idk i just like how she looks in this that's all

Anyway, while I’m having overwhelming Bispearlnet feelings, might as well dump them here.

I love Bismuth! I love her thousand-year-old camaraderie with Garnet and Pearl! I love that she has that established, proud call-and-response with Pearl: “Who do you belong to?” “Nobody!”, that Pearl launches herself at her from across half the room, that the SU wiki has a very important entry for her and Pearl’s relationship that says that they “have bonded over their common disregard of the Gem caste system” - in which the two of them are right there at the bottom, and look at them go! How delighted she is to see Pearl demonstrate a cool new skill (lasers, man!). I love that they spend 95% of their shared screentime in entirely unnecessary physical contact, and that Bismuth tears up at the sight of Pearl crying because she “can’t take it”. How she apparently made like 50 different swords for Pearl and how Pearl treasures them and takes great care of them thousands of years later, long after Bismuth was presumed lost.

I love her carefree roughhousing with Garnet, the teasing and banter, the extent to which Garnet is relaxed and smiley around her because she doesn’t have to hold anything back (neither physically nor emotionally) or hide any part of herself. I love that way back in Giant Woman Garnet told Amethyst and Pearl they couldn’t come with her on a mission because only she could swim in lava, but guess who else takes hot lava dips? I bet nice lava baths were her and Bismuth’s #1 relaxing method, especially after extra gruelling battles, or before them - but after Garnet combed through vision after vision, a thousand Bad Ends, trying to ensure the best possible future outcome for all of them. (I get extra sad thinking about Garnet blaming herself after the Battle of the Ziggurat where Rose told them Bismuth was lost, kicking herself for not seeing this, for not managing to find a good enough future when it really counted.)

I love how all three of them reminisce about the war and the old days (both bad and good) and how they relentlessly support each other and build each other up (Bismuth is building what she wants to now, after all). The way they hold hands! Look at that! Tiny hands.

Anyway I want this

to un-happen with the intensity of a thousand suns and I am upset.

yesterday at work my coworker was talking about how she only wore chokers to make her neck look skinnier, then stood over the vent so her shirt billowed up and said ‘this is what I feel like’ and proceeded to say she meant to go to the gym but she ate jimmy johns instead - all while I was literally eating jimmy johns. I didn’t say anything to any these comments and when she mentioned the last part I just walked away and a few moments later came back and said “so actually I am in recovery from an eating disorder and it’s really hard to me to hear this kind of stuff, could we maybe talk about something else?” and it was scary but I did it and I’m glad I did, or else she’d just keep saying things I really couldn’t hear.

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my favourite bit about the sneak peeks (for 3x07) is how in sync Quintis seem, like i dont know id its just me but they just some more… together? closer? idk how to explain but yeah

like when tim was asking if it were okay for his parents to come, Toby looked at her, Happy looked at him and then they both looked away AT THS SAME TIME

and when cabe was complaining about the theromostat, toby giggling and then HAPPY’S LITTLE CHUCKLE GAVE ME LIFE!!! IS SHE TRYING TO KILL ME??

and when toby was annoying the hell out of the tv presentor, she was like “thats my little annoying, rare and delightful fungus, im so proud of you”

seriously, cuteness overload in those sneak peeks



NOT ONLY IS KIM DOYEON BORN WITH GODLY LOOKS BUT SHE IS FIRST AND FOREMOST KIND AND CARING AT LEAst towards her members idk all stories of her taking care of someone is 90% based on yoojung I think buT THATS NOT THE POINT SHE BEAUTIFUL BOTH INSIDE AND OUT

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My anxiety (already diagnosed) has increased to the point of paranoia (I guess? Not diagnosed) and I'm really hesitant to bring it up w/ my therapist because he's such a therapist about it? He seems more focused on how things started than how to make them stop. Idk

Ooh, yeah that happens. Either anxiety can increase to paranoia or further looking at anxiety symptoms can reveal paranoia or any number of things, really.

And while I’m no longer with her, my therapist was kind of the opposite. She wanted to stop all my symptoms without ever really caring what started them/what the causes were.

So I guess my point is, try and find a middle ground with him. Maybe bring up that you’d like to treat the symptoms along with find out why it happens. Because tbh that just makes the most sense, anyways? Learn coping techniques while you deal with your shit tbh.

So yeah, don’t necessarily try to get him to totally reconsider it (it might not work and also it might not be best!) but make your voice heard. The worst he can do is not listen, honestly. But at best, he could take that into account and possibly help you more. Maybe he doesn’t know it’s such a problem to you!

You know how you get to pick the jewelry you get for your engagement? I would definitely get all gold everything lol! And I would get the most obnoxious shade of gold too, like that deep gold? Idk how to describe it, it’s like yellow gold but richer. It looks so good with my skin tone. I would get two sets of gold stuff, and if he was rich enough I would get a set of pearls too


ok so, like…?? i love juju and i like the idea of him having a big pink dragon on his arm (like they have over Mama’s Boys arena)
i mean he’s the only one who wears sleeves soooo…

plus i wanted to draw him in a different outfit just for funsies

(also can i say how i love how their gang colour is pink?? i love that. why didn’t the fandom love these guys more)

last year this mildly tan white girl tried to convince our entire english class that she was black and we were all like ????? ur white ???? and this was right in the midst of the rachel dolezal shit so i was like ‘here we go again’ and she was like ‘no seriously my mom’s white and my dad’s black and idk i just look white but im black’ and i was like ‘oh ok i guess thats not totally unbelievable’ bc i know how jacked genetics can be but like 90% of the class was just like ‘what the fuck’ so the next day she just came into school and silently placed a framed picture with her and idris elba in her locker im not fucking shitting you it was idris fucking elba and i am telling you as an expert in bullshit this photo did not look fake or photoshopped but anyway i was just like “hey…….who’s that” and she was just very matter-of-factly like “thats my dad” and by now a small crowd had gathered and we just sort of all made a silent agreement to let it go and not talk about it again but to this day i still don’t know if this girl was full of shit or if i seriously went to high school with idris elba’s white ass daughter.

Those Damned Tattoos Tutorial

1) Ok, you’ve rendered your artwork and skintones just fine, it’s time for the character to get their ink. I’ll be using my Tabris, Nives. she doesn’t have a Vallaslin but pretty extensive face tattoos. If you’re planning on adding more shadows and lighting levels, keep that for after you’re done with the tattoos, so it will all look blended.

brace yourself and click ‘read more’ cuz this is going to be an image dense and long post! This tutorial is intended for Photoshop as it’s what I use to draw, but you’ll probably find the same tools in other programs as well, or something similar. Also this is probably nothing new, but I’ve been asked how I do it so here it is :)

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so idk if you guys knew this or not but I work at pacsun and today a mom came in with her daughter (she was around 12) and they were looking around for a while before they came over to the section I was in, the little girl wanted to get this t shirt but her mom immediately shot her down and went “no honey thats a boys shirt” which directly resulted in me walking over to the stand and telling her “I have the same exact shirt actually and its really comfy, you should try it on!” then grabbed her an extra small before I walked her over to the fitting rooms with a beaming little girl. I then turned around to find her mom giving me a death glare as if I had just condemned her daughter with a fucking shirt, like excuse me how old are you? how scared of other peoples opinions are you to deny your daughter a shirt because it came from the opposite side of a room? jfc if it makes your kid happy then thats all that matters 

P R O N O U N S - mitchie

Okay, so we all know that Mitch is very open with his gender/sexuality and whatnot, and he calls himself “she/her” sometimes ie; “She loves it!” or “her hair is not looking good today”
BUT- I don’t think that means we can just automatically start referring to him as “she” constantly and in all our posts.. Like I’ve seen some posts where people talk about Mitch and only use the pronoun “she” instead of “he’s perfect”, and I don’t exactly think that’s okay because Mitch still identifies as male.. Even if he uses “she” sometimes.

I’m not sure, but i find it kind of.. Rude (?) to only use “she” when writing like a paragraph on how talented he is because he’s never said “can you guys please call me she/her”
Anyone agree? Disagree? ❤️

I think if Beth Greene had heard Rick’s “we are the walking dead” speech, she’d have told him that was bullshit.

Then again I also think if they hadn’t ripped Beth away from them, none of them would be wandering towards DC for no damn reason feeling like they’re all the walking dead, so.


This week has been all over the place, and whilst Amelia has tried her hardest to stay on the straight and narrow– okay she hasn’t really tried at all – but the blonde has ended up at one of the secluded pubs in Seattle. Sitting in a booth far away from anyone else, she has a glass of wine in front of her that she’s just staring at. So far no one has spoken to her, and that’s probably for the best– Amelia doesn’t know how she’ll react to people right now, she’s not exactly stable. Then again she’s never been stable, and she’s not exactly feeling her best either. She looks great on the outside, a face full of make up, and nice clothes. Yet underneath all the faces she feels like crying into her second glass of wine.  She’s unaware of the people around her, and she’s sure that she probably knows someone here, but for now she was content to sit by herself.