idk i just felt like drawing something like this

I’m doing a simple and pointless cutesy mostly happy series with baby elves and their parents/grandparents/cousins/siblings/someone (or on their own) and I’m going to spam you with them sorry ;u; For now I have 4 finished and 4 more to color. I might do more in the future \o/

En’s Pointless Cutesy mostly Happy Series [1/8]

Elladan and Elrohir with Celebrian

ART TIP: Keep a balance between digital and traditional art

because there are things traditional art will teach you that digital art won’t, and the same goes the other way

I was aiming for this to look like a variant cover or something? Idk i just felt like drawing Kate tbh shes the best

Late Night With Cry And Russ, 12 27-28 2014

Tbh I always draw during stream… Decided to finally share my doodles with ya’ll~! I’m likely to do stream doodles in this format from here on. 

  • Cry’s Disney: During L4D2, I wanted to draw so many things tbh but I mostly wanted to draw the witch so yeah lol
  • Mickey Cry: I just like drawing Cry really chubby and squishy.
  • Waiter!Snake: During that Drawing game… I remember them going on about where waiters keep the check books and stuff. Cry jokingly said “their cleavage” and Snake said something off of that. This was the result.
  • Doodle Master Cry: Again more drawing game~! I found this game adorable since they all tried so hard to draw what they got. Cry felt so proud of his last piece too with perspective haha~ then Russ and Ziegs are there messing with him.
  • Starry Sky With Cry: Idk. Felt like drawing a little something cute for Wind Down. I don’t always draw whats relevant during streams haha.

My friend Angie’s (i lost the link to your tumblr godammit talk to me) babe Melusine, who I just really felt like drawing. v_v Feeling really nostalgic like man, remember our babies? So I thought of Melusine in her combat suit? I like the idea of Gunther and Volsa leaving little notes and candies in her robot before she goes fighting. Its been 4 years but I still love them so so much. And Idk i’ve been feeling so sad today I had to draw something that makes me remember happy times.