idk i just felt like drawing something like this

ART TIP: Keep a balance between digital and traditional art

because there are things traditional art will teach you that digital art won’t, and the same goes the other way

I’m doing a simple and pointless cutesy mostly happy series with baby elves and their parents/grandparents/cousins/siblings/someone (or on their own) and I’m going to spam you with them sorry ;u; For now I have 4 finished and 4 more to color. I might do more in the future \o/

En’s Pointless Cutesy mostly Happy Series [1/8]

Elladan and Elrohir with Celebrian

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It's almost like watching a kid grow up but I remember when you started posting BBS art and wow, you've improved so much! Not only that but you developed an amazing style too, one that's really pleasing to the eye. It just makes me super happy to see how much you've done and how hard you've worked to draw how you do now. And I know I'm making an assumption by saying you worked hard, but I really think you have because hard work pays off and your art is definitely the fruit of that labor <3

I don’t know how.. ah.. thank you? I feel like that isn’t enough. Is it weird if I had tears in my eyes while I read this? Idk it felt like something hit me.. I’m just so happy and I feel more proud now than before just because of this message.

OK jokes aside i kinda wanna do a fnaf world related contest for these urls but i always felt bad holdin contests…like…i was thinking maybe you could write/draw something for your fav fnaf-world exclusive characters but idk if that’d be something people would participate in…plus there’s like. a lot of urls so there’d be a billion winners WHICH ISNT A BAD THING OFC but also what if there’s more urls than people who enter skjdhfjks idk if area name fnaf world urls would really be…sought after

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What do you think the Force looks like? because in fanfictions Vader for example is always described as a huge cold black sun in the Force, or having tendrils that curl around, idk, Luke? I wonder how force-sensitives feel/see this

well, i actually have thoughts about this!

i think that force presences aren’t something you notice with most people. they don’t have a specific feel to them, they don’t really draw attention, and you could easily ignore it. you wouldn’t really know what quinlan vos feels like in the force, you’d just know that he exists: like a blip on a radar machine. 

skywalkers break that radar machine. 

jedi were astounded when anakin would rush onto the battlefield, because it felt like there was a blinding sun in their peripheral; you would have to feel it. jedi thought of anakin as a legend because he felt like one, because he set the force aflame. when he turned to the dark side, that fire burned out, and only the cold was left - but it’s no less powerful, and no less commandeering.

kanan, ezra - they’d be floored to meet luke, because luke comes off exactly like anakin used to, if a little less fierce. and that’s the way leia - if trained - would feel, if a little more ferocious. skywalkers are different, and everyone who can feel the force knows it. 

Late Night With Cry And Russ, 12 27-28 2014

Tbh I always draw during stream… Decided to finally share my doodles with ya’ll~! I’m likely to do stream doodles in this format from here on. 

  • Cry’s Disney: During L4D2, I wanted to draw so many things tbh but I mostly wanted to draw the witch so yeah lol
  • Mickey Cry: I just like drawing Cry really chubby and squishy.
  • Waiter!Snake: During that Drawing game… I remember them going on about where waiters keep the check books and stuff. Cry jokingly said “their cleavage” and Snake said something off of that. This was the result.
  • Doodle Master Cry: Again more drawing game~! I found this game adorable since they all tried so hard to draw what they got. Cry felt so proud of his last piece too with perspective haha~ then Russ and Ziegs are there messing with him.
  • Starry Sky With Cry: Idk. Felt like drawing a little something cute for Wind Down. I don’t always draw whats relevant during streams haha.
assorted questions you probably havent been asked before (:
  • 1: do you have a shower routine? what is it?
  • 2: you can recover from one of your fears. which is it?
  • 3: what do you believe about the morality versus logic?
  • 4: what is more beautiful, something old or something new?
  • 5: if you couldgo back in time and work on one movie in any role, what would it be?
  • 6: do you like to think deeply about improbable situations?
  • 7: do you have a recurring dream? what is it?
  • 8: do you like to make plans or simply go with the flow?
  • 9: do you prefer series or a single book/film?
  • 10: what intimidates you?
  • 11: do you find yourself beautiful?
  • 12: how do you want to contribute to society ideally?
  • 13: how comfortable are you with having your picture taken?
  • 14: what personality trait do you find attractive?
  • 15: what is one movie you think is underappreciated?
  • 16: what do you think your hamartia is?
  • 17: what is that one name you automatically use for everything?
  • 18: would you rather be made to think or entertained?
  • 19: what frustrates you?
  • 20: what is one good thing that has happened to you this week?
  • 21: what food would you like to be able to make perfectly?
  • 22: do you think you could handle fame?
  • 23: do you believe people can "change"?
  • 24: what insults you?
  • 25: how does the color green make you feel?
  • 26: do you lie often?
  • 27: how do you organise your thoughts?
  • 28: what daily task do you have trouble with?
  • 29: what small insignificant thing are you extremely skilled at?
  • 30: do you find yourself planning your future?
  • 31: what song have you been listening to on replay lately?
  • 32: why do you think we need music?
  • 33: would you rather go to a theater or watch a film at home?
  • 34: do you think album art, cover art, movie posters are important?
  • 35: what do you think society glorifies but isn't really important?
  • 36: what do you wish was given more attention by everyone?
  • 37: if you could excel at one sport, what would it be?
  • 38: would you like to have a short but successful carreer?
  • 39: what changes people the most?
  • 40: when did you last smile, and why?
  • 41: are you ever violent, and if so what instigates it?
  • 42: are you comfotable making decisions?
  • 43: if you could live somewhere beautiful yet isolated, where would you go?
  • 44: do you like to take pictures, and of what?
  • 45: do you doodle, and if so what do you draw?
  • 46: what film/play/book last made you cry?
  • 47: are you comfortable displaying emotion around others?
  • 48: trust noone or give everyone the benefit of the doubt?
  • 49: how comfortable are you with interacting with strangers?
  • 50: were you ever in a science fair, and what was your experiment?
  • 51: what is the nicest little thing a person can do for you?

I was aiming for this to look like a variant cover or something? Idk i just felt like drawing Kate tbh shes the best


2010 | 2015

Well I was tidying up my room the other day and I found this drawing (apparently is Daniel Radcliffe) I drew him when I was like…12(? and It’s so embarrassing but I wanted to show you guys because well I’m surprised and obviously proud but also I just wanted to tell you that if you think you suck at drawing but you really love it then just keep doing it! when I saw my drawing the first thing on my mind was “What I was thinking? Why I decided keep on drawing?” and then I saw my actual sketchbook and idk I’ve just felt so emotional and well If I improve in that way then anybody can! (so inspirational) but yeah, please if you like something just don’t stop doing it! 

Sorry for the bad english