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Love Live Wallpapers

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“I’ve fallen in love with you, but I’m consumed with revenge. I’m not a man who can be loved.”

“You think you took me captive. In fact, you’re my savior. I was like a bird in a golden cage. By freeing me, you’ve captured my heart.”

Sleeping Hook AU: Aurora as Sister Evelyn and Hook as the Red Bandit from The Fall

Imagine Troye and Connor walking into the adoption agency. They knew they wanted a baby boy, that’s their plan. They had all the things picked out and the baby room was already set up. And then while filling out the papers, Troye gets so nervous cause oh my god they’re about to be parents and were they actually ready or are they ju- Connor reaches under the desk and holds Troye’s hand, giving it a small reassuring squeeze. 

Troye looks over at the man besides him. The man he fell hopelessly in love with eight years ago. The man that brings color to his skies. The man that traveled the world in order to be by his side.The man who held his hand through thick and thin. The man he married. 

Troye smiles. He knew that with Connor by his side there was no way they wouldn’t be ready for anything. They sign off on the papers and are later met with a bundle of sunshine to take home.

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People who attended the concert and who saw Harry fall are saying that Louis was close to him and saw it and just kept walking and didn't react at all and that just... idk it makes me feel really weird. Did you see anything? I haven't been able to find video yet.

None of them reacted visibly…but Harry was on his back catching his breath for a while and Louis did walk by him so I wouldn’t be surprised if they made eye contact or whatever. But literally no one onstage reacted, Harry barely did once he stood up.