idk i have an idea to write this as a fic but i wanted to give this a shot

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hiiii idk why i'm so nervous but i really really wanna start writing fanfiction. ljke full out "woah this makes me feel stuff" fanfiction and i thought you'd be the best place to come for pointers because you're literally amazing but anyways do ylu have any suggestions as to 1. where to write it 2. starting tips 3. what not to do?? thanks!! i really really want to but i'm little scared to


How To Start Writing Fanfic for Beginners: 

  • Okay, so, the first thing we usually do is have a beta reader– someone who looks over stories and checks for writing flow, typos, and, most importantly in the case of fanfiction, characterization. You find one before you start writing so that you have a cheerleader who can talk about ideas with you and push you through when you feel like you wanna quit. This is a formality, though, and can be skipped. My one-shots usually are in the 20k+ range so I like to have three or four people look over them, but if I’m writing a 6k one shot, for example, I only have one beta reader.
    • I’m actually pretty sure that the origination of this practice actually came from everyone trying to figure out how to make friends in fandom. If you’re the beta reader on someone’s story, you’re automatically buddies. Google docs has made this way easier, though– it used to be long email chains. *shudders*
  • Step two, decide which host sites you’re going to post your fic on. Different fandoms are more popular on different fic sites. The most popular fanfic sites are , (AO3, we call it), and sometimes tumblr, depending on the length of the fic! 
    • So, for example, the Percy Jackson fandom is really really into (or at least was when I was writing for it?) That’s where you get the most reviews/comments and the most hits for that fandom. In the case of Teen Wolf/Stydia the most popular site is AO3, easily. But if the piece you wrote is a drabble (in the 1k range), you can also plop it on tumblr. If it’s in the 2k range, it’s acceptable to put it on tumblr under a “read more.”
    • For all these sites, you need an account, but AO3 is technically in beta mode (idk why; it’s been like that for multiple years?) and therefore you sign up and then have to wait for an invite. But it’s worth it because once you have an account, you can view the history of the fics you’ve read, bookmark faves, leave comments, and, of course, publish fics.
    • Unlike ffnet, AO3 also categorizes fics into fandoms, which is really really helpful if you write for multiple fandoms. Their sorting system is really good and really specific, which is why people use it. I think that, at this point, AO3 is undoubtedly the most diversely enjoyed site.
  • Here’s some things you definitely need to know about posting on AO3: 
    • (This is SUPER important), it’s considered REAL bad manners to tag characters/ships that aren’t the centric pairing. So, the fic is gonna ask you for characters and the ship. If you’re writing a fic where Stiles and Lydia are the centric pairing, you’re gonna fill in Lydia Martin, Stiles Stilinski, and then Lydia Martin/Stiles Stilinski. But say your story also has a few scenes with Scott? Either don’t mention Scott, or do “Scott McCall- Side.”
    • The reader should be able to clearly tell what type of fic it is by your tags. (Unless you don’t want them to know). You can create your own tags or you can use the site’s already established ones. AO3 tags can get slightly obnoxious but nobody’s going to call you out for that so enjoy. 
    • If your fic takes place within the bounds of the series, you tag it "Canon Compliant.” If it not only fits with the plot of the series but also takes place literally during the series, tag it “Missing Moments.” If it diverges from the plot line of the series, you tag it “Canon Divergent.” If it is after the series is over, tag it “Post-Canon." 
    • If it’s AU, tag the kind of AU it is. “Coffee Shop AU” “AU– The Hunger Games” “AU– Everyone Lives” “AU– Stiles is Olaf from Frozen and gets it on with Anna who is Lydia.” (Spoilers for my next fic.) (Just kidding.) 
    • ALSO when you’re posting, it’s a huge struggle because AO3 either requires HTML coded stuff (for italics, etc) or rich text. My suggestion would be either putting your fic on tumblr and copy and pasting the rich text from the finished post, or getting an account on ffnet and using their document uploader to c+p your fic into, then save it and copy and paste it into the rich text part of the fic loader on AO3
  • So now, ratings. 
    • Here’s what you’ve got: G,T, M, E. 
    •  G is like… no swearing, no mention of sex, you could read it as a bed time story to a 6 year old.
    • T is swearing, acknowledgment that sex exists, maybe some kissing (but you’re getting to shaky territory as soon as you venture anywhere remotely past second base) light, non-descriptive violence (there’s also a tag for violence under "archive warnings” because some people get triggered by it.)
    • M is lighter sex scenes (I would say anything that doesn’t describe genitalia? Idk, this is a real fine line. I think you’ll feel it in your bones. Or, bone, in the case of smut. 
      • Nailed that joke. 
      • HA GEDDIT. I did it again.
    • E is like, you’re going to hell for writing this, enjoy hanging out with satan in the fiery pits, I hope it’s worth it.
  • If you post on tumblr, tag appropriately. Tumblr tagging is different from ao3– you just tag to sort things, and so that the right people see your work. So, like, if you wrote a Stydia fic, obviously don’t tag it Sterek or Sciles because you’ll get hate, lmao. You can tag character names, but I would suggest you don’t tag “Stiles Stilinski” or “Lydia Martin” because the Sterk/Mrrish/Stlia shippers tend to attack you. Also, only the first five tags count.

And now, the Don’ts of fanfiction***

  • Make sure your spacing doesn’t look awful. 
    • It makes people not wanna read it 
    • You should know what regular spacing looks like. If you’re able to correct it so that there’s not eons of space between paragraphs, I would do that. 
  • Don’t say “Sorry for the bad summary I promise it’s better than it sounds” in your summary. 
  • “Their tongues battle for dominance” or other equally cliche dialogue
  • Original characters as main characters
  • Fandom crossovers are almost always rolled their eyes at in the fic community. Like, you can thrust your characters into a different universe, but normally, you can’t use the original characters. So by all means, write a Percy Jackson AU, but don’t make Fitzwilliam Darcy best friends with Annabeth Chase. 
    • Okay this is really delicate because some people can do it really well and some people can’t
    • Switching back and forth between character point of view within one section of your fic is really hard for the reader to keep up with and it tends to look clumsy. It’s a no-no. 
    • If you have divides between sections, that’s where you can switch POV. 
    • However, I tend to write almost all of my fics with just one POV. I pick Character 1 or Character 2 no matter how long it is. It’s cleaner that way. 
    • I need to remember this one– don’t describe clothes too much. You’ll sound like a cheesy YA novel. (I’m a hypocrite, okay?) 
  • Titles matter. Work hard on picking a title. I s2g it actually makes a big difference. Idk why. Titles. 

***Side note: All writing rules are all allowed to be broken. There is truly no such thing as a steadfast writing rule. The more comfortable you get with writing, the more comfortable you could be with breaking these rules. Does that make sense?


Braun Strowman/OC: Braun gets dragged along to a local club on Slam Poetry night. And ends up falling in love with your words. SMUT AT SOME POINT IN THIS FUCKIN THING JUST BEAR WITH ME AIGHT IT’S HAPPENING.

Anyways. Idk what even happened in this fic. I started out with a clear idea and then….Shit just kinda happened and idk how it ended up how it did but it did and I couldn’t stop it so. IDK IT’S WEIRD BUT I LIKE IT WHATEVER.

Tagging my usual bbies: @lavitabella87 @omgmissmillie @screamersdontdance @everybodyfinnfreeze @shadow-of-wonder @laochbaineann @justtookawaii @sarrahcha @twiistedbliiss @hotspurmadridista @niazha16 @happelu970 @officialbroski10-blog @crowleysqueenofhell @lilmisscrisis @antigonemaia @imnoaingeal @littledeadrottinghood @imagineall-the-fandoms @fuckyeahbulletclub @hiitsmecharlie @macfizzle @bizclizbaybay @oraclegazes @culturalrebel @welshwitch5 @wrasslesmut @actualamyautopsy @blondekel77 @meaganottiz02 @karaboomhower @valeonmars @squirrel666 @livingthestrongstyle @damnbuvky @dmm-wts @abbie03d @roserae527 @superrezzy00

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Peter Pan Fic Rec

Okay so since I’m the one who’s been complaining about soft hearted OC or Y/N, I think I owe y’all this. I keep track of every single fanfiction I read on a rec blog (but it’s in French and not on tumblr) so I figured I should make the same thing here.

Echo by PurpleLady

I just had to be her. The one he fell in love with, the girl who was taken away from her brother, got aged back to being sixteen- forgetting my memories for 28 years in the process, and then having to jump into a giant portal not knowing where I would be taken. “He thinks I’m Robin Hood’s twin sister who got kidnapped by Peter Pan for two decades.”

It’s over 300k long and it’s mindblowingly good. The author recreated the way the episodes work, she swtiched between past and present scenes that intermingle really well and everything is perfect. She did incredibly well with so many characters and the OC has depth and is relatable. Also, she’s a ‘bad guy’ technically.

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Alright yo guys I just got this bizarre thought that includes Darkiplier, Warfstache, Ethan, Tyler and maybe even Googleplier. Idk this won’t probably match up with all the theories out there and I won’t even try but this is just, you know, fun little idea to mess around with.

Alright so let’s begin.

It has been brought up that Darkiplier and Warfstache do NOT like each others. Like it’s ether Darkiplier does not like Warfstache because he protects Markiplier or that Warfstache is the REAL villain in this sick game and he gets blamed on for what Warfstache does. Ether way the point here is it’s Darkiplier vs Warfstache. Which means they want to destroy each other. So you know they could go ahead and fight but we all know that Dark doesn’t want to get his hands dirty because he’s more manipulative and playing mind games where as Warfstache has shot and stab people so he could go fight but being the crazy maniac as he is, he agrees to do things in Dark’s way. Which brings us to the next thing.

So since THEY won’t be the ones fighting they need someone to do it for them. And that’s where Ethan and Tyler steps in. They use them as weapons to fight each other. But of course they cannot just take two human friends and put them to fight because that would be really boring (and impossible because they would die while being persuaded to fight). So these two would need a little… Fixing. 

Of course Dark would fool Tyler to believe that his friends are all in trouble and only he can save them. That they have faced miserable fate and with his help they can be saved and freed. He’s manipulating him to believe that he can save his friends if he joins him and accepts that syringe that contains dark matter (or whatever black liquid) and with that power he could save them. So basically Dark turns Tyler into a monster. A beast. With whatever was in that syringe. He would almost be like werewolf-ish because you know he’s big and strong and all that. But he’s not straight up a werewolf but a MONSTER. Big one. Terrifyingly strong. 

Warfstache on the other hand…. Isn’t that nice. At all. Because he would kidnap Ethan and BUILD him as his personal… I wouldn’t say robot but a mechanical puppet? I guess I could say? Because you know Ethan’s dark side is Corrupted Crank (if I remember correctly). So he would be some kind of mechanical puppet that Warfstache would control. And not just any kind of ‘puppet’ but a electric “angel” if could say. Ethan would have these iron angel wings (yes Warfstache ATTACHED these wings into Ethan’s back) that has these lights to symbolize the light around angel even though in reality they are meant to keep Dark away because well… Dark lives in darkness and cannot stand light. And overall Ethan would have blue glowy lights around his body for example eyes. So with help of Googleplier Warfstache builds and “programs” this electric “angel” to fight against Dark (or in this case Tyler). And I know it would sound funny if Ethan (or what’s left of his true self)would be connected to Googleplier a.k.a he would be connected to internet but that’s the dark and cruel part about it. Ethan has become a mere puppet. He’s being controlled whatever command Warfstache gives to Googleplier. 

So we got this monster/demon Tyler whose strictly under Dark’s command obeying like a dog his every command. And then we have Ethan who has been turned to this mechanical puppet with angel wings that is suppose to keep the DARK (both of them) away. And then they would fight.

I got this idea while listening to Lady Gaga’s Judas song. Even thought that song is about falling in love with a “sinner” in this little idea there are only friends fighting which means no shipping (even though tythan is just yes) and this is only about FRIENDSHIP problems. Buuuut if you feel like you got little fic idea feel free to write just please don’t claim this idea to be yours thanks~ Also free will to share your thoughts about this. :3

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That teddy bear fic was so cute (it was my request XD) Makes me wonder what Marco's first reaction to Tom trying to take him was lol

I think it goes something like this!!!!!!! IDK if you wanted this to be written as a prompt, but I did anyway!

Sorry if my writing is bad recently, you know, maybe short of poor. I’ve just not been feeling to confident with my writing abilities. I’m going through a “nothing I do is good enough” phase and it’s sort of making me feel like there’s no point in trying. But I want to try because I love it but I feel like I love myself for stupid reasons. AHHH I hate having smart siblings!

Marco shot up in bed, panting. His eyes scanned the room and he gulped. A mysterious noise had awoken him. Marco looked around the room and tried to spy whatever creature woke him up. He knew he wasn’t crazy. Something jumped on his bed, and then hit the floor hard, resulting in a meow coming from the creature. Marco looked around and gasped when he saw a dark figure in the corner of the room. Marco swallowed hard and, without taking his eyes off the monster, he reached over and flipped the light on.

The creature let out a hiss at the light, and before Marco could get a good look at him he screamed from the noise. But his scream was short lived once he processed the figure in front of him. “Tom!” Marco cried. “Why on earth would you come in here like that!? You scared the crap out of me!?” He cried. Marco looked over and saw the windowpane was broken. “Did you break my window?” Marco asked, looking over at the demon.

“I-I had to come see you, and I-I teleported on the roof by mistake.” Tom explained. Marco wanted to reprimand the demon again, but he looked over and saw him sitting on the rug like a cat. His eyes were getting big and shiny.

“Oh stop looking at me like that.” Marco tried. He opened his arms and Tom perked up, running over to jump up ontop of Marco in a hug. “What’s the matter, Tom? Why did you need to see me?” He asked.

“You aren’t mad for me breaking in the window and scaring you?” Tom asked.

“Well, you didn’t SCARE me.” Marco lied. Tom just gave Marco a look and the human narrowed his eyes at his demon. “Do you want to get kicked out?” He asked. Tom snickered and shook his head. “Good, then tell me what possessed you to come see me at three in the morning.” Marco repeated. Tom blushed and looked away.

“I… I was having trouble sleeping.” He mumbled. Marco leaned forward and Tom sniffled a little bit. “I had a nightmare… a bad one…” He whispered. Marco took Tom in his arms and gave him kisses all over his face. “I know it’s not rational… but I felt like I had to see you. And I tried to tell myself it was irrational but I just, couldn’t sleep until I saw you.” Tom explained. He was trying to wipe away his tears as fast as he could, before they fell. He tried to keep a clear and composed look, but his instability was evident.

“Hey, Tom, it’s okay.” Marco promised. Tom smiled a little bit and Marco rubbed his back. “You don’t need to be rational. We’re in love, and that’s the most irrational thing ever.” marco joked. Tom laughed and Marco gave him another kiss. “You don’t need an excuse to come see me, and you don’t need to explain yourself. If this ever happens, I WANT you to come to me. So I can help you and make it better.” Marco told him.

“Thanks Mar-Mar.” Tom whispered. “I knew I could rely on you.” He beamed and Marco tackled him in kisses. Tom giggled and playfully shoved him. They giggled together and kissed for a while longer before a voice interrupted.

“MARCO! Tom can stay the night but keep quiet! It’s three in the morning!” Rafael yelled from the next bedroom over. Tom and Marco blushed violently and exchanged looks, before bursting out in giggles.

“You look tired, we both look tired.” Marco yawned. “We should get some sleep.” He lulled Tom under the blankets and the two boys cuddled close. “You okay?” Marco asked. Tom nodded and put Marco’s arms positioned around him. Marco got the hint and held the demon close. “Do you want to talk about it?” Marco asked. Tom shook his head.

“No, it’s not important now.” He told him. “Maybe in the morning, if you think it’ll help… but now I think we need some sleep.” He told Marco. Marco nodded and held him close, giving him one last goodnight kiss.

“If it wakes you up again, wake me up too.” Marco told him.

“Why?” Tom asked. “That won’t do anything, you can’t change my dreams, and then you’ll just be tired.” Tom explained. “We’re being irrational again.” Marco cut Tom off with a kiss.

“I want to be awake with you, and I want to hold you, and comfort you.” Marco told him. “Let’s stop being rational. And start being more in love.” Marco giggled. Tom laughed as well and nuzzled the human boy, kissing his hair and cheeks.

“I think that’s a great idea.” He whispered. Marco smiled and held Tom close again.

“And just so you know, I can change your dreams.” Marco told him.

“How so?” Tom rolled his eyes.

“Well have you ever noticed that when you take a nap on me, you never have bad dreams?” Marco asked. “It’s because I chase away all the nightmares, for my Tommy.” He smiled at Tom’s blush and scratched behind his ear. Tom was about to keep talking about how that was impossible, but he started think. He never had nightmares around Marco.

“W-wait… you have powers?” Tom asked. Marco rolled over.

“Goodnight, Tom.” He teased. Tom shot up and leaned over Marco, so he was facing the human face-to-face.

“Marco wait! You have superpowers!?”

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Thank you for the responses! And yes, any order is fine, and feel free to skip any that don't speak to your muse or whatever. If Nursey joins the NHL after Samwell, what could that look like? Would he ever drop out of Samwell if he got an NHL offer?

((I had to bounce my ideas off a few people so thank @des-zimbits @yoursummerfrost  and @samwell-womens-hockey   for the assist))

This question is interesting because of its specificity. I think since there’s already a canonical narrative in place for Jack finishing up college, we can assume a similar narrative for Nursey quite easily. But what you’re asking is if he’d “risk it for the biscuit” (this is something frat boys say I swear)

Something to consider: is he pre or post diagnosis

lets go with pre first. So he’s a known dreamer. He’s big on making grand fantasies and he’s a pretty capable guy. Being the antiestablishment guy he is, he’s probably been disillusioned by a degree in creative writing. As I discuss in my first post, he has a really hard accepting feedback from critiques. He’ll only listen to so much of it; it sours his mood quite quickly; and in the long run, he doesn’t think it improves his skills that much. He can always go back to school, but the NHL wants him NOW. What if he’s reached his peak and this is his only shot to be a pro athlete? (He thought extreme FOMO was just a symptom of youth, not of BPD) Also, you have that impulsiveness telling him he has to do it, how could he not do it? 

Cue concerned Eric Bittle asking Derek if he’s talked to Jack yet. (Nursey grumbling about how he doesn’t want to be talked out of it)

Here are some gems from the Jack Laurent Zimmermann fatherly “wtf are you doing” talk:

Okay, realistically, how many games are they talking about dressing you for? What if you get sent down to the AHL? How long is your career likely to be? Do you know anyone in this city?

Has an agent looked over your contract? What’s stopping them from paying you to warm a bench all season?

Or worse, NOT paying you to warm a bench all season, but preventing you from playing for anybody else?

So in short: Nursey not knowing he has BPD doesn’t mean that he’s alone. It does, however, mean that his first season would be harder. (Cue SMH crew having his back and him getting help)

Ok now for post-diagnosis options:

He’s probably constantly going back and forth. He still wants it just as much, but now he’s really fucking freaked out about how much of that is him talking and how much is this a lowkey terrible idea spurred by his BPD

at the end of the day if he’s talked it through with his therapist and his parents, maybe it’s not the safest choice, it’s still his adult decision to make. I think there’s a lot there about talking about the lifestyle change and getting him settled and having ways to communicate effectively with a new coaching staff about his needs

Tangent: Nursey’s agent because he’s too good not to talk about 

(thank Lis) 

If Shitty had a spiritual twin, it would be this guy. Idk where Jack found him but:

“I didn’t sleep last night but I now know Everything about you as a player, these guys can’t get one up on us” *slugs a redbull*

“Bob Zimmermann tapped me as your agent yesterday and I don’t have a change of clothes but I did spray myself with Febreze in the airport bathroom, let’s do this”

Aka Derek Nurse’s support system is filled with similarly flawed but highly capable people

Ok and now back to some NHL Nursey with BPD thoughts 

((because I need to give every team some love and because either way, if Nursey’s made it this far, he’s discussed the realities of being signed onto a not as great team))

Cue: Nursey as a Colorado Avalanche. 

Watch his instagram be the most followed account of any NHL player because he’s got those gorgeous mountains and scenery all over the place. He would totally live in Boulder (correction: he would live in Fort Collins if it weren’t so far from Denver to commute there regularly). You yes, imagine your queer hipster Nursey hitting up eclectic shops on Pearl Street. ((I just realized that most NHL contracts probably prohibit snowing boarding, but it’s ok, there are other things t do in the winter.))

Can Nursey be friends with the ladies that dance jog across Boulder every Wednesday morning? I think he can. I also think he becomes a microbrew snob and as long as he doesn’t over do it. 


Because Joe Sakic enjoys fucking me in the ass–Nursey would get traded (despite being their best dman). And yea it would send him through a loop, but he’s got his family, his friends, his “people” and (insert love interest(s) here). So he’ll manage after some adjustment. 

Because I am constantly negotiating the longevity of pro players’ careers in all my fics, I had to ask how long does he stay in the NHL. The consensus was he’d take it one step at a time. He’d have to deal a lot with the uncertainties of being traded and resigned (but he can manage). And he’d get his name on the Cup once or twice (who am I kidding, it’s Nursey. Three times, take it or leave it) 

and then because Lis said “Well I could also see Nursey lowkey expecting every season to be his last and then one day they’re like ‘It’s your tenth season and you’re still going strong!! How’s it feel?’” I responded with “in the most Nursey move ever ‘huh, I have been playing for ten years, well I guess that’s enough of that’”

And that’s how Nursey goes back to college at 32  

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Would you do a Tyki/Allen reclist?? <333

YES, i certainly WILL HAHA

if you know me then you know i love my tykillens 100% consensual and thats. That’s a bit tough, cause not many in the fandom seem to agree with me lol.  it’s a bit of a wasteland in ao3 not gonna lie but the tag there has recently been blessed, and I’ll dig out some old gold too <3

Honestly it’s uh. It’s probably gonna be easiest to organise this by authors and then I’ll like. Pick a couple of my favourites from each of them, and link a few randoms i like at the end. 

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Request:Can I request something?Can I get something cute & peaceful with Lin where the reader is an artist & they both have a writer’s/artists block at the same time & they’re so whiny & don’t know what to do but they get ideas at the same time?Just fluffy:)

A/N: idk if i filled out the “they get ideas at the same time” correctly but this is what ive got aldkdkdkas havent proofread yet!!

Pairing:Lin x Reader

It had been a long day for you and your boyfriend. He was writing lyrics for multiple songs at a time for the broadway he was making about a founding father, Alexander Hamilton, was it? And you had been trying to think of another concept for your next art exhibit while sketching aimlessly.

You both sat on the couch with his head on your lap as his laptop was on his stomach; he was typing then backspacing the whole thing while you lazily sat and rested your back on the cushions as you sketched but kept erasing or tearing out the pages from your sketchbook.

“That’s your 54th page.” Lin laughed and looked up at you as you crumpled the page and tossed it at the paper filled trash can.

“You counted?” You laughed with him and he nodded. “Well, looks like you haven’t been focusing on your work either.”

“Busted. Let’s take a break.” He said and closed his laptop then gently pulled down your sketchbook.

“We took a break literally five minutes ago.” You said and reopened his laptop then snatched your sketchbook back.

“We can take another one.” He mumbled and started typing again, grumbling.

“No, we can’t.” You smiled. “Well, at least, I can’t since this art shit is due next month and you don’t have a deadline for a musical.

"But Y/N,” Lin whined and it was adorable but you tried your best to ignore him. “I’m not inspired enough!”

“Then go find yourself some inspiration.”

“I’m looking right at her but she’s being so difficult!”

You bit your lip to prevent another smile from forming as a sign of defeat but it was inevitable. You sighed and put your sketchbook down on the coffee table along with the empty bags of chips.

“Finally!” Lin cheered and got up from your lap, moving his laptop on the coffee table as well. “I’m having the worst writer’s block ever. I can barely even think of a title.”

“You’re not the only one.” You sighed, giving in to your whine session with him. “I can’t think of anything else for the art exhibit! I’ve used up all my ideas for the past years!”

“You can do it!” Lin exclaimed, a wide grin on his face. “You’re the most amazing artist I know. Anything you make and think of is outstanding, Y/N!”

“You’re just saying that.” You whined. “I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m doomed.”

“Don’t say that.” Lin held your hand then pulled you in for a tight hug. It made you feel so calm whenever he hugged you and made you feel like you were on top of the world.

“Lin,” you kissed his cheek. “I love you. I’m helplessly in love with you.”

He laughed then kissed your cheek. “I love you too.” Lin practically squeezed out the negative energy in you as he kept kissing you on the lips multiple times.

“Stop it!” You laughed and tried to playfully push him away. “We have to get back to work!”

“It’s late, let’s continue tomorrow.” Lin whined and pulled you closer to him, still kissing you repeatedly.

“What do you mean late?! It’s 7PM!” He was starting to tickle you all over and made you laugh even more until you both fell off the couch.

“You’re unbelievable.” You said, panting as you smacked him on the arm. “You’re lucky I love you. If I didn’t, I would’ve murdered you for doing that.”

“It’s okay because I never doubt you’ll fall out of love for me.” He winked and you smacked him on the arm again. “Ow! It’s true though right?! As you said you’re helplessly in love with me!”

You rolled your eyes. “Yeah, and when I look into your eyes, the sky’s the limit.”

You were obviously joking. Of course you would never fall out of love for him! Not in a million years but his wide eye look while he stared at you was making you think he took it seriously.

“Lin, babe, you know I love you, right-”

“Of course! I love you too!” He smiled. “And I love you so much more because you gave me an idea for a song!” Lin scooted over to you and kissed you then grabbing his laptop.

Watching him type his bright idea out speedily made you smile which brought you to your permanent idea of making your next art exhibit all about your lover.


Pair: Peter Parker x Reader

Prompt: Peter cheats on you and you two break up and things go downhill. 

A/N: I have no idea why I wrote this or how this idea came to be.  I just sat down and wrote so here you are!  This is the longest fic I have ever written and I am sorry if it is boring.  Hope you enjoy! 

Warning: Character death…sorry.

Your head was spinning as you read the texts that popped up on his phone.  “Love you baby,” you read out loud to yourself, “Love you too,” you whispered as you read the last message.  

You checked who was texting him trying to put a face to the unrecognizable name that wasn’t yours.  You placed the phone back down on the table, still trying to process what you had just read.  

“How could he?” you whispered to yourself.  

Did you actually think he would stay with you forever? 

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I needed a recovery fic after yesterday and I can’t even think about Death Note without also feeling like I might cry, so I wrote more incredibly self-inulgent KaiShin.  Honestly, I’m a little embarrassed by how schmoopy this got (and how long, all things considered), but I hope you guys like it.  8)

Kaito sighed, gazing down at the letter in his hands with dismay.  No scholarship unless he turns 24, has a child, or gets married.  Sitting down at the kitchen table, he runs through his options.  As he has barely turned 21, he can’t conceivably turn 24 in time to get his loans.  He’s not ready to become a father, nor does he know any girl willing to have a kid with him.  And, well, the only girls he knows are his best friend and her girlfriend, so they’re completely out of the question anyway.

Which left marriage.

He hummed to himself.  He could legally get married at 21.  That would be the easiest course of action, but the problem was who could he marry?  The girls were out, obviously.  They were dating and he didn’t really want to get in the way of that.  He’d rather spend the night at an aquarium than marry Hakuba.

Sighing, he pulled out his phone.  He only had one option, so he might as well give it a shot.

“can u marry me”

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Seth | Stay | Rollins


Can you write a SethxReader fic for when he was injured and got v frustrated bc he couldn’t get back to wrestling as quickly as he wanted to so he gets rough with you but also maybe add some fluff idk something along those lines your writing is amazing (fluffy smutty goodness))

<< aditional notes: this is going to have a part 2, fingers crossed, that’ll be up tomorrow or later tonight. <<


2,639+ dirty little words. Sorry this one isn’t as long as my others, but I really got into it and loved the request. Hopefully you guys like it!


Seth Rollins - WWE


SMUT AHEAD! There. I warned you. Lots and lots of smut. And angst. And fluff. And Seth might seem like kind of a jerk for a little bit, but he’s injured and cranky and a big baby in the one shot, so yeahhh.


Oral (giving and receiving),swallowing, hair pulling, biting/marking…



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I’m playing along

Word count: 2312

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader (finally!!!)

Summary: You fail to admit your feelings for your favourite fighting frenchman, and the subtle hints just won’t do it, so you use jealousy as your weapon.

Warning: Swearing, Light smut??? Actually not, idk. its very subtle i guess.

Note: Ya,I wanted to write a fic for Lafayette so long!!! But I had no ideas, so I asked my dear @fanfrickinhamiltasticimagines to help me for the plot, but I’m not sure how much of that is still left?
Also Laf turned out a lot more salty than he is??? Headcannon for laf btw: Him calling hamilton alexandre instead of alexander. because it sounds nice. also. good french!!! Shall i translate it?

“Bonjour Lafayette”, you greeted your french friend, giving him a sheepish smile as you sat down next to him, holding a steaming hot coffee in your hands. “Oh, mon amie.” He looked up from his phone to greet you with two kisses on your cheeks in the typical french manner, making you blush in almost an instant. As always, he was wearing his hair up, and you had to resist the urge to run your fingers through it. The bright smile he was flashing you was contagious, so you decided to return it.

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lams fic recs

im so amazed at how many?? good lams fic there are out there?? omg. so i figured i wanted to make a rec list bcs HOLY SHIT theres just too many. seriously to everyone who wrote these u r a sweet summer child lemme give u a kiss

(these r in no order)

1. ‘we fell into love, we fell into wonder ’ by reultan (they have a tumblr too, @jeffer-sin ;)))

this fic so cute!!! shit john has pastel hair?? and alex has cute ass hoop earings?? and lafayette wears eyeliner?? AAAA this one updated pretty recently too. theres a tiny bit of angst but mostly its just rly cute and I LIVE for th aesthetic. READ IT

its on ao3 (all of these r on ao3) -

2. i will stay upon your shoreland by AozoraNoShita (i dont know if they have a tumblr…)

SELKIES. do i have to say anything else? this one actually made me cry it so good hooly. alex is a selkie and john steals his coat.

ao3 -

3. On a Stranger’s Doorstep by Puzzlequeer (they have a tumblr too, @oncetherelivedaboy

THIS ONE WAS A ROLLER COASTER RIDE. its rly cute and also angsty at the same time?? how?? omg??

and there is trans alex, single dad john and frances !! i love that frances is a big part of this fic. i also rly like how the author writes alex and john as characters like..the dilaougue between them is just?? so natural?? idk how they do it

ao3 -

4. Surprises by Puzzlequeer

this is the sequel to On a Stranger’s Doorstep. though beware, there is mpreg (but like, in a sensible way. alex is a pregnant trans man). this one is still updating actively and its also RLY GOOD. omg. lafayette is so good in this fic and frances is still a big part of the story !! (im a sucker for anything that invloves frances can u tell)

ao3 -

5. frankly, it’s a tad exhilirating by colonellaurens
(idk if they have a tumblr)

this one seems to be a fan favorite, it’s pretty popular. AND FOR A GOOD REASON. its one of those fake dating tropes and i lov cliche tropes. also henry laurens is a dick. and im all about that.

ao3 -

6. Something They Can Never Take Away by a_mind_at_work ( they have a tumble !! @undiscoveredstory and omg, theyre so nice?? holy shit??)

this one is also popular and its so nicely written?? they write anxiety and angst rly well?? wow im. honestly i read this one so fast bcs it was SO GOOD. its an adoption au and daddy washington is my fave washington

ao3 -

7. build a city that dreams for two by lcafayctte

ITS A BALLERINA AU. holy smokes (im trying not to say shit anymore) um..its so GOOD. i know i say this for every single one of these but they ALL ARE. can u rly blame me? anyway i lov how persistant alex is and john. in ballerina tights. omg. READ IT

ao3 -

8. cornerstone by rosenbergs

(as far as im concerned, they co-own a network blog for hamilton writers with @yrshamilton - ( its @linmnuel )and their personal is @lcfayatte)

okay im not gonna lie i cried. twice. when i read this and it contains just the right amount of angst but the way it ends is SO SATISFYING. (angelica would b satisfied honestly) brace urselves for pain folks but its all worth it. i, but a weak man who has witnessed this pain first-hand, promise u. its worth it. also lafayette is rly good in this. omg

ao3 -

alright thats all bcs i dont wanna make a post that too long . but ill probs make a part 2 at some point bcs there is so much more honestly. i might make one with my fave authors?? maybe. or ill make one with just one shots. OH i have an idea. i know im a new blog but if u want me to make a specific rec list then pls come tell me !! i have too much free time

A Beauty, a Beast, and a Champ

Braun Strowman/OC: A continuation of A Beast at Christmas. The roster reacts to your newfound relationship and Braun gives you the perfect gift. Smut. But a really short bit of smut lmao idk. Mostly fluff and feels.

I was gonna write a second part to this anyway bc so many of you wanted to see how the Beast and his Beauty would be taken by the roster but then @dolph-wwe made a lovely post that really got the ball rolling for this so shoutout to them. Anyways, I know I haven’t written anything but Braun fics for a while but honestly it’s been v good for me and I needed to do this. Maybe once I finish all my Braun ideas I can get back into request mode. Thanks for being so patient with me.

As always, tagging the Braun Babes @lavitabella87 @omgmissmillie @everybodyfinnfreeze @shadow-of-wonder @screamersdontdance

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Duets (Leslie Odom Jr. X Reader)

Request!: N/A

Paring: Leslie Odom Jr. X Reader

TW: Did I curse, Idk, I think Led is just so infatuated with the reader honestly.

WC: 637

A/N- I just got an idea and decided to write it. It didnt turn out as long as I hoped but oh well. Also this will be the last fic posted until saturday!! Which we hope that we have multiple coming out at the same time! Alalove ya~ Peggy


Leslie and Lin stood outside of the club waiting to get in.

“I don’t understand why you wanted to set me up. I can get my own dates you know?” Leslie bounced trying to keep himself warm. The December air was harsh and it felt like his nose was going to fall off. He pulled his scarf up do that it covered his nose.

“How long has it been since you went on a date Leslie?” Lin looked over to his friend, knowing the answer fully well. Lin nodded content with the lack of answer, “Exactly.”

“Why did you choose here of all places?”

“They have live music. I think you’ll like it.”

“Go on in.” The line moved forward as people came out stopping just as Lin and Leslie went in. They took seats at a table not far away from the stage.

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About A Girl: Part 3

Previous Parts

Pairing(s): Charlie x Reader, Dean x Reader, Sam x Castiel

Summary: Y/N’s a cheerleader, Sam’s best friend, and in need of a tutor; Charlie is the obvious option. Sam and Cas are the cutest gay couple ever, and Dean’s the hot jock (and Sam’s older brother) who is irresistible to everyone.

Tags: AU: High School, Nerd!Charlie, Cheerleader!Reader, Cheerleader!Cas, Jock!Dean, Gay!Sam, Gay!Cas, Sastiel, fluff

Words: 2996

Note: Please let me know what you think!! S/O to Hayley Kiyoko 

Tagging: @fangirl1802, @leatherandwinchesters, @spnhybrid, @drarina1737,@waywardlullabies, @the-sarcastic-mess, @ilovetardisblue, @winvhesters, @voidobsession,@marie-is-in-the-dark, @harrypottersfavegirl, @deansbaekaz2y5, @muffincastiel

Originally posted by inacatastrophicmind

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fic recs+writing blog recs

This will be long so expect the worse. I don’t know what’s going on with my but lately, no matter how much inspiration I have, I can’t write. And if I can’t write, I am reading.

I know I promised and hit my head thousand of times telling myself that I have to do a writes recs, so here I am, trying my best to show my appreciation and loyalty to these amazing people.

Originally posted by kths

How will this go? So first I’ll put the name of the author/the writer, than My favorite stories(some may have more, some less) and than ofc my opinion about them :) Just from now, I only read BTS.

PS: This is just a short list haha

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Passing Judgement

               So I watched Southpaw (I recommend, but it’s terribly sad in spots) and I got inspired to write this! I know Namjoon has pink hair, but Idk, I like the blonde and it suits the fic more imo. Idk if any of you can tell, but I’ve been watching Kill Me, Heal Me (also recommend) and I kinda borrowed a couple names. Lol. Anyway, I hope you all like it!! Xx (:

Part: (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (Final Part)

Originally posted by baebsaes

               “Chayeon, please—“

               “Y/N, c’mon. He’s super cute and I really like him.” Your friend replied as she dragged you along behind her in the barren streets.

               Tugging, there was no escape from her iron-like hold. “So why don’t you just go without me?”

               Stopping abruptly, you nearly collided into her back, stopping just shy of her head. Whipping around, her frustrated gaze made you shrink, knowing you were being a pain. “I already told you. He has to take care of his fighter so I’ll be alone for the entire match with a bunch of shouting, drunk people. It’s my first time at one of these places too.”

               “He’s into fighting, Chayeon.” You replied, trying to convey your feelings toward the unknown man without shouting them outright into her face.

               “So?” She scoffed, glowering at you and the pretentious attitude you carried. “It’s a sport.”

               “It’s illegal.”

               “So was getting drunk and sneaking into the pool at our high school, but that didn’t stop you.” Tongue caught in your throat, you searched for words but none came to fruition. A smirk slithered across her lips, knowing she had caught you. “Y/N, just come this one time with me. He’s a really great guy and I really want to give it a shot. I only need you for tonight and then I swear I’ll never make you go to one of these things again.”

               Pursing your lips, your friend gave you a pouty face, doing her best to win you over. Letting out an exasperated sigh, you said monotonously, “Fine.”

               Chayeon’s lips turned upward into a bright smile as she threw her arms around you, repeating the words ‘thank you’ over and over. “I promise it’ll be okay.”

               “Yeah, yeah.” Wriggling out of her grasp, you motioned for her to lead the way.

               Trekking behind her, you glared at the back of her head, hair bouncing cheerily back and forth and she was nearly shaking from giddiness. Shoving your hands into the pockets of the loose leather jacket you wore, you dreamed of returning home and cuddling into your bed. Black boots clunked heavily across the pavement as you followed sluggishly behind your friend, wishing that you were going anywhere else but to an underground fighting ring. However, no matter how slowly you trailed along behind her, eventually it was inevitable that you’d reach the destination. The sight of the outside of the place made your gut churn. The mere idea of what you were stepping into already scared you, did the outside have to be so chilling too?

               Rickety and rusted, the outside looked like an old broken down shop, long past its expiry date. Stairs led up to the door of the place, while a lone staircase hung off to the side in between where this building connected to the next, leading to what you believed was a house or storage space. Connected to multiple other buildings in what you’d imagined must have been a strip of stores, it looked large enough to be a decent sized clothing shop and you wondered; just how was this supposed to work? From what Chayeon had said, these fights were relatively popular, attracting people from all around. However, as your eyes raked across the broken windows and flimsy door, you couldn’t imagine that’d it be able to host that many people, let alone a fight. Questions were soon answered though as your friend began to descend the stairs to the side. Lingering at the top, you stared down while taking a gulp of saliva. At the end of the stairs was a rather heavy looking door, rusted like all the others, but much sturdier with a small peephole at the top. There was no light to guide you down, just darkness. Clenching your fists in your pocket, you went down the stairs, each step making your heart thump harder in your chest. Finally reaching the bottom platform, you watched with unease as Chayeon lifted her pale hand to rap her knuckles against the steel, the sound resonating eerily into the night. Seconds seemed to pass like hours, eating away at your composure until the door finally creaked open and the sound of music drifted to your ears.

               Stepping quickly inside, you were greeted by an outstretched hand, soon accompanied by a booming male voice. “10 each, ladies.”

             Chayeon busted out a sweet smile, speaking before you could reach into the pocket of your jeans. “We’re with Jin.”

               The beefy man looked the two of you up and down before nodding. “Jin said you’d be here; go on in.”

               Muttering a thank you, you quickly gripped onto Chayeon’s hand, letting her weave you in and out between people while you lifted your eyes to take in your surroundings for the first time. The sight of the underground bar shocked you; contrary to the outside, it was incredibly spacious. The ceiling was high for a basement, the walls spanning along what you knew must have been several of the shops upstairs, metal beams acting as the supporting structure. A bar was in the far corner while several stalls were littered here and there to make sure no one ever ran dry. The only lifted part of the room made your eyes widen forebodingly— the fighting ring. Sure enough, the place was packed, just as Chayeon said it would be. It surprised you how many people were interested in this sort of thing, but then again, you supposed that’s why it was called underground boxing.

               Slipping through the mobs of people, the air was stale with smoke, making you cringe as Chayeon pulled you to the side. It was only when you reached the bar that she stopped moving, calling out, “Seokjin!”

               At the call of his name, a tall man with incredibly broad shoulders peered over, plump lips widening into a smile as he finished his drink and placed the glass on the counter. Pivoting to catch Chayeon as she came in for a hug, you had to stop your mouth from plopping open in a stupid gaze of disbelief. Clouded all along by prejudiced thoughts, you never really imagined Chayeon’s new love interest to look quite this pure, or beautiful for that matter. Whenever she’d mentioned him, you’d pictured a mess of a boy with dirty hair and even missing teeth. It was only now that you realized how snobbish you’d been in assuming things about the man when you’d never met him, though it didn’t alleviate your apprehension. Even after she introduced you and you’d started a conversation, you had your reservations. Though it was childish and blind, you couldn’t help but feel that a man involved in all of this, couldn’t be sane.

               After a little small talk, the feeling of being a third wheel began to creep in as flirting ensued. Stuck on the sidelines as she placed small touches on his body while he whispered things in her ear to make her giggle, you took a seat on a barstool, knowing it was going to be a long night. Ordering a drink, you sipped on the contents, hoping for a buzz to produce itself and hopefully make you even a little less miserable. While your companions became enclosed in their own world, you retreated to your own. Eyes fluttering across the crowd, you were amazed at the different sorts of people all around. Ages varied greatly; though the majority consisted of young people, you spotted quite a few who were middle aged, lingering in groups and clearly not here for the partying side. Closer to the ring, you could see a few people holding wads of cash, standing on a small box and yelling at the people under them to place their bets. You made a face at the sight, wondering what the fascination was with two people beating each other to pulps. Tearing your gaze away, you did a double take when you saw some people dressed in suits in the corner of the room, sitting at a table and talking amongst themselves while people shimmied against on each other like sardines.

               Interrupting Chayeon as she said something to Jin, you leaned into his view and half-shouted because of the noise, “Is it always this packed?”

               Shaking his head, he flashed you a proud smile. “No, but the fight tonight is a good one. Both are really good, but my friend will beat him and hopefully get signed.”

               “Ah,” you replied, nodding your head and realizing that the people in suits were in fact there for a reason.

               “That reminds me though,” Jin began to glance toward the side of the room where two doors stood side by side. “I gotta go to the dressing room. Do you want to come?”

               Chayeon nodded excitedly before turning around and casting you a questioning look. Not wanting to be a bother, you shook your head. “You go ahead.”

               Giving you an apologetic smile, Chayeon replied, “I’ll be back as soon as the fight is supposed to start; I promise.”

               “I’ll be here.” You said content with remaining at the bar and a safe distance away from where the boxing would take place.

               Watching as they disappeared into the crowd, you ordered another drink. Swivelling on the stool and resting your back on the edge of the bar, you sighed listening to the music thumping in the air. You had to admit that part of you was curious about the boxer’s and just how good they were to reel in a crowd of this magnitude. Not to mention, you wanted to see if they had ridiculously big muscles like The Rock. Snorting at the thought, you pulled out your phone, scrolling through social media apps to pass the time. Absorbed in the piece of technology, you didn’t even notice when someone took up the seat beside you, calling out to the bartender.

               “You don’t look very thrilled to be here.”

               The person to your side cut into your bubble and you rolled your eyes, not in the mood to deal with some drunken guy looking for a good lay. In an apathetic voice, you responded, “I’m not really into this sort of thing.”

               The guy barked out a laugh. “Fair enough, but why are you here then?”

               Sighing in annoyance, you locked your phone before looking up at the person who was insistently talking to you. Taken aback, you nearly blushed under his gaze, his lips upturned into a polite grin making little indents in the sides of his cheeks. Wearing a baggy hoody, his eyes were dark but definitely clear, unlike the glazed look the people around you wore.  He eyed you with similar curiosity as you admired his blonde hair, swept back and shaved at the sides. Orbs becoming lost with yours, you felt yourself squirm, the strength of his character slightly intimidating. Clearing your throat, you swivelled on the chair to face the unknown man.

               “I was here with a friend, but she ran off with a guy for the time being. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here.”

               “It’s your first time, right?” He addressed your adamant tone of disapproval.

               “How did you—“

               “Everyone is tense the first time they come.” Taking a swig of his beer his eyes landed on your hands, which were clenching each other so tight it looked like your knuckles might just pop out.

               Stuffing your hands under your thighs, you gave him a glare, annoyed that he was making you feel embarrassed. Just as you were about to open your mouth, a girl came up to him, placing a hand on his shoulder before saying in a sultry voice, “Good luck tonight.”

              Merely giving her a nod, he immediately turned his gaze back to you, unfazed by the action. Confused, you blurted, “What was that?”

               “Nothing.” He countered, an amused smile crossing his lips.

               However, the well wishes didn’t stop there. After the woman, came two more along with quite a few guys. Nosiness getting the better of you, you couldn’t help but prod as your brows furrowed. “Why does everyone keep saying good luck to you?”

               Shrugging, the guy gulped down another drink of his beer. “I’m a regular and they all know I place bets.”

               “Oh god,” you groaned, “You’re one of them?”

               “Hey now,” he chortled, “don’t knock it before you try it. There’s a lot of money in these things, you know.”

               “Maybe,” You responded, staring off towards the ring. “But it’s at the expense of others.”

               “Ah,” He said thoughtfully, “So it’s the violence you don’t like?”

               “Among other things.”

               “I didn’t like it either at first.” His statement surprised you, turning your head back to him only to see him still looking directly at you. “It’s not so bad though; addicting even. There’s power in what they do. Watching them going at it it’s not necessarily like their fighting each other, but for themselves. Whether its stress, thoughts, or struggles; they vent it in there and you get to see it. It’s brutal sometimes, but most of them are fighting for something. It’s like watching someone fight against their own confinements in some ways. But hey, like I said: it’s a money maker too.”

               Astonished by his words, you shot him a weighty look. “That was pretty deep. Are you a philosopher in your spare time? Or maybe a therapist?”

               Mid-drink, he snorted with laughter, quickly swallowing the liquid. Coughing and saying, “Not quite. I could use one though.”

               You laughed at his suggestive, but joking gaze, holding up a hand as though in surrender. “Sorry, I’m not in school for that.”

               “You’re in school then?”

               “Yep; Seoul University.” You replied, grabbing his beer and taking a swig.

               “I was gonna go there.”

               “You were?” You nearly laughed, but you caught the serious look on his face.

               “What, don’t think I look smart enough? I’ll have you know I did pretty well in school.”

               “Why didn’t you go?” You brushed off his comment.

               “I’m not very well off.” Shrugging, he replied while taking his beer back making your face fall a little, feeling insensitive. However, he shot you a playful grin, causing your stomach to swirl. “There’s money in this, though.”

               A smile crept over your features, pleased that there seemed to be a shred of hope in his voice. Capturing each other’s gaze, it only now occurred to you that he’d shifted closer, your knees brushing against the fabric near his waist. There was a tension between you, but it wasn’t hostile; it was electrifying, sparking interest from both parties. Holding out the beer to you, you took another sip before he did the same. “Who’s fighting tonight, anyway?”

               “Well, one guy is named Cha Dohyun. He’s pretty good, but the other guy isn’t easy to beat either.” A smirk slithered across his lips as he spoke. “He goes by R.M, but some people call him the God of Destruction.”

               “Wow,” you replied, “that’s quite the reputation.”

               “It is, but it’s understandable; he rarely loses.”

               “So, you bet on him?” You asked, belly fluttering when he shot you a heart stopping smile.

               “Of course I did. He’s called a god so it’d be stupid not to.”

               “You seem pretty confident.”

               “Because I am. His competitor is tough, but the word is that he’s got some people to impress tonight.”

               Peering over to the men in suits, you nodded toward their direction. “Them?”

               Shrugging, he replied. “Maybe.”

               Suddenly, the music came to a split stop, the sound of voices flooding your ears now instead of heavy bass. At this, people surged toward the ring and you knew it must nearly be time. The guy who’d held your conversation handed you the remainder of the beer.

               “I’m Namjoon, by the way.” He said, standing up straight instead of leaning against the bar as he had been before.


               “Y/N.” He grinned placing a hand on your knee but only so the weight of it was feather light. The heat of his palm radiated through your jeans as he loomed closer. For a moment you thought he was going to kiss you and despite being a stranger, you would’ve let him, feeling as though you were being pulled toward him by a force unbeknownst to you. But he didn’t. Leaning close to your ear so you could hear him clearly; you could smell his intoxicating scent as his breath hit the shell of your ear, threatening to create a shiver that would run down your spine. His lips grazed your skin softly as he spoke. “I gotta go for a bit but I’ll see you after, okay? That is, if you choose to stay.”

              Before you could say anything, he took off into the masses of people, leaving you alone with the beer in your hand. Excitement bubbled in your stomach at his words, though you knew it was hypocritical because of the amount of trouble you’d given your friend about her choice of boyfriend. What was worse though; a man who helped train a fighter or a man who bet on them? Shaking your head, you groaned to yourself. Neither was any better than the other in all honesty. Your reflection time was cut short though, as a familiar face bobbed toward you, bursting through the crowd with a huff.

               “Sorry, I meant to come sooner but…” Chayeon’s voice trailed off into a blush, followed by a guilty look. “Was everything okay?”

               “Y-yeah.” You replied, still a little flustered as your voice wavered. Hearing the catch in your tone, Chayeon eyed you suspiciously. Clearing your throat, you quickly diverted the topic, “how did it go with Jin?”

               At this, Chayeon brightened visibly and you felt relief course through you as she spiralled off into a giddy outburst. Though you nodded as she spoke, you couldn’t help but feel distant, your mind drifting back to Namjoon. His deep voice echoing in your ears, nosiness broiled inside you, wondering what it was he had to do. Honestly, you didn’t want to wait for him to find you, but how were you supposed to search for him in a crowd like this? You couldn’t understand how you were this taken by him. Not usually one to fall into another’s trap so quick, but something about him made your mind run off its rails. It wasn’t long until a voice thundered through the room, interrupting the conversation which you weren’t really even a part of. Turning your gaze to the platform, you saw a man holding a mic, motioning his hands in a shushing motion.

               “Is everyone ready?” The announcer exclaimed, bringing forth shouts of anticipation to which the man chuckled. “Alright, alright. First up, we have Cha Dohyun!”

               At the mention of the man’s name, the crowd made whooping noises of encouragement. A man, much taller than you had expected, emerged dwarfing the announcer and making you giggle under your breath. Hair cut short and tattooed all over, you could see his muscles rippling under the spotlight surrounding the area. Slipping through the ropes, he stood confidently on the platform box, gloves in place and obviously rearing to go as he cracked his neck side to side.

               “Next, R.M!”

               At the mention of the contestant you’d heard so much about, the crowd erupted into bellowing shouts. Taken aback by the enthusiasm, it was obvious he was the fan favourite, climbing into the ring wearing a sweater that made your stomach drop, whispering, “No way…”

              You felt Chayeon glance at you in confusion but you ignored it, too absorbed in the revelation unfolding before you. The man held an air of relaxation, not even ready to begin as he exuded an infectious confidence. Hands taped up, the fighter unzipped the hoodie, pushing the hood back and revealing the face you’d been dreading. Namjoon stripped himself of the sweater, revealing his toned body as he dropped it over the ropes to his crew. Taking up his gloves, he slipped them on with ease, never letting his hard gaze stray from his opponent. Shorts sitting low on his hips, secured by god knows what, you felt heat stir in your abdomen as light glinted off his shoulders. The announcer began to speak, but it was gibberish in your ears, unable to tear your attention away from Namjoon as he finally dropped his gaze from the man in front of him. Body still facing forward, he rolled his head, stopping with his chin in the air before tilting it a fraction to the side and locking his eyes with you. A smile played along his lips as he gave you a cheeky wink before bringing his attention back to the task at hand. Knocking gloves with Cha Dohyun as a sign of fair play, the match begun.

               Fresh out of the gate, Dohyun came at Namjoon with a heavy swing, which was dodged and matched with a blow to the side. Falling into stance, it wasn’t long until Dohyun took another chance, trying to anticipate Namjoon’s moves as he did so. Failing, Namjoon seized the opportunity, fist lunging forward with incredible force. Wincing at the sound of Namjoon’s fist meeting the man’s face, the crowd cheered and jeered loudly, urging the fighters on. The fight continued on like this and it wasn’t long until you began to see that Namjoon had underestimated himself. Though you’d never witnessed a boxing match live, you weren’t completely clueless and it was clear that Namjoon was dominating the other. Among the tirade of swings and well placed blow’s, you could see the calm expression over his face, not once thrown off by his competitor. Watching the two men, Namjoon’s words echoed in your mind and you found yourself beginning to understand what he meant. Watching them was like watching two immovable forces meet; clashing in a whirlwind of resilience. Each man was strong, and each man fought the other while holding no traces of malice. It wasn’t mindless blundering, it was like watching fire and water coming to an understanding; violent, but each one unable to yield for their own reasoning.

               Rounds passed one by one, and you crept toward the edge of your seat with each ring of the bell. Near the tenth round, Cha Dohyun had sustained substantial wounds, while Namjoon remained relatively unmarked, a small trace of blood running down from the corner of his brow where he’d been clipped. Sipping on his water like it was lunch break at school and not a boxing match, you caught him glancing over toward you as Jin fussed over his eye, traces of a grin coming forth at seeing you still there. You smiled back at him, wishing you could convey words of encouragement through a mere expression. Severing the connection, Namjoon rose from the small stool, rolling his shoulders and ready to begin again. The tenth round began and Namjoon appeared determined, raising his gloves and bending at the knees. Waiting for a moment to strike, he allowed himself to be backed into the corner, blocking hits that were meant for his face. The crowd became tense seeing Namjoon against the ropes as Dohyun managed to get a punch in near Namjoon’s mouth, but it was short-lived. Ducking under the arms of Dohyun, Namjoon moved swiftly to the side to come behind his opponent. Already swinging, Dohyun stood no chance as the fist collided with the side of his face, sending his head to the side, blood sputtering out of his mouth. But the assault didn’t stop there; Namjoon swung upwards, the blow hitting Dohyun in an uppercut and sending him to the floor unconscious. The crowd burst with shouts and screams as Namjoon backed away, watching the ref count and spitting blood to the floor beside him. Regaining consciousness, Dohyun attempted to get up, but it was clear that he was done, disoriented and unable to hold himself up. Finishing his count, there was no need to consult the points as the ref came over to raise Namjoon’s hand in a show of victory. While Dohyun’s crew came over to help the poor man, Namjoon’s burst into the ring like baboons, shouting and hugging their friend with the exception of Jin, who was fumbling with gauze and pushing members out of the way.

               “C’mon.” Chayeon said excitedly beside you, grabbing your hand and pulling you off the chair as Namjoon exited the ring. “They’ll be in the dressing room.”

               Pushing through the crowd that was currently quivering with the adrenaline of the match, you dove towards the two doors you’d noticed earlier. Nerves shook you as she pushed open the door, loud cheers of triumph bursting from within. The room was spacious, tables covered in supplies and water as Namjoon sat in a chair in the middle of the room, wiping the blood from his mouth with a towel as Jin hovered around him, inspecting him for more wounds. Upon hearing the door open, all heads spun to you before relaxing at the sight of Chayeon who exclaimed words of congratulations before walking toward Jin. Upon seeing you, Namjoon swatted Jin’s hand away from his face, flashing you a bright smile and telling the brown haired boy to get out of the chair beside him.


               “Jungkook, I just won and you’re seriously not gonna go get me a drink?” Namjoon made excuses to the groaning kid, who did as he was told, but not without grumbling as he went past you and into the chaos outside of the dressing room.

               Once Jungkook moved, Namjoon looked back at you, motioning to the chair beside him, making you grin abashedly before walking across to him. Taking up residence beside him, you said, “Congratulations, you liar.”

               Chuckling, he muttered ‘I’m fine’ to Jin who took the indication to leave and pulled Chayeon to sit on a bench on the side of the room. “Would you’ve talked to me if I said who I was?” Opening your mouth to retort, you immediately closed it knowing he was right. Namjoon laughed well naturedly, “Exactly.”

               “Hey, let’s go.” An orange haired boy called out, standing near the door.

               Everyone began to rise and when you started to get up, Namjoon grabbed your hand, tugging you lightly to stay. Glancing at him, you felt your skin burn where his tape covered hand held yours and you slowly fell back into the seat. Dropping your hand before the others could see, Namjoon grabbed his bag from the side, rifling through it. “I’ll be out in a little while; I still gotta change.”

               “Y/N?” Chayeon asked.


               “She’s gonna help me take off the tape.” Namjoon cast Chayeon an innocent smile, wiggling his hands in the air.

               Chayeon gave you a quizzical look and you nodded in response to reassure her. One by one, they left the room, the once loud space becoming silent in their wake. Clearing his throat, Namjoon began to peel back the tape on his knuckles with his teeth, fingers unable to catch the edges. Laughing under your breath, you drug your chair so you sat in front of him. Namjoon’s eyebrows furrowed as you took the hand away from his mouth, unwinding the tape yourself. “You said you wanted my help, right?”

               “Thank you…” Namjoon’s voice was low as he spoke, sitting back while you finished taking one hand out of the tape.

               “Your hand…” You whispered shocked, seeing the bruises forming over his knuckles despite the padding of the tape and gauze.

               “Ah, you’re right. Maybe I need to punch lighter?” He replied playfully, trying to lighten the mood instead of letting you dwell on his welfare. Shaking your head, you laughed lightly, grabbing the other hand and peeling back the tape.

               “What you said was true though…” You said. Your was voice quiet even though there was no one to listen besides him while you fought to keep your eyes on his hand and not on his half naked body which was shining dimly under the fluorescent lights. The pull you felt toward him seemed to intensify in the small space, not having anyone around to distract from it. “It’s not what I expected.”

               Lips upturning, he nodded at your words and shifted closer to you, the smell of sweat still clinging to his skin. “So, did you like it then?”

               “I wouldn’t go that far.” You scoffed. “But it wasn’t as terrible as I thought it’d be. Watching you— it was incredible really. I see now why they call you a god; you were amazing.”

               Dropping the last pieces of tape to the floor and running a finger over his knuckles, you elevated your eyes to see his face close to yours. He made no reply, but instead leaned in closer to you. Wrapping his fingers around the metal legs of the chair, he yanked it forward, making you squeal in surprise. His legs encompassed yours; knees flush against his own seat. Grasping the edges of your seat, his forearms pressed into the skin of your thighs as he placed his forehead against yours, allowing his breath to mingle with the air you breathed. Moving in closer, his nose brushed against yours before his lips came to press a chaste kiss against your own. Your eyes fluttered closed as fire seemed to course through your veins. However, lips left yours much too soon. Opening the lids of your hooded eyes, his searched yours for an inkling of direction, but instead of waiting for him, you surged forward in a hunt for more. Lips moved melodically against yours as your hands skimmed over his arms and onto his shoulders. A palm smoothed over your hip and to the small of your back, fingertips pressing into your body and urging you forward. Boldness washed over you as you lifted from the chair, a wave of excitement passing through you as Namjoon kicked the plastic structure away. Cupping his neck, you bit down on his bottom lip, tugging as you pulled away and making him grunt breathily. Hands attached to the back of your thighs, they grazed upwards as you swung a leg on either side of him, sitting in his lap while your legs dangled over the sides of the chair. Attaching your mouth to his once again, his tongue immediately requested entrance, swiping over your bottom lip. Granting his wish, the metallic taste of blood still held traces in his mouth, making your heart rate quicken with provocation. Winding your fingers into his blonde tresses, his arms wound tightly around you, making you press flush against his bare chest. Feeling his muscles through your thin shirt, your nails ran against his scalp, eliciting a moan.

               “Hyung, I didn’t know what you wanted so I got— oh my god.” The sounds of a plastic cup hitting the floor made the two of you break apart. With your back to the door, you looked over your shoulder to see the kid from before named Jungkook, standing awkwardly with his hands over his eyes. Face flushing from embarrassment, you quickly scrambled off of Namjoon, who now looked rather annoyed. “S-sorry. I d-didn’t know; Jimin- hyung said you were alone—“

               “It’s fine, Jungkook. Just go.” Sighing, Namjoon ran a hand over his face, rising from the chair and plucking up a shirt and jeans from his bag. Nodding frantically, Jungkook quickly exited the room, leaving you two alone once again. Shooting you an apologetic look, Namjoon said dejectedly, “I’m gonna take a quick shower and then we can go, okay?”

               Nodding, you stifled a laugh behind your palm as Namjoon disappeared into the shower, only to immerge not ten minutes later. Looking at his freshly cleaned figure, you cast him a smile while he shrugged on his sweater. “Ready?”

               “Yeah.” He replied and you began to move toward the door. “So… are you gonna come here again?”

              Shrugging, a smirk etched onto your lips, a teasing tone adorning your voice. “I don’t know. Maybe. I might be busy, you know, with school and all.”

               Growling behind you, his arms slithered around your waste, face burying into your neck while you laughed against him. “What are you in school for anyway?”


               “Oh good, I could use one of those too. The one I have isn’t very good.” He commented, making you giggle at the mention of Jin, only to laugh loudly when you pulled open the door and he remarked, “Jin acts like my god damn mom.”


Title: Whatsapp

Author: Naty (Pichitinha)

Category: Percabeth, Post war, Post HoO, Fluffy, Pointless, 1580 words, all text messages.

Warning: It’s ridiculous???

Rating: PG.

Chapters: One-shot.

Complete: Yes.

Summary: Annabeth is out with some friends to try to find a good dress for a party, and Percy is left alone for the day in their little appartment. These are the whatsapps exchanged during that day.

Note: Ok, so this is just a ridiculous piece of nothing that popped into my head just yesterday and I HAD to write. So basically I’ve been meaning to write a Percabeth message conversation only for a week, and then yesterday I was reading Hannah’s fics with the prompt meme, and I thought, why don’t I write a fanfic using all the prompts? And so I did. It’s ridiculous, pontless, some parts may even be senseless, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Oh, PS, let’s pretend that cellphones are ok or that someone developed one that demigods can use or something like that. OH! PS number two: it doesn’t look like they’re texts because nothing is abreviated, but I’m brazilian, so I decided to go for the whole word instead of using things I’m not used to. Forgive me. Bold is PercyItalic is Annabeth.

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Just To Make Happy Someone Like You | Ron/Hermione

title | ffnet | AO3

Ron Weasley liked being an Auror very, very much. There were several perks to the job: the fact that he got to work with Harry, its active and fast-paced nature, the fact that he felt he was doing something that contributed to society in a positive way. The generous salary was another bonus, he couldn’t deny that. But the number one reason Ron Weasley liked being an Auror was that there was no homework.

The documentation for the cases they worked on was far too sensitive to be taken outside of approved locations within the Ministry, and so although there were far too many long and boring hours writing up endless reports, this didn’t have to be done in his free time. He didn’t mind working hard, but he did hate the idea of his leisure time being filled with work, too.

There were trade-offs, of course: nightshifts; endless hours of surveillance where he had to remain totally still and quiet for hours on end; a big case coming in and resulting in all leave being cancelled, and extended hours in the office with barely any time to eat or sleep. But, watching Hermione make her way through caseload after caseload, doing another six, seven or even eight hours of work at home after a full day in the chambers made him very, very grateful for the lack of something similar.

That night, he wasn’t watching Hermione work. This was because she was entirely hidden behind huge piles of books, and only the fact that he could see her feet (resting on Crookshanks) under the desk and hear the occasional sigh of exasperation let him know she was still there. It was, he reflected, a particular shame, because the books blocked her view of the Christmas tree he’d purchased on the way home from work, which was currently standing in the corner of the room with two boxes next to it, waiting to be decorated.

It may still have been early December—too early, really, to put up the tree—but he was determined it was going to be done tonight. Not really out of any extreme fit of festive spirit, but because it would stop Hermione from killing herself with work for…oh, maybe half an hour.

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