idk i just found it cute :3

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OMG I JUST FOUND YOUR HERCULES AU AND I'M FANGIRLING SOOOO HARD! Hercules is all time my fav Disney and jgbsjgnvfljgnvfdln!! Your drawings are soooo cute and otayuri and don't mind me I'm just dyin here :"D


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Okay, this is kinda a weird question but I'm hoping you or anyone else who follows you might know: I kinda want Jacks beanie from his "come meet me video". It looks ultra soft and warm and it's really cute but I can't figure out the brand. I know awhile back people somehow managed to find Mark's grey cardigan so... IDK, it kinda a stupid inquiry I know. I just didn't know who to ask. (you can get a good look at the hat at 3:24).

my friend @jiminy-krispies found mark’s grey cardigan (here!)

but i’m afraid i have no idea where to find that beanie! 



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46, 50, 53, 59!!!


ask me more from here!

46. what my last text message says

“can u bring home cake plsplsplspls” lmao i sent this to my mom when she was at the store and she came back with tiramisu so blessed !

50. favourite picture of your idol

this is so hard bc i love my husband henry cavill so much but,,,,

:’)))) (i just found it and i thought it was cute idk lol + pics dont do him justice so i found a gif)

53. 5 things that make me happy

  1. henry cavill my husband 
  2. my family ofc
  3. my friends
  4. playchoices lmao lets be real
  5. sleep bc ap testing is a bitch lol

59. why i joined tumblr

alright,,, so i originally joined tumblr as a hss/hwu account, but then when that started dying i moved to a dceu account, BUT THENNN that never felt right so here i am sMaCK right in the middle of the playchoices fandom :’)) its been a long journey lemme tell u lmao

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Heya! Just popping in to say I found a tiny plain metal slinky under my sofa a few hours ago, & i havent put it down since! Its 3cm across & 3.5 height when coiled - its so small & cute!! Perfect for fiddling in 1 hand! Its plain metal, so patches of shine & discolour are actually very pleasing! & best of all, its something i can keep beside me on my desk & get only 1 question - super duper stealth!! (I just shrugged when asked where i found a slinky & that was that!) Love the blog!! 💜

(Small slinky anon again!) The tiny slinky is magnetic!!! Oh happy days!! The tumblr ask system is so rotten i’ll see if i can find the product on amazon, but idk if it would work? Maybe you could use this as a springboard for a slinky post…? 💜

(its slinky anon again!!) Sorry about the last ask - i meant as the post could be a springboard for the follower community to comment about slinkies!!! Not to demand you made a post or anything!! (Anyway,, you have a wonderful blog!! Keep up the fantastic work!!!) 💜             

Slinky anon, I have never, ever found a cool stim toy under my couch (just tissues and cat hair) so congratulations on your discovery. The stim gods are with you, it seems! Thank you so much for the compliment, both for my own sake and on behalf of the mod crew who are helping me so much. And it’s no worries! I’m happy to talk about slinkies at any time!

I may have just taken my purple metal slinky to the fridge to see if it is magnetic, but sadly, it isn’t.

I love slinkies and I adore my metal slinky. The feel, movement and sound it makes is absolutely divine - I really do love fidget toys that provide multiple sensory feedback, and the slinky does this so well.

Mini plastic slinkies are easy to find - just about every store with a party section will have them as party favours, with varying quality. This set of six for $2 AUD from K-Mart are pretty good - the plastic isn’t too thin and the slinky doesn’t get pushed out of shape. Or you can get fifty of them for $10.43 USD on Amazon, just in case you want to give them out to all your stimming friends!

Sadly, I don’t have a good experience myself with the mini metal slinkies I’ve found locally. I bought this slinky from Toyworld here in Australia (and saw this same slinky with identical packaging for sale at Sensory Oasis for Kids) and while it sounded and felt great, it left blue dye all over my hands and got so hopelessly tangled I threw it away. I don’t recommend buying these at all.

I found a listing on Amazon for 12 mini metal slinkies for $8.82 USD and $5.89 USD shipping to Australia, and an ebay listing from the US with 6 mini metal slinkies for $5.99 USD plus $5.99 USD shipping to Australia. (I’d expect folks shipping within the US to pay less shipping on both listings.) None of these slinkies are dyed, so they shouldn’t have the problems I did with the colour wearing onto your hands. I’d like to get one, because I really like the portability of the small slinkies, as you said, anon!

(A note on search terms: because “slinky” is the trademarked name, you might also wish to search for “spring” or “coil”.)

If anyone has any good sources for these stim toys of awesome, please comment away and I’ll add them to this post.

But thank you, anon, for sharing your discovery and your joy in your discovery with us. We love getting to talk about awesome toys!

- Mod K.A.

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I just found your blog and your art is amazing!!! I was thinking while looking at your Fairy Tail x Fairy Tales/ Disney art that if you were to do Nali, they'd be really cute as Ariel and Eric. It'd fit too hahaha uwu

I almost forgot about my Fairy Tail Disney crossovers! xD I spent a little longer on this one so that it was up there in quality with the other Disney ones. Idk, I just really wanted to practice water :3 Thanks for your request, I hope you like it!

DeviantArt link:

How Merle Dixon would react to Father Gabriel :

(Woooo more prompts! Awwww, this is cute :3 Idk why I made this cute XD But I just fell like they’d be BROS XD Now I wish this was real…Merle, i’m sorry you’re missing out 😢 Great…I ship them now…Anyways XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gifs not mine/found it on google/credits to the original owner.)

-The first time Merle would see him, all frightened from the walkers, he’d help the group kill the walkers around but laugh his ass off while at it

-As everyone would inspect and question Gabriel, Merle would still laugh at him and nonchalantly ask him as to what the hell was he thinking

-Merle suddenly getting suspicious after Gabriel makes an uncomfortable joke and him making a comment about it after Daryl had done the same

-Him slowly feeling just as uneasy as Rick but coming off as a joker while he sits down to talk to him and tries to figure his true intentions

-Him finding himself travelling along the road with Gabriel more often, as he is still quite a loner among the group, just to talk one on one about his worries and all but later dismissing them by making weird comments

-Him and Gabriel growing close in a strange way as he knows what it’s like to be an outcast among a group

-Merle punching Gabriel after he finds out about the stuff he had said about the group just to get it out of his system but later on accepting his mistake and helping Carl to train him with the guns

-Him actually impressing Gabriel by his knowledge of God and the Bible each time they’d talk about it

-Merle finishing Gabriel’s sentence as he passes by him when he quotes the Bible to someone and making him uncomfortable at first, only to later on finding it rather amazing and highfiving him each time he walks by

-Merle calling Gabriel, “Padre” because he has the need to give everyone a unique nickname and that one to him is perfect for some reason

-Him sometimes making Gabriel uncomfortable on purpose with his perverted remarks about how he hasn’t had sex in a long while and eyeing him like he’s a piece of meat just for laughs and for Gabriel to get nervous

-Merle feeling comforted when Gabriel tells him that he has a friend in him and that he’s thankful for his faith in him but not knowing how to react so he just awkwardly nods, making Gabriel pat his shoulder for affirmation

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2 & 3, btw i volunteer for kissing u in ir porch and chat

Oooo anon come over. It’s getting chilly so bring a comfy sweater.

2. have you ever found a writer who thinks just like you? if so, who?

Idk about just like me but @hypermania and I have similar opinions on a lot of stuff! @lisa-in-the-sky and I agree on everything smut-related lmao

3. list your fandoms and one character from each that you identify with.

Marvel- Steve Rogers
Voltron- Shiro (who’s basically Steve LBR)
Star Wars- Poe tbh cuz I am gay and cute and like to lend clothes to cute people I have crushes on.

KBTBB GIF - MC’s parents tell embarrassing stories about her

walkinghuntress​ Request:  I just found this blog and I love you!!! These head canons are GENIUS!!! Idk if I found them all, but I would like to request one about the KBTBB guys meeting the MCs parents and hearing a funny/embarrassing story from their childhood. If you don’t want, no pressure! :3

Aww thank you sooooo much sweetie, that means a lot to me! <3 I’m gonna do a quick headcannon/gif one for this, as I think it’s a really cute one :)


Ota and your mother seemed to bond over her telling him embarrassing stories about you. Both seemed absolutely amused at your embarrassment, with your mother continuing to tell him more and more stories. The two of them clinked their glasses together as you sank further in your seat, knowing you’d never hear the end of it later. 

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Baba just ate it up like candy, listening to your mom tell him embarrassing stories from your childhood. His smile beaming as he listened to her, telling her how adorable he thought you were, even more so now. When he saw you, he giggled, and you groaned, knowing he was still going to tease you about it later on. 

Originally posted by plumkat


His amused smirk lit up his face as your parents continued to tell him embarrassing stories, one after another, about you. He even let out a small chuckle, trying to remain polite and dignified while in front of your family. But the look he gave you, you knew he was going to give you such a hard time about it later. 

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Mamoru wasn’t able to contain his laughter as your father continued to tell him embarrassing stories about you. He just couldn’t help it. He and your father were practically rolling on the floor with laugther, your father patting Mamoru on the back as they laughed. Well, at least you thought, they were bonding over something. Even if it was at your expense. 

Originally posted by the-reactiongifs


He remained quiet as your mother and father told story after story about you as a child, mostly the embarrassing ones. Your face was completely flushed red, and you glanced up at Soryu. He looked back at you and raised an entertained eyebrow at you, smirking as you further reddened. 

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Winchester Brothers- Invisible Part 3

Ttile: Invisible Part 3

Pairings: Winchester brothers x reader

Word count:949

Request: Please make a part 3 for invisible!!!!

Request: Please make a part 3!!!!!

Request: *bows down to you* I just found you today and oh my… It’s very good. Idk how old the invisible sequel is but I feel like it needs an addition or two! That one really hit close to home. You should be honored to know that it’s the only piece of literature to ever make me tear up. :) superb job!

Links: Invisible , Invisible Part 2

How cute is Sammy’s face there though!!!! <3

“I don’t know how to explain it. I can’t make you understand” You whimpered, hands falling to your stomach as you desperately gripped at the soft flesh. You felt sick but all you could feel were the warm streaks of pain that flooded down your puffy cheeks. 

“ We are so sorry (y/n)” Sam croaked out, eyes watering. Your jaw locked tightly as you glared at the taller man. 

“I know” You sighed, head falling forward along with the locks that shielded them from seeing your vulnerable state. 


You picked at the whites of your nails, wincing when you went to deep. You stared off into your own world, ignoring the world. 

“Answers” You mumbled. 

“What?” Dean replied as he looked up from flicking the pages of a book he was pretending to read. Sam glanced up from the brightly lit laptop screen as he followed his brothers gaze, confusion merged on both of their faces, brows knitting together in full blown out confusion. 

“Answers. It’s all I want. I just want to know why you ignored me” You replied, voice laced with…. nothing. Completely numb as you continued to stare into the distance. 

You heard shuffling and soon hazel eyes were boring into yours. You snapped out of your daydream. You gazed into the greenish/brown depth of your older brother. 

Sam grabbed your hand as he looked at you with such pleading expressions. He was trying desperately to make you understand. 

“(Y/n), I swear to you, we didn’t do it on purpose. Dean and I would never do it if we knew we were. We can’t stress enough how sorry we are” Sam whispered swallowing thickly. 

You looked at Sam and could tell he was trying so desperately to coax your secrets out. 

“I forgive you” You whispered. Sam’s face lit up as Dean almost choked on his sandwich. 

“You do?” Dean choked. You nodded as you squeezed Sam’s hands. 

“You only get one chance, you blow this and there’s no getting me back” You warned. Sam smiled as he nodded frantically. 

“I swear, we won’t!” He grinned, yanking you into his warm embrace. 


You had gotten a little better but still refused to tell your brothers what had happened when you were on your own. But your relationship with your brothers got so much better. But your secrets remained hidden. 


“So we salt and burn the sucker than get out” You shrugged. Sam chuckled as his large hand came up to ruffle your hair. 

“Always so eager” Dean groaned rolling his dark forest green eyes. You rolled your too as you glared at your brother before moving out from under Sam’s large hand. 

“Let’s a go then” You smirked. Sam and Dean both got up, grabbing their jackets as they shook their head grinning at each other before following you out of the motel room. 


A small giggle fell from your parted lips as you jumped into another puddle, squealing when you felt the cold water splash your jeans. 

“(y/n), we’re going on a hunt. Don’t get wet!” He scolded. 

“Leave her alone Man, she’s having fun” Sam chuckled, nudging his older brother with his elbow. Dean grunted flashing Sam an annoyed look as he elbowed him back. 

“There’s no more now Dean” You laughed. Dean nodded as you squirmed in between your two brothers so you were in nestled in the middle, nice and safe, (And warm). 


’'See!” Dean growled, his hand coming up to wack his younger brother In his chest. Sam let an umph fall from his plump lips. 

“I’m Okay De” You protested but another sneeze made his give flash you his 'really’ look. 

“Well” Sam shrugged before scooping you off the floor so you were on his back  which ended in him making you squeal, your limbs flailing as you gripped your older brother for dear life. “We best get you in bed” Sam smirked. You giggled as you tightened your arms around his neck. 

“Wow. I can see things from your perspective now Sasquatch” You snickered. Sam rose a brow as he pretended to drop you. “Sorry! Sorry!” You yelped holding on tighter. 

“We’ll get on this case when you’re in bed” Dean chuckled as he patted your leg that hung over his brothers waist. “(y/n)?” He called. 

“And she’s out” Dean announced. Sam laughed as he felt your soft cheek pressed against the dip of his neck. 

“Out like a light” Sam added. 

“I can’t believe we ever ignored her Sammy. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier” Dean whispered. Sam nodded. He understood. He loved having a little sister and was in love with being an older brother. He felt like he could protect you and felt like he held responsibility. 

Both brothers loved teasing you and making sure you were in the bed farthest away from any harm. They loved tucking you in and saying goodnight. They just loved it in general and they couldn’t believe what they had been missing out on. 


“Goodnight little sister” Dean whispered as he leaned down pressing a genlte kiss to your forehead. Dean moved away as Sam finally got up from his position by the door frame and made his way over. His hand came up to push your locks out of your face as he copied his brothers actions. 

“Goodnight little sis’' 


Miles Kane - arguably the best dressed man in music (also please take note of how CUTE this pic is^^) anyways onwards!

1) Miles in suits! Here are some stellar examples; the blue suit, the patterned super snazzy one and a particularly gorgeous dark blue velvet one (probably an effort to impress Mr. Weller here xD)

2) Miles in loud/patterned shirts! Believe me there would’ve been more examples but sadly I can only make a post with 10 pictures?! I also included the “beard print” pic because I love it and because of these very fetching patterned jeans :)

3) Miles in leather! Gahhhhh idk I was just looking for leather jacket pics but found this and almost died! *insert colourful words of your choice* Miles in leather is 👌 also Miles in red is a gift to the world so here is this red leather jacket, alsoooooo this particular picture is especially lovely!

4) Miles in t-shirt! Whilst Miles in a full suit is frankly drool worthy, there is also this to think about, I absolutely love his casual t-shirt outfit :’) darling! (Plus this picture is a delightful bonus because he looks incredible)

5) I feel given my url I must talk of the white jeans, we all know that the best outfit is cheetah print undies, yay

arcticsynergy asked me: top five Miles Kane outfits


Y’all so this popped into my head just before I was heading off to bed. So enjoy. Haha. I thought it was both cute and funny! Idk, is this how lads talk about it to eachother? Bc I hope so.. - S x

Niall / Harry 

 Soo, did you end up getting any last night? ;)

What do you mean ‘did I end up’? She was all over me at the bar!

Mate, you were.. She wasn’t.


I did. Of course I did.

And she’s amazing.

I’m glad you’ve found someone who is as sexually needy as you. Ya animals !

Excuse me! Sex is great!

I heard ;)

Right. And you may want to buy yourself earplugs. Because morning sex is even greater.

Oh please no. 

Oh please yes. ;) 

At least try and not break the bed this time.

I can’t promise anything. ;) 

One Direction + Philly = YAS

One can’t be to sure as to why…but August 13th One Direction basically put on what i would like to think the most entertaining show of the tour thus far…in no particular order here are my reasons why.

1. Lets start with Harold’s hair shall we

It started out all nice and tucked away in this sweet innocent head wrap turban headscarf whatever you wanna call it..then

It ended up unleashing itself from the head wrap where it remained flowing free similar to my raging hormones for the rest of the concert 

2. Zayn did a thing… aside from looking like a damn god who was sent from heaven to grace the earth with his vocals and soft feathery eyelashes

3.While this was occurring we had Liam beatboxing…how does one go from beatboxing to giggling like a school girl? Idk but keep it up Liam.*cue mic flip every .3 seconds

4.Did i mention Harry wore the shirt…

yes this photo was necessary because that was the exact face i made when i found out he had this shirt on his body

Just kidding because this was my face because i actually started crying.

5. Everyone hugging Niall

Im actually offended by this because what about me

6. Liam tossing on a purple hat and singing some MJ

7.Harrys Hair

8.Louis Just being cute as shit like always 

Like did i say you were aloud to prance around with your perfect little ankles showing and jeans so tight on your thighs that some fans including myself were actually begging you to suffocate us with them?


no i did not say you could do this.

9.Harry decided he was going to become my spirit animal and throw a unicorn mask on his head.

also some cheese


11.Harry Styles MOther f-ing HAirrR

12.Liam decided, that he was going to be cute as fucking shit

And then Zayn Liam you are not going to be cute as fucking shit.


Olly short for Oliver because i fucking like that name it just fits well.

14. Zayn..just Zayn


15. Finally we spent the afternoon on Twitter wondering why this girl wore a wedding dress to the concert..some of you may have even laughed WELL YOU CAN GUESS WHO WAS FUCKING LAUGHING WHEN HARRY STYLES HIMSELF PROPOSED TO HER ON STAGE DURING THE CONCERT

Basically at this point i was being strapped to a gurney and rushed to the ER because my vision went blurry and then my life ended.

16. Last but not least…Lirry dancing oh my sweet jesus this was just wow.














Remind me again why I’m sitting here writing this post and not at the Concert in Philly tonight like i had planned….

Hope i didn’t leave anything out if i did be sure to set my ass straight and tell me 

“My sister has three kids and the middle kid, Miles, is very much like me. In the sense that he’s very particular about what he likes - more appropriately about what he doesn’t like. He says ‘I don’t like it.’ But he has the same speech impediment that I do, where the ‘l’s and the ‘r’s turn into ‘w’s. So he says ‘I don’t wike it.’ And I was around the kid every single day, and what I found was that that phrase somehow worked it’s way into my day to day vernacular. So I’m a 33 year old man and I say at least 4-5 times a day, just to myself, under my breath, ‘I don’t wike it!’”

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Okay, when I was asking my crush out I freaked out and said a bad pun. He found that incredibly cute and said yes. And now we're the first openly gay couple at our school. I just wanted to tell you cause idk, I just want to tell everyone this story

aw I’m happy <3

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The Ghostbuster girls all unapologetically eat lots and it's not always healthy food and that makes me so happy. I've struggled with body image issues and anorexic thoughts for a looong time (no worries, I'm getting help!) but seeing those girls of all shapes and sizes happily eat pizza and Chinese takeout and drink big pops and stuff but not be sad about it was so awesome bc I sort of took it as "look, don't feel bad about eating or being hungry!" and idk that was important for me to see! <3

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im literally crying im just so damn happy that this film is helping so many different ppl this is so important and im just rlly overjoyed that u found comfort in the film!!!!!!!

Seventeen: Written Reaction

Hi anon :) ~

Wonwoo:  I think Wonwoo would definitely be on the shy side. I don’t think he would be the one to start the conversation. It would definitely have to be the girl to initiate the conversation, and he would be giving short answers. He would be blushing a lot. He might be stuttering a few times too. He might wait a long while to let the girl know he liked her. He wouldn’t confess to her unless he knew for sure that she liked him back. If she did, then his confidence level would go up. He’ll start cracking jokes with her, he’d buy her flowers, maybe hold her hand while they were walking together. Once he was completely comfortable around her and he knew he could really trust her, he would ask her out and give her a small kiss on the cheek and a big hug.

The8: Minghao would be shy too, but less than Wonwoo would be. He would sit next to her a lot and make jokes just to hear her laugh and see her smile. He would definitely want to keep the atmosphere happy all the time so it wouldn’t turn awkward. But sometimes it did get awkward and that’s when he became more quiet. Once you two got to know each other more, there would be no awkward silences between you two. He might even try teaching her some basic Chinese if she didn’t already speak it. He would put his arm around your shoulder and he would like watching movies together a lot.

Seungkwan: Seungkwan is more of an outgoing person and I read somewhere that one of his biggest fears is getting no attention. After seeing that I think he would always try catching your attention and making you laugh and things like that. If he didn’t have your attention, then he would feel like you were losing interest in him.  Seungkwan would probably like singing songs that she liked around her, so she could sing along with him.  He wouldn’t really initiate any skinship unless he knew you had feelings for him. If they started dating, he would be all about skinship.

Vernon: Vernon is one that gives me an unsure feeling when it comes to girls. I feel like he could be flirty but then again be a little shy too. I guess he would flirt with her but be subtle with it. He would be nervous but he wouldn’t want to show it. I think he would be the type to want to impress you, whether it was by showing you some of his raps that he composed or show his skills in basket ball or something like that (idk lol). He might confess to you even if he were unsure of your feelings towards him. If you didn’t have any feelings towards him he would probably want to stay friends with you just he would be able to still see you but his feelings would eventually drift away. If you did like him back then he would ask you out on a date as soon as he found out. ( hopefully that makes him look cute and not desperate lmao )

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I had to put a gif of bae :’)

~Admin Dhalia<3