idk i just had to vent or something

yesterday at work my coworker was talking about how she only wore chokers to make her neck look skinnier, then stood over the vent so her shirt billowed up and said ‘this is what I feel like’ and proceeded to say she meant to go to the gym but she ate jimmy johns instead - all while I was literally eating jimmy johns. I didn’t say anything to any these comments and when she mentioned the last part I just walked away and a few moments later came back and said “so actually I am in recovery from an eating disorder and it’s really hard to me to hear this kind of stuff, could we maybe talk about something else?” and it was scary but I did it and I’m glad I did, or else she’d just keep saying things I really couldn’t hear.

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I was so sad about my college life bc it’s hard to make friends in a commuter school and I see my old high school friends who are like going to school games and shit and I was like “yep I got no one” then yesterday I had dinner with my friend from high school and she was like it’s so normal bc she spends her life studying away and not having friends and we legit vented out how our life is different from rest of the people and idk it just helped me be more motivated to do stuff. I am so glad that I am not the only lonely one. But I don’t even mind. It’s just that I was scared it wasn’t normal and something had to be wrong with me. Sigh the lesson of this rant is that it’s okay to focus on studying.


“it might not be what you wanted, but at least im honest.”

The prince sits down against a tree, looking around. He had gone for a walk to clear his mind, and somehow ended up in the middle of a forest. Honestly, it doesn’t even surprise him at this point. He knows that he would be yelled at for leaving without anyone knowing for such a long period of time- and even more so if they found out where he had wandered to- but he can’t bring himself to care.

The prince runs a hand through his hair, letting out a sigh. The previous night had been no exception to the nightmares. In fact, he had had two that last night. They were getting worse. He is exhausted from the lack of proper sleep, and starting to get sick as a result. He needs to think of something to fix it, and soon.

He grabs a small, nearby stick and examines it before standing back up and pacing, all while messing with the stick. (He has an incredibly hard time keeping his hands still when he’s thinking. It’s not something he’s exactly proud of.