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Sharpie Promises

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Raphael x Reader

Sharpie Promises

Note: I don’t know if I’ll publish this or not, but basically, I’m a ho for TMNT and soulmate AUs and I’ve never seen a TMNT Soulmate AU, so here you go. It’s the 2k14/2k16 turtles btw. Idk. I might do more of these if you guys like it.

Raphael wasn’t human. He had struggled with this, but had eventually come to terms with the fact. He didn’t have a soulmate and he wouldn’t ever find love. Not in a world full of humans. He tried to be all right with it. Keyword: tried.

It wasn’t until he was working out one day that he felt something cold and wet travelling across his left forearm. Just as quickly as it had started, it stopped. He removed his three-fingered hands from the weight he had been lifting and sat up to examine it.


Messy black letters written in Sharpie. His green eyes narrowed. What was this? He had never felt or seen anything like this. But there it was, plain as day on his arm. He stared at it, afraid that the words would disappear, but no. They stayed right where they were. And then soon after, more appeared from nowhere, as though a ghost was writing on his arm with an invisible marker.

So, it’s like three in the morning here and I don’t know if I’m doing this right, but um, hi.

A long pause. Raph stared in amazement, too shocked to say anything.

You’re probably asleep, aren’t you? Dammit. Well, um…bye, I guess.

He had never run so fast in his life.

“Woah, woah, watch it!” Donnie raised his arms as Raph pushed his chair away from his station and grabbed a Sharpie, pulling off the cap between his teeth and scrawling in the empty space on his arm.



Your heart raced as a response finally appeared.


Big, messy letters that you could tell had been written in a rush.

I’m here. Who are you? What’s happening?

You stared at the letters, the handwriting. Your stomach dropped, the nerves kicking in. This was it. This was your soulmate. You had no idea how this worked. No one did, but it worked, and that was all that mattered. A magical pen-pal from far away, probably. Why anyone would be up at this ungodly hour besides you was beyond you. But now you had to reply. You turned over your arm to write back.

I’m (Y/N). Your soulmate, I think. I don’t know…this is what everyone else does, but I’ve always been too shy to try.



Raph’s heart skipped a beat when the word was written on his arm. Soulmate. He had a soulmate. He actually had…Oh my God.

“Raph, are you crying?” Mikey asked, looking up at his older brother, whose eyes certainly looked a little misty.

“N-no. I just got dirt in my eye. Go away.” He sniffled and smiled.

“Whatcha doin’?” the youngest turtle looked over Raph’s shoulder and scanned a few words before he raised his arm far above Mikey’s head, but he had already seen it. Soulmate. “You…you have a soulmate?”

“I guess so.” Raph shrugged. By now, Donnie and Leo were paying attention to what was happening.

“You have a what?” Donnie’s head snapped around. He pulled down Raph’s arm to examine it. But there it was, plain as day. What the internet described as a ‘soulmate exchange’. “I didn’t think it was scientifically possible for you…for us to have…”

“Are you serious?” Leo came over to look.

“What do I look like? A freakin’ museum?” Raph snapped. “Now go away. I gotta write ‘er back.” The others gave him some space as he walked over to the couch and sat down, the tip of the Sharpie hovering over his green arm.

Soulmate, huh? Did think I had one of those. Name’s Raphael. Nice to meet ya.


What are you, a renaissance artist? Lol JK

Something like that.

So where are you from, Mr. Renaissance Artist?

New York, New York.

Seattle, Washington. Well, this might be a little complicated, huh?

Something like that…


You wrote to Raphael until the sun came up and then you crashed. You had thought it was a dream until you saw the words written there the next morning. You had a soulmate. His name was Raphael. He was from New York.

But at least he existed. It could be a lot worse.

It wasn’t until about noon, three o’clock there, that you wrote to him again, after having wiped your arm off to give you more room to write.

Good morning.

You wake up at noon?

Only when I’m up until sunrise talking to my soulmate.

Fair enough.

So how’s your day been?


Fair enough.


Leo, Donnie, and Mikey were all bunched behind Raphael to watch.

“Go away!”

“Dude, we just wanna watch.” Mikey whined.

“Go! Away!”

“All right, sheesh,” Donnie walked back to his lab, and Leo and Mikey reluctantly walked away.


He wrote.

What’cha wanna talk about?

I don’t know.

What’s it like in Seattle?

Rainy. What’s it like in New York?

Noisy. He replied, a smirk spreading across his scarred lips. How old are you?



Nice. How tall are you?

Like 6’5”-ish.

Holy shit! You’re gonna have to bend down to kiss me.

Kiss you. He was going to kiss you. Eventually. A new concept. Butterflies spread through his stomach, but he tried to play it off.

You a shorty?

Compared to you, yeah. Always had a thing, for tall guys, though. No worries. ;)

He smiled.

Got any hobbies? You asked.

Ninjitsu, bein’ a giant mutant turtle, etc…

Uh, I knit sometimes. And I work out. A lot.

Mr. Muscles the Knitting Renaissance Artist. You keep getting better and better.

So what do you do for fun, Shorty in Seattle?

Oh you know, read, write, spend ungodly amounts of time on the internet.

Sounds fun.

It is. So, anyways, I’ve been looking into New York travel recently (and by recently I mean right now immediately) for reasons, you know. Anyway, what area of New York should I travel to in…ten months when I go to college (that I’ve just applied to) there?


After a long day of talking to you and patrolling and trying to work out, Raph was exhausted. He laid in his top bunk, reading your ramble with a smile.

After replying, he knew it was time to go to sleep.

I’m wiped. I gotta sleep.

Oh, okay. Goodnight Raph.

Night, (nickname).

I love you.

His heart skipped a beat.

I love you too.

I can’t wait to meet you.

Already countin’ down the days, babe.

Me too.


Weeks later, you got an idea.

So, theoretically, if I were to Skype you, would you pick up?

I don’t have a Skype.

I want to hear your voice.

I can call you, if you want. I just don’t do video chats?


Because I’m a giant freaking mutant turtle and I don’t want my soulmate to hate and/or be afraid of me.

I want to see you for the first time in person.

All right then. Here’s my number.

You waited in bated breath for your phone to ring, and then suddenly it did. Your thumb hovered above the accept button. You felt like your whole body was trembling.

“Hey there.” You could hear the shaking in your voice. He chuckled, and already you loved the sound of his laugh.

“Hey yourself,”

“Oh my God, I love your voice.” You gushed.

“I love yours too, shorty.”

“Aaaaah! Your accent is so hot!”

“Heh, yeah.” He smiled.

“Ooh, are you talking to (Y/N)?” Mikey asked. “Can I say hi?”

“No, you can’t. Shoo.”

“Who’s that?” You asked.

“My little brother.” Mikey tried to reach up and grab Raph’s phone, but he squirmed away from him. “Mikey, go away!”


“Go away!”

“I wanna say hi to your girlfriend!!”

“Mikey, leave Raph alone.” Leo smirked from across the lair. The youngest brother left, deflated.

“Sorry ‘bout that. Where were we?”

“I was gushing over your very attractive voice, Mr. Muscles.”

“Ah. Right.” He tried not to blush and failed miserably. A slow smirk snuck across his lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too!”


“Did you get it yet?” Raph called you a few months before you were supposed to arrive. As the day approached, he got more and more anxious. You would be here in New York and he wouldn’t be able to skirt around the truth anymore. He was a giant turtle and you were a human girl. It wasn’t going to work out.

But nonetheless, he had sent you something. Something to remember him by if it didn’t work out, he supposed.

“It came in today! I haven’t opened it yet, though. I’m going to right now. Give me a sec, I’m gonna put you on speaker.”

“All right.” Raph listened as you set down your phone and put him on speaker. Then came the noise of you cutting the tape and opening the small cardboard box and sifting through the tissue paper.

“Oh my gosh! It’s amazing! I love it! You really made this?”

“I did.” He smirked. You held up the perfect little pendant. A polished wooden turtle that Raphael had carved himself. It hung from a simple twine string. You put it on immediately, tying the necklace around your neck. You let your fingers run over all of the intricate little grooves.

“I’m never taking it off, I hope you know that.”

“I’m flattered.” He chuckled. “I can’t wait to see how it looks on ya.”

“I can’t wait to see you.”

A nervous little laugh.

“Yeah. Pretty soon, now.”

“It couldn’t come soon enough.” You smiled warmly. “It’s late. I’m gonna get some sleep. Exams tomorrow and then I’m out of school for the summer. And then, only two months until I get to see you.”

“Well, you rest up, shorty. Get good grades. I don’t want ya to fail.”

“Good night. I love you.”

“I love ya too. Night.”

When he hung up, he stared at the ceiling. God, what was he gonna do?


You were full of jitters when you landed in New York two short months later. The time had crawled by so slow, but you passed the time. And now you were here, the center of the modern world.

“I’m here! I just landed! When do you want to meet up?”

“Um, how about you get settled? Go to your apartment or whatever. I’ll come over tonight.”

“Okay.” Your heart raced. “Okay. I’ll see you then. I’ll uh, get you the address once I find it.”

“Sounds like a plan. Stay safe. I’ll see ya tonight.”

“See you.” When you hung up, Raph started to pace through the lair.

“I’m going to see her tonight. Oh my God. She’s gonna find out I’m a giant turtle and she’s gonna hate me.”

“Statistically, after ten months of-”

“No more science bulllshit, Don! I’m a freak! She’s gonna run screamin’ and I’ll never see her again!”

“It’ll be fine, Raph. You’re over reacting. As usual.” Leo’s tone was cool, annoyed. “She loves you. We’d have to be blind not to see that.”

“I guess we’ll find out tonight, huh?” He slumped onto the couch, a deep dread setting in. Tonight was not going to be pretty. He knew it.


After you had unpacked and met your roommate, a very nice woman named April who had been searching for a roommate for some time now, you called Raph and gave him an address. He asked about how things were and so you told him about your roommate. He chuckled. Well, that might make things a little easier. He told you he wasn’t far and he would be over in a few.

“Who’s that?” April asked after you hung up.

“My soulmate. He’s the reason I moved here, actually. He’s coming here if that’s okay.”

“More than fine with me.” She smiled. “What’s his name?”

“Raphael.” You told her. Her face lit up in surprise. Now the turtle necklace she had complimented you on when you walked in made a whole lot of sense. She doubted that you knew why though.

So this was the (Y/N) he had talked about. His soulmate. Shorty from Seattle.

“Nice name.”

“I know, right?” Your phone buzzed. “Oh my God, it’s him.”

“Hey babe, come outside.” You stood there in confusion for a second. “Fire escape.”

“Oh, okay. I’ll be down in a sec.” You nodded, tucking the phone away. Your heart raced as you climbed out the window and down the metal fire escape to the alley below. There, in the shadows stood a very tall, very large silhouette.

“Hey there.” It was him. His voice. In person. “I uh, I need ya to promise me something, gorgeous.”


“Just…p-promise you won’t scream.”

“Why would I-?”


“I promise.” You stated certainly.

“I, uh, I ain’t exactly…normal.”

“I love you, Raph.”

“You won’t when you see me.” His voice was quiet as all of his insecurities came to the surface.

“Raphael,” You reached out for him, hand forward for a long few moments until his three-fingered green one met it, pressing against it like Tarzan and Jane. Something familiar and something foreign. You gasped quietly, but when he moved to pull away, you gripped one of his large fingers. “Please.”

He let out a long sigh, considering bolting then and there, but he gave in and took a few slow, heavy steps out of the dark to where you could see him. Your soulmate was a giant mutant turtle. He waited for the sting of rejection, for the tears of disappointment streaming down your cheeks, but they never came. Instead, you pulled his muscular arms around yourself, clinging to him as though this was your last chance. He held you tight against his plastron, his knees giving out in the wave of relief that washed over him. Raph buried his face in the crook of your neck, and you felt hot tears against your skin.

Thank you.” A broken whisper from his scarred lips. “Thank you.”

“I love you.” You kissed his cheek and then his forehead, and you lifted his face to look at the green face under the tattered red bandana.

“All ‘uh this don’t bug you?” He asked, tear-filled green eyes searching yours. “You don’t care that I’m a freak?”

“You’re not a freak, Raphael.” The feeling of your soft skin against his face drove him up the wall in the best possible way. “Not to me.”

“Are ya just sayin’ that because I’m your soulmate?”

“I mean it.” You locked eyes with him and he felt as though you were staring into his soul. His smile was the most gorgeous thing you had ever seen. Curiosity sparked behind your eyes as you examined every inch of him, taking him in. “What are you?”

There wasn’t hatred or fear in your voice, only awe.

“I’m a mutant. A turtle. Hence the uh-” he motioned to the necklace around your neck. “That.”

“I love turtles,” You whispered as you kissed his snout. You were so close. So close he could just about…

You closed the gap between you, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. He didn’t know how to respond, but followed his instincts and tried his hardest to kiss you back. His large hands held your hips and your small hands framed his jaw before moving to his shoulders, fingers gently searching the terrain of his shell.

When you finally pulled away from him, you looked at him for a long time.

“Hey do you wanna come up for pizza?” April called down from the apartment window.

“Yeah, sure April. Are the guys coming?”

“Just got off the phone with Leo. They’re on their way.”

“Wait, you two know eachother?” You asked. Raph smiled and shrugged, finally getting to his feet and taking you with him. God, he was so tall.

“We go way back.” April smiled. “I named him.”


“Long story. Come on, shorty.” He picked you up off of the ground as if you weighed nothing and carried you on his hip, your feet dangling a foot in the air. “’Bout time you met my brothers, huh?”


After you had met his brothers and enjoyed some celebratory pizza, the six of you had settled down to watch a movie. At the moment, Raph was spread out on the couch with you laying on top of him and a cozy red blanket draped over both of you. He nuzzled into your neck as your hands traced gentle circles on his plastron.

“I love you, Raphael.” You kissed his jaw. He hummed contentedly.

“I love you too, soulmate.” The word had never sounded so right.

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something just like this

for day 24 of @snowbaz-feda!!

length: 488

genre(s): fluff

triggers/warnings: none

simon proposes during a random walk in the park


Snow sees them first.

He tugs on my sleeve, and I slap his hand away. (The suit is new, and I don’t need him getting it dirty.) He tugs again, more insistently this time, and I finally give him my full attention.

I look up, and there’s an old couple standing next to a tree, snogging furiously. Simon sniggers and I flush. “Why are you watching them?” I hiss, “you’re being a bloody pervert!”

“Do you reckon they’ve been together a while?” he asks, sounding wistful.

I angle my body away from the couple and snort. “Why are you so obsessed with them? Do you think that’s going to be us someday?”


I bend down, and wait for Baz to turn around. The box is still back at the flat–I hadn’t planned to do this tonight–but I think the whole “down on one knee” thing will get the message across.

“Snow, what the fuck are you doing?”

“I want that,” I say, “I want to be your terrible husband.” For a moment Baz looks like he might cry, and then like he wants to attack. Or kiss me. I still haven’t quite figured out the difference between those two. But he’s definitely sneering now, only it seems gentler somehow. Like he’s trying not to giggle at the same time.

“I can’t believe you actually proposed like that,” Baz says, and he sounds exasperated and his voice is shaking and it’s making me nervous.

I shrug, and that seems to do something to Baz because he’s got tears running down his cheeks and he’s looking at me like I’m the sun.


If my 15-year-old self could see what was happening to me at 25, he’d probably think it was a trick. Some sort of spell to play with his mind, make him see his deepest fantasies. Because truthfully, I wanted this almost as much as the kisses and blood; those were just easier to imagine.

I crouch down in front of Simon, and take his face in my hands. My face is so close to his that he starts to go cross-eyed, like he’s refusing to shut them for even a second. I press my lips to his softly, trying to convey everything I’m feeling in this moment into one kiss.

He kisses me back and it’s so good, just like always. I’m vaguely aware of the fact that the couple from earlier is probably still doing the same thing not too far away, but then Simon does that thing with his chin, and I melt.

He breaks the kiss. “So, is that a yes?”

“Crowley, you really are thick,” I laugh. Snow frowns and shoves my arm. I use his moment of distraction as an opportunity to catch his chin with my finger and kiss him again, trying–and probably failing–to show him how I feel.

“Yes, Simon,” I say, “ Yes, I’ll be your terrible husband.”

guys I am so serious but I have no idea what just happened and I am having real, physical difficulty typing rn because my whole body is shaking? like, okay, so this thing flew over head that woke me up, I guess it just sounded like a regular aircraft but kind of low, and then there was this burning heavy pressure and it made the back of my eyelids go white (even though I was in a dark room with my eyes shut hang on of course I had my eyes shut oh well) but I am not making this up and it felt like I was, idk, being microwaved or fucking something and I was like ‘well this is how I die’ but it went but I felt…. just awful, after, and I still do but the main thing is my hands? are shaking so badly I cannot describe how much I am kinda of not okay

also this is like, 7:17am in the uk it just happened in like the last half hour? anyone else?

EDIT: okay so my friend on skype is an angel and talked to me about normal shit and now I have stopped shaking and feel better, I really hope it was aliens because dude that would be sweet but I’ll talk to my two-doctors-who-are-also-my-parents about it and see if I need to see an actual GP, sorry for wigging you out but I literally kinda felt like I was? dying? for a bit there. oops

Edit edit: sooo I might have had a seizure, going to see the doctor later today, whelp. Really sorry for scaring you but bloody hell I never want that again.

Birthday Dinner (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: I had an idea. Could you do Jughead x Reader where it’s jugs birthday and he wants to invite her over for dinner but he lives with Archie and Fred so he’s embarrassed and goes and asks for Fred’s permission if he can have his girlfriend over for his birthday and fill in the rest idk if I made this clear enough!

A/N: I changed the idea just a bit! SO glad I finally finished this. Hopefully you’ll still like it xx 


Birthday Dinner (Jughead x Reader)

It was Jug’s birthday on Friday.

You wanted to do something with him but he told you that Archie and his dad were going to throw him a dinner party/barbeque.

He felt bad but you assured him that you two could do something before or after his birthday.

You two have been secretly dating for the past three months so obviously you weren’t expecting to go.

Especially since you lived on the other side of town and went to a different school.

What you didn’t plan for was Jug to ask Fred Andrews if you could come.

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ART TIP: Keep a balance between digital and traditional art

because there are things traditional art will teach you that digital art won’t, and the same goes the other way

The signs on Halloween
  • Aries: telling scary stories to little children
  • Taurus: trying to watch all the halloween movies in one night
  • Gemini: recreating halloween make-up tutorials which turn out perfectly
  • Cancer: baking halloween themed goods
  • Leo: going trick or treating with friends
  • Virgo: rereading harry potter by the fireplace
  • Libra: going to the best halloween parties in town
  • Scorpio: going on a ghost hunting spree
  • Sagittarius: visiting haunted houses and not getting scared once
  • Capricorn: carving pumpkins like a pro
  • Aquarius: haunting the streets, scaring people with fake blood
  • Pisces: winning every apple bobbing contest

tbh the idea of porn is fine to me it’s more that our sex industry is so messed up that I don’t think there is a way to ethically consume porn. 

Like I mean you can reasearch porn actors and actresses and find the movies they say they enjoyed making and felt comfortable in but it’s still made and distributed by a company that was probably complacent or blatently forced another person into something they didn’t want to do and also promotes the objectification of women so it’s just like…ugh…

like I mean I wanna watch sexy people have sex I just wanna know everyone is on board with what is happening and we all like it and I don’t know if that is possible with porn right now


i think i may have some form of synesthesia ? like i’ve always associated certain colors with some words/concepts, and i also personify some things (like numbers mostly) and see them as having personalities and relationships. I always thought it was just something weird I did to stay entertained in math class as a kid but it turns out other people do this too. i always thought that you had to physically see or feel the colors, and since i’ve always felt them i never considered that i could actually have it. idk i’ll be doing more research but just wanted to share ~

chapter 4.

Mayday || Jinyoung

Originally posted by jackseunie

Reader (you) x Jinyoung

Word Count: 1857

Warnings: violence and suggestive (please read at your own risk)

note: and we’re back!! sorry for the really bad writing hehe~ i really hope you guys like this chapter and yeah… idk what else to say tbh… happy reading and take care! -admin

At this moment, I had three options. Run away like nothing happened, call the police, or do something to save Jinyoung. After all, he did save me last night at the party. But if I called the police, I’m pretty sure they’ll arrest Jinyoung since he was a con artist. And I could just walk away and leave Jinyoung to deal with his own matter. But somehow, I felt a pull coming from him. My heart lurched towards him and I worried about his life. What was this feeling?

“Hey, noona!” I heard a familiar voice call from behind me. I slightly turned my head back to see Yugyeom and Jenny walking towards me. But I focused myself on Jinyoung.

“(Y/N), let’s go before they start creating a scene.” Jenny said as she tugged on my arm, glancing at Jinyoung and the man who held the gun. People stopped and stared at Jinyoung and the man, slightly in shock. It seemed like the man was going to pull the trigger at any moment and I didn’t want to see that.

“Let’s go.” Jenny emphasized her words and she began pulling my body away. But I resisted and fought my way out of Jenny’s grip. I already knew what I was about to do was going to be a bad idea. I know Jinyoung told me to walk away but I refused to let him die in front of me. He was a good man and I saw it in his eyes.

I could see the terror starting to form in Jenny’s eyes as I started to walk towards Jinyoung. My hands already curled up in a fist, ready to fight. I took boxing classes in the past to keep myself fit and in shape while I modelled. And I wasn’t going to let those skills go.

“(Y/N)!” I heard Jenny yell as I ran up to the two men wearing black. But I ignored her calls and walked up to my first target. He wasn’t holding a gun so I thought it’d be best to take him down first. And with that, I kicked the man from behind and strangled him until he was brought to the ground. From my side view, I saw Jinyoung shot up from the ground and fought with the other man holding the gun.

I pinned the man on the ground and straddled him to keep him in place. Raising my fist in the air, I gave the man below me a good punch in the face before I was forcefully dragged off of him by another man. A strong arm strangled my neck, blocking the air paths and causing me to gasp for air. I did everything I can by clawing the arm of this man and kicking my way out. But there was no way I could win since I was locked tightly around the neck.

I felt a cold metal being pressed against my head as the man stopped his movements and held me tightly by the neck, facing Jinyoung’s bruised body on the ground. Jinyoung looked up at me with fear in his eyes. A sound like a click of a gun being loaded filled up my ears as I remained in the arms of the enemy. My heart started to race and I started to panic.

“Beautiful lady you have here, Jinyoung.” The man who held the gun on my head snickered. “She’ll serve great use at our place later on tonight.”

“If you fucking touch her,” Jinyoung yelled, standing up from the ground at full rage, “I will make sure you will not see the daylight tomorrow morning.”

“We’ll let her go if you come with us.” The man said, his grip tighten around my neck. I was breathing heavily with tears starting to form in my eyes. Yes, I was scared for my life but I was also scared for Jinyoung’s life. Would it be selfish that I wanted Jinyoung to turn himself in?

“Let her go and we’ll negotiate.” Jinyoung stated, trying to calm himself down in this situation.

“Then I guess we’ll be taking her home tonight.” The man chuckled. I tried to fight back and wiggled around the man’s arm, trying to escape this madness. But the man’s grip was too strong. I looked around us, watching people take out their phones to record this scene. Why aren’t they calling the police? Wasn’t that what phones were made for?

“Let go of my girl and I’ll turn myself in, I promise.” Jinyoung said, his arms raised high in the air as he surrendered to the men. Soon, the cold metal from my head disappeared and the grip of the arm around my neck started to loosen up. I took a big gasp of air and fell to the ground, my vision starting to blur. At this point, I was starting to lose my conscious from the lack of air. The last thing I remembered was Jinyoung’s loud voice cursing and a sound of a gun going off before I blacked out.


I woke up slowly, every thought in high definition. My eyes took in every aspect of the illuminated modern room and without a doubt I knew I’ve slept too long. I noticed that I was dressed in the soft fabric of a white button up shirt without any pants on. Suddenly, I sat up on the bed and tried to think of whereabouts I am. A house room that was fairly big and up to date with the modern style. Something a person who earned a lot of money could afford.

“Two days.” I heard a voice say. I turned my attention towards the door and came into eye contact with Jinyoung’s handsome face.

“That’s how long I was out for?” I croaked out, my throat suddenly starting to feel dry. Jinyoung nodded his head and came in, holding a glass of water, handing it to me as he sat down on the bed next to me. I took a big gulp of water and handed the glass back to him as I laid back down in bed.

“I told you to walk away. Why didn’t you lis-”

“I wanted to help you.” I interrupted him. “I couldn’t just let you die.”

“I had backup coming and I could’ve handled the situation myself. Helping me isn’t a good enough reason why you came and interfered with my business. So I’m going to ask you again, why didn’t you walk away?” Jinyoung asked as he looked at me straight in the eye. I bit my lips and started to think of an answer. Why did I help him? Was it because I couldn’t bare to see him helpless like that? Or was it because I caught feelings for him? I couldn’t tell him I had the urge to look after him and save him because I was worried for his life. It would sound like I’ve fallen in love with him.

“Because…” I started to say, opening my mouth to answer his question but I couldn’t bring myself to finish my sentence. It was a simple question I couldn’t answer because I was afraid that I would fall for him. And strangely enough, my heart started to race just the thought of being in love with him. What was this feeling?

Jinyoung chuckled under his breath as he watched me struggle to answer his question. He leaned down and brought his hand up to my face, brushing a strand of hair to the side. I looked up at him and examined his features. Sharp jawline, plump lips, and jet black hair swept to the side. He was like a prince but it was obvious that he was more of a bad boy then a gentleman. But somehow I felt attracted towards him.

“Tell me why you didn’t walk away.” Jinyoung demanded for an answer as his hand caressed my face, forcing me to look up at him.

“Because you’re a good man.” I breathed out as my cheeks started to rise in color. “I can see it in you but you’re just not showing it. You do all these things as a con artist. Scam people and trick people into believing you. But I know you can do better than that.”

Jinyoung looked at me in shock. It was like those words were never spoken to him by his mother or his friends. And I wasn’t lying when I told him he was a good man. He protected me from a creepy man at the party, told me to go away since he didn’t want to drag me into his mess, and stood up for himself. And when I think about his actions, it made my heart flutter. It was for all the protection of me and the people who he loved. And what have I done for him? Absolutely nothing but caused him trouble.

I propped myself up on bed and took Jinyoung’s shocked face. I ran my thumb over a faint bruise on his face and leaned in so that our lips were merely touching. I wanted to do something for him since he had saved me two times. Would kissing him be that something? Or at least it would show my appreciation.

But at this moment I didn’t even think that I would kiss him because he saved me. I wanted to kiss him because I had feelings for him, and I would admit to that. Even though I reminded myself to not fall for a bad boy, here I am, falling for one.

However, before I could sort out my feelings, he pulled me to him and covered my mouth with his in a hungry kiss. As our lips crushed together, I felt like I was walking on air. It was magic, the way Jinyoung’s lips connected with mine. His mouth was so warm, the caress of his lips softer than I could have imagined and I opened my mouth with a low moan. Jinyoung took this opportunity to slip his tongue in my mouth while his hands pushed me back down on bed.

Breaking away from the hot kiss, Jinyoung hovered above me with full lust in his eyes and flashed me a smirk, “I’d have to admit you did look hot while fighting those men.”

“Shut up and kiss me.” I growled at him, pulling his face down to meet with my lips again. I could feel a smile forming on his face. He broke away again to take off his shirt, revealing the toned abs and beautiful body of his. I started to feel my cheeks rise in color as Jinyoung smirked at me, completely satisfied with my reaction. Soon, Jinyoung’s hands started to slowly unbutton my shirt, his hands caressing my breasts and massaging it slightly. I let out a soft moan and arched my back from the pleasure Jinyoung’s hands were giving me.

“Relax baby,” Jinyoung whispered in my ear as his hands made their way down my inner thighs, “Let me show you how thankful I am for your help.”

Honestly, one of the things that I hate most is having to see things like “ENGLISH PLEASE I DON’T UNDERSTAND :(” or “I don’t know what you’re saying but I agree” or “HAHAHAHAHAHA” or “COME TO____” whenever members of bts (or any kpop group for that matter) posts something in Korean.

I remember when Yoongi fell ill and couldn’t perform at the HYYH concert in Kobe. Shortly afterwards, he tweeted a long sequence of messages about how he couldn’t sleep because he felt so guilty, how he used his vacation time to try to experience what the fans felt on that day, and how sorry he was to armys.   Half of the responses were things like “eng pls idk what you’re saying” and it’s just??? Do you think he has a google translate app installed in his brain or something??? It doesn’t work like that?? How can you expect someone to be able to talk about their emotions, their guilt and most suffocating thoughts in a language that they don’t even know how to speak in? It’s so unbelievably rude of you to be so lazy as to not even take the time to idk search for translations before putting your fingers on the keyboard. Yoongi was talking about something that had burdened him for a long time and was opening up to us and you just ignored it completely. Like okay, how would you feel if, say, you were going on a tangent about your stress and how hard your week was and I just barged in and yelled “KOREAN PLEASE I DON’T KNOW ENGLISH” ????? Would you be able to convey your same exact thoughts, your same exact spectrum of feelings in Korean? No, right? You’re too lazy to even attempt to look for translations, so how can I expect you to know Korean. And me just barging in on you, asking for something as unreasonable as speaking in a language you don’t know how to speak puts you in a bad mood right? It makes you feel dumb and frustrated right? How about if I were to barge in and just say “HAHAHAHAHA WHAT A FUNNY JOKE” It makes you angry, right? How I just completely ignored you talking about how stressed you were?

So stop doing the same thing to idols.

It’s honestly not that hard to wait for translations to come out before you say anything. 

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Hello! :D I really love your writing and was wondering if you would be willing to write something for Ochako/Katsuki! It can be about anything lol idk why but I ship them a lot and would love to read a fic about them :')

I’ve never written these two before so I hope it’s okay! I actually used inspiration from my most recent Kung Fu class for this one. I really like that Ochako studied martial arts. 

;Just Passing By

‘What the hell are you doing in here?’

Ochako glanced up from the enormous plush toy on the ground. Releasing its arm, she felt a tingle of warmth rise up the back of her neck. It wasn’t quite the same as practicing on people, but it enabled her to prepare her stances for future training. That and, well, Deku had disappeared somewhere with All Might, leaving her temporarily alone. Getting caught in the act was, to put it lightly, a little embarrassing on her part. Getting caught by Katsuki, however, was strikingly humiliating.

Katsuki’s red eyes pierced hers from the doorway. Ochako averted her gaze and distracted herself with the bear, propping it up against her bedroom wall. 

‘You’re back already?’ she asked, hoping to deflect the topic. ‘What are you doing?’  

‘Just passin’ by,’ he said, dismissing her question with the flick of his wrist. ‘I’m already pretty strong,’ he bragged. ‘No need to go nuts with training my quirk. Which, incidentally, is what you’re supposed to be doing.’

Ochako chewed her bottom lip thoughtfully. ‘At the moment my quirk isn’t without its drawbacks,’ she explained. ‘In order to avoid fainting, or becoming too nauseous to stand, I…’ Thoughts of their fight flickered through her mind. If only she’d had the strength to stand up back then. Maybe… ‘Well, that is, I’m hoping to get stronger with and without my quirk, just in case there comes a time where I can’t use it.’

Katsuki seemed to consider her for a moment. His eyes were somewhere far away. His brows knit together as his gaze sharpened and fixed pointedly on her face. 

‘You’ll never beat me if you don’t get over your shitty drawbacks,’ he muttered, leaning against the door frame.

The dorms were noticeably quiet. Ochako wondered if the others were still in the common room, or if they’d gone off to work on their own techniques for the upcoming exam. 

‘I’ll prove it, then,’ she said. ‘I’ll beat you without using my quirk!’

Katsuki’s eyes flared with a hint of excitement. ‘Oh, yeah? Don’t think I’ll go easy on you because you’re a girl.’

Ochako swallowed the lump in her throat. ‘T-then, let’s do this!’

‘Right here?’ He raised a brow skeptically. ‘Well, it’s your funeral. It ain’t like I’m the one who’ll have to clean this mess up.’

As he stepped forward to approach her, Ochako swung her leg out, taking Katsuki off guard. He tumbled over her in surprise and landed somewhat dramatically on the plush bear in the middle of the room. His eyes flicked up to hers in surprise.

‘Rule number one,’ she started, flashing him a wide grin, ‘never let your guard down.’

Katsuki made a rude noise. ‘I let you get that one in. Don’t get your hopes up.’

The two went at it for a while, swinging back and forth, Katsuki landing more blows than she’d like to admit. 

Tolerate it, she told herself. Learn to deal with the pain and keep pushing forward.

A swing to her left side sent her reeling back against the wall, where she caught herself on the edge of her desk. 

‘You’re going easy on me,’ she breathed.

‘I already missed classes because of my fight with Deku,’ he told her. ‘I’m not stupid enough to cause trouble right before an exam.’

Ochako stared at him in disbelief, but that sensation was shattered as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him. Flicking her hand up, she latched onto his wrist and twisted his arm elbow-up before grabbing onto his thumb with her free hand. Then, tucking his hand into his armpit, she stepped behind him and slide her free hand around his neck, where she pressed two fingertips under his jaw, forcing his head back. She knew from experience how much it hurt to be restrained like this. 

‘The only way to get out of this move is to break your own arm,’ she said. ‘I think I–’ 

To Ochako’s surprise, Katsuki started to writhe in her grasp. ‘Even if you have to break every bone in your body,’ he grunted, ‘a hero does what he has to to survive!’

‘Stop it!’ she warned, releasing his arm in one fluid motion. ‘You can’t afford to injure yourself right before the exam.’

‘What do you care?’ he snapped, growing noticeably irritable at the realisation that he might just have lost to Ochako. ‘What? You got some sorta vendetta after I beat your ass in the–’

‘No,’ she interrupted. ‘I admire you, Katsuki!’

Katsuki flinched. ‘Oi! Who said you could call me–’

‘Deku calls you by name all the time,’ Ochako explained. ‘I just thought…’ 

‘Don’t,’ he snapped. 

Ochako dropped her gaze to the floor. ‘Maybe I’m not ready to become a hero. I don’t have your resolve. I don’t have Deku’s spirit. I’m just…’

‘What’re you talking about?’ Katsuki rubbed the thumb she’d taken hostage and fixed her with an icy stare. ‘You trying to insult me?’

‘Insult you? No, I–’

‘You think I’d pick a fight with just any shitty student at this school? Most of those bastards aren’t fit to lick my boots. They’re sure as hell not worthy of being my enemy.’

‘I-I’m your enemy?’

Katsuki shuffled across the room and paused to look back at her from the doorway. ‘You better win your fight, Ochako,’ he stressed. ‘Or you an’ me will never have a rematch.’

Ochako’s heart fluttered in her chest. She watched his back as he entered the hall, noticing for the first time how large it was and how strong he looked in the sunlight that streamed in through nearby windows. She could hear him muttering as he walked away. After a moment he seemed to turn back on himself, wandering past her doorway to give her one final glare, and headed in the opposite direction. That’s right…Katsuki’s room was on the other side of the floor, and the farthest away from hers. Come to think of it, he’d appeared from the direction of Mina’s room, hadn’t he? But Mina wasn’t at the dorms right now. So, then…

What was he doing on her side of the floor?

So last night, I had a dream where I was Danny basically, with ghost powers and all, and I had friends with me, I remember, and idk, we were running from something or other, and I remember just being able to fly and just turn invisible and intangible whenever I wanted, so i could just go through things, while the friends behind me had to like, climb over things or walk around them and whatnot

And I got thinking about it later today, about how good it just felt to be able to do things like that, that normal humans couldn’t and whatnot, and just

What if Danny ever thought that? Just felt so good about it, that man, he’s superior to other humans and whatnot, that he can do things that they can’t, and just- Maybe it’s crossed his mind like once or something, and freaks himself out because he doesn’t want his power to take him over like it has with Vlad, but maybe secretly revels in the fact that he can do that kind of stuff, but never tells his friends that he’s ever even thought he was better than them.

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So cute that your husband watches you paint and knows what "shipping" is! My husband always wants to know what I'm reading and I think he just wants to know the smutty details, as if all I read is porn or something. It's always nice to have supportive partners when it comes to your hobbies. Idk why I felt the need to say anything at all, but keep doing you because you're amazing! :3

It really is adorable. He doesn’t understand my obsession but supports it because it makes me happy. We were just watching TFA (3rd-4th time for him, 150th for me probably) and Finn comes on screen and he goes “There’s your Boo #1” and then Rey shows up and “Boo #2!” and then Kylo much later and he’s like “And there’s the boyfriend.” ahahaha. He’s always encouraging me to write, too, despite fully knowing it’s fanfic even if he hasn’t read a word of it. I think partners that encourage your hobbies are the True Keepers tbh. 

And thank you, you sweet darling you. 

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Love your blogs! sorry if you've answered this before, but how do you feel about nonJewish actors playing Jewish characters? Is that whitewashing?

Well a lot of jews are white, myself included (though there most certainly are jewish PoCs and frankly that deserves more attention in and of itself). So I guess it’s more like…goywashing?

But honestly, my own opinions on this aren’t exactly shvartz un vice. Also I’m just speaking for me, not *THE JEWS* because, well, no one can do that.

I don’t…really…care.

Don’t get me wrong: I do happen to think that jewish actors have the potential to bring more authenticity or, idk something, to a jewish role—to tap into this empathetic and deeply felt understanding. Sort of like how I’m a firm believer that Seychelle Gabriel’s intersectionality mattered very much in how genuine her performance as Asami felt, particularly in the scenes involving her screaming at the police.

But at the same time, shit’s complicated. For one, it is outright illegal to discriminate actors in hiring practices based on race, ethnicity, culture, religion, sexuality, and so on. Casting calls can’t ever be for someone “white” specifically, but can say “white features” for this reason. Yes, casting directors can do their homework on someone and they can’t stop someone from volunteering this info, but that whole process and the ethics are muddy too. Are casting directors going to be looking for actors with a certain kind of schnoz or a last name ending in “ein”, “berg”, and “baum”? That’s…not troubling at all. (Also, selfishly, I’d get screened out in a second.)

Secondly, I don’t give two salted figs that Courtney Cox played Monica Geller. Yeah, she looks about as jewish as an Easter bunny, but what I cared about was that her jewishness affected her scripting officially zero times. Ross was allowed to evince a certain jewishness in his mannerisms (though I’d argue they were very underplayed from what they could have been too) and had that one weird episode where he tried to teach his son about Hanukkah, but Monica just…had her Christmas tree and never once had a discussion about raising a kid with Chandler Bing and what that would mean in terms of identity. Don’t get me started on Rachel being obviously jewish, either.

I think what my point is, is that it’s the *writing* of jewish characters I care about more than anything. And I don’t think you have to be a jew to write jewish characters well; you just have to be willing to do your damned homework. Fuck, Marguerite Bennett is knocking this out of the park with Batwoman right now, and her scripting of Bombshells helped me through an identity crisis. In terms of acting/portrayal, it never once mattered to me that Grandma Minka was voiced by a goy—it mattered that she spoke Yiddish with the *right* inflection (kinda hard to describe) and was preoccupied with the spotty wine glasses when she was futzing around getting her seder ready.

I just want jewish characters to feel authentically jewish, in the same way I want queer characters to feel authentically queer. Acting and directing of course contributes to this, but it’s almost always the writing that it all comes back to.