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The Final Fantasy Mainline in a Nutshell

Or, “How I tried to explain Final Fantasy to my non-gaming friends and family, based from personal experience/knowledge of the top of my head/please don’t message me to correct me, internet.”

Final Fantasy : You are a time-traveling knight and with your four friends you save the world in the past/present and then fight Chaos in the future

Final Fantasy 2: You and your friends are attacked by a Dark Paladin and you form a rebel base against the Empire

Final Fantasy 3: You and your friends change your jobs often and become the Warriors of Light to save the world

Final Fantasy 4: Wars between different races, one of the planets may be earth. Bards are spoony

Final Fantasy 5: Voids, amnesia, Bartz sees a meteor

Final Fantasy 6: You play as Terra, who is an amnesiatic bad-ass super soldier initially, but the game switches you between a robust cast of characters.There is an Opera. Final Fantasy’s resident Joker actually destroys the world. Finally, a villain who keeps their promises. Also, if this was your first final fantasy, you feel obligated to hate on anyone whose fave FF is 7.

Final Fantasy 7: You are a bad-ass super soldier, Cloud Strife, who joins a band of Eco-Terrorists against an evil corporation that you used to work for. Your former superior officer and childhood hero has mommy issues. It’s all fun and games until about mid-way through the game and then shit gets real. Really real. It’s been 20 years and no one who loves this game has recovered. Square Enix continues to milk this franchise because they know they can. Also, you suffer from amnesia.

Final Fantasy 8: You are a bad-ass super soldier who is an orphan with a fated rivalry with a weirdo obsessed with chivalry. It seems that everyone’s dad is involved in some soap-opera level drama. You may have actually died mid-way through the game, and it took the fans ten years after this game’s release to realize this. Also everyone as amnesia. - (thanks @ mezzaleonhart for reminding me!!)

Final Fantasy 9: After two games with Cyberpunk/Dystopia aesthetics, someone at Squeenix thought that what the lineup really needed was fug SD medieval aesthetics. Despite this design choice and sometimes getting lost in the shuffle between 7,8 and 10, 9 is a solid game with an amazing soundtrack. It’s the game that has Vivi. Even if you didn’t play FF9 when it came out, this will be the only fact you know about 9, because your first and probably only interaction with Vivi was in Kingdom Hearts 2.

Final Fantasy 10: You are a dumb goodhearted jock with daddy-issues who gets drafted into escorting a cute priestess and her lovable band of weirdos on what is literally a death march. You teach the priestess how to laugh…it’s a cringe-worthy scene that has become an initiation ritual for all the plebs who’ve pick up this game. There is a cyclical world-destroying terror that forms every decade so it’s a race against time to stop it, but for some reason you have time to compete in the underwater soccer equivalent of the World Cup. You eventually destroy a world’s religion and faith structure. Everything you thought you knew turns out to be a lie, because this is Final Fantasy and therefore, as the main character you can’t have a happy ending, ever…until Squeenix granted your entry the first ever sequel to a main-line game and reunited you with your love interest and gave you a happy ending. Meanwhile the FF7 fans continue to cry and look expectantly at Squeenix, who- like Lucille Bluth, gets off on withholding- only gives the 7 fans breadcrumbs in the form of AU games, movies, and spin-off games which feature near misses between Cloud and Aerith, or if we’re lucky Aerith appearing kinda on screen for 2 seconds. *breathes* Also, everyone in X, is able to breath underwater…why was this never addressed?

Final Fantasy 11: It’s an MMORPG. Bad empire destroys your village…you become a knight…join a guild or something? IDK, it’s an MMROPG, whatevs floats your boat

Final Fantasy 12: There is a war between kingdoms, the princess faked her death, a war hero is branded a traitor, your brother went to war and is now comatose. You are a lovable street urchin who wants to be an air pirate…I think? IDK, I convinced myself this game would be good and played it longer than I should have. Fell asleep after two hours of running around a market place shouting lies at people. Game required me to get licenses for every dumb mechanic…what was the point? The game ended up playing itself. I spent $80 on launch night for what is essentially a movie about airships and blondes…but it actually had a happy-ish ending? Kinda? IDK, it’s been ten years since this game came out and I still have buyer’s remorse. Also it has FF’s version of Han Solo and a sexy playboy bunny Chewbacca. By the time this game came out on PS2, everyone had forgotten about it because Squeenix announced FF 13 and FF13vs for the upcoming PS3. Also, congrats FF12, you killed off my favorite character within the first 5 seconds of the game. You bastards.

Final Fantasy 13: You are a badass super soldier female protag, there are summons, an adorable pretty-much official lesbian couple, awesome parent/child and sibling relationship subplots. Religious Empire is a lie, but after you destroy it, you actually get punished because let’s face it- y’all had selfish and self-serving interests…and run into other selfish assholes who like to fuck around with the time-continuity for their own needs, over the course of three games. Also, you hate your sister’s fiance at first…and I don’t blame you- he dresses like a hobo and is a grown ass man who likes to street fight children. Thank god, he eventually grows up after 5000 years. And there is amazing character development. Amazing game, amazing battle systems, with an intricate story line that was worth it becoming a trilogy. However no one played 13 initially, because haters gonna hate that the story was too “linear” >_> (whatever the fuck that criticism means). Whatever y'all missed out. Seriously go back and play these games, they don’t pull their punches.

Final Fantasy 14: It’s an another MMORPG. You can be whatever class, race, or other customization option the game lets you be. Go nuts.

Final Fantasy 13-vs Final Fantasy 15: I am sure there will be Crystals, Evil Empires, Gods and Goddesses at play, time traveling, shit getting real and possibly amnesia, but after four hours of playing, it’s shaping up to be the love-child between Zoolander (pretty boys and product placement) and the Hangover, minus the booze and drugs and losing the groom, but the car gets fucked up and you, a Prince, are broke af. It’s okay you, and your emo-boyband Wolfpack will push your car to the finish line…because it’s taken you damn long enough to get here.

12 days of jerrie - christmas (baby, please come home)

Summary: Perrie Edwards is one of the most famous singers in the world and Jade loves her for it but when her management makes Perrie go on a tour in the US on Christmas AND her birthday, Jade just can’t help but be sulky.

Pairing(s): Jade/Perrie

Warning(s): sexual content, graphic descriptions, strong language, watching kink (is that a thing??)

Word Count: 4,021

A/N: I usually don’t really get turned on by my own writing but idk?? I like this?? It’s also quite long, sorry it got update so late. Based off of Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home) and obvs my fav performance is the one by Little Mix

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The Pink House With A White Door.

Characters/Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Deanna OC

Warnings: Fluff with a side of angst

Word count: 1450-ish

A/N: I had this one on my drafts for I don’t even know how long, and I decided to post it now. Unbetad so, idk probably awful super lame.

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Dean parks the car outside the pink house with a white door, beautiful garden; flowers and a small willow; it’s dark, he does not notice the swing hanging from a tall branch.

‘Tis a great location’ he thinks to himself, ‘Nice neighborhood… She did good!’

As he’s walking, he hears his own footsteps resound on the wooden porch; Dean reconsideres the decision of dropping by without announcement.

“Fuck it, I’m already here…” He sighes, nothing is gonna make him turn back now.

As he lifts a hand to ring the doorbell memories start flashing around in his mind.

15 year ago… Happy sweethearts, they knew and loved each other their whole lives, growing up and learning together, to hunt, kiss, love.

They were each other’s first everything and finding her note on the motel’s bed that night out of the blue, shattered his heart in a million pieces.

“Sorry Dean, I had enough of this life.

Please, please don’t come looking for me!

I’ll always love you


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Of Lighters and Pianos (Part 1)

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Pairing: Warren Worthington III x Reader

Request: “I’m sorry if this too much, but can you make a oneshot that takes place after the events if X-men Apocalypse and reader can controls fire, but can not create it and the students there shun the reader because she is the sister of Pyro (John) who betrayed the X-men to go with the brotherhood. But before he had left he gave her his zippo lighter as a reminder of him. And Warren tells the reader he feels the same pain as her. Sorry again if it’s to much to ask for 🙇🙇🙇😢😢”

Warnings: Some sadness at the begininng

A/N: Since Pyro joined the Brotherhood a few decades after the 80′s and the whole reboot happened, I kind of just made up how he left, hope that’s okay!

This began as a short one-shot… And a couple hours later became a three page story. I’d love to write a sequel to this, or maybe even a whole series? Idk I just loved writing this so much, and I’d love to hear your opinions! Thanks 😊

You hated it. You always hated the stares the other students gave you. Like you were a horrible person. Like someone who didn’t deserve to be trusted. You wanted to scream at them that you were good, you wouldn’t abandon them like your brother, John, did. But you know that would only confirm their rumors.

You clutched the lighter John had given you so long ago, running your thumb over the worn edge in your pocket over and over, feeling the edge dig into your hand as students turned to stare as you passed them by. You shrunk into your jacket, resisting the urge to just run to somewhere quiet and empty. You pushed your way through a group of giggling girls, their laughs piercing your ears. You gritted your teeth, taking the stairs two at a time to a place you knew would be empty.

You lifted the hatch to the attic, breathing in the familiar musty air. The attic was filled with boxes covered in dust, old mementos long forgotten piled in the corner. But to you, it was heaven. No one staring or laughing at you, no one hissing words like “betrayer” or “you don’t deserve to be here” in your ear. You settled in beside the lone window overlooking the grassy lawn, sighing as you leaned against the wall. You pulled out the lighter from your pocket, tracing your fingers over the countless scars and scratches. You could still remember the day John left, just a year ago now, in the dead of night. You had caught him leaving, asking where he was going. He had turned around, his expression soft.

“I’m going somewhere I’ll be helpful,” he told you. You shook your head, struggling to come up with an answer.

“But we need you here,” you whispered. “You’re the only family I have.”

John sighed. “I know.” He bit his lip, pulling a familiar lighter from his pocket. He held it out to you, you taking it hesitantly. 

“It helped me. Let it help you. Maybe someday you’ll come join us.”

You couldn’t answer as he straightened up and left, his hands deep in his pockets. You wanted to say something, anything, to convince him to stay. But you couldn’t.

And you had regretted it since.

You flicked the lighter open, sparks flying as it ignited. You watched the orange flame dance, fluttering in the slight draft from the window next to you. You held out your left hand, cupping the flame. You drew it out of the lighter, your palm growing warm. You raised it up, letting the flame dance in your hand. You had the power to control fire, same as your brother. You had always thought it tied the two of you together. You had always been the siblings that cared for each other. Sure, you had your arguments, but the two of you had been close.

You curled your fingers inward, extinguishing the flame. You sighed, letting your head rest back against the wall. You wished your brother wasn’t so easily influenced. You wished the other students didn’t hate you. You closed your eyes. You wished you could control your life better.

“I know what it feels like.”

You jumped, knocking your head painfully against the wall. You narrowed your eyes when the owner of the voice stepped out behind some boxes, his wings tucked in to avoid knocking into anything.

“Warren,” you greeted him shortly, rubbing the back of your head. “What do you want?”

“I saw you out there. All the stares you got,” Warren said, gesturing to the empty space next to you. “Can I sit?”

You shrugged. “Why not.”

Warren slid down carefully, his metal wings scraping against the old wood. He stretched out his leather-clad legs in front of him, his hands twisted in his lap.

“I just wanted to tell you I understand. I know what it feels like to be hated by everyone else.”

You watched the dust stirred up from Warren’s movement swirl through the air, lit up by the setting sun. You flicked the lighter open again, clicking it shut. It was an old habit, one your brother had gotten into and transferred to you. You balanced the lighter in your hand. Maybe the lighter carried the habit, not the other way around.

“Whose lighter is that?” Warren asked.

“My brother’s. He gave it to me before he… left,” you answered, sliding it into your pocket. “But that doesn’t matter.”

“Sure it does,” Warren said. “I know you must feel responsible for him leaving.”

You tensed up at his words, avoiding his eyes purposefully. Warren continued, toying with a bit of cardboard he found in the floor, wiping the dust off with a single careful finger.

“When I made the choice to join Apocalypse, then almost died in the fight, it put a lot of things in perspective. I learned the power of choices. Between good and bad.” Warren paused, his fingers freezing too, the cardboard falling to the floor. “It isn’t your fault that your brother left. I mean I don’t know much, but from what I’ve heard, you’re a good person. People just like to judge. It’s what I hate about the world. You just have to ignore it and tell yourself that you’re good. You can’t let it get to you. Someday, they’ll realize that the past doesn’t define us. What we do in the future does.”

Warren swallowed, glancing over at you. “And the choices of others don’t define us.”

You sighed, turning to meet Warren’s eyes, a small smile making his nose wrinkle and his blue eyes shine.

“I always thought you were the resident badass,” you said. “I didn’t know you were so…” You searched for the word you wanted, failing miserably. Warren filled it in for you.


You nodded. “Yeah. Thoughtful.”

Warren stretched, his fingers cracking and a small breath escaping him. “There’s a lot about me you don’t know.”

“Really?” You asked, tipping your head. “Like what?”

“Like… I used to play the piano. I was good at it, too. When I was younger, before I ran away to Germany and was captured, I used to play for my family. Of course, my dad wasn’t around too often. But my mother loved it. She used to boast about me, telling everyone about her musical son.“ 

Warren’s smile slipped a bit, seeming to come out of a trance. “But that’s a long time ago.”

“Can you still play?” You asked softly, giving him an encouraging look. Warren shrugged.

“I haven’t tried in a while. It’s been years.”

“Well, I move that we go find a piano, and you try to play it,” you grinned, pushing yourself up. Warren followed, brushing the dust out of his clothes.

“Where would we even find a piano?“ 

You threw your hands up. “I don’t know. We’ll find one. But I think it’ll help.”

Warren raised his eyebrows. “Didn’t I come up here to help you?”

“You did,” you said, heading for the hatch out of the attic, turning around to grin at Warren. “And now it’s time for me to help you.”

Part 2

Part 3