since this is 2 messages, but honestly I miss the riding dick anon

5. Honestly I wish I could put all the kind, long messages I’ve asked here. Like not to be A Sap™, but some messages have made me cry before and honestly I don’t think I will ever be able to properly respond to these because they make me speechless 

Idk no matter if it’s something short and funny, or something longer and thoughtful, I really love it when you guys reach out to me like this

(I’m just finishing the top 5′s I already have in my inbox rn, I’m not taking anymore!)

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ok maybe this has been talked about before but about even being annoyed by sonya, ppl usually think of that as him being pissed off about her trying to take care of him when he didnt feel like he needed that, but to me it also seemed that he was having a bit of a delusion about the situation cuz he maybe interpreted her caring and trying, to her wanting to overpower him or manipulate him (which she probably wasnt doing at all, he just thought that) its not uncommon to have delusions so idk haha

no dude that’s exactly how i interpret it!!! i also think you could argue that that’s one of the big reasons their relationship eventually fizzled and didn’t work out -  even sees her at the end of the relationship no matter what she does - controlling and manipulative, not someone who’s just being cautious or trying to help him. yeah i agree with you completely!!