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the types as things they've all said to me

ENFJ: “yeah i’ve take the personality tests a few times and it can never type me, i always get like 50/50 on each of the things, so i’m really balanced; i’m EXXX” (bitch MORE than 2 of you have said this to me, you are all problematic and project those questions onto yourselves you fake ass hoes)
INFJ: “i should start a psychic business and pretend to take people’s fortunes because i’m so good at this.” (this was said after she guessed that her boyfriend would get a 96 on his philosophy exam after he had gotten a 97 on the last one, and was exactly correct. tl;dr every INFJ is a demon)
ESFJ: “i get to take care of you and treat you until you’re better!” said with real tears in his eyes after i had rolled my ankle and it was the size of an actual softball. he held my hand as he said it.
ISFJ: “i’m trying my best!” said very flusteredly (it’s a word, shut up) after we poked fun at the fact that he was still 4 labs behind on homework. he was also on youtube at the time.
ESTJ: “joe hasn’t answered me and we’re leaving for austria for spring break in TWO months and i need a plan for what we’re going to do the first weekend ASAP or i’m going to literally kill him with my bare hands.”
i have no more context to add to this, yall are literally just the most extra people i’ll ever meet.
ISTJ: “i feel like…” and then you proceeded to lie to me because none of you have felt anything, ever.
ESFP: “what’s happening?! should i talk to him?! should i ignore it and be oblivious?! idk what to do im not an intuitive!” said when i was pissed at everybody and he accidentally got the brunt of my rage. you are all pure and naive and just want to have a good time and i respect that; you do you, boo boo the fools, just keep doing you.
ISFP: “i’m about to make a transatlantic flight to austria to instill the fear of god into every one of those girls playing with joe’s heart over there.” said about her little brother while still in her horse riding gear, in between walking from the dinner table to her laptop to watch sherlock and dr. who. im 100% not joking about this, her name is Mary Duran and she paints on the side too.
ESTP: “well, enough of that.” said moments after crying for two minutes, and seconds before throwing a lawn chair across the yard and breaking a window because he didn’t know how else to process his emotions. @everyESTP, pls get help.
ISTP: “HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF A FUCKING BLINKER. USE YOUR BLINKER BEFORE I SLIT YOUR THROAT.” (this is literally every time i’m in the car with him, no matter what, no matter how long; tl;dr every one of you shouldn’t drive, ever.)
ENTP: “but was kant really that bad?” said by some hoe in one of my higher level philosophy classes as he introduced us to Irrelevantland™. stick to your memes and stop antagonizing every person you meet you bored ass mfs.
INTP: “the old lady thinks i’m going to fix our neighbor’s AC, which means i have about 45 minutes to get to a town 34 minutes away to see if the guy has one of the car parts i’ve been looking for. it’ll cost about $200-$220, but i gotta take the money out in small increments around town so she doesn’t get suspicious.” said by my best friends dad, in reference to his wife and his unhealthy obsession with fixing up old, unusable cars.
ENTJ: “socrates was probably the dumbest person to ever live, and i wrote an entire 12 page paper on it and got an A.” (i have no more to add to this; you’re all just as bad as the ESTJs and must be stopped.)
INTJ: “that was a good burn. i think i’m going to like you.” said to me after i said something witty and sarcastic to my ENFP best friend. p.s. every INTJ has an XNFP best friend, it’s just a fact, accept it).
ENFP: “hey remember how you’ve been telling me for the past three months that im overcommitting myself and doing too many things? well today after my seventeenth breakdown of the semester so far, i realized that you might be right.” (said by my best friend. not much else to add to this, really; you’re all insane.)
INFP: “my friend brought me a puppy between classes today and it was only the second of four times i cried today.”

Rika's back and MC gets left P. 4

Rika is back and MC gets sick at the same time she feels abandoned. Part 1 (x) | Part 2 (x) | Part 3 (x) | Part 4 (x) | Part 5 (x)

  • Rika felt a sense of satisfaction
  • She got off being the one everyone considered the most
  • sure, she lead MC to the RFA
  • sure she made a lot of trouble for MC and the rest of the members
  • But the one thing she did not want anyone to forget or even ever know really was
  • it also meant she could take her out of rfa with ease
  • And they wouldn’t ever know it was her or care if all went to her plan

– Yoosung –

  • From the last time MC invited Yoosung over, he remembered where she now lived
  • Why didn’t I visit her sooner?
  • Yoosung made his way to her building, knocking repeatedly and waiting for a response
  • Where is she? It’s almost midnight…
  • He almost gave up when she didnt answer either calls, text, or the door
  • Rika! Yoosung was surprised to see his cousin walk by
  • “Yoosung, what are you doing here so late?”
  • I came to see if MC is okay, shes been MIA for a while
  • “She’s fine! I talked to her not too long ago and she said that she was going to visit her family for a few weeks. I forgot to tell you guys about it too… sorry.”
  • It’s fine, don’t worry about it! Though, it would have been better if she told us herself…
  • “I dont know the details, but something about one of her family members being recently diagnosed with a terminal illness.. Yeah, it was terrible. She said they started to cough blood and she went to go help them through the process. Poor MC.”
  • You’re genuinely concerned for MC, you’re so nice Rika.
  • “Ofc, shes a memeber of the rfa too!”
  • Sorry, its just i know you dont know her that much, but im glad you guys get along well. Do you know when she’ll be back?
  • “I think after the funeral. Though it may be longer since i dont know how shell be okay after all of that. Next time we talk, ill ask her, okay? How about we go visit V? Im sure hes awake and wouldnt mind if you came over for a sleep over”
  • Yoosung felt like a huge boulder had been lifted from his shoulders now that he knew MC was physically okay
  • He felt bad that she didnt tell anyone that she was leaving to tend to a sick family member
  • But he felt that he would forgive her since she seemed more of a private person
  • I should get her a gift basket when she comes back; poor MC will be greiving when she returns- I could add chocolates and that coffee she likes with an uber soft blanket. Yeah, i wil do that for sure when RIka tells me when she comes back
  • Yoosung wanted to be a shoulder for MC when she came back since she was there for him when Rika was gone
  • he wanted to prove to her and himself and RIka that he was more than just a college student who played a lot of video games; that he was also a capable man

– Zen –

Zen has entered the chatroom.

Zen: MC! Please call me when you get this!

Rika: Zen, I forgot to tell everyone that MC went back to her home country to take care of a sick family member. I didnt want to say anything right away but she told me just recently that it may be a while before she returns because of how bad things are …

Jahee has entered the chatroom.

Jahee: Oh no that’s terrible. Is her family member in that bad of condition for MC to leave without saying bye?

Rika: I am afraid so. From what I know, they are really ill that it is now deemed terminal.

Zen: Oh man, i really thought something happened to MC

Rika: What do you mean?

Zen: I dont know, I thought maybe she got bored of us and left us or something happened to her health wise. I hope she knows that we are all here for her when she comes back

Rika: Dont jinx anything! I’ll let her know though that you were worried whenever we talk again ^^

Jahee: Please do. Id feel much better though if I could talk to her soon. Do you think you can let her know to call me please?

Rika: I will pass the message along!

Zen: me too please, I really miss her :c

Rika: I will, you guys worry too much ^^ dont worry guys, everything will be perfectly fine ^^

Zen: alighty then, i gotta go and meet some directors to talk about my wonderful gorgeous face making its appearance on stage soon, bye~

Jahee: Oh my heart!

Rika: Good luck!

Zen has left the chatroom.

  • He didnt trust Rika
  • He didnt even trust Jahee at the moment
  • He knows he saw MC at the store that night
  • And it seems highly unlikely that she would just leave without explaining the situation
  • Especially if someone she cared about was really sick
  • Would she?

– Jahee –

  • From what Mr. Han had been accumulating she knew what was going on somewhat
  • Though if the rest of rfa should know she didnt feel like she had a place to tell them
  • She did abandon MC just like the rest did
  • She wont deny that what the rfa did to MC was abandon her at a time she would have needed them 
  • despite all MC probably gave up to help them 
  • But she didnt want anyone to be in the unknown
  • Although, she didn’t know if Rika was lying or telling the truth maybe rika did know mc was sick and didnt want to tell because MC said so
  • Jahee didnt want to risk anything by letting the cat out of the bag cringing
  • For now all she felt like she could do was gather as much as she could about people with pneumonia 
  • She would look into it since that was all Mr. Han told her
  • Maybe find some coffee as well for MC and maybe chocolates as she thinks about pleading for forgiveness 

– Jumin –

  • He had no right to act like he should care for MC anymore
  • The moment they all left her, everyone in the rfa lost all the rights to care for MC
  • The only thing he could do was offer her the best treatment possible when he found out what she had it made him very uncomfortable to not know what she was suffering from
  • aside from the stabbing pains of being betrayed that he couldn’t fix for her
  • but that was only if Seven could find a way into breaking MC out of there
  • But he knew the longer they waited the worse she would get
  • When he saw MC through the camera on Sevens screen, he knew he never wanted to know what it felt to lose someone again
  • After he though rika died, he felt like his world tipped over
  • But if he loses MC, he knows he wont ever have a reason to go on living with himself
  • He did find comfort knowing that MC never seemed to have had lost her personality and all that made her so easy to be around
  • By the looks of it, it was all thanks to Paco who never seemed to leave her side
  • Are you almost done?
  • “I want her out of there as soon as possible as well, okay?”
  • Jumin was taken back with how Seven snapped
  • “Dont let it get to you, he always gets like this”  the famous ‘Vanderwood’ who leaned on the side of the wall said
  • I dont want to know
  • He decided he didnt want to get into what Seven did on his own time also bc ‘Miss’ Vanderwood was slightly scaring him
  • “Just get the IP address so we can get there and go”
  • “I cant just do that! Well, I can but there seems to be more stuff this guy is feeding me atm and its all about MC”
  • “Look at it when you get her out of there! Poor girl must be seconds away from kicking the stupid bucket”
  • Excuse me?
  • “DOnt take it to heart, he gets angry when he has to wait before a job”
  • “Shut the fuck up, I still have my taser, you oaf”
  • What do you mean hes feeding you?
  • “I mean, this Unknown guy wants her found but for some odd reason he cant let her go… idk myself, but it looks like hes just doing his job
  • “What makes you say that?”
  • “RIght here it says: Job. No. Yes.- Unknown
  • Isnt that a good thing then? That means we can get MC out faster
  • JUmin didnt care for all the extra side stuff
  • He wanted to just get to the point and storm in there to save MC and take her to the doctors he had on standby
  • Just hurry up!
  • “I would want to bu- OH shit”
  • Jumins heart stopped for a millisecond thinking that MC died
  • When he didnt see anything abnormal on the screen that showed MC he was confused
  • But looking at what Seven saw
  • He understood
  • Is that Rika?

– 707 –

  • Watching RIka give MC injections of unknown substances made him physically want to scream
  • Why would she do that?
  • What was she even giving MC?
  • Where is Unknown?
  • “Damn, white loaf can really go on strong” he ignored Vanderwoods snide comment focusing on V holding MC down so Rika could give her another injection
  • “Let’s go now Seven, no more playing around!”
  • Okay okay, let me just get this on my laptop so we can watch as we go
  • “If we take my helicopter we could be there quicker”
  • Yeah lets do that
  • Seven was in a daze
  • As he looked into the breadcrumbs Unknown was giving him
  • He began to wonder why Unknown even took MC away if he was going to help them in the end
  • Unless he too was forced into do this all
  • But why would Rika do this? What could she gain from this?
  • “Please dont”
  • Seven turned to look at Jumin who looked at him when they heard MC’s voice
  • “Ready or not here it comes~” Rika sang
  • “You both may want to look away” Seven heard Vanderwood say before turning away
  • Not once had he ever looked away from the screen while on the job

  • You begged her to stop
  • Whatever it was, it wasn’t the same anymore
  • You began to remember names and faces but you couldn’t match them together
  • Please stop this, it hurts!
  • “Sweetie, you’re dying anyways, this is me being merciful and helping you go faster. Be thankful.”
  • What about that other stuff? What was that other stuff?
  • “It will all be over quickly if you just listen to her, please MC”
  • You turn to look at the stranger with the sunglasses: who’s MC?
  • Am I MC? Are they talking to me ?
  • You think you know them but you can’t match any faces or names at all
  • “I’d ask if you have any last words you want me to give to someone but at this point, you probably don’t know if you have any friends or family “
  • You shake your head trying to think
  • Somewhere someone has to know who you are
  • Why can’t I talk?
  • You panic; thrashing your body away from the woman and man
  • “Stop it!” You hear it before you feel a stinging sensation on your cheek
  • “Like I said,you’re already dying “ the woman says as she huffs for air
  • The look on her face scares you
  • It looks like she’s enjoying whatever is happening
  • “You should never talk to strangers “ you feel the weight of something hard crash on you holding your face down on the now cold floor
  • “Don’t ever go to places you don’t know”
  • The pressure intensifies making your head build more pressure like it will explode
  • “Rika, that’s too much” you hear the man from earlier
  • Help me please! you silently beg 
  • You wonder why he doesn’t help you
  • “Stay out of this V”
  • You feel something stab your shoulder
  • Then you don’t feel anything at all

– Vanderwood –

  • Seven was annoying
  • Richie rich was annoying
  • They all were pissing him off
  • The rush to get to where this girl was chaotic
  • He was used to the silence that Seven would accompany him with
  • But not like this
  • This silence was deafening and suffocating

– V –

  • He didnt want to harm MC
  • she was one of the good ones 
  • but he didnt want to make Rika any worse than she already was
  • He knew 707 or Jumin must have caught on by now 
  • with the help he got from Unknown, he knew they would make it but not soon enough
  • He made sure that whatever happened; it would all be on him 
  • Even if MC may never wake up again
  • even if Rika would spend a lot of time in the hospital 
  • even if Jumin and everyone in the RFA should come to hate him
  • even if he should become the villain; 
  • he would do whatever it takes to preserve Rika’s legacy and love and pride
  • He just needed for MC to hold onto life 
  • She was already sick 
  • and the medication he had replaced with the medication Rika wanted Unknown to give her seemed to have been working 
  • He made sure Unknown gave her the treatment she needed
  • But he didnt anticipate for Rika to inject her with a strong dose of whatever she had made for MC
  • By the looks of it 
  • it definitely was not the same that he had Unknown give her

– Unknown – 

  • Any minute now, it would all be over 
  • one way or another, MC would no longer suffer
  • He knew that by lying to Rika he was compromising his safety as well as Saeyoung’s
  • But he couldnt kill MC slowly
  • not with what RIka had made for her 
  • No. 
  • Instead, he made sure he gave her the medication she needed 
  • he made sure that Saeyoung would find the bread crumbs he left 
  • He expected Rika to pull something big for the finally so he made MC an antidote to what Rika had 
  • he didnt give it to her yet but he would have to leave it for Saeyoung to find if Paco didnt find a way of getting the vile out of his jacket before they got to MC
  • All he needed now was to find a way to make amends 
  • To MC and to everyone else 
  • but he would do that after he found a way to forgive himself and Saeyoung 
  • because if he didnt make him hate him; none of this would have happened 
  • and MC would have had treatment for this and have never been involved 
  • When would Saeyoung see how toxic both were to everyone else?
  • Especially to someone good and simplistic and perfectly normal like MC. 
  • Did Saeyoung even know?
  • Did his brother know how toxic both brothers were to everyone?
  • Like how toxic they were to one another.

genre -  angst

summary - facetime with jimin for the first time in a long time…inspired by the gif below…also loosely inspired by thief by ansel elgort 

a/n - no idea where this came from, but yeah it just happened..i kinda started thinking about this at 7:30am in math class after seeing this jimin gif on my dash lol + sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes, i suck sometimes sorry

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Do I Really Know You? (Jughead x Reader) *Part 4*

Prompt: Part 4?? Pls

I need a part 4 I refuse to let my heart be broken this way

I need to read a part 4! This is so good!!


Warnings: Details of Minor Character Death.


- Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 -

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Anonymous, baby (part 1)

Summary: dating websites, and late night skype vibes

Length: 2,511 words

Type: fluff for now I guess, later y’all kno im finna get nasty 

A/N: idk i lov suho so much….this is gonna be a wild series y’all wait on it

Originally posted by damnitsehun

“This is so dumb.” You mumbled to yourself, your eyes scanning up and down the profiles that had filled up your dash, and you sighed as you settled back into your chair and tried to remember why you decided to join in the first place.
You turned away, and picked up your phone, pulling open your messages as you clicked on a name, and began typing out all your frustrations.

To: Hyeri
Subject: This website fucking sucks
Delivered: 8:45 pm

Placing your phone down again, you sighed, unsure of what to do as your eyes began to scan through the profiles again, with much disinterest, before you heard your phone ding, and you scrolled back to your messages.

From: Hyeri
Subject: it takes time, and besides, you can’t be picky about how you meet dudes if you don’t ever fucking leave your house
Delivered: 8:47 pm

Deciding it was better to not argue with her, especially when you knew she was right, even if it was deep down, you puckered your lips out and began clicking on profiles again, more out of boredom than anything.

You didn’t know what you were looking for, any type, or if you wanted to even look at all. Hyeri’s efforts had been well intentioned, but with every message that came in you just felt more and more disheartened by being on there.
Jutting out your bottom lip, you pushed back on your computer chair, back hurting from being in an upright position for so long and looked at the clock, shaking your head when you discovered it wasn’t even nine yet, and stood up, your pajama bottoms rustling against the leather as you began to get ready to go to bed, interest gone for the night, before you heard a small ping from your computer again.

You frowned, afraid that if you checked it, you’d only be met with another offer of drinks and sex, before you shrugged your shoulders, you can’t be picky, you tutted sarcastically.

Clicking on the space bar, your laptop lit back up, causing you to grimace as your hands moved the mouse to open up the sites messaging app, your hands contorting along the key bar in an absent minded way as you clicked on the newest message.

“No picture, great pairing again.” You murmured, the lack of photos turning you off as you sighed again, but the message got the best of you, your curiosity pulling you forward.

You leaned in, trying to read the small words, ready to exit out again any second, but you found yourself reading without inhibition.

before you delete this, I know my lack of photos might be unappealing to you, since I’m not very keen on uploading any, and as much as i hate this site, and how ready I was to deactivate, your profile caught my eye, and I think you’re very…uh, beautiful. If you’d like, we can Skype sometime and you can see if you’d like to continue talking?

Until then,


You tilted your head. The outward chivalry in the message throwing you off compared to the other messages you had received. You looked over what you could see on his profile, 25, works in business, a Gemini. Staring at the message, you bit your lip, unsure of what to do. 

“You can’t be picky about how you meet dudes.” You giggled, quoting Hyeri for the 3rd time that night.

Placing your fingers on the keyboard again, you started to type, oddly allured at the anonymity of the message as you tried to sum up a response, your lips twitching as you typed along.

Hey there~ I don’t usually respond the profiles with no pictures, but I guess you got the best of my curiosity. I’d love to skype, only if you can pinky promise no funny business :-) lmao


You giggled again, oddly thrilled as you sent the message, unsure whether you were going anywhere with this. You went up to get some water, before the familiar ping went off and you skidded back, not even a few steps away.

“Eager.” You mumbled, still curious as to what was behind the screen as you clicked open the message tab again, surprised at what you found.

No funny business assured. I know it’s late for me and you too, but since it’s a Friday night, would you maybe like to skype now?

You screwed up your face in thought, unsure if you wanted to actually Skype right at this moment. He didn’t have a photo, but he didn’t sound so bad, and you really didn’t have anything better to do. It wasn’t even after 9:30. You nodded your head from side to side, trying to make up your mind before you bit at your lip as you began to type again.

We can try, as long as you have the time. ~

You waited for him to respond, before not too long later giving him your Skype name like he requested, he messaged you back asking if he could call you soon, and you couldn’t help but agree. Your heart was already beating a little too quickly than usual and your excitement was making you slightly jumpy.
You returned to your bathroom for a moment, trying to smooth down your hair and fix your pajama top, your lips rosy from the light Chapstick you had applied, and your leftover makeup from earlier keeping you looking decent as you nodded your head.

You had never done something like this, it felt like something big to you, and you stared at yourself in the mirror, trying to get your hands to stop sweating as you wiped them against your hands.  

But too soon, the skype tone began to play, and you swished your head backwards as you turned to scurry back to your bed, grappling onto your laptop as you jumped on the mattress, the little green accept button wavering as you got settled in quickly.

You didn’t have time to think thoroughly about what you’d do after you answered, before you clicked on the accept button, your screen going dark and the sounds disappearing as the opposite screen loaded. You cringed internally, nervous for what would appear. The sounds came to you first, the sounds of bed sheets moving and skin fluttering against them, before your eyes finally adjusted to the low light of the room on the screen, and a pair of equally curious eyes met with yours.

Your mouth dropped and you couldn’t really control it, and you cocked your head to the side as you watched him, your face suddenly feeling hot and under done as you watched him, trying to decipher if it was a real man on the other end of the screen.  

His hair was a soft brown, and it hung over his eyebrows in a straight fashion, and his eyes and nose and lips were in a perfectly symmetrical pattern. Rosy cheeks and slightly tinted lips smiled back at you, his shoulders broadly dressed in a plain white t shirt with a small emblem to the side, and you shook your head again as he watched you, a nervous hand of his coming to shoot up in a small wave as you tried to close your mouth and blink.

“Y/n?” He asked, you let out a soft squeak you hoped he couldn’t hear. Your name sounded like melted butter coming from his mouth, smooth and deep but still managing to be light somehow, his eyebrows were knitted as you stared blankly forward, and you shook your head, some of your bangs coming into your face as you glanced at yourself in the smaller camera, adjusting your appearance as you tried too respond to him.

“J-Joonmyeon?” Your voice was two octaves too high for your liking, and his head tilted to the side as he smiled something small, his pink lips curving in a way that made your hands start sweating, you had to make yourself focus.

“So you do have a voice as sweet as your picture.” He commented, his cheeks warming up as he watched you, and you swallowed gently, only a minute in and already over head for him.

His skin almost matched his lips as he brought his hand up to his hair, and you realized you had been watching him in some silence, you shook your head one last time, touching your hands to your lips as you began to talk.

“I’m sorry, you’re-you’re really handsome.” You blurted out, and now his cheeks definitely matched his lips, and you saw him lean down cheekily, his smile forming as he bowed slightly towards you, the sheets brushing against the mic again.

“Thank you, you’re very pretty, uh, too.” He mumbled back, his eyes switching between you and the keypad in what you took as shyness and you smiled, settling onto your bed as you tucked a piece of hair behind your ear.

“What a shame you didn’t have any pictures up.” You bumbled out, his eyes warm as he watched you, and he nodded his head, the feeling of his eyes on you making your stomach do a little flip as you sat in the ambiance of your apartment, windows closed and your pajama top clinging to you loosely.

“I can’t say the same, your pictures were adorable.” He smiled, and you smiled back at him, his infectious happiness getting the best of you as you leaned down, giggling into your thigh. You brought your head up again, and watched as he stared back at you, his fingers twiddling with the edge of his shirt in suspense.

“So Joonmyeon…” You started, watching as his head picked up and cocked to the side, his cute curiosity showing again as you leaned in towards the camera. His lips were calling your attention but you kept your eyes focused on his eyes, honey brown orbs that felt they blended into yours, and you weren’t sure how long you had just looked into them until he coughed a little bit, and you smiled besides yourself.

“Tell me a little about yourself.”

1:05 am

“Wait so, you’re expecting me to believe that you have troubles meeting the right girl?” You giggled, it was airy, a bit overused, but Joonmyeon didn’t seem to mind. You were on your stomach now, elbows propped up as the elder was sat on his side, his eyes in little lines as he laughed along with you, an odd, tired vibe washing over you both and the conversation.

He opened his mouth, trying to get out the right answer as you both fell silent.

“Well yeah, I mean you’re on the site too-”

“That’s different.” You frowned, interrupting him, and he cocked an eyebrow at you, a habit you had noticed only an hour into talking as he waited for you to finish, and you put your head onto the side of your hand.

“It’s just, you don’t seem like the type to have trouble meeting women.” You mumbled, playing with a stray hair as the clock ticked behind you, and you stared at you pink duvet covering the bed.

“You don’t seem like the type to have any trouble attracting men.” He responded back to you, his small smile keeping everything with a warm hue over it as his cheeks switched between colors.

You cocked your head, sugared up from his small compliments he would slip in now and there, never too forward, soft like his eyes.

“Maybe we’re just both tricked into thinking the other is hot.” You laughed, watching as he nodded his head matter of factly, bringing a hand up to his chin in a false pretense of thought.

“Probably, that’s what I was theorizing too.” He spoke softly, watching as you curved your lips in happiness again, and you both felt yourself erupt into a small fit of giggles as you fell over onto the side of your bed.

“Ow.” You mumbled playfully, watching the computer screen out the corner of your eye as Joonmyeon looked at you with a smirk, your body flat against the bed now as your lips puffed out from the pressure your hands were putting on it.

“Maybe you should sleep, before you roll off the bed or something.” He laughed, watching as your eyes struggled to stay open in your position, and you pulled up your head slightly, glaring at him a little bit.

“I’m not gonna roll off.”

“But what if you do? And hurt yourself?” He shot back, winking as you stated up at him groggily, and you pouted again.

“Joonmyeon one, y/n zero.”

“You didn’t even give me a chance to respond.” You protested, watching as he puffed his cheeks out playfully, and leaned against his wall again.

“Didn’t have too.” He laughed, and you furrowed your brows, nodding your head as you felt your leg almost hit the floor from how far you had slid.

“Maybe I do need to sleep.” You tutted, slightly upset as you watched Joonmyeons smile fade, his warm cheeks still present as he watched you.

“We have talked for a while.” He commented, checking the time on his phone as you rolled over again, and you nodded along with him.

“A little too long.” You teased, Joonmyeons head springing up as you stuck out your tongue, and you wondered when you’d gotten so comfortable with him in the span of 4 hours.

“Way too long.” He joked back, watching as you closed your eyes softly, and he cracked his neck to the side.

It was silent for a bit, your eyes closed as you tried to fight some of the tiredness off, and Joonmyeon’s eyes warm and open as he looked back at you through the screen.

“Tell you what, if you sleep now, we can skype tomorrow, what do you say?” He hummed, watching as your head was brought back up and your eyes opened in a small smile.

“I say, yes.” You felt gooey, and you didn’t want him to stare at you for much too long or you felt like you’d go too soft again.

“But you have to promise to get enough rest.” He held up a finger, and you giggled again, his conditions making your heart beat a little faster.

“I pinky promise.”

And with a “sweet dreams, beautiful.” from Joonmyeon to keep you warm, you drifted into sleep, forgetting to finish your text to Hyeri in thanks for making you join that dumb site, that didn’t seem so dumb now that you met Kim Joonmyeon. You wondered, as you snuggled deeper into the covers, if you’d have the same experience with him when you awoke in the morning, and as you completely began to drift to bed, you remembered his eyes, and knew you couldn’t feel any different about the anonymous boy, new and different, and warm, and then you were asleep. Dreams painted with the colors of his mouth and the blush of his cheeks as you slept throughout the night. 

Bleeding Love

Yixing X Reader

Genre: Idk tbh 

Words: 1.2K

A/n: Theres a part two dont worry 

Originally posted by parkchny

“I miss you.” I spoke to him as watched him fix his hair through the screen.

“I miss you too.” He said looking away from the mirror that was in front of him to glance at me for a moment.

I drew a long sigh as I saw his reaction as if it barely fazed him. He’s been on tour now for 3 months and we’ve barely had any communication due to scheduling issues. I watched helplessly in love with him as he combing a brush through his hair. He seemed to notice the silence that grew between us as he looked at me and gave me a smile.

My head rested on my hand as I sleepily looked at him. I sat on my bed with my laptop in front of me making use of a stand for my phone. I sat there in my pajamas, staring at the small screen. I glanced at the small clock that sat on the bedside table only to take note that it was 3:47 AM. I had stayed up waiting for his call since this was the only amount of free time he’s had in the past two days.

“Y/N, If you’re tired you can do to sleep love.” He spoke softly as he rested this head on top of his arm staring at me.

“I’m fine.” I lazily spoke back to him hoping my voice didn’t show how tired I actually was.

He stared at me through the screen bout to say something when loud noises seemed to fill the room he was in. He looked back and inwardly sighed as the commotion came closer. Baekhyun didn’t take long to pop out from behind Yixing and shout to the others I was on the Phone with him. They soon all crowded around the phone.

“I miss you Y/N!” Baekhyun and Chanyeol yelled into the phone together.

“I miss you guys too.” I said as I let out a small laugh at their excitement.

“Calm your tits save the energy for the performance.” Chen annoyedly said as he smacked the baekyeol couple on the head.

“Practice starts is 15 minutes guys.” Suho said as he walked into the room.

“Alright.” Lay called as he sighed again.

“I guess you should go.” I choked out not wanting him to leave knowing I wouldn’t see him for another few days.

“I probably should.” He looked at me sincerely as my 3am feelings started to pour out.

“Is Y/n crying? No we love you don’t cry.” Baekhyun’s voice was heard in the background.

“I love you.” I spoke as my voice was raspy as I couldn’t look up into the camera to face yixing’s eyes.

“I love you too baby girl.” He spoke as end hesitantly ended the call.

I got up to grab a tissue wiping my eyes of any excess tears that seemed to be running down my tears why my phone vibrated.


Hey baby I want you to remember that I love you and I don’t want you to be sad, I’ll be back soon. Goodnight, get some rest i’ll talk to you when I have chance.

You simply smiled and slipped in bed, emotions running through you that you seemed to ignore as you fell asleep.


“Y/N” You’re name was called as you looked at a tired looking Yixing.

His hair fell over his forehead as it was still wet seeing how he must of just gotten out of the shower. His shoulders were broad and clothless meaning he wasn’t wearing a shirt as he laid under the covers. His head was propped up on a pillow, as he held his phone in his hand.

“You look tired, why did you agree to facetime if you’re exhausted?” I questioned him.

“Because I miss you.” He spoke out as his eyes drooped.

“Do you ever think this wasn’t meant to work out?” I asked him making his eyes shoot open.

“What?” He said as he sat up in his bed.

“Don’t you get tired of it all? The long distance?” I questioned him.

Even though we sent ‘Good Morning’ and Good Night” texts every day the little communication, between us was torture. Three years of dating was mostly away from each other. I hated going out with friends and watching them with their boyfriends and me not being able to have Yixing around.

“Y/N no you can’t give up on us.” Yixing pleaded

“It was just a thought.” I trailed off feeling bad for bringing up the topic.

“Listen we gotta talk about this.” He said as Xiumin appeared in the corner keeping quiet as he just came out of the shower.

“Listen Yixing I have to go.” I said as I didn’t want to continue the conversation with Xiumin in the room.

“No we have to-”

“Good Night Yixing.” I spoke.

“I love you.” He whispered softly before I hung up.

“I love you too.” I whispered only realizing it was too late and he couldn’t hear me.


Can we talk about this tomorrow?


Yixing I said it was just a thought


Great we’ll discuss this tomorrow Goodnight love.

Prank Wars: Tom Holland x WOC

This is a continuation of Ouija Board and Sweet Revenge. Tom and Reader engage in a series of Prank Wars. Who will win? Idk tbh. Reader is still in London with Tom btw. 


You were getting ready to go out to dinner with the Hollands. “Y/N everyone is waiting on you.” Tom said peeking in the bathroom. “Perfection takes time.” You answered checking yourself out in the mirror. He rolled his eyes, “Well you are already perfect. Let’s go.”

“A few more minutes.” You said, trying to flat iron the piece of hair that never want s to behave. He left the bathroom figuring it was a perfect time for his plan. He took out the remote control and placed the small automated spider on the ground. He maneuvered it in the bathroom. 

You were paying no attention as you primped your face. You looked out of the corner of your eye and saw something move. You looked down on the floor and saw a big ass spider. “TOM!” You screamed jumping on the counter. “TOM! IT’S A SPIDER COME AND KILL IT!” You screamed as you held your knees. He ran in the bathroom, “What?”

“Get the spider!” You said pointing to it. He looked on the ground and smiled, “You mean this Spider?” He picked it up and threw it in your hair. You jumped off the counter in panic and shook your hair. “Get it out!” 

He was dying of laughter watching you, “Babe, it isn’t real.” He picked the spider out of your hair and showed you the remote control. “You piece of shit!” You slapped his arm. You looked back in the mirror,”My hair! It took me 20 minutes.”

“You look fine, let’s go.” He grabbed your hand and lead you out of the bathroom. You were brewing at dinner, Oh it’s on Spider-man.

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anonymous asked:

Supercat, 76!

76. i dont want to take those fucking sleeping pills

“Miss Grant, everything is prepared for take off. Was there anything you wanted before I put the luggage away?” Kara checks over her list for what is possibly the fortieth time in as many minutes and, when her boss says nothing, she glances up, worried. “Miss Grant?”

“Sit down before you give me a headache.”

Though Kara can’t see behind her sunglasses, she’s pretty sure that Cat is glaring at her. 

“Yes, Miss Grant, right away Miss—”

She stops talking when Cat sighs, and sits promptly on the seat opposite her boss. “I can sit somewhere else,” she offers when Cat says nothing.

“But then how would you flutter uselessly around me at every moment of the flight to make sure that I’m comfortable,” Cat pauses, flicks the page of her magazine over sharply, “thus ruining all my comfort?”

Kara stares down at her list at the last item — make sure plane flight is as comfortable as possible — and peers over at Cat, uncertain whether it was rhetorical or not. 

“I’m going to say this once. Sit and be quiet. Yes?”

“Yes, Miss Grant.”


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It’s Been the Best Six Years of Their Lives

Yay another mediocre 2009x2015 fic


A lot can happen in six years.

Six years can be a small childhood. Six years can be the entirety of training in Medical school to be a surgeon; saving the lives of millions of humans every day. Six years can fill up six page-to-a-day diaries with 2,190 pages documenting every thought, worry, feeling, event, memo, of every day in biro handwriting.

Everyone changes a little bit every day – but over the course of six years, seventy-two months, two thousand, one hundred and ninety days, six years can be the difference between Southampton University, and Manchester University. Six years can be the difference between a law degree and five million subscribers. Six years can see Reading, to Manchester, and back down to London, and six years can be the difference between two shy, giggly boys with matching haircuts drawing whiskers on their faces, and a worldwide tour and a book peaking the UK number one bestseller.

Six years ago, today, can mark the anniversary of something that not only changed the lives of two ordinary boys, but millions of others. They’ve inspired subscribers, kept people awake late at night giggling at a YouTube video when they have a test tomorrow morning at 8 a.m, are surrounded by millions of adoring fans, or just simply made someone, somewhere, smile today.

Six years means something different to everyone.

Six years, for two boys, can be an incredible journey.

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Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

Summary: Emily Howell-Lester overhears her dads having sex one night. She thinks her daddy had a nightmare, leading to a very awkward conversation in the morning. (Based on this prompt x)

Words: 1453

Genre: Fluff (I guess); Parent!Phan

Pairing: Phan

Warnings: A couple of swears here and there, mentions of sex, second hand embarrassment (if that’s a warning)

A/N: Idk I just had fun writing this. (The title sucks im sorry)

“Why are you still awake young lady?” Dan crossed his arms on his chest, once he realized that Emily was still sitting on the couch, watching some cartoon on the TV, when it was almost eleven pm, while Phil was still reading that stupid book his mom got him for his birthday. He had been reading that for a few days now, not taking his eyes off it and Dan was pissed off at the lack of attention.

“But dad, this is the last episode.” The six year old protested. Dan just sighed. Maybe she wasn’t their biological daughter but she was a lot like them. “I don’t want to miss it.”

“You can watch it tomorrow.” He said, kicking Phil with his leg so he can bring back his attention. But Phil didn’t move a muscle. “Phil!”

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so i found ’I know you steal my Wi-Fi to watch porn but it’s kind of hot idk’ AU on a list of AUs and i just think it's fucking brilliant (you don't have to write it ofc i just felt like sharing it with someone)

This was well timed, anon! It worked with some other smut I wanted to do, ie, oops, you found me snooping for porn on your laptop. So here we are.


It is genuinely an accident the first time.

Well, okay, scratch that. It depends on how far she goes back, and the definition of accident.

It isn’t really anything to start with. How it starts is that three days after she moves into her new apartment, someone knocks on her door and greets her with, “Uh, hi, so, this is awkward.”

“It wasn’t until you said that,” she says, amused. All she’s really done since she got the apartment is unpack and sleep, so she hasn’t met any of the neighbors, but she assumes he’s one of them. He’s not dressed in a uniform or a suit or anything, just wearing a gray tanktop and a pair of too-long flannel pajama pants, and it’s really too late for deliveries or outside business. He has messy black hair and glasses, black ink on both arms, not a lot, just a few words and images she can’t really examine in detail, but wants to. If he’s a neighbor, she thinks she’s going to like this building. “Now you made it weird.”

“My specialty,” he says, with a wry smile. “Uh, so–you’re the new wifi that showed up, right? Slythergriff?”

Clarke does not flush; she likes giving her shit silly names. She’s not ashamed. “Did you come over at nine o'clock at night to make fun of me about my wifi name? Because that is awkward.”

“Uh, no, I–” He huffs a laugh. “I’m trying to submit a paper and my net crapped out and I was hoping I could steal yours so I can get it sent off before midnight. Which I know is weird to ask someone I’ve literally never met–”

Clarke leans against the door frame, considering him. “Honestly, my number-one question is why me, yeah. Have you borrowed everyone else’s wifi and they won’t let you do it anymore? I’m not sure I should trust you.”

He laughs, which does some great things for his face. And his face doesn’t really need the help. “Yeah, uh, Mrs. Doyle lives next door to me, she doesn’t have the internet. I had to fix her computer once and tried to hook it up for her and she told me if she wanted pictures of strange men’s penises, she would buy pornographic magazines like God intended.”

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Don't Leave

TITLE: Don’t Leave

CHARACTER: Matt Murdock [Daredevil]

PROMPT: 3. “Please, don’t leave.”

WORD COUNT: idk im too lazy to transfer this to the writing program on my laptop to see how many words there are soz i’ll probably fix this later

NOTE: in which reya finds time to write a drabble at 12:41 AM while working on some science classwork and chatting with online pals. somebody requested number 50 on the request a prompt post and that’s writer’s preference so i chose number 3 bc it is easy and short

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Firsts (college!calum au) (01/??)

Turns out getting locked out of your dorm room on a Friday night, isn’t actually the worst thing in the world…

So i started this college!calum au thingy and idk how to feel about it so I’m just gonna let you guys decide for me might stick it on wattpad maybe idk yet


A rustle at the door caused Millie to look up from the paragraph she was reading, dropping her pen onto the desk as she pushed herself up from her chair, moving over to the door to find the corner of a sheet of paper poking out from underneath it. She frowned, pulling open her door and stepping out to pick up the paper, turning it over. She rolled her eyes the moment she saw the word ‘party’, turning back to step into her dorm only to be met with a closed door. She frowned, twisting at the doorknob, a groan falling from her lips when the door didn’t open.

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she hits like ecstasy

“Bellamy just wanted people to know, for the record, that going to a karaoke bar at 2am to belt out songs he had hated in college with a bunch of his sisters friends was not how he had planned to spend his night.”

Bellamy gets dragged along to karaoke night with his sisters coworkers… 90’s pop ensues. Pure fluff.

word count: 2082

A/N:  So my laptop is finally fixed so I can write again- yay! I know this season will be intense pain so I’m just trying to write all the fluffy au’s I can people. I just want my babies to be happy. Title from ‘Greek Tragedy’ by the Wombats. Bellamy POV! Because apparently that’s my forte when writing fluff? Idk.


Bellamy just wanted people to know, for the record, that going to a karaoke bar at 2am to belt out songs he had hated in college with a bunch of his sisters friends was not how he had planned to spend his night.

He had originally wanted to get of his shift at the museum, grab a six pack on the way home, and hang out on the couch with his roommate and his very grumpy cat while old episodes of Deep Space Nine played in the background. It was his favourite Friday tradition, and he had worked hard to get it to his particular standards.

But then Octavia had shown up.

He hadn’t seen his sister since she had gotten back from her holiday to Canada- she had been so caught up in getting back to work and hitting all her deadlines she didn’t have any spare time. Or so she said.

But here she was, 10 o’clock on a Friday night, standing on his doorstep dressed up to the nines.

“O?” He said, trying to hide a yawn behind his hand. “What are you doing here? I thought you had plans with your workmates?”

“Oh, I do. That’s why I’m here.” Octavia grinned up at him, and his brain finally clicked into place.

“No,” he said, backing away and shaking his head. “I have plans too, you know.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Octavia said, letting herself in and closing the door. “You do know being a nerd by yourself doesn’t actually count as plans, right?” She walked over to his bedroom and flung open his wardrobe doors, eyeing the contents with a critical look on her face. “God, would it kill you to iron something?”

“You can’t make me go out O,” Bellamy said, returning to his spot on the couch and patting a very pissed off looking Aristotle, who just curled himself into a ball after swiping at Bellamy a few times.

“I can and I will.” A pair of trousers and the one vaguely dressy shirt he owned came flying out of the room and hit the side of his head.

Octavia came out of the room, shoes in one hand, the other planted firmly on her hip. “Come on, put those on. I told Jasper we’d meet them at the bar at 10:30.”

And, because he’d always been a sucker for his baby sister, he did as she said.

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