idk i had to choose and this happened


Bored. Oh he was so bored.

Why was the Void always so monotone— Okay, that question answered itself. Gaster sighed, laying down, and pulling his computer up to his stomach. He closed his eyes for a minute, wondering if he should do something…

Had this happened a year ago, Gaster would not have minded this situation one bit. He had been stuck in the Void for so long… So many years of the same monotone existence had made him used to not doing anything at all. All he had before were his thoughts… Nothing more, nothing less. However, now that he had Sans, Dee, GG, and other friends in his life.. This had become more than just boredom… 

He was thinking of something to do to pass the time when he felt something… strange. He opened his eyes and sat up, moving his computer to his legs and trying to identify the strange feeling around him. Was it… a signal? It certainly felt like so. It sounded strange, but the Void had a way of materializing and expanding small things that would go completely unnoticed anywhere else. Signals almost felt like a ringing in the ears, a faint white noise, and a feeling like vibrations traveling through the air…. Then, Gaster looked down. 

On his screen there was now static. A distorted image with sound tried to push through, trying to communicate. His eyes widened and he stumbled to find a way to receive it clearly. After a bit… He sort of succeed… Sort of. 

But… Was that what he thought it was on screen…? A video transmission… From another timeline?

Idubbbz and Tana Mongeau - when you pick the wrong guy to fuck with

Oh boy, this drama is gunna be messy.

This is probably going to be less of a rant and more of a warning annnnd slightly educational.. lol

actually im just really angsty today, seen all this slander about one of the best youtubers to exist, so i gotta vent here we go

What happens when your channel is run-of-the-mill clickbait-y shit, can’t take a joke/dont know what satire is, and you call out the most savage person to ever internet whose entire platform is based on decimating YouTube careers without refute?

Dear god Tana, do you know what you’ve gotten yourself into? I would say she’s oblivious, but I don’t think that’s the case. Her first tweet to idubbbz before all this happened was back in December (I believe? Too lazy to find it rn) where she called him out on his use of “the N word” and “retard”. What I find ironic is that directly after that she told him to kill himself 😂(butthatsnunofmybusiness). Irony is a beautiful thing.

ANYWHO, to anyone who finds these offensive and racist and isn’t familiar with idubbbz, sit the fuck down a moment. (If ur offended and traumatized by “the n word” and other shit like that u may want to shield your eyes in the next part to avoid being traumatized. Wouldn’t want to end up like Tana, would we?) *ahem* now listen up buttercup

1. The term “n***er faggot” and “gay retard” pertain to people who have said it to idubbbz in the past in hate videos. He is parodying those people who tried to demean him by saying those things. it is a long running joke on his channel.

2. His channel content consists of this amazing concept called s a t i r e. If you don’t know what that means, look it up, remember it, don’t forget it, because that term will allow you to thrive on the internets and most likely survive in the real world. With its power you can have fun, and experience freedom in elevated proportions. Any slur he uses is never used in seriousness - like I said, it is a long running parody on his channel. He is not intentionally being racist or offensive or whatever other label you can pull out your ass.

3. Learn to laugh ffs? This dude legit has vids of eating shit out of sewers and dumpsters. Why. Why would you take anything he says seriously

Now to the rant part yey

The thing that pisses me off the most is the blatant. fucking. lie Tana told. She described in her video that Ian had put her in a “choke hold” of some sort, which i’d expect to be around the fucking neck right? And apparently, he was also talking really loudly goading her to say “the n word”

now here’s the reality:

(here’s the OG vid)

wow he’s just choking the life out of her makE IT STOP WHAT A TRAUMATIZING EXPERIENCE

Things i do see: A genius joke

Things i dont see: a choke hold, loud voice, or goading of any kind

For those still confused as to what the joke is, is goes back to her december tweet. he must have found it funny. her tweet is so ironic and priceless how could he not? its the most atypical idiotic white girl tweet from a youtuber, so he decided to show up at her expensive-ass meet and greet to continue the joke (which im hoping was intended for a future content cop in the first place). He’s standing there as if taking a picture with her, and here is the best part. Instead of “say cheese,” he says “say n***er”.



some people just arent worthy. the world doesnt deserve you, idubbbz. im sorry.

another thing; she said in her younow mental breakdown that it was idubbbz himself who sent his followers to bully her. bitch where? he didnt say a damn thing (yet). She’s kinda done this to herself entirely, and is now wondering why. First off she started this shit on twitter, then lied, then attacked him on twitter for something he didnt even do?? what. the fuck? he did absolutely nothing but try to make a joke. you know what in some ways i feel bad for her not only because she’s unwittingly screwed with the most immortal community on youtube right now, but because she cant see the problem is her and it’s only going to get worse if she keeps it up jfc. I dont necessarily think she’s the worst person on yt either (though i havent watched many of her vids). If she didn’t blow things out of proportion she might’ve been able to salvage what she had left of her yt career. I guess sometimes mediocre content isnt enough. Often times I hope idubbbz just let’s it go for her sake but…idk, he hasn’t done anything yet and who the hell knows. Honestly I don’t like people being sent hate. But when ur ignorant its gonna fucking happen. Especailly when you think you’re morally superior to someone when you are in no place. ESPECIALLY when you dont know the facts. Choose your battles wisely.

anyway I’m not even entirely pissed at the situation, but ooo the god awful fans of hers. They’re taking e v e r y thing in idubbbz videos out of context and making them ‘offensive’ to push their anti-dubbbz agenda. Like, did yall actually watch the videos?? satire ????? ironic humour ???? do any of you know what this is???? do you even fuckin meme bro ?? ? ? ? why would i expect any less from the fans of this type of melodramatic girl who makes shitty content??? and just slander and misinfo in general dear fucking god when will the sjw trend die

well i only have one last thing to say about this: Tana, say goodbye to your youtube career. you wanted to milk this, you couldnt just solve this in peace. instead of owning up to your mistakes you’re going to play the victim, like every other youtuber that gets destroyed. The rest of the sane internet can smell that content cop from here.

TL;DR: do not fuck with the god of youtube comedy. it will not end as planned. Just go with the joke next time, aight?

nuff said.

Y'all getting mad about quotes while Louis literally has a gf and a BABY. How can you see past that but suddenly go “idk :/” with Harry? He’s doing the same thing, they’re both closet, this will happen lol like I’m seeing so many people blaming him and saying he choose this?? How can you go “yeah, with Louis is everything fake obviously” but Harry says one thing about a relationship that is already over for years (which is printed and was also edited and had so many assumptions from the interviewer) and he’s the one choosing this and he’s playing with us. Yesterday was “he’s coming out without Louis” an today is “he choose this obviously” ?!?!?!! the heck y'all

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Is it possible to also get a djwifi week sometime.. (those childern don't get enough love on their own)

I actually was planning on it but I assumed that someone had already gotten to it. I just went looking for it and… it doesn’t exist yet! That is very surprising. I thought for sure someone would have created a week for them but since they haven’t yet, I suppose it’s up to me.

You got it anon. A djwifi week is coming. Don’t know when but it’ll happen

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ok i know everyone is getting upset on Sana’s behalf about the girls not even knowing she had two brothers but CHILLER sometimes u dont know how many siblings ur friend has or some detail about their life. I’ve been guilty of it. It doesnt mean ur a bad friend maybe they just choose not to share everything with you.

Ill agree they are being insensitive in not listening to sana by adding her brother and friends but stuff like this happens with friend groups. No one is perfect the girl squad will do dumbshit too, lets take it and move on.

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Gajeel and Natsu and Juvia living together in apartment AU? I think they'd make an ot3 as in besties omg sorry if you don't like that just choose to ignore my request lol

I hope you don’t mind, but I couldn’t help but adding a little Gruvia into the mix. It really helped solidify the idea I had with this prompt. ^^ I had fun, thank you for the request :-D It’s really long Idk what happened lol. 

“Gajeel-kun, don’t leave your metal scraps everywhere!”

“Don’t touch that! I’m working on a project,” Gajeel came running into the room the second Juvia touched one of the screws on the floor. He growled out the last bit, and finished it off with a glare.

“You can’t just leave these sitting around. Juvia nearly stepped on one of the tacks,” She stared at the offending object in question. Why had she ever agreed to live with two guys? She still couldn’t work out the reason in her head now. For one they were so messy!

“Look, you just won’t understand. I’ll finish it when I finish it, but until then just leave everything in its place,” Gajeel was grumpy. The way his voice scratched told her she had woken him up. She glared at him, but growing up next to him her whole life only meant he was adjusted to her evil looks by now.

“Glare all you want, but the project stays!” He left the room with a slam of his bedroom door leaving Juvia alone with yet another huge mess that she now wasn’t even allowed to clean. Who sleeps until one in the afternoon anyway?!

She stalked to the kitchen hoping a good cup of tea would help calm her nerves only to find a fire burning on the stove, “NATSU!”

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Do you think there will be a custody battle between Jasam/Fr*z and who do you think will win? I hope Jasam would win but you never know with GH (Lante/Valnina) . I am petty and would love if that dream Liz had years ago when Jasam took Jake from her would happen. Also it would be a game changer if she chooses stick by Franco and loses her kid. I feel she would just resent him and idk how she could be with him after losing Jake...

I don’t think it will go to trial. Jason will threaten it, but he wouldn’t want to. Liz wouldn’t either. They would settle. Joint custody and jake spends most his time with jason. Liz can’t deny why jasam hate franco. It’s factual evidentiary proof. Very well documented. And there is post tumor proof franco isn’t as good as he claims. Plus liz’s own history is well documented. Stays at a mental institutions. One real one fake. All that against jasam. Jason had one conviction and one short stint in jail for a small infraction. Sam has never been convicted either. The rest is up for debate with just opinions to sway people. Sam has two kids with 1 guy. Liz has 3
. Franco and his crazy vs Jason and his no longer a mobster. Plus the biggie. They could bring up how liz lied and kept Jason from his family and keeping him from knowing who he was just to keep him with her. Jasam come across very stable while friz are the opposite. If it went to trail, it would be ugly. Jasam would win but liz would be dragged through the mud. Her reputation ruined. Because her past is ugly. Her choices are ugly. There is very little growth.

But that’s all just my opinion.

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Taekook cuddling literally everywhere makes me weak oh my whenever I watch any of those moments I feel like I'm intruding on sth so pure and private but but also can we talk about how jungkook literally shouted "aww yeah" at tae belly dancing in Dubai? Isn't that the most proud boyfriend thing to do like ??!! it's being too real for me to handle

eXACTLY RIGHT! I think one of the greatest things about vkook is the skinship. They are perfectly comfortable with hugging, piggybacking and cuddling which is literally. what. boyfriends. DO. I like how easy they are with one another and how they seem to (always) be in their own world. I always wonder how they got to the point where they cuddled tbh. Like, do they just lie down on the bed without even caring if the cameras were up? Were they so tired to the point that all they wanted was to fall into the comfort of each others’ arms? What if they had a small tiff a moment ago but settled it as soon as it started because there was nothing that could get in the way of these two (and so they cuddled all night long)? I like to imagine these things happening all the time because I’m trash and like you said, it feels so pure. I’m so glad I am on this ship tbh,,

(ALSO!!) the “aww yeah” made me so happy and giddy bc it shows how supportive and proud jungkook is of taehyung <3 #realtionshipgoals

this is the gif! [cr welovehaehyuk on tumblr] idk which one to choose tbh, this one or the cuddling-on-mat one (they are both equally good ugh)

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is there any reason why you changed your bias from leo to hongbin?

Actually anon, I haven’t put much thought into this. When I got into VIXX, it was super hard choosing a bias. I didn’t know their names and I only knew them by their hairstyle in error. I thought I knew I was a Leo stan because he acted a lot like I am irl but idk, it got hard;; After Love Equation released, I found myself looking more at Hongbin and @jaehwans-thighs was like ‘lmao but ur bias is leo smh’ and from that point on, it just happened~ Pink haired bean took me away ;w;

in conclusion, vixx was literally one out of two (the other one being KNK) groups where I had to constantly battle myself on choosing a bias. im still choosing between inseong and heejun in knk LOL

I know this person and they’re mad and wondering why their friends “always choose their boyfriends over them” and wondering what happened to “valuing friendship between women”. I could be totally wrong here… but maybe people wouldn’t choose their boyfriends over you if you actually listened to what your friends had to say without talking over them every single time. Maybe they wouldn’t choose their boyfriends over you if you didn’t change the subject to something about you every time they tried to open their heart up to you. Maybe they wouldn’t choose their boyfriends over you if you didn’t choose whatever guy you’re dating over them or make every single conversation you have about the guy you’re seeing. i could be wrong but I think those things may contribute to people spending more time with their significant others than you?

chi was tagged by @lehnshit thank thank i love to feel Validated

Nickname: brizy

Zodiac sign: sagittarius 

Height: somewhere between 5′3-5′4, i use 5′3 for bmi and 5′4 for ordering clothes

Last Thing You Googled: 

i was curious if anyone else had this happen sometimes

Favourite music artist: i’ve got a lot but my go to is regina spektor

Song stuck in my head: strawberry fields by the beatles, it’s been in there for like 3 days

Last Movie you watched: the new beauty and the beast

What are you wearing right now: argyle sweater that i found in the men’s clearance at old navy, and pajama pants

What do you post: my shitty art, cherik, shit posts, sjw stuff, things my friends make, idk

Why did you choose your URL: it’s a inside joke about charles xavier trying to make mac and cheese while drink and making up british idioms, “nice and easy mac and cheesy” but he’s drunk so it’s just kind of like uncooked noodles in a bowl of milk

Do you have any other blogs: my crack dadneto blog @dadneto-magneto

What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You: last ended one? i deserve better.  current one?  this is the better.

Religious Or Spiritual: neither.  being raised catholic kind of kills the joy in both.

Favorite Color: puple

Average Hours Of Sleep: 4ish or less (lol) on a work night 7-9 on a weekend

Lucky Number: 16

Favorite characters: erik lehnsherr, charles xavier, thor, loki, kristoph gavin, sherlock holmes (book not tv show), jack noir (i can’t help it)

How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: 1 comforter (if it’s cool enough), 1 security blanket (non-negotiable) 

Dream Job: being paid to play video games i guess, or being paid to be left alone maybe

rules: tag 20 blogs you want to know better 
ok i apologize if i leave people out but i’m just tagging some of the first mutuals i see, please do this if you wanna

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everything that makes me breathe
make it simple like that
farther and farther from me until it can’t be seen
i call you baby
baby’s called my happiness
baby i just want it simple

It’s okay Part 5

Warnings: swearing, mentions of anxiety attack, angst

Words: about 1,2 K 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Peter Parker x Reader

Part 1, Part 2,Part 3,Part 4 

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“ I’m sorry, who are you guys?”  

Y/N kept eyeing the three men in front of her. They all looked familiar to her. One of them was older than the other two. He was wearing a fancy suit that looked expensive. The second looked as young as she was herself. He wasn’t wearing anything as formal as the first man only a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and a hoodie. Messy hair and dark circles under his eye’s were completing his look. The third was larger than the first two. Somebody has clearly ate his vegetables. His eye’s looked sad an puffy, he must have been crying.  

“ Y/N you’re not serious, right? It’s me Peter, Peter Parker I have known you since 3rd grade.”  

She tried, she really tried to remember him or anything about her past, but she failed. There wasn’t nothing else but darkness filling her mind.

“ I’m s-s-sorry I d-d-don’t remember y-y-you” She felt like somebody had punched her in her stomach, hard. Tears were rushing down her cheeks again. Her heart started pounding fast, making the heart monitor go crazy. Bucky and Peter rushed by her side at the same time Tony went to get help.  

“ Y/N it’s okay, calm down baby” Bucky said kissing her forehead.  

“ Relax Y/N/N, please, everything is going to be okay”  

She felt dizzy, her vision was blurry. Suddenly the room was filled with nurses and doctors. One of the nurses pushed Bucky and Peter away from her, giving her a space to catch her breath.  

“ I’m sorry but you need to wait outside” A nurse named Jennifer said to the men. They all nodded and left the room without a fight.  

“ God damnit, can’t you two get along for her? You know you two are the cause of what is going on with her right now?” Tony snapped at the duo.  Making them both feel guilty as hell.

After 20 minutes the same nurse came to talk to them.  

“ She’s sleeping right now. We were able to calm her down, but she still can’t remember anything.” She then turned her eye’s on Tony.  

“ You’re her legal guardian, right?  

” Yes, Tony Stark, I was very close with her father"

“ Alright, she needs to see once a week a therapist, we may be able to return her memories by reminding her about her past.”  

“ Yeah, sure I don’t care how much it will cost, only best for Y/N”  The nurse gave him a kind smile.

“ If you follow me, you need to fill out some forms.”  

It has been two months since Y/N got out of the hospital and  was now back at the Stark Tower. Some of her memories had returned with only a week, but  there was still a big empty space.  She remembers Peter and Tony, but not others.  

Peter and Y/N were very close these days. They did basically everything together. The feelings for Peter didn’t disappear after getting her memory back.  They only grew stronger.  Everybody noticed there was something going on between these two. They weren’t couple, but they weren’t just friend either.  

This was hard for Bucky. He hadn’t slept properly for months, every time he had fallen asleep he had a nightmare of the day he pushed her or the times he had seen them cuddling together at the movie nights and giving each other kisses thinking that nobody saw them doing it.

It was 3 AM and Bucky didn’t want to go to sleep, so he was in the gym punching the punching bag, releasing all his anger and tension. After that he decided to grab something to snack. He opened refrigerators door and searched for his yogurt. Somebody had ate it again.

“ What the fuck is wrong with these people”  He mumbled to his self.  

“ They might be little dorky, but they’re okay” Somebody said behind him. He turned around and saw Y/N only in short pink shorts and a top that had a picture of Lilo and Stitch.  

“ Why are you awake doll?”  

“ You know I could ask you the same thing Buck”  

She maybe didn’t remember anybody else but Tony and Peter, but she has got to know them again. Sure she had still feelings for Peter and she couldn’t remember Bucky, but her body sure did. Every time he was in the same room with her, she could feel the butterflies in her stomach and her hands always got sweaty, like she was nervous when in reality she wasn’t

“ Can’t sleep”  

He closed the fridge door and left the room, Y/N quickly following him.  

He always did this, he tried to spend as little time with Y/N as possible, not wanting to hurt her again.  So he always ignored her or was rude not understanding that he was still hurting her.

“ What did I do wrong?!” She was now yelling at him. His jaw tensed, he didn’t stop until she ran in front of him, prevented him from moving.  


“ Not until you talk to me? Why you act like this? Did I do something wrong?”  

“ No Y/N this is not about you..”

“ Then what is it about then? Cause I’m sick of being treated like crap. If you don’t like me then just say it, don’t act like a jerk”  

“ That’s the thing Y/N, I like you” He turned his gaze on her. Their eyes were locked.  

“ I like you so much it hurts” Sight. Her eye’s grew wide. She could feel he butterflies again  inside her.  

“ Bucky wha-what do you mean?”  He moved closer to her. They were now so close Y/N felt his breath on her face.  

“ I like you Y/N” He whispered. Bucky was leaning down to kiss her but before their lips crashed together she backed off.  He felt like her heart was ripped to a million pieces.  

“ Bucky.. I n-need some time to think”  

And then she ran away from him to her own room. She couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night.Only thinking about his words. It was obvious that she had once feelings towards him and she wasn’t sure if there still was

. And then there is Peter, the man she is crazy in love with, but Bucky made her still feel something that Peter never did. Why is this happening to me? 

Sooo… yeah idk what to think about this :D Also I’m having trouble choosing who is better for the reader Bucky or Peter? Tell me your opinion pls x)   (Lol Okay i just realized that I haven’t written what’s she’s like with Peter xd There will be more peter in the next part! )

oh yeah and I posted this without editing cuz I’m kinda busy right now so don’t mind the mistakes, thanks!


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hi, question, someone on my dash was comparing kylo ren to mcu bucky barnes and saying that both were brainwashed into doing terrible things, and that kylo ren has severe mental health issues stemming from that which explain (not justify, obviously) his actions. but that seems to run counter to your headcanon re: kylo having everything, a happy if imperfect childhood, and choosing to run away from it? idk if this makes sense but i wanted to know if you had Thoughts.

Well, I don’t think it’s a perfect parallel, but I can’t say for certain until we’re absolutely sure what happened to make Ben Organa Kylo Ren. In The Force Awakens, we’re told a couple things: 

  • Snoke was watching Ben from a very young age, maybe from infancy, but this seemed to go unnoticed by people who weren’t Leia and Luke, our two Force-wielders. 
  • (After all, Han gives the “too much Vader in him” explanation, and doesn’t seem to suspect anything deeper going on. Personally, I think this speaks more to Han’s general suspicion and misunderstanding of the Force, but.)
  • At some point, Ben was “sent away” to train with Luke. Where he was sent and why is unclear. In the novelization, I believe he’s ten years old when this happens.
  • Ben rises up, and kills all of Luke’s other students, potentially with the Knights of Ren. (This may be the rainy flashback Rey sees when she grabs Vader’s lightsaber.) Ben is fifteen in the novelization.
  • Luke vanishes; Ben vanishes and Kylo Ren emerges. (Other materials released with the film suggest that he’s spent the last 15 years killing Jedi and Force-sensitives, but I forget where I read that and it definitely didn’t make it into the movie, so.)

Other than the clues dropped above, however, have no clear picture as to what exactly happened to make Ben Organa into Kylo Ren. I have heard a lot of various theories suggested, which tend to boil down to three big ones:

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Temporary Affairs II

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Chapter o8. Those Three Words 

“Omma!” a baby girl calls out for the first time.

“Oppa!!  Oppa!!  Did you hear that?” you pull your hubby over to look admirably at the little infant in her cradle. 

“What?  What did she say?” Jongin excitedly asks.

“Yoon-ie!  Say it again!  Say ‘Om-ma’.  ‘Om-ma’,” you teach, rubbing on her chubby belly. 

“Ommaaa,” the baby babbles. 

You turn to your husband to celebrate with him but when you turn around again, the cradle is empty. 



When you woke up, your cheeks were already drowned in tears.  Sitting in the chair beside your bed, Jongin lovingly stroked your hair.  You stared into his bloodshot eyes.  Absolute pregnant silence enveloped you for a few minutes.  You don’t make a single loud, neither does Jongin.  And you think that it’s a moment of silence – a tribute for your little daughter who ultimately decided that you were not good enough for another chance.  Then your worthless quivering lips destroyed this tranquil moment when it let out a small whimper.  And when it rained, it always poured.  Your wails were so lurid; you thought your throat would rip out of your body.  You cried and cried with all the energy within you, mustering all the power of your vocal cords.  Because it didn’t matter if you would never ever speak again because…because of your childishness and your uselessness, you made it impossible for you to ever hear your daughter call you, “Omma”.  You bawled so loud, you couldn’t even hear Jongin’s pleas for you to calm down. 

“Jagiya!  Jagiya!  Shh!!” he held onto your face to pin you down but you kept crying. 

And then you felt a soft kick in your stomach.  You sucked in air, your body sinking back onto the mattress. 

“Jagiya, the baby is fine, shh!  Please, Honey, calm down,” Jongin informed, probably for the tenth time. 

Tears continued to trail down the corners of your eyes.  Trembling, you lifted your hand onto your belly, expecting it to be flat, but it was still curved and plump.  You let out a whimper then commenced in another ear-piercing session of sobs.  Only this time, out of relief and not depression.  Yoona, does that mean you’re willing to give Omma another chance? 


“Shh…shh, Honey.  It’s okay.  Everything is okay,” Jongin kissed your forehead several times. 

Gradually, your cries quieted until they became five-second interval hiccups.  Sighing in relief, Jongin held onto your hand with one hand and with the other, poured a glass of water.  He lifted your head by your neck and you sipped the water as if you had been stranded in a desert for days.

“Want more?” Jongin asked when you hit rock bottom. 

You shook your head.  He bent over to peck you on the lips, causing your eyes to sting with warm liquid again.  Blinking it back, you looked down and patted your tummy a few times.  Thank you, Yoona.  Thank you for staying with me.  I swear I will do everything in my power to keep you safe. 

For the first time since you woke up, a gracious smile crept onto your lips.  Jongin leaned over and snuggled his forehead against the crook of your neck.  You turned around and kissed him on his temple. 

“Oppa…sorry,” you managed to talk for the first time. 

Straightaway, he lifted his head to look at you, “Why?  Why are you apologizing?”

“B-because I al-almost lost our ch-child,” you hiccupped.

“It’s okay.  It’s not your fault,” he coaxed, bringing the back of your hand to his lips. 

“Yes, yes it is,” you countered, “I’m always so clumsy and childish and unreliable”.

“No, you’re not.  And even if you are, it’s still not your fault.  What happened, happened.  But we’re fine now, we’re fine,” he concluded, silencing your wandering mind. 

At night, as you drifted off to sleep, you vaguely remember eavesdropping on a conversation between Jongin and another man.  From his voice, you deducted that it was Sehun.  They were sitting outside out your hospital room, chugging on cans of beer.  The soft clunking sounds of metal cans sounded like raindrops hitting against a puddle by the time it travelled to your exhausted brain.  And then you heard rhythmic noises that were similar to subdued weeping.

“I thought she was going to die…” Jongin sobbed.

Still in bed, tears rolled down your closed eyes.  I thought Yoona was going to die too. 

“I’m so sorry, Oppa,” you whispered but your voice faded before it reached Jongin. 

“I was so scared I’d loose her,” he continued.

I was so, so scared as well.  You covered your mouth so your cries didn’t disturb the two young men outside. 

“I was so scared, I was ready to give up my own baby as long as ________ was alive,” he managed to say before succumbing to his sobs.  

Your breathing stilled.  You stared blankly at the ceiling.  What?   


“I was so scared, I was ready to give up my own baby as long as ________ was alive,” Jongin’s words repeated in your mind. 

Finally, it dawned on you that the “she” he had been referring to was you and not the baby.  You lay there motionless, your pupils darting around the empty white ceiling.  And for some reason, you felt gross.  So disgusting as if your existence threatened the life inside of you – because if what you heard was not an illusion then Jongin had probably requested to give up saving Yoona for the chance that you would survive unscratched.  He didn’t.  He didn’t.  Why would he?  That’s impossible. 


You heard metal cans chunk together again. 

“Jongin-ah, believe me, I understand how you feel because I went through the same trauma when my wife got into a car accident while still pregnant with Youngwoo,” the other male replied. 


Sometime between the next chunking of beer cans and another confession from Jongin that he wouldn’t be able to live without you, your medication finally kicked in and you drifted off to sleep. 

When you opened your eyes again, Jongin was curled up on a makeshift bed made out of three plastic chairs lined up against each other.  He looked so uncomfortable.  Carefully scooting over, you brushed you fingertip along his furrowed eyebrows hoping to help loosen the tension.   

“I was so scared, I was ready to give up my own baby as long as ________ was alive”

You closed your eyes, wishing it were an illusion.  Yet, from your husband’s light pink cheeks to the miniscule stench of alcohol, you knew it was all reality.  The man before you stirred in his sleep.  Sighing, you lightly shook his shoulder to wake him up.

“Oppa…” you called. 

He continued to stir around.  You wrapped your hand around his arm to shake him again but paused when you felt the tightness of his tensed muscles.  You grimaced.

“Oppa…” you called again, this time louder.

Immediately, he jolted up.

“Yeah?!  Are you okay?  What’s wrong, Babe?” he asked in one breath. 

“I’m fine.  Can you join me in bed though?” you asked, lifting the blanket and patting on the empty space. 

“Okay…” he said and cautiously got on as if fearing that you’d break into shattered pieces if he weren’t careful enough. 

You snuggled up to him, relieved when his muscles loosened under your warm touch. 

“Are you feeling okay?” he asked.

“Mmhm, I’m fine, Oppa.  Why were you sleeping on those chairs and not with me?” you asked, pouting. 

“Because I was afraid I’d hurt you in my sleep,” he admitted. 

“What do you mean?” you asked.

“I was scared I’d twist and turn in bed…” he responded.

“So does that mean you’re never going to sleep with me ever again?” you frowned.

“Nooo, that’s not what I meant.  You just got out of surgery,” he reasoned.

“But I want you to cuddle with me.  Sleep here tonight Oppa, okay?” you suggested and he hesitantly nodded. 

You ran your fingers through his messy bedhead.  He slipped his arm under your neck and you snuggled closer to him.  Jongin’s breathing evened and his eyelids swung. 

“Oppa, can you promise me one thing,” you whispered.

“Sure, what is it?” he half-slurred, a bit delirious due to his exhaustion. 

“Promise me first,” you spoke. 

“Okay,” he replied.

Swallowing the lump in your throat, you said, “Oppa…if anything ever happens to Yoona and me and you had to choose only one…then save the baby”.

Your husband turned to you with eyes of despair that prolonged its stay for the next minute.   

“I…can’t do that…” he truthfully said, “because I can’t lose you”. 

Your lips quivered.

“I love you, Jagiya,” he confessed.

“I know…” you replied tearfully.

You’re not sure why the three words you’d been dying to hear, at this point in time, hurt so, so much.   


a/n: yay!  Yoona is okay hehe or is she?  ∋━━o(`∀´oメ)~→

Idk how I feel right now I feel like every chapter my emotions are all over the place #$2%@%$#%$#%#%$

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The Infernal Devices began with a daydream of Jem and Tessa on Blackfriars Bridge, and I think it is fitting that it ends there too.

- Cassandra Clare

anonymous asked:

Could you explain more of how you think the riarkle "campfire scene" would go? I would love for that to happen, but if it does, then what about all the episodes after that that will have so little interaction between them?

Yes! I totally can.

My current theory is that ski lodge one is going to have a Riarkle moment a la the Lucaya campfire moment from Texas 2. Obviously it won’t actually be at a campfire.

I have no idea where they’ll be (I have a feeling it’s outside though) and obviously I’m not psychic so I don’t know what words they’ll use or what will actually go down but there are a few beats I think they’ll hit:

1) Farkle and Riley both have an OMG moment during which they realize there is an attraction/something deeper going on between them. A lot of people think Farkle already knows he has big boy feelings for Riley but I don’t think he does, to be honest. Lucas is fairly clueless that his feelings for Maya are vastly different than his feelings for Riley and I think the same can easily be said for Farkle re: his feelings for Riley vs his feelings for Smackle. They’ve been playing Riarkle up A LOT since STEM/late season 2 (STEM, NY, Texas 3) and even more so this season (him coming to Topanga’s in HS 1, their solo scene in PR, the volcano stuff in TM (the TM stuff is subtler, to be fair). It reads to me like a repeat of the slow Lucaya build up over season two. So it definitely hits the square dance theory that @theowldetective has.

Let’s say that the writers don’t want to be that bold in ski lodge 1, at least one of them has this moment. If that’s the case all my money is on Riley being the one to have it. Why, you ask? Well, both Lucas and Maya blatantly have struggled with “loving two people” (Couples Game throwback). Riley hasn’t. If Riley is eventually going to grow as a result of this arc (I think we can all agree that she hasn’t learned anything yet and I doubt finally getting together with Lucas is going to teach her a valuable life lesson) she needs to experience this. It seems like a good time for her to realize her Farkle feels. Maybe she doesn’t figure out the extent of them, but she will definitely have an a ha moment (hormonal telegram).

2) Depending on whether it’s one of them or both of them (and if you’re asking me to pick I would say it will only be one of them), one or both will put whatever epiphany they just had aside because the other’s happiness is what is most important. These kids are being driven by their flaws throughout this entire arc. Riley Insecure Matthews and Farkle I Am A Nothing Minkus are not going to go from this moment (I have no doubt that it will be something that clearly requires individual reactions and not a kiss) to thinking the other one feels the same way. Riley and Farkle are the two who actually are good at talking but…dramatic irony they won’t be able to do that in this moment. They’ll convince themselves it was nothing, they dreamed it, there’s no way the other one is feeling the same thing.

3) They’ll go on to actually encourage each other and support each other. Riley will reinforce Farkle’s relationship with Smackle and Farkle will reassure Riley that Lucas is everything she wants and deserves.

Now the orange maple leaf is undoubtedly a Farkle symbol. Does it play into this moment? Most likely. But maybe it doesn’t. The question is how. What I DO NOT think will happen is Farkle giving the leaf to Riley in a special moment and her turning around and re-gifting it to Lucas. I think that Riley either picked it up where she and Farkle had their moment as a keepsake or got it somewhere else entirely and her giving it to Lucas is her way of saying she chooses him too? Idk. Like I said I’m not MJ and details aren’t my strength.

Now. If you need more hope that Riarkle may have a moment in Ski Lodge 1 (and remember: THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED IT IS CONJECTURE), I would say that Riley talking about how she and Maya will have several boyfriends and Lucas and Josh are only their first boyfriends as a BIG clue. Only a few episodes before (Jexica), Riley clearly thought she was going to marry Lucas. How did Riley Eight Year Lucas Plan Matthews go from marrying him in Jexica to thinking she’ll date other guys in Ski Lodge 2?!?? Something happened to change her perspective and it makes sense that that something would be realizing something about the boy she’s been having higher and higher key moments with. Also, Evan tells FARKLE that all Riley talked about during their all nighter was “you guys”. Huh? Take this to mean the whole clique six or take it to mean Lucas and Farkle. We won’t know until we see both episodes. It’s still a 🤔 line.

Side note: Evan is a mischief maker so I wouldn’t be surprised if he picks up on some Riarkle vibes and plots to have them alone/manufactures a moment. Though idk how’d they’d have time for that AND I think the moment needs to be natural and authentic and catalyzed by Riley and Farkle and only Riley and Farkle. Maybe his line to Farkle about only wanting to talk about “you guys” is his way of stirring the Riarkle pot. Maybe Riley just confided in Evan about her newfound Farkle feels and Farkle didn’t share the moment/experience the same thing so this is Evanms way of hinting.

Side note two: Evan basically takes credit for Riley and Lucas getting together. In GM Hollyworld, we hear a lot about authenticity. Regardless of any Riarkle moment, I think it’s interesting that in both New World AND Ski Lodge 2, Rilucas getting together is anything but authentic. Fight me on this if you want and maybe I’ll change my mind after I see Ski Lodge 2 put together, but Lucas had a lot of pushes either way. I don’t want those kinds of machinations anywhere near Riarkle (or any other couple meant to last).

Okay, so as for Riarkle having “very little interaction on the episodes after them”, I have five words for you: THEY ARE BOTH IN RELATIONSHIPS. Neither Riley nor Farkle is a bad person. They aren’t jerks. They certainly aren’t cheaters. They are both going to be pushing what happened between them so far out of their minds (trying to anyway).

Does it always succeed? No it doesn’t. Let me direct you to GM Bear, in which Farkle acts much more like Riley’s boyfriend than Lucas does. Let me direct you again to GM Great Lady of NY, in which there is an epically long Riarkle hug. There’s a very sweet and meaningful interaction between them in GM A Christmas Maya too.

In terms of solo scenes, I actually think the fact that there are no solo Riarkle scenes after ski lodge actually further the hypothesis that things go down similarly to what I’ve put forth. If they do happen like that, one or both of them will definitely be avoiding being alone because one or both won’t want things to get weird.

Sorry this is insanely long. If you have any follow ups or clarifications, please feel free to ask!