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Notice how hard the antis are trying to “friendzone” sheith in our own tags and etc over one lil line from Keith that we all know doesn’t mean they are legit brothers? But just family and even more?

Yeah, I’m laughing at their pettiness too guys. They are desperate over the whole fact we had moments in nearly every episode, that Shiro accepts Keith as half-Galra, and it’s canon that Keith’s greatest hope is Shiro while his biggest fear is losing him.

Not Voltron. Not the other paladins. Not even finding out the secrets to his past. And not even Earth or the damn universe.

It’s Shiro.

Takashi Shirogane is Keith Kogane’s one and only weakness AND HIS ULTIMATE STRENGTH!

Man, they are LOADING US with tons of tropes in one omfg. I expect some implied sun and moon; light and dark; so on and etc references from them now.

Thank you Lion Goddess and Voltron and like idk Zarkon? For making Sheith legit real and for giving us tons of romantic tropes into one great package known as sheith.

the queen is hereee

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idk what’s with these two and lighting their hands on fire  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

#197: kisses

Mark: His arm slung was around you sloppily yet securely and you wished you could stay in them forever, but you knew that he had to go. You feel him tugging you closer to him, just enough so his mouth was next to your ear. “See you later,” he says, hearing a bit of his smile. Familiar, soft lips meet your cheek, and then him and his voice and his warm arm are gone, and he’s already halfway across the street, waving back at you.

Junior: There’s a bit of light from the bright moon outside peering through the sheer curtains on the windows — it’s just enough light to see him. His hair was a mess and his glasses were on the night stand on top of a book and his shirt was at the bottom of the bed and his eyes were looking into yours. “Go to sleep,” you whisper, even though it was just you two. He smiles, glancing down at your lips then back to your eyes. “Okay,” he says back quietly. “One more thing, though,” he says. And even with just a bit of light you can see his eyes glazing over, then closing slowly as his lips met yours.

JB: He knew it was you, even a crowd of people. You were coming closer, and closer, and with every step he could see the smile on your face growing. He cleared his throat. Had it only been a month? Somehow you looked even better than he remembered… And now he’s running because he couldn’t wait any more to be with you, and you’re running because you felt the same, and now you feel hands on your waist, and now there’s lips on yours and your hands are around his neck. And now he’s letting go, because he needs to see you. “God, I love you,” he breathes.

Jackson: The air is cold but he’s warm, and he’s hugging you so tight right now that you don’t think it’s possible to ever feel cold ever again… so that’s a bit better. Okay, a lot better. The tip of his nose is a little red and his cheeks and flushing pink, but he still holds you as you burry your face into his chest. “Why is the bus so late,” you mumble. You can feel him laughing, so you look up, scrunching up your face as he looks down at you. “It’s not even late,” he says, “You’re just impatient.” You raise your eyebrow, but he kisses them. His lips are still warm.

BamBam: Laughter fills the room as pictures spread across the bed. “You were a just okay baby,” you joke, and he nearly pushes you off the bed. “I was cute,” he protests, “You were just okay, too..” And now it’s your turn to push him off the bed (except this time he actually falls). Pouncing back onto the bed, he scowls at you jokingly as you raise your hands in defense. “This is why you have to be nice,” you say. “Whatever,” he says, laughing. You think he’s going to try and push you off again, but he doesn’t. Instead he grabs your head as you resist, laughing, and he kisses you over and over. “You were the cutest baby,” he says.

Youngjae: You weren’t supposed to be out, but you wanted to see him. The night was a little chilly, but you were warm because your heart was racing. His backpack slung over one shoulder as he leaned against the side of the wall of the convenience store he worked at and just got off of. “Hey,” you say, approaching him. His face lights up. “Hey,” he says. “Did you wait long?” you ask. “Not too long,” he says, but then he laughs, “Maybe a little.” He drop his backpack as he leans his in closer and closer toward yours, and now the wait was suddenly worth it.

Yugyeom: You could see him at the end of the hallway before you even got there. Hands were shoved into his pockets as he leaned against your locker, until he finally saw you coming. The tie was loose on his uniform, like it always was, and you couldn’t help yourself from straightening it for him as you got there. “There’s videos online to show you how to tie a tie properly, you know,” you joke. He scoffs, turning away from you but he can’t for long. “Maybe I just like it better when you fix it,” he says. “Whatever,” you say in a sing-song voice — “There.” He kisses your forehead, and you think that’s all, but now his hands are on your face and he kisses the lips he had been thinking about.

Mini Golf- Matthew Espinosa Imagine

Okay this little blurb is for @harryfeelstagram I hope you like it! If you want one just request a I promise that I’ll have it out. IDK HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS


“So what was that another five for you?” You asked Matt laughing. You were currently kicking his butt in mini golf. “Haha very funny, just wait.” He said before bouncing another ball out of the grass area. He took the score card as you hit the ball getting it in on your second time.

The sound of a loud thunder boom filled the air making you jump. You looked up to see the blue sky covered by gray clouds. A minute ago, it was bright and sunny, and now you couldn’t even see the sun.

A bolt of lighting strikes the sky as rain began to heavily come down. You and Matt dropped your clubs and ran to the car as it came down faster. You both made it in and tried not to make everything you touched wet. Matt looked at you as you tried to fix your smeared mascara. You turned to him, “God your so damn beautiful.” He said biting his lip. There was dead silence between the two of you as you just looked at each other. 

He came forward at you and began kissing you. The two of you began making out. He pulled away and looked at you “I love you so much.”