idk i havent made one in like a year

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if u need smth to draw id love to see small kenny (as in kid kenny like cannon show age or smth u get me) in your style? u usually draw him as a teen and idk i think thatd be so cute <3 if not thats cool too just like if u got time and energy at some point in time... anyway stay awesome and have a great day :*

Anon this was a super good suggestion because I do rarely draw younger Kenny, but I wasn’t sure how to portray it in one go so I just. Made a few different kinds of doodles for ya? He’s just smaller and has longer, wilder hair really lol… thank you so much <3

your favorite suho stan back at it with yet another FF,, honestly,, i thought nobody did this anymore but I’ve seen many around so I was like,, why not,
I was gonna make another edit instead of recycling last and last last year one but honestly,, who has the time, and I havent used photoshop in like 10 years so idk if i could even make something pretty,
But thank you all for making my days a bit funnier and pissing me off sometimes, those who praise Bayern or CLAIM suho is not the best thing about Exo,,but i still aprecciate every single one of you! sp. the ones who I’ve been following since,, 2014? that i made this blog, thanks for sticking with me i love u deearly,,,

Also this is not in alphabet order because thats too much organization for me..

First of all i wanna thank you, for not unfollowing me evenn though i went from 100% football to 10% you’re the real MVPs!

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i love u all mutuals or not


um. hi.♥

I kinda just wanted to thank everyone who has followed me over the year and a half I’ve had this blog. Its been real, bruh. Through this blog i’ve made some seriously awesome friendships and met so many unique and enthusiastic footie fans. I don’t know how i would have made it through transfer windows or crappy seasons without you all going through it with me! I just wanted to seriously thank you and hope that you all will be here next season too! Just know i’m always here to talk about your football feels or you can snapchat me, I don’t mind♥ I love you all so much! thanks.

So… three people who put up with my crap on a regular basis who deserve so much happiness are raulgonzalezblanco7 rafikivarane and ladethima  yeah i love you girls.

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hella rad people:

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if you actually read the paragraph you deserve a cookie♥

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as a 16 year old thats starting to really get into serious art, it made me extremely happy to know you also started around this time, do you have any progression posts? (like art from a year ago and art from now idk if I'm making sense rip)

Hmm I havent but this was one of the first digital drawings I’ve ever did (of Ruby Rose for Summer Rose Court) which said posted 1 year ago (give or take a few months)

Versus one of my more current pieces for Tenacity:

I made myself do a drawing a day, even ifit was a small doodle! Practice really helps!!