idk i just felt like drawing her


doodle dump yay

I really like Sabrina, but she needs more friends next season.

I applied to the miracuclass zine but i’ve never drawn any of the classmates so!! had to change that, and they’re really!! fun to draw ok!!

max and mylene are the cutest i need to draw them more often

I felt bad that my attitude to this OC had been coloured by someone stealing them to use for nsfw roleplay 😩 so I decided I should draw her again. I genuinely do like her, and she was designed by someone else just for me, so she feels a little special in that regard. Idk

It was also fun playing with expressions.

late night smol moria

idk just kinda felt like drawing her ~5-8 years old

i know nothing about children’s clothing so idk yellow frilly dress/shirt thing with shorts i guess?

my favorite part about this is how comically small her tail is considering how absolutely fucking huge it gets when she’s older


yeah she does not get much taller

Okay guys!! Meet my newest baby <3 Powder Blue Pearl ;w; I am in love with Blue Diamond and her Court?? Like what the fuck? Aesthetic goals hardcore.

I had!! To make a Pearl that was part of her court!! <:

Does she work for her? Maybe who knows, idk the way they talk about Pearls I always felt maybe they were disposable esp to Diamonds?? She might’ve worked for her in the past ;w;

also!! The baubles in her hair are just like little sparkly rose gold baubles and bluebells ;w;

[ @emeraldowl // . ]

✖ – | Lily always felt at home in forests. Not only did she feel like she maneuvered the environment with ease, but somehow… the hunger pangs she was prone to feeling seemed to dull. She wasn’t sure if it was just a matter of her own mentality or an actual effect on her devil fruit, but she knew she felt more at peace here.

Her sharp nose picked up the scent of a human which was a curious thing, considering most wouldn’t enter such a place. Intrigued, Lily headed in the direction of the person, her nimble movements almost completely silent.

When she landed on a branch above the woman, she took a minute to just observe what she was doing. The green-haired lady seemed to be working on something… “What are you drawing?” She asked, her gentle voice interrupting the forest’s serenity.

idk I just felt like drawing Jay as a mermaid and then I needed something for him to sit on and originally it was gonna be the side of a boat but I was too lazy and drew a rock instead and that’s the story of how I finally got myself to draw a freaking background for the first time

there’s no story behind the fact that I’ve also legit drawn relatively good hands for the first time though there’s also supposed to be fins on his back but you can’t really see his back so hahaha it doesn’t matter

“Yes, excellent.”

Okay so this was the only thing i was able to draw from the new ep… I tried to do something happy  and cute, but omg the episode was just kind of… Not as cute as it seems? It was good af! But i felt more freaked out than anything else. The only way for me to cope was to assume Pearl was heavily triggered into war-mode or something. I was thinking It almost seems like she has PTSD? She was seriously going through some heavy shit this episode.

Idk so this basically sums up all her emotions… in a really dark way lol

My part of a Art trade i’m doing with Honey bee @kveikjum!! Holy glob we hadn’t done any art for each other in so long its super nice to do a AT with her ;v; She asked for Anders from Dragon Age♡

I had so much fun drawing him >v< ///plus its fun drawing new things too! I hope you like it big bro♡

I downloaded this new art software (open canvas?) so I just felt like drawing Touka from this fanfic called Marionette by freshly-picked-pineapples in which Touka is a princess and Kaneki is a King. I’m sorry it’s so messy and idk I just imagine her with those clothes but ofc I’m wrong lmao because I don’t know which clothes she should wear OTL oh well, I love medieval AUs. Thank you for writting that fic, it’s really fun to read.

I should be studying and doing a million things, that’s why I’m on hiatus in the first place, but it’s 1:56 am and I just felt like drawing, because I have lost control of my life.