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Just started to watch this series on Netflix (idk about other countries, but here in Mexico it was added yesterday). I’m only in episode 3 BUT I have to say that it is fun and interesting. There’s a disturbing lack of wigs and some of the costumes are… suspicious? very inaccurate? But there are some good things to see:

  • LOTS of furs. Of course, that’s practically the theme of the series, the fur trade. So we have a lot of fur garments and accessories. Maybe a little bit too much? (look for the girl with little fur hair accessories). You know, enough fur that if it were real, all of the members of PETA would have a collective heart attack.

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  • Jason Momoa. I don’t think I have to add anything else to this line.

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  • Many Native characters. Thank you. Really we need to see this in more not only historical series and films.
  • There’s a guy who looks as if he were Daniel Radcliffe’s cousin. His Irish cousin. (Who is also the guy from Hemlock Grove but looks SO much younger in this series. A.K.A. Landon Liboiron).

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  • The locations are breathtaking, as well as the interior scenes and the ones in little cities and forts. I’ve only been in 1 place which was a fur trade spot and the whole isolation and wilderness spirit of the place is very well seen in this series. I guess it’s some Discovery stuff. IDK. It’s supposed to be set in Ontario and so (you know, the whole Hudson’s Bay Company) but it was filmed in Newfoundland.

On the down side:

  • A lot of short hair, and a lack of wigs. Even in the London scenes. O.o
  • The setting is just “late 18th century” but there are a couple characters and outfits that look taken from (at least) the 1810s.
  • There’s a lot of blood. I mean, a LOT. Like, if you don’t have the stomach to see a guy having his throat open on screen, then maybe it’s not for you. This is neither a good nor a bad thing. It’s just a fact.

Well, this is it. For now. This series have only 6 episodes, so I’ll finish quick, I think. I’ll let you know any other thoughts and if you’ve already seen Frontier, let us all know what you think!

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i feel bad about saying stuff like 'he looked so gay' etc etc because i feel like he's still a bit insecure about his sexuality even though he a shit-ton better than he was in 2012 because he literally said he doesn't know his sexuality i his diss track but i feel like people are being a bit insensitive about it

Honestly I kind of wish we didn’t care so much about sexualities. A lot of sexualities aren’t accepted so people have to hide who they are. Some people don’t even know who they are attracted to and are having a hard time figuring themselves out. Aside from that, I like how Dan is starting to react with these “gay” comments towards him. In 2012, he would get so defensive but I don’t really blame because he was still pretty young and he became popular pretty quickly. He didn’t really know how to act around that time, so he would get defensive about things. As of now, he seems like he feels more accepted (I’m not saying that he actually is gay) I mean he seems like he’s becoming more comfortable with himself? Now I truly don’t know what his sexuality is, I have a guess but I don’t tell people that’s his actual sexuality, because Dan is the only one to confirm his sexuality. As for the “he looks gay”, I honestly didn’t think it was that bad, but I guess it really matters on how you say it (if you say it jokingly vs as an insult) but I don’t think it’s really my place to say if it’s bad or not. I just think Dan is tired of the society roles honestly, he just wants people to be able to do/wear what they want. (I’m sorry, this is probably more than you wanted, I guess I just have quite an opinion on this stuff)

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Why does everyone keep trying to come for you? Is it just because you're successful? Like honestly what is the deal?

Idk, I’m still waiting to find out why that person felt the need to say I have a big head and inflated ego. I’m sure there’s a valid reason they said that. I make a lot of mistakes and things are easily misconstrued on the internet.  

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I feel like ravenclaws are perceived as the smart ones because they constantly ask questions. Like the kid that always holds up the class from leaving because they have one last question for the teacher? Or like they ask questions that other people take for granted. Idk I just had a lot of thoughts about ravenclaws

I see where you’re coming from for sure. We’re the ones at the front of the class with our hands raised because we have endless questions. We’re either the teacher’s favorite or least favorite (honestly both at the same time) and we somehow always manage to get the class off topic.

We’re ALSO the kids in the back who derail every conversation and challenge things the teacher says. For our own enjoyment and also because we seek a more stimulating conversation that what we’re being provided.

We’re also the ones not even listening a lot of the time because we have our focus in something else more interesting and stimulating to us. 

So yeah, that might be where we get the label from. 


-Caitlin (Ravenclaw)

All the Things Left Unsaid

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Bucky Barnes X Reader

A/N: This was better in my head idk what happened but here. I also don’t know if I’ll make this multi-part…we’ll see how this one is received… Also I have like 50 sex headcanons requests…thanks a lot fam 

Words: approx. 2K

Prompt: All the things he wanted to say…all the things he never said. 

Warnings: feelz, angst, just the slightest bit of fluff, death, sad Borky


Bucky vaguely remembers everything being red.

He sees the cherry red of her painted lips. He sees the promiscuous red of the dress that clings to the frame of the beautiful woman in his arms as he danced with her slowly, a promising smile on his face mirroring her own.

He sees the red fullness of her cheeks as he kissed them softly, holding her close as they swayed to the music of her favorite song. He can hear her singing softly in his ear, a wide grin on her face, her posture relaxed despite her disguise having been for a mission.

He hears the soft, calming red of the singer’s voice. He hears the bloodthirsty red of her controlled voice as she whispered that she had spotted their target. He hears the alarming red in her panicked shout as she warns him to get out of the building.

He feels the sweet, sticky red of her blood as he cradles her frame in his arms, begging for her to keep her eyes open.

He feels the red fade to grey as he sees her eyes darken, a small smile on her face.

He feels the tang of the crimson red now flowing freely from his side from the shrapnel lodged in his upper abdomen.

He hears the angry red of his own cry.

And then, everything is black.

It’s one of the few times that they’d been able to spend some time together, despite the dance having been for an undercover mission. It was the one time they’d both been able to be happy, in the midst of danger. In each other’s arms.

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I love all the ‘Mike taking care of El’ head cannons (hell I’ve reblogged tons) but like some of them feel like weird to me because like, El is so strong? So I feel like maybe a more accurate representation of their relationship would be like, mike would be doin something cute, for example making sure El had enough blankets or something while she’s gong to sleep. And El is just like “ mike. Boy, I’m fine I love you but get some god damn sleep we have to get up early in the morning.” And he’d be like “ok alright alright good night” and then she would shake her head and laugh at her silly boy. (And I’m not saying that’s the only way things tend to happen it just seems like she wouldn’t let him protect her all the time, she needs a lot support rn but like she’s strong by herself too, idk does that make any sense?)

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So I'm ace/greyaro and pretty much in a QPR right now. Like, we haven't outright defined it as such but we both talk about how we're the most important person in each other’s lives and we do a lot of couple stuff (just without the romance and sex). We joke with each other and our pet names are "wife" and "spouse" and the like. But recently I had a Sapphic friend say it was disrespectful of us? (part 1)

(part 2) Like, she compared it to straight girls who do the same thing to be cute but find gay women uncomfortable? So… idk is it? Like yeah we’re trying to be cute, but we do mean that much to each other? Why do I have to be romantically in love with her for it to count?

If both/all partners aren’t straight, then it’s not a ‘straight’ relationship and therefore the appropriation of terms like ‘girlfriend’ and so on don’t apply. There’s a huge difference between someone who’s ace/otherwise lgbt+ and calling their platonic partner a spouse, compared to two straight girls who do the same.

We own the actual context of having a platonic girlfriend/wife. Straight people do not and never did.

- Fae

Yo I know a lot of people want to get diagnosed for their mental illnesses but sometimes it is not for the best interest

You have to be careful with these things because of you aren’t sure if you actually have these mental illnesses you don’t want to say that you just have them, they seriously do impact a lot of job opportunities and medical things

For instance if you are trying to go on birth control and you aren’t diagnosed with depression but say that you are practically diagnosed with it, it can alter your chances of getting birth control because the slight side effect of increased depression, in fact a lot of drugs are this way

Idk, what I’m saying is be careful what you diagnose yourself as, because it can very much impact the entire world around you and make it harder on yourself

Sometimes people on tumblr can get a little trigger happy with self diagnoses


OKay YOI is killing me and that cliffhanger is also, I’M HAVING A MENTAL BREAK DOWN SOS

BUt, I saw someone on facebook this:


AND LOTS OF PEOPLE ARGUING WHY VIKTOR DIDN’T HUG HIM OR ANYTHING. aND after rewatching that scene I may have a answer (or just a theory, IDK). 

After that scene, we see a flashback when viktor was still skating, after the grand prix, and he says it:


GUYS IS NOT IT CLEAR THAT VIKTOR JUST DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO REACT ???? I mean, he says it, “WHAT SHOULD I GIVE YURI NOW?”, Because back when he won the Grand Prix and probably others competitions he thought that he could only surpass things by HIMSELF, COME ON HE SAYS IT !! LOOK AT THE FIRST SCREENSHOT !!

He says that he’s feeling new emotions, he’s confused and lost, that’s the “new emotions” he’s talking about. And to me that is proven when says “what should I give Yuri now?”

Yeah, Viktor used to hug Yuri in other competitions but this is GRAND PRIX, even JJ felt the pressure, that was different, a simple “hug” might not have been what Yuri needed in the moment, or it was! That’s the point, Viktor DID NOT KNOW and thought that doing nothing and just standing there was the right choice.

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You know how (in fandom esp) ppl make fun of people who say "wow these two characters are such great friends :))" and everyone is like "yeah, sure, bc friends would do THIS *enter thing* for each other, jessica" or w/e? I mean I totally get where they're coming from, especially with lgbt+ pairings! But at the same time, as an aroace, itd mean a lot to finally be able to see a good friendship thats just. Friendship. Two people loving each other by selection w/o strings attached. and just?? Idk

True, tbh???? Like… aphobes have actually started on this campaign about “lgbt+ romances are more important that friendships” and it just… It feels kind of gross to me, given the context? Yes, LGBT+ romances in fiction are IMMENSELY important. But we should also encourage that not EVERYTHING in life has to be about romance.

Give me more diverse relationships in media. Of all kinds.

–Mod Mercy

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Hello!! I just discovered your blog and yOUR ARE IS PROBABLY THE PRETTIEST THING EVER!! Do you have a Twitter account??

asjdlfdj thank you……….. ;v;
I haven’t used my twitter in…. months….. so let’s just say I don’t have one haha

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Spill thy Leo tea please. ☕️

i really don’t have a lot of horrible things to say about leo.  they’re honestly a sign that in my experience isn’t too bad but people just bitch about them all the time bcos they have a super bad reputation.  like idk im trying to be really genuine with my drags rn rather than just list the archetype’s bad qualities but i’ve genuinely never met a leo that pissed me off.  i mean, y’all are super obnoxious about wanting attention and SO bad about flirting lowkey just so you get compliments.  but idk i straight up feel no deep seated anger towards any leos’ personalities i really think y’all are just good, generous people that want to be appreciated for being special.  some of y’all are whiny fuckin brats though OH AND IF ANYBODY SAYS ANYTHING BAD ABOUT LEOS Y’ALL LOVE TO GO AWF AND TALK ABOUT HOW GREAT U ARE lik be quiet

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This is dumb but I've recently got dumped and I've been having a pretty bad depressive episode but yr art and stuff has been a small thing I look forward too a lot and if I didn't follow yr blog I wouldn't have read good.fences and its honestly been such a relief to find things I enjoy idk I just wanted to say thanks!

Aww your so sweet I hope you feel better soon buddy!

I’m actually planning to do a little comic of one of my favorite scenes from good fences actually lmao so I’m glad you read it and liked it, be sure to give the author some love!

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hello can you please educate me on how to make babies look like babies and not the devil's spawn? thank you

lmao anonnn i got your other msg saying you meant “toddlers look like babies” and not “babies look like babies” lmao i do that all the time don’t worry, but fjdkslafj lmaoo devil’s spawnnnn fjdksalfjsd idk if you mean for ts3 or ts4 but for both i really just play with sliders until they start to look how i want. i have no game plan at all tbh and i just kind of hope for the best sort of thing. but custom sliders for ts3 do help a lot especially to get the body tinier, i hate to link to slider lists but it’s the most useful because i use a lot of them and they are awesome also for using on any sims not just babies (try the girth and leg and arm sliders to get them nice and tiny, and also all the mouth sliders are useful to give them little pouty mouths):

oh and also what is important is to have a nice baby skin, here’s lana’s link to baby skins that you can look through, i use this one, hope that helps good luck on your baby journeyyy <3


everyone’s like: KYAHHH THEY’RE ALL SO HOT while meanwhile i just got the game because i was pretty curious about it since it showed up a lot on my dash. needless to say, i’d probably get a bad end for all of them.

Get To Know Me Tag

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Nickname: em (emma is my real name but i’ve always gone by em online??) mom, mother, etc.

Gender: female

Star Sign: libra 🌟☄

Height: 168/9?? idk honestly

Time right now: 1pm

Last thing I googled: rose water hydrosol,,,,,,,it’s a miracle tonic ok

Favorite Bands: since this is a kpop blog i’ll list the groups i’ve stanned recently…currently all the way up nct’s ass, before that it was monsta x, ikon, got7…and i fucking love every girl group in existence so i’ll just say red velvet and exid for now

Favorite Solo Artists: i have lots so i’m just gonna say dean. dude has no bad songs

Song stuck in your head: 🎵🎶jumuneul oewoboja 🎶 yaballabahiya 🎶💃 yaballabahiyaaaaa 🎶💃☄🌈

Last movie I watched: finding dory ajskfjsbhd i’m a mother

Last TV Show I watched: i’m currently rewatching the office so?? but the newest tv series i watched was probably stranger things

When did you create your blog: lmaoo at the beginning of my tumblr career years ago

What kind of stuff do you post: 98% nct and shitposting, 1% other groups, 1% social justice etc

When did your blog reach its peak: lmaooooo

Do you have any other blogs: nooope i’m way too lazy to keep up with multiple blogs i’ve just changed the theme of this one several times

Do you get asks regularly: define regularly

Why you chose your URL: umm bc renjun is a fairy prince obviously

Following: 485…ok i’ve had this blog a long ass time…through many many interests…and i’m too lazy to go through and unfollow inactive ones…

Posts: i have no earthly clue

Hogwarts House: i’ve never been Formally Sorted but i’m probably a hufflepuff tbh

Pokémon Team: look kids i haven’t even played pokemon go yet the last pokemon game i played was black&white

Favorite colours: i’m shit at picking a favorite anything but i rly like purple and silver

Average hours of sleep: i have a 2 yr old who still doesn’t sleep through the night and/or wakes up around 4am so average hours of sleep who???

Lucky Numbers: 6 and 9

Favorite Characters: gudetama, bc it’s a lazy lil egg who just wants to be left alone and honestly same

What are you wearing right now: pajamas…at noon…..

How many blankets do you sleep with: one and a certain someone i sleep with is a blanket hog :)))))))

Dream job: something in linguistics

Dream trip: honestly i wanna go everywhere?? maybe a big trip to visit all my international friends 💓

i’m not even gonna try to tag 20 blogs,,,and ur not under any obligation to actually do this!!! @kpop-kidding-me @musicstar-chenle @hobis-bf @ilysmjeno @marksvocals @starsforchenle @donghyuckstudies

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Why do you draw Toby's hair so curly? He doesn't really look a lot like the original Toby...

Some reason why other Muns change their Muse. To make them stand out from the others! While I do make a few changes (curlier hair, different mouth scar, doesn’t have stubble most of the time, ect), I also try to make him look like the original as much as possible.

Idk I just kinda like doing my own thing with him, ya know?

Now for his personality… Yeah he’s not much like the original lol he’s pretty bland comparatively.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Oh well

- Mun

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what's one thing you'd like to happen next block on shadowhunters with malec?

a lot more screen time?? i mean they don’t even have to be doing coupley things, just like hanging out or even next to each other. 

but something major i do want, and maybe this makes me idk sick or weird but i want the clave or the other shadowhunters to ask something big of magnus. something may take a lot of energy and strength, weakening him. and magnus would be torn and i want alec to say no. cause lets face it, 95% of the clave would ask magnus to kill himself to save their own asses. and magnus as much as he may hate the clave in general, we’ve seen he’ll help when he knows he’s helping good people, or a good cause. like to stop valentine or something. but i wanna see alec be very protective. cause that’s very much who alec is. he’s slow to open his heart to someone, anyone, but if he does to you, he protects them with his life. sometimes its a good thing like when he tried to save izzy during her trial, sometimes its a negative like when he yelled at magnus for not helping him track jace, or probably monday with him hitting raphel. its a part of who alec is, and we haven’t seen him act that way with magnus yet. mostly cause magnus can take care of himself. and so can izzy but alec is still very protective of the people he loves. it also could leave to a malec “i love you” which i wouldn’t want before the beginning of the next block. 

idk if i am making sense. i have to sleep cause i have to work tomorrow.