idk i just felt like doing this scene

honestly if the show insists on going down this dramatic route in regard to nygmobblepot, there better be an Extra Af scene that takes place after oswald’s been dethroned, and ed’s mocking oswald like, “I made you lose everything you love! now you know how I felt!!” and i want oswald to just scream in ed’s face, “I lost everything I loved the moment i lost you!!” and ed is just. stunned into silence bc that’s not the reaction he expected. like just give me dramatic overacting at this point.

later, when oswald saves ed from the hands of barbara, ed will wonder why oswald bothered to save him after he ruined everything for him. maybe he’ll ask. oswald won’t be able to say it’s because he still loves him. he walks away instead. maybe ed figures it out one day. maybe it’s too late anyway.

idk about u guys but that last scene with reina felt so familiar to me and i just realized its because its kinda like the beginning of s1 where kumiko can’t read reina at all and i am so scared for my life rn

you are my favorite “what if”

the title is from fourth of july by fob bc that’s today’s date. happy loud fireworks day to all of my fellow ‘muricans

I’m super sorry that there isn’t any smut in this!! It’s implied, but when I tried to actually write the smut scene, I felt like it distracted from the flow of the fic too much and I couldn’t transition properly and idk I just didn’t do it. However, if you guys are rlly thirsty, I feel guilty enough that I can write a lil part two to this fic that’s literally just the smut scene if you guys want. PLUS, my next oneshot is a smutty one so at least you guys’ll get that. Anyways, thank you to @bookworm003 for the prompt, I kind of got carried away writing this which I hope you don’t mind.

Word Count: 3556 (wowie)

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“This is stupid,” Nico proclaimed for the seventh time that day.

Piper elbowed him. “Stop saying that. This is important to Jason.”

“I just don’t understand why the one time he insisted I come to a game it had to be on the hottest day of the goddamn year.”

“Maybe if you wore less black it wouldn’t be as much of a problem.”

“My aesthetic isn’t the problem here, Piper.” Nico gazed out onto the baseball field, taking a big sip of his frozen lemonade. It did absolutely nothing to cool him down. The metal bleachers burned through his jeans― and yes he was wearing jeans and yes he was wishing that he wasn’t.

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Just finished watching Monster High Electrified

My thoughts:

Frankie and Twyla are a thing, like I ship it, first off lmao.
It was an adorable movie.
At one point when Frankie and Draculaura are walking out front of monster high all four other monsters that are in the background look like video game characters that like didn’t load right? Idk how to describe it.
Twyla was like a main component, while Silvi was literally like in four scenes? For some reason I felt like it would’ve been more centered on her?
There were several moments where I seriously thought Ghoulia was going to be reintroduced, and sadly I was very wrong. Especially one scene where they’re all in the salon and Lagoona is talking about “how do you say that’s what you get” in zombie and then looks off screen… I thought Ghoulia was gonna be there for some reason. Like just… Just bring her back already guys. Uhmmmm, the entire movie is amazing, znap was such a cutie and reminded me of pikachu. I really wish they’d bring back a lot of the old monster high student body. But, for a reboot better suited for kids which lets face it, is the main marketing point for Monster High in the first place it’s pretty much perfect and I look forward to watching again with my Nieces and I also look forward to many more movies and lines in the Monster High franchise.

i’d bleed for you.

A/N: I’m on a marathon of grey’s anatomy it’s been like idk probably two months now and the shooting episode came along and fuCK i got so many sasusaku feels at a few scenes and i just had to do it. i had to fucking write this.

Rating: T

Note: surgeon!au

He was not a man who ever felt afraid. He was confident, daring, audacious—sometimes, maybe even arrogant—but he was never doubtful, never anxious. Fear was something that only belonged to his past, to a scratched up eight year old boy with shaking, blood-soaked hands and salty wet cheeks, dark eyes wide and horror-struck as he tried to keep his father’s torn chest closed. Fear belonged to the child that wasn’t enough to save his dad, to keep him from bleeding out before the ambulance got to their car wreck.

Fear did not belong to a cardiothoracic surgeon, where the lives of too many rested on his hands, every hour of every day. There was no space for doubt when his choices were the only differences that would determine whether or not he was going to give life to a man and insure the permanence of a happy marriage, or lose the man to death and make his wife a widow.

(“Nerves of steel,” Naruto had told him, all too many times. “How do you even do that? How the hell do you never get nervous? And can you teach me?”

You don’t want to know, his mind whispered back.)

Sasuke Uchiha was not a man who ever felt afraid.

But right now, in this moment, as he watched a man of no older than fifty-seven years press his gun against the temple of the woman he loved, eager to push the trigger—he felt nothing short of terrified.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! Do you remember that almost inukag kissing scene after kikyos ashes were stolen? Do you think inuyasha was thinking about kikyo in that moment or was he actually looking at kagome? I switch back and forth all the time but it makes me kinda sad! It's after the spiderhead arc so inukag feels were pretty much established. I always felt like inuyasha was still caught up in kikyo feelings yes but kagome just recently cried for him so? Idk I need analysis help lol!

yeah, sadly he really was thinking of Kikyo at that moment :/ I’ve seen a fanmade timeline somewhere, and that moment happened only around a month after Inuyasha and Kagome met for the first time, so it’s no big surprise that Inuyasha was still heavy with feelings for Kikyo.

He already knew at that point that Kagome was her own person, because that was after he called her by her name and realized that she cared for him (during the spiderhead arc, like you said), but the news that Kikyo’s bones and ashes might be used to bring her back was hard for him to hear. How many of us will know what it feels like to start grieving someone, and then learning that they might be back? No one, probably. He was starting to become friend with Kagome, but her resemblance to Kikyo was still something that bothered him, and that’s why he was so torn. 

Tbh, I still believe that the true moment where Inuyasha realized that his feelings for Kagome were really distinct from his feelings for Kikyo was in chapter 72 when he said this: