idk i hate life

tw suicidal-ish??

i ate over 1000 calories today and i feel like i’m dying. i actually legit want to die. can i have some sweetspo? and some messages? idk im just rlly tired and i hate life rn



Bin nichts besonderes. Bin wie jede zweite.

my baker street boys

  • Ja: Jestem gruba.
  • Ja: Jestem beznadziejna.
  • Ja: Jestem nikim.
  • Ja: Jestem żałosna.
  • Ja: Jestem wielorybem.
  • Ja: Tłusta.
  • Ja: Sama.
  • Ja: Straszna.
  • Ja: Beznadzieja.
  • Ja: Obrzydliwa.
  • Ja: Niedojebana.
  • Ktoś: Dobrze, że jesteś szczera.
  • _AliceNo_
The truth is, I don’t love my life. and I’m certainly not making the most of it. I have no idea who or what I want to be, and nothing really makes me that happy. People have expectations of me, most of which I don’t care much about. Few people actually understand my complex views on what I care about, and most of the time I feel alone. So yes, I do have a loving family, food to eat, a house to live in, and a chance at a good life. I know how many people would kill for a life like mine, so it makes me feel pretty selfish, but if you asked me if I was happy, I’d be lying if I said yes.
—  lost and confused

please take a moment to realize that, Killua wasn’t the only one suffering

im so frustrated with how leia was portrayed in the movies. im so frustrated with how leia gets treated in the fandom. blatant misogyny is seen as progressive or empowering, and like, step back for a moment! i know star wars is everyone’s favorite thing, we’ve loved it since we were kids, but even if you love hanleia, even if you love that leia killed jabba, can we admit that han pressuring leia was awful and not romantic? that her repeatedly being ignored when she said she was not interested is not a great quality? that leia being a fucking /sex slave/ is not somehow empowering, that the bikini is a disgusting symbol for how writers felt it was appropriate to treat her? leia was treated pretty awfully in the movies and that’s just the obvious stuff, not even touching on how her perspective is rarely given unless she gets to be “sassy”, when she has many of the same problems and complications that luke has, when she lost her entire planet and was never given time to show her grief? when she found out the man who had tortured her, always opposed her, was present and complicit in the destruction of her planet, was her birth father? leia is a strong character, to be sure, and that’s a good thing, but far too often she’s just pushed to the side, or made into a caricature of whatever is needed for han or luke or anyone to bounce off of rather than her own person. leia organa deserved better and we need to do better and actively be critical of how she was treated.

In a Past Life - MadaSaku

In a Past Life

Written for @madasakuweek
Rated T
Random AU

It is said in ancient mythology that humans had two souls once. They were peaceful creatures, full of joy and warmth and love. But the Gods grew jealous of humans and ripped them in two, cursing them to forever wander for their other half through this life, and then the next.

Many of the Gods found their suffering to be of great amusement, but one Goddess took pity on the poor humans. She could not reverse the damage that had been done, but she granted them the only help she could offer: The Mark.

Much of the legend has been lost to time, but the old stories say that every person has an imprint, unique to them and their missing soul. It is hidden in plain sight, only to be revealed once its twin has been discovered. Only then will one know they have found their other half, their missing piece - their soulmate.

If one believed such myths…

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Idk why some people is like “the gems don’t look alien enough” but they freak out when the crew confirms that what the Zircon’s have is hair and not a hat or something like that, that Aquamarine “doesn’t look realistic” // “its an anatomic mess” , that Yellow’s neck is too weird to look at, that Blue’s hair makes no sense, that Bismuth’s legs are too short…

Like? sorry for sounding rude but pick a side, omg…