idk i just dont want you to be upset

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My ex and I tried to be friends but I given up on it because we always fight and makes them depressed but they dont see it ig so they wont let me go. I really want to stop being friends now because if I upset them or something they threaten to out me (im bi) and it just gives me anxiety knowing during class they could be telling our councilor and the counciler tells my mom. Idk what to do, ik they have anger issues but this is messed up.

first off, thats incredibly cruel! youre completely fucking right they have no right to even threaten to out you. 

secondly, the councelor shouldnt be able to out you to your mom. the only time theyre  able to contact home is if youre planning on harming oneself or another person. 

if you found a foolproof way out of this friendship, definately stop being friends with this person, theyre putting your safety in danger, in terms of both your mental and physical. and if  you feel safe enough to, or if the situation is even more stressful then i advise getting a councelor (or trusted school admin) involved.

i wish you the best of luck, anon


acacia: soooo.. why were you so upset anyway??? im always left out of the loop

athena: i like cole

acacia: what else is new?

blaire: well for starters, now she actually realizes it

acacia: are you gonna tell him?

athena: probably not, i dont know if i wanna risk our friendship you know? i’ll just sulk for awhile and get over myself idk


acacia: yeah no offense but like.. i don’t rly want max as a brother in law one day so you need to hop on that cole di-


blaire: what? i thought you liiiiiiiikeed himmmmm

acacia: yeah i thought youu looooooooved him!!!!!

athena: you guys are so lame leave me to rot 

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Personally, I don't even think needing to understand and empathize with your feelings about your work being tagged as kin and such is even necessary, for those who don't even want to try. I don't understand it at all to be honest. But it all boils down to respecting you as the artist enough to simple accept your feelings and terms and abide by them. If you're feeling bothered by this recently, I hope you feel better soon!

Haha well some ppl actually lash out whenever i speak up about it because they feel i have sth against them being kin with characters and what not when its just i dont want them tagging my art like that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Some ppl are very nice abt it tho!

Idk I dont want to upset these ppl but i also literally cant stand these tags that come off so rude and obnoxious at times? whelp


Idk how I’m online rn but I’m on my iPod and it works and probably not for long but listen
I’ve ha problems with tumblr and an old email of mine and my tumblr password so it wont let me log in(except here where i was already logged in) tumblr says they cant do anything to help me so i made a new blog. Its called POSSESSTIEL!!! Follow me if you still want to but dont unfollow samooslet yet cause idk if ill get it back. This is just mean while. Follow possesstiel and ill follow back everyone. Besides i need blogs to follow on there. So hey, I’m not gone. I’m still here.
This really upsets me cause i’ve had it for 4 years and have 3k followers with samooslet but anyways. Ill message some of you letting you know personally what the situation is.
This was a PSA about the shit staff’s mistake.