idk i haven't been editing lately

Sam Drake laugh/chuckle compilation

Side Note: Sorry I’ve been so inactive lately. I’ve been busy with college apps and school so I haven’t had any time to make content, let alone have enough free time to play video games :(


#look at this smol fluffy child


Day 15: Whatever/whoever you like
this was supposed to be up on day 9 (as you can see in the vid itself) but i lost internet connection so i couldn’t publish this on time
talk about being fashionably late aha
if anyone asks why i chose this song, idk man, the lyrics reminded me of yuma and i have been wanting to edit to this song for a while now

anyways, i tried and i hope that whoever sees this enjoys (人´∀`)♥


Love Live Wallpapers

↳ For @thatonegirlyouprobablyhate


rubyjo for @daniblondy