idk i had nothing better to do really haha

einsamewache  asked:

Oh gosh I don't know which of your fics specifically I would consider a favorite. Umm, I recently went and reread like 6 of your fics cuz it had been almost a year since I read them the first time and I really wanted to revisit them. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed Budapest. Idk your Vantage Point series is just sort of my favorite tbh, cuz it was my main introduction to Clint Barton fanfic (and honestly just fanfic in general) and it's ridiculous and fun and angsty which is what I look for now

*hugs you* nothing better than hearing about people going back and re-reading :D I do that with my favorite fics too (and favorite TV series haha - there are certain ones I rewatch like once a  year) And I’m so glad the VPU made your intro to fanfiction so positive!

lunaticaway  asked:

Hey I love how you draw and I already follow you ;3 Can you draw some Samifer? doing... idk, anything.XO.

Lucifer loved nothing better than to take control over Sam while he was in hell. Sam often has flashbacks to those days.