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hey guys if you wouldn’t mind, could you tag me in your happiest posts (cute animals for instance)? Definitely don’t have to be good doctor related. I’m trying to get a bunch of comforting posts together for a dear friend of mine who’s in a sticky predicament.

Explain it to me again - why do we need to pretend to be married?

: O Thank you so much !!! <3 

Hope ya’ll like it! 

“And that’s why we need to be married.”


“Artieee were you even listening to me?”

“No not really.” Artie turned in his desk chair to look at Alfred who flopped over on his bed like he would die at any second. “After you mentioned Captain America and pugs and Yoda I started to tune you out. Even if the mention of Excalibur did pull me back in for a second.”

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honesty there’s so many good things about parks & rec but the BEST thing is how chris normalizes therapy. he talks about it so openly and people don’t judge him for him and i can only hope that more people act that way in the future. he also breaks the stereotype of what people assume a depressed person looks like, which is just as important. he’s positive, active, and energetic but something is still missing there; he shows how even the happiest people that seem on top of the world can feel down. idk man i just really love chris traeger.

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This sounds dramatic, but idk what I'm gonna do with myself once Transference is over. Please take your time in releasing the last few parts lol.

Lol, no worries about sounding dramatic here. A LOT of people have sent mail saying the same thing. I’m pretty sure I’m going to cry, so I won’t be judging anyone having a meltdown over it being over. I just hope that you guys continue to stick around after it’s concluded because I have a lot of other good stories to share.

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I have to tell someone about my day. Every Sunday I go down to Wawa to get breakfast and a coffee. There was this guy in front of me who looked like Adam Driver but he had blue eyes. He told me "hi" and "good morning". Omg he was so cute!!! Somehow, that sly mf paid for my breakfast and I was standing right behind him the whole time. I don't know how he did it or he slipped the cashier a note. Idk. But bet my ass I will be there next Sunday hoping to run into him again and maybe get his name!

Oh man! Awesome anon.

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i really really love danny bc of all the usual reasons (he's incredibly sweet and genuine and good-hearted, he's cute, etc, also we're both pisces and i love that lmao) but also like... we're both jewish and he kind of gives me hope in that he's a successful adult that still p strongly identifies as jewish without necessarily practicing perfectly (same!!) and also deals w/ mental illness in healthy, productive ways?? idk i want to be danny when i grow up i love him :(

this is so wholesome :( i love the Jewish solidarity!!

// some days i wonder if keeping this blog is worth it

and then i get messages from people saying i’m an inspirational person and they like / love my roddy + how i play him, and then i feel like i’m doing good to the world by being on this site and being the best inspiration i can be

bless each and every one of you. please know i appreciate all of you equally and that you’re all good people on this planet.

Voltron Theme [Epic Trailer Version]
Voltron Theme [Epic Trailer Version]

tfw voltron hits the Big Screen™. so here’s my attempt scoring some music for Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender, as if it were a cinematic trailer. Some notes on composition below. Enjoy!!  

note: original VLD Opening Titles written by Alexander Geringas. This is most definitely a homage to his work.

extra: new version here (with updated brass samples + improved mix)

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TBH if someone was making me live in some strange isolated place for an indefinite period of time…gotta take the essentials.