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executive dysfunction reminds me of when I was a kid trying to play wind waker without a memory card, so every time I wanted to play it I had to start from the beginning and sit through the intro. The only way I could have beat the game is if I had played without stopping, but my lil dumbass thought the forsaken fortress (the first dungeon) was pretty far in the game so I had no idea that there was far, far more that I had to do if I wanted to beat it.

eventually I did get a memory card and was able to finish the game, but when it comes to executive dysfunction there is no memory card. You can’t stop in the middle of a task, no matter how big it is. It’s all or nothing.

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i hope this makes sense but,,, what do u think r traits kind of overlooked/not talked about as much about the lords? like,,,, yukimura is always precious cinnabun but i feel like nobody talks about him being serious? idk does this make sense lol

Hm… kind of like, there are very prominent character traits each lord has, but what are the ones we don’t talk about as much? Or that’s what I’m getting from this ask LOL. I guess I’ll answer this the way I interpreted your ask, so I hope this works ; v ; I’ll a random few lords, I suppose?

  • Yukimura: I agree in that I think he’s too often heralded for his innocence in romance, I’d say? If I had to say something that might be overlooked, I think that Yukimura is actually much more attentive than we give him credit for. He’s not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, no, but he very much holds onto all the information he receives very well. Though he can be a bit slow to get the picture, once he does have it, he is always very aware of the things he’s learned and frequently puts them to practice. Though he’s a bit, uh, enthusiastic in his method, he always has your best interest at heart and tries to pay attention very closely when he can.
  • Saizo: Hm… I guess I’d say Saizo’s best known for being Brooding Bad Boy 24/7 tbh lmFAO. You’ve already heard me talk on how secretive he is and we all know well enough that he’s got enough attitude and moodiness on him for at least three people. But if we’re talking things we don’t bring up, I think Saizo is someone who feels far more deeply than he likes to let on. Sure, it is very easy for him to detach himself from many situations, but if it has anything to do with people he is somehow close with, it will tear him to shreds. It’s been ten years, and he still visits cherry blossom trees every year for the friend he killed–he holds onto things so, so tightly and hardly ever wants to let them go, though he’d never admit to that (why do you think he refuses to ever let go of the past? lmao). I guess in that sense, I’d definitely say I think Saizo’s actually a little clingy lol.
  • Hideyoshi: The most obvious traits for this guy… probably has to do with being relatively happy-go-lucky and… maybe being a notorious flirt? I’m not too sure how the fandom views Hideyoshi in general LOL. But if anything, I don’t see it often mentioned that Hideyoshi has a lot of internalized guilt and hatred towards himself. Now, it’s definitely something sort of hinted at, but this didn’t really set in for me until I recently read his Noble end–Hideyoshi is so intent on putting the entire world on his shoulders, but he also has no idea what to do with that weight. He wants a peaceful world for his friends and family to live in, but he is also very hyperaware of the things he has done in attempts to achieve that world he craves so badly. He never forgets things, even if they weren’t entirely of his doing, and I think he definitely has a hard time forgiving himself for much of anything.
  • Masamune: Also another character who I think we know rather well for his innocence in love, and perhaps otherwise his generally gentle nature with people he is close to. Though I think we’re all well aware that he’s cold, I think Masamune’s a bit brattier and hotheaded than his first impressions ever are. Though he’s shown he can be rather level-headed, Masamune’s been shown a good handful of times to let his emotions get the better of him, and his pride is a lot more fierce than he might like to let on. He’s a stubborn ass, and the Unspoken Ties event where he refused to apologize to Kojuro (and of course, Shigezane knocked the shit out of him for that lmao) was probably one of the most prominent moments I’ve ever seen it. Though that makes me like him all the more though… my son… LMAO

uhh its gay day or something heres ur local me

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C, I'm still confused. Harry said in the Rolling Stone interview that "certain someone" is a huge part of the album and now he said it's not about a woman? Did he mean that "She is a big part of the album but it's more about him in a way that it's about his experiences and stuff he went through." I'm so confused. I'm sure the magazine did not twisted the words but I'm utterly confused. If you can clarify few things, I'll be grateful to you. Love you so much! ❤

Yup. It’s the interviewer who had it totally wrong. Harry said in RS that one woman was a big part of the album. Which makes sense, as most of his songs are within the love motif… he writes about his life you know, and he’s said he’s very honest in this album. But Harry saying that there’s a woman or several women, idk, that’s a part of the album, doesn’t serve to say that that’s all the album is about. FAR FROM IT. But then the interviewer was like “You said to the Rolling Stone magazine that most of the album was inspired by a woman. Really?” which is totally misleading.. that’s not what Harry said, nor meant. Which is why Harry said “No, it doesn’t revolve around a woman, it’s a lot about me and things I’ve never said before”. Meaning, that the whole album isn’t inspired by just one woman. It’s about his life and his stories, which will according to Harry incorporate love and women, yes, but sort of diluting his album to be just inspired by one woman, is misinformation. 

Idk about everyone else but I need 7x13 to be good to give me something. Things should been connecting now it's the end . We shouldn't even see any new faces if they have nothing to do with the ending story. 😐 Once again everything seem a little rushed and it doesn't make sense because they had time to plan this out. They knew how many episodes they were being given for season 7. I'm trying to stay positive but idk it's not what I expected from a show that is ending in just 8 episodes 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

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dearest gemma,first your fics light up my dull life and make my anxiety ease n writing flow,I'd hug u tight seriously Second,would u do the ask thing for Max/Anne/Jack in orange verse?How they raised the kid,idk. And damn I love orange verse with all my broken heart

Thank you so much!!!! i’m so glad i ease the anxiety <33333

Let’s see…….. Jack/Anne/Max + Baby Annie:

–They had originally thought about going North but Jack can’t take the col,d so instead they move to French Louisiana, even though Jack’s just like “great a swamp,” but at least here he can feel his balls.

– Max tries to teach them how to speak French and Jack is very proud of how fast he picks it up, but his accent is so terrible most people don’t understand him. Max has to quietly spread the rumor that he suffers from a head injury which is why his speech is so garbled. Anne refuses to learn and so she never speaks in public, not that she’d want to anyway.

– They have a ranch and raise sheep, which Max has able to turn into a profitable wool business. Jack is surprisingly adept at wrangling and herding sheep, because it’s not that much different than serving as Quartermaster for Vane’s crew. Max and Anne think he just likes wielding the big stick.

– Anne insists she will be responsible for Annie’s education, and the other two are slightly wary of that at first, until they see Annie already able to read by three years old, write by four, and is supremely gifted in music, something of which even Jack didn’t know Anne could do. Although Annie seems to prefer painting, and playing with the sheep.  She and Anne also go into the woods surrounding their ranch, and Anne teaches her how to hunt and fish (and, secretly, fight. Just in case). 

– Max teaches her French. Jack teaches her how to shave a sheep.

– A lot of the people in town don’t really….understand the relationship….at all. Do they own Max? Is she a caretaker for them, a mute and a brain damaged sheepherder? Whose daughter is Annie? But the parish is small, and everyone keeps to themselves, and as long as they keep providing quality wool and don’t cause any trouble, no one looks into it very hard.

 – Their sex life is….also complicated, because the ranch is small, and Annie is right there, and sure. One day they’ll have to explain it to her, how exactly they all love each other, but they are the ones raising her, after all. She won’t ever learn that kind of prejudice. Annie will never grow up thinking that it’s wrong to love someone any way they want. She will know that love comes in every and all forms, and she will know that everyone deserves to be free. That women have the right to have a place in this world, that she can achieve anything she wants to, as long as she is smart and strong and loves and is loved. 

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when I was watching outlast earlier (which looks fucking amazing btw), all I could seem to think about was if wilford was an investigative journalist himself. like, he's working on his project when he comes across mark's other alter egos and mark himself and he decides to make a case about it. idk but it just seemed fascinating to me

Suuuper sorry I’m just getting to this, I had a lot of asks to cycle through ily

But yo, an Outlast!Wilford AU would literally be the best thing since sliced bread. I need that right now.
Dark could be the WALRIDER ;)

//life update

the other day i spent a lot of my time with my best friend wandering around our teeny tiny town–it’s fiesta season here so there’s a lot to see. mostly we just hung around the plaza and splurged on food, but we also talked about our future plans as any young adult should.

normally i would spend the summer vacation by surfing through the internet looking for porn with a good storyline (lol), so it’s surprising that for the past couple of weeks, i’ve been so eager to see the outside and idk, enjoy?

maybe the unfriendly hormones that i had for the past 5 years or so are done making me (look like) an awkward person. it may sound like i’m blowing things out of proportion but if this is the kind of social eagerness adults have then i’m really enjoying this maturity that is slowly creeping in.

ahh it is nice to enjoy things like this especially when i’ve never been more pressured to make decisions like the ones grown up people do. kind of reassuring, actually, that i do not have to be so serious at once. maybe the need to be one will come later in life.

//this is me trying once again to get back to writing

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hey!! i was wondering if you had any tips on how to improve on figure drawing (besides practicing)? i saw your recent sketches and they look bomb. thanks!!

ahhsuuhhhhu uhhh idk these are more personal things and not really hard rules..

 make sure to keep it loose? I like to exaggerate the curves, but only to a certain extent. Have a line of action and a clear center of gravity. Figure out a method you find most comfortable (skeleton first, geometric shapes, line of action first, contour lines, etc) and look up other artist’s methods for inspiration

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How did you get noodle? You said something about school and other projects? Why would school tell someone to buy an eel?

Oh yeah. From the responses I’ve gotten when I talk about that class I’ve come to find that it’s not very common. 

My highschool was on the gulf coast and was very focused on sciences. We also had support from a local aquarium/ ocean education center. (god I miss the days of free saltwater) 

My senior year of highschool I took a class called Aquatic Sciences. As part of a year-long project for this class the students were separated into groups and had to set up and maintain aquariums! I was in a group of 4 people and we picked a 55 gallon tank which we decided to make into a saltwater tank. 

the students could pick the tank size (we had a storage lab that was full of them. sizes ranged from 20 to 400 gallons and there was also a pond outside but idk how many gallons it was)

then each group decided what they wanted in the tank (you had to write a report indicating that you had researched compatibility, water parameters, tank sizes, etc.) 

then you got the fish! you could either buy them yourself or the teachers would get them for you. (obviously you had more choices if you bought them but you didn’t have to pay if you just took whatever the teacher gave you) 

our group got some clownfish, damsels, and noodle. we also had a wrasse, and a puffer. (they both got sick unfortunately :< sip Puff and Fairy) 

some groups got simple guppys or mollies because they were cheap and ended up loving them. One groups had oscars, a few had cichlids, one even had sharks and rays (they had the 400 gallon) Ooh man you should have seen the lab. The benches were covered in aquariums. They were stacked to the ceiling in some rooms. We had boxes full of filters and heaters and gravel. Some students set up tanks in the classrooms of other teachers. My journalism class had a large freshwater tank in it. There was also a large (200-250 gallon maybe?) tank in the entryway of the school and one group took care of that. 

It was really cool to see the students too. Most started not knowing anything about fish and then grew to love them. People usually took it as a blow-off class and then walked away actually learning something useful (imo anyway) 

People also got really protective of their tanks. The stingray group (4 or 5 guys) saw some random people messing with their tank and got into a fight to defend it. 

We also had to switch to a tank labeling system where we just used numbers instead of names (so my tank was “Tank24(Salt)” instead of “Onyx’s tank”) after a few tank sabotage incidents (one was REALLY bad. not gonna go into it too much. lets just say it involved a bad break-up, an ex-boyfriend, and dish soap)   

When the teachers would grade the tanks ( you got graded at the end of each week depending on how your parameters were and other stuff) she would write stuff one the tanks in dry erase marker. (”tank looks good!”, ”Blue cichlid may have ick; see me”, “got new shrimp for eel, check freezer”, “Temp wrong; see me” etc.)

my group kinda got stuck with this random snowflake eel somehow or another. No one liked it. It bit people and was really aggressive with food but it never bit any other fish so it was kinda ok. I ended up taking it home with me after i graduated and I still have Noodle today :O more of that particular story on this other post I made a while back.

It was a lot of fun! It was my first experience with saltwater and it really got me even more excited about the aquarium hobby! 

Thanks for asking! sorry it took so long! I hope this isn’t too hard to read. I need to get back to writing a lab report. Maybe I’ll make a larger post with a bunch of stories in the future…

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ok but no, jimin's playlist got me shook on its own but...... thinking of it as a jikook playlist??? especially a playlist where jimin drew inspiration from kookie???? like wow, now you and the playlist got me shook......

lmao but for real,,, some of those songs just make me think of jikook. and idk if jimin and jungkook are dating, i wouldn’t doubt it if he chose a majority of those songs bc of jungkook (like jk had dear no one by tori kelly on his playlist, a well known jikook song. and jimin had a few jb songs on his, which is both jungkooks and his inspiration, but mainly jungkooks). and idk like i just like to imagine jimin sitting down and just thinking of jungkook and making this playlist that reminds him of his boyfriend or their relationship. i mean…. there’s just some things i believe in even though there’s no logical explanation… and one of those things is that jimin got inspo from fucking thinking of jungkook. i mean lowkey same with jungkooks emo break-up playlist…. but thats angsty sad jikook so imma avoid that lol. 

Reggie Mantle x Reader: Tomboy & Skirts [Part Two]


You should do a part 2 of the skirts imagine. It was super cute! 😊

Part 2???

Part 2 of the skirt imagine please.

A/N: The much anticipated (was it really idk it makes me feel better about myself to type this 🙈) part two to Tomboy & Skirts enjoy, I hope you like it! Also as I was typing it out my word document decided to stop working and I lost all my work for this and I had rethinking of everything I had just written FML (I can never see these letters the same anymore; hope you get the reference 😫). This is also post Reggie wearing a skirt sorry and the birthday dinner for her mom happened too. Also this went somewhere else so I’m guessing you’re gonna have to wait longer for the trip sorry babes.

Words: 903

Summary: The week after Reggie wore a skirt to school.

Spoilers: twist at the end, send in your theories.

Warnings: I don’t think so.

Part One

“I still can’t believe you got Mantle in a skirt” Veronica spoke at the lunch table and you all chuckled.

“He’d do anything for you (Y/N)” Betty chimes in and you lightly blush.

“We’d do anything for each other” you commented.

“But how’d you do it?” Kevin wanted in the ‘gossip’. Everyone always dying for details in your friendship with Reggie. You and Reggie were the second most shipped friendship after Archie and Betty.

“Sorry details only for those part of the deal” you added fixing the skirt of the day. Though they gave you a new look, you were used to the comfort of your pants.

The bell rang which directed everyone to their next classes.

“Hey loser” Reggie called out as you opened your locker.

“Hey Mantle the Magnificent” you replied granting one of his wishes “how was the meeting?”

“Ah you know the usual plays and stuff” he smiled at his nickname “so games at my house this afternoon?” he declared.

“How about my house today” you hinted just wanting to get home to change into pants.

“Oooh sorry can’t, see if we go to your house I know for fact you’re gonna change and that was not part of the deal” you groaned with a fake pouty face “I know you too well (Y/N/N) you found a loophole and I won’t have it.”

“Oh c’mon Reg! I will do anything just let me change man!” you pleaded in the empty hallway.

“Anything huh?” Reggie gave you a smug look that made you blush.

Both of you clueless on how the other felt about your friendship. Although ever since the skirts you’d feel his eyes linger a little longer on you, and he had been flirtier than ever. You pushed that aside though because he was guy and excused his behavior to hormones, deep down though you hoped that maybe it wasn’t all in your head. Yes you were tomboy, but you weren’t made of stone and ever since puberty you started having feelings, and so did he towards other girls. Or so you thought.

“Nope, sorry no can do” he responded as a teacher saw you two and told you to get to your classes.

“You will rue this Mantle” you gave him a sneaky grin and he gave the look that you had to call him by his nickname as part of the deal “The magnificent, rue it!” you kept on as he chuckled and you both walked it to your classes.


“It’s like the universe works in your favor always” you tell Reggie as you both were about to reach his house as your mother texted you that she needed the house for some client dinner.

“Not always” he mumbles under his breath that you couldn’t make out what he said unlocking the door to his house a bit soaked because it had started to rain.

Growing up with you made Reggie fall for you but he’d never speak of it out loud. He loved your confidence and how nothing ever broke you. You couldn’t care less what people thought of you and he was the opposite he cared too much. His façade of being cool and collected was always shattered in your presence. He would go on dates with other girls to get himself to stop thinking about you, but all that did was push you to the front and center of his mind.

“Although this time Mantle because of the rain that my guardian sent now were both soaking and I have to change” you added opening the door to his room to open the drawer where you had spare clothes in, but you couldn’t find them. You rummaged through all his drawers somewhat messing up their neatness until you gave up and looked to him as he wore a huge grin on his face.

“Mantle where are my spare clothes?” you announced as you were getting colder.

“I have no idea to what you are referring to” he argued taking off his shirt revealing his perfect muscles looking glossy thanks to the rain, his looks almost took you in a trance.

“Please tell me you did not give them to one of your hook-ups” you gave a sad smile a little because they were your favorite comfortable clothes and also you didn’t want the picture of Reggie being with another girl. What bothered you the most was the fact he never even bothered to tell you, he would at least always tell you about the dates.  

“How dare you accuse me of such a thing (Y/N)” he made a hurt expression.

“Then where are my clothes Reg!” you nagged.

“I lost your shirt, but here are your sweatpants and one of my shirts” he gave you a sheepishly grin as he gave you the clothes.

Although Reggie lied he hid your shirt because he always enjoyed how you looked in his clothes and you didn’t mind you’d grown fond of his clothes on the plenty of sleepovers you both had.

You both played video games and ate until the rain died down and your mother sent a text the coast was clear. As soon as it did you grabbed your wet clothes as Reggie drove you home.


Although you both didn’t catch it there was something in the bushes and she was about to stir up a rumor with one single picture.


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I'm not worried about bellarke not becoming canon but I do worry that they won't devote enough time to them leading up to it. Like obviously they've been building for 3 seasons and all but I remember being frustrated with how few scenes kabby had in s3 before they finally kissed. Like they were together a lot in 1 and 2 and then in 3 they just got like 3 or 4 moments and I guess I'm worried the same thing will happen with bellarke. Hope this makes sense

Yeah I see what you mean! Idk bellarke has been gettin split up since each one of them popped out their mothers womb, like this is nothing new. But they still have 4 seasons worth of development, being split up for a few days (cuz remember it’s been a month for us, but only days for them) and it doesn’t take that away from the relationship at all. Plus I feel like at this point it’s…how much more development can you make? just fucking kiss already ya know?

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Do you mind if I ask what your sexual/romantic orientation is? I'm just curious XD

I’m kinda deciding what to label myself rn. I used to identify as bi and had it in my description and stuff but now I’m starting to feel like pan more accurately describes me so idk. I fluctuate between those two terms sometimes when talking about myself. I’ll probably make a post when I figure it out

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I'm having a hard time trying to except my self I just realized I have a crush on a girl and I have always had crushes on guys but this is new and scary. It just sucks cuz idk what these feelings mean. This is making me question if I like girls guys or both.

you don’t have to have a label. it’s okay to like a boy one day and like a girl the next. don’t be scared. it is perfectly okay. love is love.

Ok, so we didn’t get the apartment. I found out yesterday and I kinda freaked out. Actually “freaked out” might be an understatement, “had a full blown meltdown” might be closer, but even that seems tame for what happened. I cried. I screamed. I paced. I sobbed. I paced faster. I couldn’t sit still. Still crying, still screaming. Pretty sure I was hyperventilating too. I finally had to have some Xanax. It calmed me enough to shower, meditate, eat and then pass out because that’s what Xanax makes me do.

I need to find a job. I’m worried that jobs won’t hire me because I’m not local. Apartments won’t accept our applications until we have jobs. Which we can’t get without an apartment. I don’t have a career, or a field, or anything like that. I just want to work in an office. We have no way of going out to Seattle again for interviews. All this led to a panic spiral that I was going to be stuck in my dead-end, miserable town forever, living with/off my dad because there are no opportunities here for what I want.

I’m still not sure I’m completely stable. I need a to-do list so super specific to force myself to do things. Easy things. And I don’t even know if I can do them. I’m mad at myself for overreacting so bad, and for making it so that my husband couldn’t let out his emotions because he had to take care of mine.

Well, I updated my resume again, wrote out a couple of sample cover letters for different types of jobs, and applied to a couple. I don’t feel confident at all about any of them. But it’s a start. I’m not giving up.

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You're so awesome! You seem educated and genuinely curious and open-minded and kind. AND you're cute. Like, are you sure you're real??? I love that you're interested in so many things and that you pursue those interests. I bet it would be really really cool to talk to you!

Omfg okay I left this sitting in my inbox bc i didn’t know what to say in response omfg i fucking love you??

Like honestly idk what i’ve posted to make you think all of that?? but it makes me so happy that you do?? Like honestly?? 

like honestly it’s really hard to find a topic that doesn’t interest me i’m like rhett with his layers ok i went down a rabbit hole of quantum mechanics lectures once what i just love learning everything i can ok

I had kind of a rough day today anxiety-wise so just going back to my inbox to read this again helped a lot ily anon thank you so much for this???? ♥♥♥

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I have many autistic traits but idk if I fully meet the social criteria. I've always had trouble communicating, I talk slow with many pauses, stuttering, have trouble phrasing stuff appropriately, used to get complaints about wrong faces at wrong times before I standardized a face to make in like bad situations,, but I feel like I'm good at understanding ppl's emotions and emphasizing? Sometimes overly sensitive to them and can tell when a social thing is Wrong. Is it still likely I'm autistic?

One of the things to understand about the criteria is that they are not exact lists, they are categories of examples. It is entirely possible to be autistic and to understand people’s emotions and to understand empathy while still meeting the criteria - sometimes even while meeting the exact criteria that you think you don’t meet (this happened to me).

Are you autistic? I can’t tell you that. But you certainly can be autistic by not meeting the criteria exactly as listed in DSM-V or ICD-10.

- Sam