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do something strange

Title: Do Something Strange (Hourglass Pt. II)
Pairing: Josh/Reader/Tyler
Rating: Very Mature
Warnings: Threesome, daddy kink, dirty talk, name calling, anal, very very slight slash (idk not really but kinda, I’m just saying in case), jealousy, lap dances, all kinds of good stuff.
A/N: Here’s part two of Hourglass, I know you guys have been waiting for it. I hope you enjoy it because I tried to make it raunchier than the last one. I’m so nervous about this one like???? idkI hope it’s awesome

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most draco days
  • Draco: *pissed off* Harry Potter can go suck my fucking dick
  • Person: but doesn't he already
  • Draco: you shut the hell up
BTS Reaction to You Imitating Their Choreo

Request: hey love <3 can i request a BTS reaction to their girlfriend imitating them in the BST mv (dance) but doing an awful job just to make him annoyed? 💓 (idk if that makes sense 😅😂) thank you & have a nice day

A/N: Lmao even if I tried dancing nicely I bet it would come out horrible. Enjoy this reaction!

- Admin Kiwi


He’d just stand there half amused, and half horrified as you continued to dance out the monstrosity. He’d already be pretty used to Jungkook and the other troublemakers making fun of his dancing as well so this probably wouldn’t upset him too much. “Oh wow very funny y/n.”

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He’d bare the most judgemental face ever once he realized what you were doing. After a while, he would break his silence to interject. He had to protect at least a little bit of his dignity. “Yah! I don’t dance that bad!”

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Honestly, he’d probably join you in this mess, which would turn into a competition. Even when he was trying to dance badly, he’d somehow still show exquisite technique, and eventually beat you in this dance-off. “Up for a rematch?”

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Rap Monster/Namjoon

He’d be infuriated, but in a joking way. Seeing his reaction, you’d probably mock him even more. Having enough of this, he’d try to come after you, which’d result in a chase. If he’d ever catch you, he’d carry you over his back bridal style and wouldn’t put you down until you apologized. “I’m not putting you down no matter how much you pout y/n.”

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He just couldn’t stop grinning and laughing at your dancing. He wouldn’t even mind the fact that it was his own song you were dancing to, but rather how you managed to contain no shame as you did this. *is erupting in his adorable giggles*

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He’d be slightly offended, but mostly amused at your strange acts. Later on to get back at you, he’d imitate you dancing badly. “Whee look at me! My name’s y/n and I can totally dance better than anyone else!”

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He’d just watch in complete shock as you continued to absolutely slander his choreography. Pretty sure his jaw would be open, too. Of course, this only drove you to continue doing it until he could take no more. “Why would you pain my eyes like this oh my god.”

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i started watching the seoul music awards not expecting any yoonmin but then i see the crowd shots and here jimin is with his arm resting on the back of yoongi’s chair like it’s the most casual thing. even when jimin was standing and enjoying the performance he kept his hands on the back of yoongi’s chair. he even rested his head on yoongi’s shoulder?! it’s always moments like this with these two that makes me truly wonder what is going on with those two. It wasn’t just for a moment they were like this the whole night

now i’m just thinking about them sneaking out to the movies for a date and jimin wrapping his arm around yoongi. or when they’re at the dorm and jimin sees yoongi watching tv so he sits beside him, swiftly wrapping his arm around his shoulders. when they go to bed and yoongi is so tired he just curls into jimin’s side enjoying the warmth of his arms around him - like… they both seemed so comfortable with the position i wonder when this started being their thing? 

i mean of course maybe jimin just likes resting his arm on the back of chairs idk but let me have my moment okay?

Imperative - Cassian Andor X Fem!Reader

Your bio says requests are open maybe could you do something with Cassianxfem!reader dealing with depression and anxiety.She wants to do everything she can for the rebellion, but sometimes her mental illnesses hold her back, and she feels useless because of it. Cass reassures her that she’s helped them heaps, kisses her, cuddles her, and idk just something really fluffy. Ive been going through a rough time and your writing has really helped me, so thank you. Thanks in advance if you do write it

I’ve been having a tough time as well so this was very emotional to write. Sorry if it’s short, I tried to make it as sweet as possible! I even tested my own Spanish skills so if I got it wrong, I’m sorry! I hope you enjoy it my friend, and I hope things get better. May the Force be with you.

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It had been a busy day on Yavin 4’s rebel base. You attended at least four meetings regarding fuel maximization for the X-Wings, then two more about your last few mission reports. Mon Mothma had been more less pleased with your progress on retrieving information from Empire transcripts, but you felt like you let her down. The translations of the transmissions had been so stressful, and everything else you were dealing with effected the results.

You had been diagnosed with depression a while back. You couldn’t figure out what exactly had brought it on; whether it be family or friend drama, your work, or the Empire’s shadow. You just felt heavy and empty all at once. At times, when you talked to someone during your lunch period, you felt a bit better.You found yourself talking to some of the Rogue One squad at lunch. They had completed a near suicide mission but came back in one piece; they were an inspiration to the whole base and sitting by them was an honor. You were introduced to the group by Jyn Erso, who had met you at a briefing of your findings. From there you grew close to all of them. Chirrut was so kind to you and he always seemed to know how you felt. Bodhi was a friend to you as well. The pilot would talk to you quite openly about his problems, to which you would give  advice and vice versa. While Bodhi kindly gave you good advice, to the issues you did bring up, and it only went so far. It was Cassian Andor and his droid counterpart, K2SO, that you found helped you the most. They would distract you with stories about their missions and that would result in hilarious bickering between the two of them. Lunch was the highlight of your day, but then you would be thrown back into the web of self loathing and sadness you had woven for yourself. Whether it being unsatisfied with the way you looked or feeling that you could do more to help the Rebellion, it left you very unhappy. When you needed it the most, no one was there to pick you up off your feet.

It hit you all at once as you were walking out of your last meeting of the day. You needed to do more for the people that took you in, that are fighting against the Empire for the better of others like you. But you couldn’t, not really. You were already pushing yourself, but maybe if you tried harder, you could bring in more results when it came to the intercepted Empire transmissions. The guilt of not providing started to eat away at you as you made your way to your quarters. Tears sprung to your eyes and you started walking faster; hating yourself for letting your mind and heart become such a mess. When your door came into sight, you heard someone shout, but you couldn’t tell what. Your thoughts were racing a mile a minute and you couldn’t focus on one thing for too long. When you closed your door behind you, you sank to the floor. Tears clouded your vision and you attempted to keep your sobs quiet. The walls to the rooms were thin and you didn’t want anyone to know how vulnerable you really were. You brought your knees up to your chest and kept crying. After your sobs grew quiet, a soft knock against the door startled you.

“Y/N, can I come in?” Cassian’s voice boomed through the door. You stood, quickly wiping your eyes, and opened the door. The moment Cassian saw your face he rushed to you, hugging you tightly. “Mi cariña (my darling), what’s wrong?”

His voice melted you and tears started to fall again. Cassian closed the door with his foot, and he lead you to sit on your bed. You leaned your head against his shoulder while one of his hand stroked up and down your back. When you calmed enough to speak clearly, you pulled away from him.

“Sorry, I got your shirt wet…” Cassian just shook his head, brushing some of your hair behind your ear. “Don’t be silly, now please tell me,” he placed his hand on yours, causing you to look into his eyes, “what’s wrong?”

You stared at him, and saw the type of kindness that you had only heard about.

“I don’t, I can’t do enough for the Rebellion. I need to do better and and-” Another sob shook your whole being. He pulled you back to him, tugging you lose to his chest. You could hear his thunderous heartbeat booming as if he were nervous. “It all gets a little too much sometimes.” You managed in between sobs. Cassian’s hand soothingly stroked your hair as he spoke, “I know mi amor, but you’ve done enough. With the work you do, you’re imperative for our success.”

“What’s that mean?” You whispered, causing him to chuckle slightly.

“What does imperative mean?” You hit his shoulder lightly, and pulled away just enough to look into his face. “You spoke a different language, ‘mi amor’ you said.” A small, pink blush rose to his cheeks. “It’s my home planet’s native language, some call it a romance language, Spanish.” He paused, calculating what he should say next very carefully. “Mi amor translates to ‘my love’.”

Heat found it’s way to your cheeks, a you wiped newly fallen tears away from your eyes.


Cassian gave you a shy, handsome smile, his confidence wavering. “I just, yeah. The first time I saw you I knew that I had to make you smile. Like my life depended on it. I couldn’t stand to see such a beautiful girl so sad.” His gaze was warm when it met with yours. “I know you feel,” he paused searching for the right word, “bad about yourself. More than other people do about themselves. But you are so important, Y/N, and I-” You cut him off by pressing a kiss to his cheek. When you moved back, his eyes were wide in shock. You only had a moment to register what he was doing before he pressed his lips to yours. It was soft, as if he pushed further, you would break. He carefully placed one hand on your hip and the other to the back of your head, slowly pulling you closer. Your hands were cupping his jaw, and he slowly laid down on your bed. You fell to his side, and he turned to face you with a dumb grin on his face. “I love you.”

You entangled your hands with his, and cuddled into his chest. “I love you too.” He pressed a kiss to your forehead, and whispered, “Buenos noche. (Good night)”

The next morning when you awoke, you felt Cassian’s warmth next to you. You turned to face him, and was met with brown eyes. He gave you a smile and reached out to stroke your cheek. “Tu son muy bonita en la mañana….(You are very pretty in the morning)” He murmured sleepily. You felt a blush on your face despite not knowing what he said. “That sounded very sweet.”

“It was,” he said with a wide smile. He placed a kiss to the tip of your nose, causing you to giggle. While you still felt heavy with melancholy, Cassian’s affection burned a sense of hope in your heart that things would turn around.


hey guys!! i’m making banners again now that i’m out of school, so let me know if you’d like one for your town! here’s a few examples of banners i’ve made before. (◍•ᴗ•◍)

if you’d like a banner, just send me a message and we can talk about what you want it to look like! idk about drawing any villagers or anything, as i still need much more practice with that lol

things that i would like in return would be a follow of course, and i could always use mushrooms and lucky clovers since i don’t know how to hack still…


 sometimes i’m looking for certain furniture items so i’ll accept those as well :~)

let me know if you’d like one! i’ve been enjoying making them so i’ll be happy to make one for anyone!! 

First of all, I’m so sorry for answering this late. I’ve been sick and without any will to do anything apart from being miserable ;u;. Second, thank you so much for your sweet words, I don’t usually receive them and I’m actually very thankful.

Clyde and Kenny, oh dear. These are two of the characters I can actually ship with almost everyone (But I do have main ships for both), they’re just so likable and idk.. And here anon, hope you enjoy this <3 

Girl Crush (ABC) - Lemonade

AN: Happiness? Fluff? Idk them, they seem nice though. This is based on Little Big Town’s song Girl Crush, I’ve been wanting to write this since Danny covered it like a month ago so here we are. Courtney’s trans in this. I hope that’s not offensive. I just thought it would make more sense this way and didn’t want to make her a cis straight girl. Everything else is based in our universe. I hope you guys enjoy!!

Summary: Danny has a crush on Courtney, because she’s dating the love of his life, Roy.

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I… may have jumped the gun when @achryathesecond mentioned an atlantis au in a post… but I had two perfectly good background studies laying around from the last time I did an atlantis au. So… I reused them.


I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to do for the au… so both….

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Do you have any advice for getting out of a bad mood? I've been in one for about two weeks now. I've been dealing with lots of feelings of failure and inferiority, which usually leads to dissociation as well. And idk :( it's been tough 'cause i'm losing motivation to do things I used to enjoy. It's really getting in the way of work and my interests. Are there some methods of combatting bad moods, or just dealing with them somehow?

Honestly you might not want to jump to doing things you enjoy immediately? There’s a bigger drop of mood when you’re depressed and “fun activities” don’t work out for you– the expectation that it’ll make you feel better will set you up for more disappointment. 

Instead I think you’ll wanna try something more mundane and mindless, like

  • doing the dishes, 
  • taking a shower/brushing your teeth
  • going for a walk/to the store
  • doing the laundry/sorting clothes
  • other chores, etc. 

If you’re experiencing executive dysfunction, maybe try making lists of things you need to get done today. 

  • Homework? Break it down to each class and maybe even organize them by project size. 
  • If you need to clean your place, focus on one room and area at a time, and go in steps. Like
    1) gather useless stationary and toss them out
    2) rearrange objects! put the things you use the most in accessible places, put old things in storage
    3) dust and vacuum, etc

Keep yourself busy, but don’t pressure yourself to enjoy everything. By setting small goals, you’ll effectively get things done, while also helping to remind yourself of your capabilities

I hope you feel better soon, please don’t push yourself!

things cuter than tickling (a writer's guide)

- nose kissing
- ghostly touches that make you shiver
- sweet whispers
- playing with each others hair
- funny faces to make each other giggle
- just a hug is nice
- forehead kisses
- lazily interlocked fingers
- booping their nose to make them smile
- butterfly kisses
- a finger tracing their/your features
- face nuzzling of any kind
- drawing patterns on their naked skin
- kisses anywhere but the lips
- pressing against them to feel their heat
- eskimo kisses
- any type of smiles and giggles tbh
- silent fonding
- basically anything is cuter than being tickled okay please just be creative

Lightwood siblings sleepover

lightwood siblings sleepover headcanons for @hufflebee hope you like it!! sorry this is like a mile long but i tried to make this happy and soft, enjoy

  • so alec, izzy, jace and max have all been looking forward to their movie night/sleepover
  • alec and max have gone shopping for snacks earlier and they bought a lot
  • alec just can’t say no to max when he complains how their parents never let him eat sweets
  • so they end up with a table full with bowls of candy, chips and popcorn (as well as fruit and cashews bc some of them can’t handle as much as max)
  • they couldn’t decide on which movie to watch so simon insisted on lending them all of the star wars movies
  • max is so sure they will watch all of them and he’s thrilled
  • so they have no idea what movie to start with bc how do these work??
  • and jace ends up calling simon (he was quick to volunteer) to ask and puts it on speaker but they have no idea what he’s talking about so they just say thanks and decide to start with the one that was made first bc that’s logical right
  • when the first movie ends and jace literally runs to put on the lights so he can get the next one playing max and izzy nearly scream bc they do NOT want to watch more rn (or ever, really, but jace doesn’t need to know that)
  • and alec just mumbles along bc he might or might not have just woken up by the screaming
  • they do not watch the next one, jace lost the vote so he insists that he must get to choose the music if they’re not watching anything
  • so they end up chatting on the floor while some indie plays on the background
  • and it’s amazing
  • suddenly it feels like all their worries are melting away, talking about everything that’s been on their minds
  • alec talks about magnus and how he finally feels like himself
  • but he doesn’t love to talk about himself that much so he asks izzy how things are with clary
  • and izzy just starts listing all of the things clary has said that have been on the edge of flirty and how she doesn’t know if clary likes her?? or girls??
  • and everyone else just laughs like “clary?? a straight????”
  • max is getting kinda tired of their relationship talk (although he’s secretly super happy that they are all together and not talking about shadowhunter stuff for once) so izzy offers to paint everyone’s nails
  • the boys are totally on board and watch in awe at her nail polish skills
  • max’ face lights up when izzy asks him if he would do her nails
  • jace swears he will never again go without nail polish it looks so great on him
  • after a while max is asleep on the sofa
  • the others talk some more and izzy asks jace about simon
  • and jace is like who is this simone you speak of i have no idea what you’re talking about i don’t know a simone
  • alec and izzy just look at him like mmhmhh sure whatever
  • and jace is like okay jeez he thinks i’m cute so weird right i’m not cute i’m beautiful, or stunning. not cute
  • izzy just hughs her while laughing and tells him that he’s indeed very cute
  • alec just smiles at them and thinks about how grateful he is for his siblings, all three of them

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Headcanons of the guys watching Sixteen Candles (idk why I'm requesting this ugh)

— pony loves it 100/100
— soda just likes molly ringwald movies
— two-bit acts like he don’t care but it’s actually one of his favorite movies
— his sister’s always making him watch it
— steve likes judging everyone’s actions during the movie and yelling at them with cake in his mouth
— dally doesn’t really pay attention honestly
— darry prefers the breakfast club and won’t stop telling everyone
— johnny would enjoy it a whole lot more if they all stopped talking
— curly thinks molly is hot
— tim is trying to buy the dvd off darry bc angela will watch it and so will curly and he doesn’t have to deal w them

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HCs for the crew (or just Shiro) whose s/o has really bad acne they're super insecure about


Fiercely loyal

- And protective

- Good luck to anyone who makes fun of you

- They have Invoked his Wrath

- He won’t be shy in giving you any products, or having pamper sessions with you

- He won’t bring up your skin a lot, unless it’s to defend you from some insensitive asshat

- He wants you to be happy, so there’ll be Extra Cuddles

- Might make a lot of offhand comments about how funny or smart you are, to the rest of the paladins, while you’re there

- He’ll take care of you, he loves you a lot and hates to see you insecure


- I think he has/had pretty bad skin

- So he gets it

- When you tell him, he’ll be pretty confused – he doesn’t pay your skin much mind, but he’ll always take note of what makes you uncomfortable

- He won’t make fun of you

- Or hesitate to stick up for you

- He’ll fight anyone who gets rude to you

- He might sheepishly give you some of his products

- “I’m not saying your skin is bad, (Y/N), I just –” “Oh, I haven’t used this before, thanks, Keith”

- If you feel down, he’ll make an exception for you

- And cuddle

- He might get angry with you if you let any comments get to you, but it’s because he doesn’t understand how you don’t see yourself as someone unhindered by their skin


- He has the best skin of the paladins, he’d totally recommend/use products or masks on you

- You would be totally at peace with him, he’d make you feel comfortable

- Would loudly indirect anyone who is rude to you

- “Your perfection was too much for your physical body to handle, completely unlike people who are ugly inside and out.” (cue pointed glance to whoever was mean)

- He doesn’t want to see you sad, so the minute he sees your face fall, he’ll lay the cheese on thick – pickup lines (I’m already dating you, Lance, what are you on) and jokes are a must

- He’ll hug you and kiss your cheeks before taking you to his room

- Spa time

- You’ll enjoy yourself, absolutely


- They’d probably be pretty incredulous when you tell them you’re insecure because they’re so smart and funny and they’re worried about something that can’t really help what –

- They can’t have perfect skin, so I imagine you’d trade products

- If anyone makes fun, just wait until they get the paladins cause It’s About To Go Down

- You might have pamper sessions (chaperoned by Lance lest you RUIN your skin by using the product wrong)

- During these sessions, you’d get even closer

- It’s Pidge’s way of making you stop paying attention to physical flaws and start paying attention to the government’s flaws being more open and relaxed

- They want you to be happy, or at least not be sad because of your acne <3


- He knows you’re insecure before you tell him

- He’s super gentle and he always tries to comfort you and keep you happy

-          “It’s only temporary”

-          “You’re perfect anyway”

-          “I click with the person you are, not your skin specifically”

- He’s super angry at anyone who makes a comment

- He’ll pull you into his arms and just hold you there if anyone is being really rude

- But if they think they can leave without him talking to them, they’ve got another think coming

- Of course, he doesn’t want you to hear so it’ll be a whisper-shout

- Maybe a shove or two

- And when he gets back he’ll smile at you really wide and hug you and later there’ll be cuddles

- He’s so extra he loves you and wants you to be happy no matter what

me 15 years from now: *casually leaning on a skyscrapper* Those were the days, amirite? *wink wink* We’re older, but not wiser, amirite? *nudge nudge* Baby, did you know that I’m famous? No? Ah, ignorance of modern youths!

Look, folks, it’s great that my vid was shared by David McCallum himself and that many people enjoyed it. It makes me very happy. But also, I’m sort of confused, because yes, I like my vids myself, and I’m proud of them, but they are just vids. Idk, they are quick to make and don’t take as much effort as fanarts or fanfics. I’m glad that my vid was lucky to be noticed, but honestly, there are so many works in the fandom that deserve it more. As you see, it’s just luck, and I don’t even know what to do with this case. I am happy, but I’m more confused than that, you know. Whatever.

Oh, the best thing is that the vid has “In memory of Robert Vaughn” in the end of it. And it will remind some people about him and the show and the past. So, eh? I’m so happy to be a part of this fandom, because there are wonderful things happening. This video is very bittersweet and I cried three times when I was making it. So, I mean, I’m kinda sad at the same time? Because I’m sorry it had to invoke these feelings and that there are reasons for them. I mean, like, you know, I keep bringing up how things are often disappointing and unfair towards the show and its actors from the outside world and this video reminds me of it. Like, in two years in the fandom there were many sad moments, and now I can’t help thinking about them. And this particular moment is a happy one, but it is so bittersweet…

So, if you want to know, how I feel, I’m happy and sad. But above all, confused.

do you ever start thinking that dan and phil are so happy and just enjoying themselves and their lives together and that just make you happy ??? like seeing them happy fills me with joy , just knowing that they are at that point in their lives where they’re genuinely enjoying their lives fully and its gratifying in a way. like sure, they have bad days like we all do but they have each other for support when they need it. and they choose to show us the happy moments in their lives and thats completely valid but also their happiness, they’re love (whether it be platonic or romantic it doesn’t matter) towards each other, their laughs, their genuine care for one another and other people makes me so happy. also in liveshows we can see they’re just….people but its the people that we, us, the phandom, chose to look up to that makes me feel very proud of them because their good role models. sure they might say they want death sometimes and be funny and lick game cartridges once in a while but they support us in any way and we could start to you know, not care so much about content being “quality content” and just enjoy their happiness and ours too, that would be amazing in my opinion. but yeah, in the end, they make videos to make themselves and us happy and we watch them because they make us happy. and thats truly, the best thing in the world.

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Are you anti b*ghead because of jarchie or because Jughead is aroace?

well firstly i headcanon jughead as gay ace and betty as lesbian but it’s not just because i ship jarchie (like i also enjoy valarchie and archieronnie, etc). i find them to have no chemistry- they’re kinda like awkward 6th graders who are dating for the sake of it????????? idk they are kind of just tacked on and make me super uncomfortable and jughead looks like he wants to die in like all of their scenes. i answered another ask a little more in depth if you wanna read it

A Thanks to the Writing Community.

My blog isn’t the biggest blog in the universe, so not many people are going to see this, but I’m here to thank all the people who take their time to write for all of us on here.

Truthfully, the only reason I read any works is because I just enjoy reblogging them and trying to get out the fact that this writing is amazing as well as the author of it and they truly deserve to be showered in praise and love, I just enjoy making people happy, oh, and let’s not forget that the quality of everyones (is there suppose to be an apostrophe? idk) work on here is impeccable. I always type everything into the tags and try to at least say some sort of praise such as “this is SO GOOD” or “I’m blessed to read this.” or “THIS IS ART” but of course, in my opinion that’s not quite enough, so I go on anon and just type out the longest message in their ask about how great their recent work was or even an old one because it really was! Sometimes, I don’t reblog right after I read said work because I tend to read a lot of works in a span of an hour. I don’t want people to think I’m just on their blog for their writing when I’m there for them! For their insights on topics like kpop, politics, etc. If that makes sense. I’m terrible at elaborating.

I just want the Writer community to feel loved for everything that they are. It’s clear that writers are susceptible to most things like plagiarism or the overall toxic environment that is tumblr or just people telling them how to run their blog, which you should ignore because your blog is your blog and you can keep it real and the way you want as much as you want.

So here is my thanks. You guys are all awesome and I hope you are having a wonder day or night. Forgive me, if this doesn’t make sense and I’m just rambling. I’m clearly not very good at writing my thoughts haha.


Remus Lupin x Reader: Moonlight Sonata

Request: Can I request a Remus X Reader with starters 31 and 24 where they’re really close friends and she knows he’s a werewolf but he doesn’t know she knows so she keeps trying to hint to him that she does to see how long until he confesses.

24- “I love you today, and I’ll love you tomorrow and every day after that.”

31- “Help me understand.”

Notes: It was slightly weird to write this because I ship Remus x Dora so much so sometimes I imagine it’s her I’m writing about idk. In this one shot the reader is in Gryffindor just to make things easier when it comes to sharing classes, supporting the same Quidditch team and etc. Hope you enjoy  Requests are open, send them in!  


“Hello Remus!”

“Good morning, Y/N.”

You smiled broadly at him and he returned a polite smile, although it seemed quite strained. In the last few months of your 6th year you developed quite the crush on him while you spent hours together studying in the library, although many times you just flirted with each other shyly. That way you had noticed little things about him that you didn’t know before: he doodles weird runes on his notebook when he’s bored, he cracks his knuckles before an exam, or the fact that he’s a werewolf. You had found it out quite soon after meeting him–you were really proud about that– but he had never told you himself. You supposed that Lily and the other Marauders knew, but you had never brought yourself to ask them. And anyway, you were sure that they wouldn’t tell you the truth. You had tried to let him know that you knew, but he never caught the hints.

Shaking your head you sat down in front of him at the Gryffindor table. The charmed ceiling showed a cloudless blue sky that morning at the Hogwarts castle. He was looking rather pale, making the scars on his face stand out. You knew the full moon was coming in a couple of days, which made him feel under the weather. His eyes then went back to today’s issue of The Daily Prophet. You smiled faltered, but soon enough you recovered and tried to make him talk a little bit more with you.

“Are you excited for tomorrow’s match? Gryffindor against Slytherin. We are going to kick their asses! If snakes have butts, which I don’t know…” You finished in mutter. His lips twitched upwards, but his eyes stayed focused on the newspaper, not answering your question. Your brow furrowed, and tried with a new approach.

“Professor Adler said today some of us may manage to cast a corporeal Patronus! Isn’t it great? Although they say it is very difficult and that only very versatile witches and wizards manage to cast it. Personally, I think-”

“No offense, Y/N, but would you mind being quiet? I’m not that interested.” He snapped at you, and you stared at him indignantly. You had read that the full moon made him less patient and way more sharp-tongued if he couldn’t sleep through the days before and after –and he couldn’t, because he wouldn’t miss a class, and he wouldn’t want to bring any more attention to himself–. Therefore, you weren’t surprised at his harsh answer, but still, you didn’t want him to talk to you like that when you only wanted to cheer him up.

“What happen Lupin, are you in that time of the month again?” His eyes widened in fear at your words, and you smiled innocently at him, acting like you thought he was embarrassed instead of frightened. You laughed lightly, and added. “C’mon Remus, cheer up! I know that you don’t menstruate. Unless you have something to confess?” You batted your eyelashes ingeniously at him, and he gave a shaky laugh, glancing nervously at you.

“Of course not, Y/N. I’ve nothing to say.”

You smiled weirdly at him, but said nothing. Did he really have so little trust in you? You weren’t part of the Marauders, but you were really close and you shared your fair amount of time with him. You’d consider him a best friend –even if you wish he was more than that–. You shared presents on Christmas and your respective birthdays; he brought you your homework that time you ended up in the Hospital Wing after a disastrous Herbology class; you even met up last summer to buy your books together in the Diagon Alley, as you both thought that it was dangerous for a non Dark Wizard to walk alone nowadays. Did he really think that you would push him away if you knew what he was? Did he think that you’d tell everyone? Or did he thought –which was quite offensive– that you were so stupid that you wouldn’t notice all the obvious hints about his lycanthropy?

“Well Remus, I have to pick up a book from the dormitory, so I’ll be leaving now. I shall see you later in class.”

“See you, Y/N.”

You grabbed two toasts from a plate and drank a full glass of pumpkin juice in a gulp, and in a quick pace, you left the Great Hall, thinking about how blind could he be not to see that you knew, and how, probably, that was because he didn’t want you to know. And that was a terribly saddening thought.


“Do you like wolves?”


“I said ‘Do you like wolves’?”

“Why do you say that?”

He looked at you horrified –a sight you were getting used to by now– and you only shrugged your shoulders absent-mindedly.

“Your Patronus took the form of a wolf. That’s why I’m asking.”

You raised an eyebrow and looked at him like it was the most obvious thing. A sigh of relief left his lips, and you had to use all your willpower not to roll your eyes at him. Could he be more obvious?

“No, I don’t like wolves actually. Do you like hares?”

“I suppose. I was lucky with my Patronus, I like it. Hares are really cute. They’re fluffy. They have a really healthy diet. And one character from one of my favourite muggle books, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, is a hare. The March Hare is its name.”

He laughed, and you smiled happily at the sound, which you didn’t get to hear often. Either if it was because of his lycanthropy or because of the war, it just seemed like there weren’t many reasons to laugh.

“My mum is muggle, Y/N. I know about Alice in Wonderland. I love that book too. I still read it even if I’m not a child anymore.”

“I do so, too! I never grow tired of it. And by the way, I like wolves, they’re really beautiful animals.”

The smile slowly disappeared from his face, and he looked warily at me, being cautious with his words, like he always was when the conversation dangerously approached the werewolf topic.

“They’re dangerous. Their only purpose is to hunt their preys, without a limit. That’s the only thing they are useful for.”

“I disagree. They have a great endurance, and a fantastic sense of smell and hearing.”

“Which only helps them catch their prey faster.”

“They’re highly intelligent. They are really loyal. If they find a mate, they’ll stay with them for life. They have a close bond with the other wolves, and they’d sacrifice for each other if it’s necessary. That doesn’t seem like a villain to me. I’ll prove to you that there are good wolves.”

He looked rather uncomfortable, like he didn’t want to be having this conversation –which he probably didn’t– and he was looking at you funnily, so you said the only thing you were sure would make him forget momentarily this conversation.

“Hey Remus, I have some chocolate on my bag, would you like some?”


You walked firmly through the 4th floor Hospital tower corridor, straight to the Hospital Wing. You were carrying a book under your arm: The history of Rome. You had made up your mind: You would walk to Remus, and pressure him until he confessed. And then you would tell him that you don’t care and that you like him and you wanted to go on a date with him. That’s right!

You kept walking determined, but your determination crashed against something. Someone.

“Good morning, L/N.”

You looked up to see the grey eyes and wavy black hair of Sirius Black, looking at you from the door to the Hospital Wing where he was standing. On the other side of the door was James Potter, with his messy dark hair and brown eyes, smiling happily at you. He waved his hand, making you smile at him.

“Hello James. Sirius.”

You went to walk around them to enter the Hospital Wing, but they moved in front of you at the same time.

“Would you let me in?”

They looked at each other, then back at you and answered. “No.”

“Why not?”

They looked at each other again, and Sirius nudged James in the ribs, urging him to say something.

“Eh… Crabbe seems to have caught something. Could be Spattergroit or… Madam Pomfrey is taking care of it by now. It’s really contagious. You shouldn’t go in.”

“He can’t look any worse than he usually does.”

You tried to go inside, but they stepped in your way again. You sighed, closed your eyes, and counted to ten. When you reopened you looked at your watch, you’d have to get going to your next class soon –and so would they–.

“No need to worry guys, I’m vaccinated.”

They crossed glances again, looking confused.


“That sounds worse than Spattergroit.”

“Is it deadly? Are you going to die, Y/N?!”

In their confusion you managed to sneak in between them and enter the Hospital Wing, listening two last screams of “You can’t go in, L/N” and “You’re going to give that vaccinething to the other patients! Be a little bit more considerate, Y/N!”

You rested against the door, which you have locked, trying to avoid any future interruptions, and looked around. Madam Pomfrey didn’t seem to be around. There were only two beds occupied. One from a 1st year student –probably from a flying class went wrong– and the other occupied by a 7th year pale and skinny Gryffindor, with bandages on the arms and probably –though you couldn’t see them– in his torso too.

You approached his bed and sat on one side, leaving your bag on the floor and the book on the nightstand.

“What are you doing here, Y/N?”

You jumped on your seat and looked sheepishly at Remus, who seemed ready to scold you.

“Oh, I went to the library early in the morning and while I was walking by to get to the Great Hall I saw the Hospital Wing and I thought ‘I could visit my good friend Remus!’ so here I am.”

“That’s really nice of you, but the library and the Great Hall are on the 1st floor and the Hospital Wing on the 4th, how did you get here by just walking by?”

He quirked up an eyebrow seemingly bemused, but you ignored him, and you picked up The history of Rome at showed it to him, smiling widely. He raised an eyebrow suspiciously, and you opened it on the first chapter: Founding of Rome.

“I’d like to sleep, Y/N. I’m really tired.”

“But I really want to read it to you Remus! And I had a hard time finding it. It’s muggle, so I had to dig deep in the library, you know?”

“I appreciate the effort. Really. But right now I’m not in the best position to listen to a long story of the founding of a city.”

You sighed dramatically, and closed the book resting it in your lap.

“Well, then I’ll summarize: the founder of Rome, Romulus, and his brother Remus were suckled by a she-wolf. If it wasn’t for a wolf Rome, a rather beautiful city wouldn’t exist. It is true that Romulus killed Remus because of some disagreements, but that is a minor detail…”

Lupin’s chuckle interrupted your rambling, and you looked at him questioningly. He rose slightly, resting on his elbows, and you quickly hurried to help him, putting a pillow under his back and head. He rested on then with a sigh and looked at you with his green eyes, making you self conscious of your thoughts, like he could read them. You didn’t see them for long, because he closed his eyes and grimaced. You thought he was in some sort of pain until he spoke.

“For how long have you known?

“Known what?”

“You know.”

“I don’t know what you think I know.”

“I know that you know, Y/N”

“What is what you know that I know? Hang on, I’ve lost track of this conversation.”

You pitied him. You wanted to get him out of his pain. You would, but you wanted him to confess first. You wanted him to tell you. To show that sort of trust on you. You knew that if he didn’t trust you he’d never tell you, so if he did tell you it would mean the world to you. And you wanted him to assume that he was a werewolf. And that that was more than fine with you.

“I’m –he looked around, making sure no one was listening, but the kid was sound asleep, and Madam Pomfrey hadn’t returned– a werewolf, which you already knew.”

“I knew.”

His lips twitched slightly, but a sour expression crossed his face soon enough and he stared at you anxious, like he was expecting –which he probably was– for you to run away and shout it from the rooftops.

“I’m not scared, Remus. I still like you.”

You were surprised at how incredibly easy it was to confess your feelings after making sure that he knew that you knew he was a werewolf, and that you didn’t care.

“I don’t think you understand what being a werewolf means.”

“Then help me understand!”

You looked at him with pleading eyes, and he looked away. You waited to see what he would do, and when his gaze returned to you he spoke with a shaky voice.

“I’m dangerous. I could bite you and turn you into one, and that’s the last thing I want for you. And if somebody finds out that you’re in a relationship with a werewolf society would hate you and forget about you. You can’t imagine it, Y/N”

“So does that mean that you want to be on a relationship with me?”

“Is that the only thing you’ve heard? For Merlin’s beard, Y/N!”

“Remus, you are only dangerous once a month, I’m not stupid enough to be around a werewolf those nights.” He gave you a funny look, but you decided to ignore it for now. “And if society doesn’t want anything with me because I love a werewolf, then I don’t want anything with this society.”

He sighed, but a soft smile had appeared on his face. He grabbed your hand and pushed you towards the bed, inviting you to lie next to him .You were surprised at his strength, thinking the full moon would have weakened him. Your head hit the pillow, and you lay on your side. Not wanting him to get hurt, you simply lay your right hand over his chest, near his heart, beating at a steady pace.

“You said you love me.”

“I know.”

He chuckled and grabbed your hand with his own, taking it to his lips and kissing it softly.  You sighed and closed your eyes, still feeling his hands interlaced with yours. It was all going so smoothly, like it was meant to be like this.


“Yes, Y/N?”

“For how long have you known that I knew what you are?”

He laughed, and you looked at him a little bit annoyed, but when you saw his face the anger disappeared. The sight of a happy Remus Lupin made you incredibly contented.

“Remember when we went to Flourish and Blotts last summer? I realized how you purposefully tried to drag me as far away as possible from the ‘Dark Creatures’ shelf. That was really considerate of you.”

“Since then?! Why didn’t you tell me something?”

You looked at him utterly shocked. All this time he had known and had told you nothing about it, but had allowed you to slip hints at him and he had been acting like he was afraid you’d find out. You were quite outraged at his lying all this time.

“I suppose that it was nice having someone who obviously loved me without needing to have the awkward werewolf conversation. Your shameless flirting was funny –don’t look at me like that, Y/N, it was– but when you began openly letting me know that you knew about my lycanthropy a few days ago I got so scared… I suppose the fear of people that I love leaving me is always there.”

You looked at him, facing a heart-wrenching image: a couple of tears had slipped from his eyes, which he quickly removed with his hand. Until now, you had imagined the physical pain the transformations made him go through, but you hadn’t really thought that much of how emotionally draining it must be for him living with this curse.

“That’s fine, Remus. I love you today, and I’ll love you tomorrow and every day after that.”

“I love you too, Y/N. It feels like I always have.”

You rose from bed and placed your lips on his. They were slightly cold against yours, but they quickly warmed at the friction. You separated, and you moved your eyes away from him, giving him a little bit of privacy, and you heard him sniff, and probably wipe away another couple of tears. The grip he had on your hand tightened to let you know he was thankful.

“You know, Remus?”


“For if you didn’t catch my Romulus and Remus reference, I had prepared to wait for you at the Common Room and welcome you with Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata playing in the background.”  

His warm laughter filled the room, and for you, that was a sound more beautiful any composer could ever create.