idk i have very strange needs

Quite Sleepless

idk what now pls send prompts. bros here is a list of all the other levihan fics i forced out of this lousy excuse of a brain.

haha yes i’m alive! i feel life just come back at me idk why it’s like two in the morning here guys but i am pumped and i also think i need help. another levihan au because i have a strange obsession with au’s (obvs).

“Oh thank God, you’re still open,” 

Levi looked up from his cup of black tea, and saw a very disheveled Hanji, eyes dark and weary from behind the frames of her prescription eyewear. “Hey, shitty-glasses.” Hanji stumbled inside, a hand clutching at very worn book bag, a laptop tucked underneath an arm. She dumped her things on the nearest table and drew out a chair. “Damn, I need two of your strongest,” she said, and her voice was cracked. He stood up to get her the coffee, but not before asking her what was wrong. She shrugged it off and mumbled a sloppy excuse, and added something about finishing a paper due in ten hours and that she actually ran out of coffee and the Wifi in her place just got all fuzzy. Hanji was tired, and he was determined to do something about it.

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Leaving a club with your drink is very normal, well-down in New Orleans anyway. I always leave with my drink. Whether its to go to another bar or home. Most places have to go cups by the door so u can empty your beer bottles/glass drinks for this purpose. I never thought it was strange til I saw everyone saying he was leaving w his drink! So, its not normal? Lol?? New Orleans is a bit crazy...

BUT WHY ???????????????

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Hi:) so I hate school. A lot. I'm not bullied or anything, but I go to a v small private school and I have lots of friends, but I don't rlly like them. And the classes are not good and it's j not worth the $15k tuition. Next yr I have the opportunity to go to junior/ community college by taking the proficiency exam, but I'm so shy and have social anxiety so idk if I can make such a huge transition! But I rlly hate school and need to do something, but I feel so lost and unable to make a decision

Sometime social anxiety is actually helped by having a big change, which seems sort of strange, I know. Having a sudden new thing can help push a person out of the cyclical thought patterns of anxiety disorders. It doesn’t happen every time, but it’s possible. So, in other words, making the transition out of an environment in which you are very unhappy into a totally new environment has great potential. I really encourage you to take that chance, if you can. It’s gonna be scary and you may have to use your coping skills very heavily until you adjust to the new setting, but at least there is the possibility of forging more supportive academic and social relationships, a possibility which doesn’t seem to exist at your school. If you’re in treatment for your anxiety, or have regular access to a counselor, spend extra time with them during the transition to help you deal with everything. I know you’re strong enough to handle it, sweet.

(¼) I really do appreciate everything you do for me and I’ve said that a lot but not recently and I felt like I should explain that the reason I used to so much and now don’t is because, I generally subscribe to that whole “treat others how you would like to be treated” but I sorta realised that actually is flawed advice because not everyone has the same needs and that kind of attention could actually make some people really uncomfortable

(2/4) but I’ve forgotten by this point how and why I assumed that was the case and idk I definitely do not want to make you uncomfortable but I also do not want you to forget that you are appreciated because knowing that is very important and I have been thinking a lot still about that last ask I sent you and the strange episode that preceded it, that made me rethink a lot of things and I guess really has had a lasting effect on my wellbeing

(¾) I’m not sure I properly explained what happened there but it was some post about being proud of your friends or something and idk if it was even referring to me at all but for whatever reason it made me realise I’d gotten so used to not thinking people cared about me too much like I know I have a lot of great friends that do awesome things for me but idk there’s something wrong with me I guess and I forget

(4/4) or it somehow doesn’t get connected to “people care about me” unless there is some explicit reminder that that is the case and again I don’t know if that’s a thing that happens to other people or just me but it just made me realise that being reminded of that can potentially make a lot of difference so yeah I should stop rambling now but I just wanted to make sure that you know I’m proud of you and that’s not something you had forgotten because that would be sad

I have suddenly gotten a very strange feeling that we need to go home but AJ is procrastinating

Idk WHY or WHAT the feeling is but I really do feel llike we need to go home like asap it’s really weird and it’s freaking me out a little somebody tell me I’m not going insane here what’s going on

It may be bc of the storms? they’re coming but there’s no; sign yet. But I can’t just go home and leave him up here alone bc I have to keep an eye on him in case he has a seixure

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I'm 5'2 with long dark brown hair and blonde tips that were supposed to look like ombre but really don't. I have dark eyes that I don't like because they're too dark but I've been told they're my best feature so what do I know? I'm pretty funny and I love meeting people and talking to them and telling cheesy jokes. People usually come to me when they need cheering up. I'm very sensitive at times but I suck when it comes to dealing with other people's feelings. Can you guess my sign

Cancer, pisces, taurus or sag for some strange reason idk


lately idrkk…. how do i even explain

do i feel lost? alone?? idfk anymore

i feel like i dont want this life anymore and some days i accept the life i have

i feel like maybe i wanted to feel a family again so badly that at first this was nice but man all i want is my family back to 6 members again step mom is very strange and my step brothers .. just no.

oh and my mom.. i dont think about my mom 24/7 obviously.. that wouldnt be healthy.. but lately i have some much aching in my heart and im missing her more than i have in forever and its a bit overwhelming.. i dont know why all the sudden.. idk if its a sign that im rlly gonna need someone like her soon or idfk.. please send me a sign mom

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my exbf recently cut most ties with me and told me he hates me, I've done nothing wrong to him ever. I am not over him, so I thought that this would be helpful in moving along the process he is very mean to me, but I still can't let go and idk why.

maybe he himself is trying to move on, maybe there’s something he’s bitter and resentful over, maybe he heard some dumb rumour about you or something, who really knows? :c people are strange and really don’t make sense sometimes, break-ups are messy and confusing experiences to go through. 

you maybe can’t let go because you feel like you don’t have closure and have questions that need answering? but it’s possible to try and move on, or at least to keep your mind busy and occupied in the mean time if you’re not ready to move on just yet. hang out with friends and family and people who make you laugh and have a good time? it’s a secret (so shhhh) but one way of moving on is realising that you can have fun and enjoy your life without this person in it. so keep yourself busy and spend time with people that you haven’t seen in a while, be social and meet new people when you can, see how things go (: take away anything that reminds you of him, listen to playlists with positive / empowering / happy music, do things that feel good for you and make yourself a priority in your life. it takes time friend but it’s possible, take care <3

- tash