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age: 17

biggest fear: not having a purpose i guess? idk how to explain

current time: 6:44

drink you last had: water? i think

everyday starts with: waking up

do you believe in ghosts: part of me does, but the other doesn’t. like i’m interested in the theory of it, but i don’t think i truly believe they’re real

hometown: i was born in texas but raised in NOVA (northern virginia)

are you in love: with daveed, yes

jealous of: people who get to to be successful with no effort whatsoever

killed someone: um no

last time you cried: 2 weeks ago

middle name: celeste

number of siblings: one

one wish: equality

person you last called/texted: @jordanfishest

reason to smile: daveed

song you last sang: i just rapped shooter by clipping.

underwear color: purple

vacation destination: new york to meet @jordanfishest and then…hmm, probably paris or rome idk.

worst habit: does procrastination count as a habit?

x-rays you’ve had: i’ve lost track? umm, both wrists, all fingers on both hands, chest, ankles, knees etc. (i fall a lot during basketball games lol)

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#Work Doodles Part 5. Oh boy. Someone better answer the grumpy Asian kid or things are not gonna be pretty. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

Short Apple and Marshmallow Fanfic

“Marshmallow!?” Yelled Apple loudly as she saw Marshmallow, standing on the grass and smiling. Apple’s eyes shown suprise and her hands gripped on to the remains of the window that weren’t broken glass.

“Hi Apple! Uh-” Marshmallow rubbed the back of her head with her hand as if it would help her think better-“Do you want to leave together? Like, uh, leave the show!” Marshmallow let a nervous grin spread across her face as she put her hands out toward Apple.

A few questions ran around in Apple’s mind, but one of these were louder than the rest, and instead of keeping her mouth shut she accidentally let her loudest thought slip out into the starry night.

“Don’t you hate me?” Asked Apple, this time lowering her voice slightly but she still slightly yelled to Marshmallow so that they could hear eachother clearly. Marshmallow’s grin turned into a straight up (or down) frown in less than a second. A part of her had been hoping she wouldn’t have to deal with that, but that would make no sense to not confront the problem, it would make her feel like a hypocrite. No, this wasn’t the show anymore, she was leaving it. And she was gonna try to help Apple out of this mess too, Apple deserved it. Yes, she may have had been clingy, but she was a good friend. If she and Apple can make up ties once, they can do it again. Hopefully. Time felt like it was draining, OJ would hear, or was already getting up and coming. How would she explain the situation? That she went to live with two ghosts and decided to see if Apple would go with her and escape out the window? Well, probably, but there’s a good chance OJ wouldn’t believe her, and it could easily mess a lot of things up.

“I’ve made a mistake! I didn’t know it wasn’t you saying those mean things about me, I’m sorry! There was a huge mistake and… And I hope we can have the friendship we had before!” As Apple heard this her mouth was opened in awe but her eyes had a glimmer of happiness shine in them. “This show isn’t healthy. I don’t think so, anyway. Bow did that, but we understand why now, it doesn’t excuse her actions but… Apple, will you go back to the mansion with me?” Marshmallow looked nervous. Time felt like it was running out, and she had no idea what to do if someone caught this happening.

“Sure,” Apple immediately answered,“So what do we do now?”

“I need you to jump and I’ll ca-”

“WHAT!?” Apple yelled EXTREMELY loudly in shock. Marshmallow grimaced and looked panicked, realizing just how little time they now had. Marshmallow put her arms out to catch Marshmallow.

“JUMP!” Marshmallow yelled out, clearly knowing that stealth was definitely not an option anymore. She could faintly hear a door slam. Oh no.

“Before I do that, what does jump mean-!”

“IT MEANS JUMP NOW!” Yelled Marshmallow, almost tripping over her own words mentally. Apple decided to do just that, Apple caught her, put her on the ground and they were able to get to the house.

OJ opened the door to the room where Apple was once in, and would probably not go back to it ever again. OJ looked around, a giant rock was in the middle of the room, and the window was broke open. There was not a sign of Apple.

“What happened?”


Originally posted by nelliel66

Author’s Note: Ripped Away part 2 was requested soo many times…hehe, this is a sequel, but at the same time - you don’t have to read Ripped Away, ya feel me? I wanted to make the ending devastating, but I guess I got a soft spot for Tae. Leave some love thoughhhh!

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst, beware.

Words: 8.5k

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To the Four of Us (Part Nineteen)

premise: modern AU chronicling the squad as they make their way through college and deal with general life things.

soundtrack song: The End of All Things - Panic! At The Disco

full soundtrack: x

words: 2,640

warnings: STRONG trigger warning for abuse!!! PLEASE keep that in mind before you read. I italicized it so if this applies to you, you are still safe to read this as long as you skip the italics (it is written in first person so it’s also distinguishable by that.) BE SAFE YOUNG ONES I LOVE YOU ALL<3


all chapters: x

tags: @heythereitsloey @anitheunicorn @newyorkyoucanbeanew @lafbagxette @justafangirlwithanavy @iamgrayfox @ordinaryornate @schuylerjoon @angelica-peggy-eliza @trashyperson101 @crazydragon15 @but-if-you-had-to-choose @geespilots @marvelous-hamilfan @5p00kygh05t @panda-powers @and-maria @lafeyettegunsandships @schokoobananaa @allthegoodurlshavebeentaken @aphboi @hell-yes-puns-and-ships @aham-threw-his-shot-away @hesitantcat @nonstopspook @hamrevolution @passmethegoddamnball

dedication: @hamilton-trash-1, @danimeow, @hamiltonshippingmachine, and @victorieschild for liking literally EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY POSTS ((if ur wondering if i notice,, I do)) lol idek if you guys read this but !!! thank you :)

“So who is John anyways?” Charles asked eagerly after ten minutes straight of dead silence.

He, Alexander, and Aaron were half an hour into their impromptu road trip to rescue John from the train station across the state. Charles was growing restless already, which was annoying Alexander and Aaron, although they silently admitted that it was probably their fault for completely ignoring him.

“The guy he’s fucking,” Aaron said, pointing his thumb in Alexander’s direction with a chuckle.

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Without You (Part 3)

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Reader x Stiles Stilinski
Words: 1,426
Warnings: frustration. jk idk depends on how you feel i guess. let’s just say this isn’t really the “fluffy” part of the story.
Request? yes or no
Inspired By:
Parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
A/N: so this one wasn’t really song inspired per se ??? but i was listening to a lot of pop-punk. but this one isn’t really the fluffiest of the parts but it’s all about epiphany’s but the real enemy is timing.

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Word Count: 1249

Triggers: none

Part 1 | Part 2

Requested by Anonymous

You felt tears pricking at the edges of your eyes. You hated Nate yelling at you. It didn’t happen often, but when it did, it was bad. You respected Nate as a father figure and almost a mentor, but he sometimes got angry at things that seemed like no big deal. You pushed your way out of the back room of the Brew Pub and then hurried out the front door and out onto the chilly sidewalk. You weren’t sure where you were going; you just wanted to be as far away from the team (especially Nate) as possible.

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Lipstick on His Collar (Part Two)

note: this is part 2 of 3!

pairing: john laurens x reader

word count: 850

warnings: swearing maybe

inspiration: i guess this was inspired a little bit by one last time? idk.

summary: there was lipstick on his collar. it wasn’t your colour.

a/n: if you haven’t read part one, you can find it here! i’m afraid this gets less angsty and more redemption arc-y, i suppose, so maybe you won’t dig it as much as it continues. anyway enjoy this part! ft professor washington

Your mind had been buzzing for nine days, filling up with worries and sadness and the overwhelming feeling of, ‘what now?’ You couldn’t focus on work or school – you dropped a plate in the diner the day before, and now you sat at your desk in Washington’s class, so defeated, your hand barely even scratching the surface of your paper as everyone else around you took notes, their pens just background noise to the stampede of thoughts that hadn’t stopped running in your brain. You shook your head in an attempt to get it to stop, just for five minutes, so you could do something useful, but no such luck. You sat in your chair until class was dismissed, and you stayed long after. Eventually you felt someone standing over you. Professor Washington.

“I don’t normally like to meddle in the affairs of my students,” he started off somewhat awkwardly, sitting down in the chair next to you. You could tell this was his first time doing something like this, and the thought almost made you laugh. But it got caught in your throat on the way up. “But you seem… really…”

“Sad?” you finished, giving him a small smile.

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(I think that picture may be Vices and Virtues era but idk)
HIYA! I wrote this and there WILL be a part 2 with the sexy times.
This one has no warnings except I guess it is suggestive?
3000 wordssss.
The sexy times will be upon us soon. (oh god. cringey)

You held your stomach as you laughed. You were sore from laughing so hard. Dallon and Brendon were ‘dancing’ in the dressing room as you all waited for the show to start.

You were Panic! At The Disco’s lead guitarist after Ryan Ross left and you loved it. You had become really close with Dallon and Spencer and you had been dating Brendon for a while. You were living your dream. Sure, you were only 24, but you were travelling the world doing what you love with the people you love. You had also taken over the position of back up vocalist which was fun as you got to sing with Brendon which you always looked forward to.

You and Brendon had great chemistry on stage. You could never replace Ryan and you acknowledged that publicly but you had a great time and people loved you. Since you were the only female member of the band, you got a lot of crap questions about your clothes and make up while the guys got questions about their success. You didn’t mind much, the guys thought it was shitty so they usually gave the person asking the questions a lot of crap about it.

“Panic! At the Disco to sound check in five minutes. Panic! At the Disco to sound check.” You heard as the little intercom let you know what to do.

“We should just go now. I don’t know where the stage really is.” Dallon says after he catches his breath from laughing at Brendon’s dance moves. You and the guys start to wander through the halls backstage and eventually come across the entrance to the stage.

You were always a bit star struck when you entered an arena that you knew would be full of people here to listen to the band. You looked around, the amount of seating was overwhelming, the lights were bright and the acoustics had to be amazing. You were always a bit nervous about performing live but you thrived on the chemistry between the band members.

You and Dallon always skipped around and would get entirely too close to Brendon to bother him. You would jump around and make a fool of yourselves but you had fun and the crowd loved it. Of course Brendon would get back at both you and Dallon. Brendon would take advantage of the spotlight and tell everyone to pay really close attention to Dallon when he had a difficult bassline to play. But Brendon always took it out on you especially.

You and Brendon weren’t public with your relationship so he could be blatantly sexual towards you and you just had to brush it off as you didn’t want to publicize what was working well. The fans would theorize about your relationship and ship you with anyone associated to the band. You had even been paired with Frank Iero from My Chemical Romance. People were intent on putting you in relationships. People usually labeled Brendon’s behavior as theatricality and you thanked them for it.

You walked to you space on the stage and picked up the guitar that you would be using for the first part of the set. You played a Gretsch G6134B Black Penguin and a Stratocaster American Standard. The Black Penguin was a bit flashy but it played like a dream and sounded amazing in any setting. The Stratocaster was iconic of any rock band so you picked up the slack.

The guys decided to warm up with I Write Sins; you never really cared what the set list consisted of as long as you had a copy and could play. You started off strong and laughed as Brendon changed to lyrics to mess with you.

“Oh. Well imagine as she’s pacing the halls of the hotel at night
And I can’t help but to hear, no I can’t help but to hear that she writing a song

What a beautiful chorus

What a beautiful chorus written by the lead guitarist”

He continues with his quick and witty lyric change about a song you wrote on tour. You laugh as he mumbles through a verse, trying to think of what else to say. Dallon is doing a little dance behind Brendon and Spencer is trying to hold it together and refrain from laughing at the ridiculous display.

You all play your individual parts so that the sound crew can adjust the levels to accommodate the venue and your instruments. A tech walks up to you and hands you a small set list to attach to your guitar.

Vegas Lights
Mrs. Jackson
Casual Affair
New Perspective
This is Gospel
Girl That You Love
Ballad of Mona Lisa
I Write Sins
I Have Friends
Far Too Young To Die
Sarah Smiles

“Holy shit, Bren. This is some set list.” You say, half surprised by the caliber of the set list, half testing your mic.

“Closer to a discography.” You hear Dallon mutter as he examines the list. Usually it was a group effort to determine a set list but no one had thought about it until last minute and Brendon stepped up to figure something out.

“You okay, love?” you ask as you walk over to Brendon who was sitting on an amp at the side of the stage.

“Yeah, just a bit sad that I haven’t gotten to spend a lot of time with you lately.” He tells you as he pulls you gently in to his lap. You smiled at him and kissed him gently. He hugged you tightly as you sat on his lap.

“Ready for the show? It’s going to be a lot of fun. I am surprised by some of your choices but it’s going to be great.” You reassure him as you trace patterns on his back. After a few minutes, you get up and pull Brendon to his feet. The four of you sit back stage and chat as the arena begins to fill. You and Brendon sit on one couch; you sit with your legs draped over his lap and his arm around your waist. Spencer and Dallon sit on the other couch.

Brendon debates something with Spencer as you have a conversation with Dallon about what both of you are excited about for the rest of the tour. You notice that Brendon has slid his hand up your leg and is resting his hand on your upper thigh below the hem of your shorts. His fingers trace light patterns on the inside of your leg. You try to ignore it and carry on your conversation. You shift a bit to try to get Brendon to quit but he is relentless.

Luckily, the band manager comes to save you from the sexually tense hell that you are stuck in.

“Hey [y/n], can I steal you for a sec?” you hear Zack ask through the head set from the other side of the stage. You lament the idea that you have to run across stage to get to him but it’s the fastest way and you don’t want to get lost. You escape Brendon’s hold on you and shoot him a little glare which he returns with a sweet, innocent looking smile. You roll your eyes and pull your hood over your head and skip across the stage.

You get to the other side with minimal attention attracted. You thank your small form for not attracting the attention of the thousands of fans waiting for your band. You got to Zach and he smiled at you.

“Hey there, do you know what Brendon is trying to do with his set list? I know he was put in charge of it for tonight’s show but he put some stuff on here that I didn’t know you guys would play.” Zach asks you.

“Not exactly sure as to why you think I know what is going through that boys head but I don’t. Sorry. He seems really in to it though. I don’t feel like I may need a nap in the middle of that monster of a show, but it’s cool.” You said as you took a bottle of water from a nearby table. You drink the water as Zach talks about the set list being longer than usual.

You stayed with Zack and talked about the tour until the announcer introduced the band one at a time with their names and instrument.

Brendon ran on the stage and the crowd started screaming. Spencer ran on stage and the crowd whooped and hollered. Dallon skipped on and the crowd cheered. The announcer then announced “This is Panic! At The Disco and they are performing quite a show for you tonight.

You looked at Zack with a panicked look as the announcer forgot you. Brendon and Dallon looked around and you couldn’t see Spencer. You told Zack that you would introduce yourself and you ran on stage, most likely looking awkward as hell. You got to your microphone and Brendon was laughing at you.

“Hello! I’m apparently not in the band today? Okay. Cool. Okay. I get it.” You laugh as you see the announcer in the sound booth look at you with a look of ‘oh shit. That’s what I forgot to do’.

“So, I am [y/n] and I’m the guitarist, back up vocalist and still in the band.” You laugh as you see that Brendon and the other guys are struggling to hold it together.

“[y/n], we couldn’t do this without you, I’m glad that you didn’t take that mishap as us kicking you out of the band” You heard Dallon say. You laughed a bit and went to your spot on the stage. Brendon announced that the first song was Vegas Lights.

You started the counting as you had the highest voice and Brendon started in to the song. His voice sounded a little distorted through the speakers but it was still amazing. You loved listening to Brendon sing. The song flies by, as the crowd sings and yells along.

Next, Brendon announced Mrs. Jackson and explained that you would be singing Lolo’s part. You smiled at him as his eyes lingered on you. You start out strong and drop out as Brendon starts. You and Dallon sang the backup parts as Brendon kept up with all of the ’Miss Jacksons’ in the song. As he sings about the fire dying, he walks up behind you and wraps his arm around your waist. He had done this before and would end up wrapped around you, sharing a mic until the chorus began after Lolo’s part.

Casual Affair: Brendon had a weird little strut that he did during this song that you personally didn’t understand but he kept eye contact with you. He licked his lips when his vocals faded out. You blushed a little and walked to play next to Dallon. You and Dallon played facing each other, almost like you were in a competition.

You made it back to your spot as Brendon told a story about touring before starting Girls/Girls/Boys. You looked at Brendon and he started walking to you as he sang about having a boyfriend. He ran a hand down your cheek as he sang about how the person in the song had him. You bit your lip and turned away. Brendon never had to work very hard to turn you on. You had always been very attracted to him and he liked to use it against you in shows.

You walked back to Spencer and faced away from Brendon as he finished the song. The next song was going to be difficult. The next song was New Perspective and you couldn’t escape him during this song as you sang the chorus with him and the backup.

You tried to ignore him as you played the beginning but you could see that he was smirking at you. Brendon stands eerily close to you, his body pressed against your back. You can feel his hot breath on your neck as he sings the lyrics to a song about sex.

As he sings “You come along because I love your face”, you don’t expect his little playful attack but you continue to sing as he tries to throw you off by being Brendon and licking your face. You are thrown off for a second but have to compose yourself as the song is over soon and then you can call him out.

As the song ends, Brendon skips back to his mic stand.

“Bren? Could you explain to the lovely people why I now have to go get a wet wipe from Zack besides the fact that you are a weird human?” you harass him. You walk to Zack and he laughs at the disgusted look on your face.

You walk back to the mic as Brendon loses it over the fact that you are still wiping your face.

“Girls in the audience? Take my advice and never join a band where you are the only female. These guys may seem sweet but then they do things like lick you on stage and cause you to mess up your guitar playing. They may seem like they have everything together, but you haven’t shared a tour bus with these walking disasters.” You say while the guys laugh and agree with your statement about being a walking disaster.

“Oh shut up, [y/n]. You love us.” Brendon says to you.

“Yeah yeah yeah. Did you guys know that there are only three bunks on the new tour bus? There used to be four. No no, there are now three. The decision was made when I joined the band was that I would just share bunks with the guys and go from bunk to bunk.” You say as the guys suddenly look interested in what you are saying as you don’t always say a bunch on stage.

“Do you guys want to hear a story about having to share a bunk with one of the guys?” The crowd got loud at your question and you laughed. You could hear the guys laughing as well. When you asked who they wanted to hear about, the general consensus was that they wanted to hear about Brendon.

Brendon turned a light pink, as the two of you were now in a relationship, you always shared a bed but you would have to make it seem like you didn’t.

“Really? Bren? Of the three guys and you guys choose Bren. Bren, I think the crowd thinks you are pretty and they want to know about your sleeping habits.” Everyone laughed and Brendon shook his head at you and mouthed ‘I’m going to get you for this’ out of sight of the fans. You couldn’t help but laugh.

“Okay I have to choose carefully or Bren may get me. Then again he may get me if I keep calling him pet names. Okay, one of the first nights on the bus, the three guys were already close and I was super new to the music scene and band and shy. So, Brendon offers to let me stay in his bunk that night, so we go to sleep and I don’t know if you guys have ever heard this, but Brendon cannot keep his limbs to himself when he sleeps.”

“It’s like he sleeps like a starfish or something. Anyway, it’s like 3 am when I am woken by Brendon kicking me. This is nothing new. What was new was when he rolled over and pushed me off the top bunk. I hit the ground with a loud yelp and a lot of profanity. I look up and see him peering over the edge of the bed looking like a scared child.”

“Needless to say, there is a new sleeping arrangement so no one ends on the floor because I’m pretty sure I still have a scar from the fall.” You finish the story and see that Brendon is covering his face and Dallon is laying on the ground laughing. You walk over to Brendon and tug his hands away from his face. His face is pink from blushing and laughing. He pushes your mic away and starts whispering to you.

“I don’t think you realize how cute you’re being. You are making it really difficult for me to not just kiss you.” He says as he is standing close enough that you can feel his breath hit your face again. He bites his lip lightly and winks at you while he backs away to his mic stand.

The next few songs go by with very little problems musically. Brendon gives you a really difficult time, making eye contact during suggestive lyrics, standing a little too close, letting his hands linger on you. He was driving you crazy.

I Have Friends in Holy Spaces and Far Too Young To Die went by agonizingly slowly. You loved the music that Panic! produced but Brendon had too much fun torturing you and you couldn’t wait for the music to finish.

The next song was Sarah Smiles. As you played and Brendon sang, He walked over to you and sang to you. The lyrics were sweet and he played the part. He pushed your hair from your face and pulled you closer to him whenever he could. You wanted to spend the rest of time with him. Even if it was just sitting in a room watching him write music or watching a movie with him. You always felt more complete around him.

The show quickly came to a close. You waved at the crowd and thanked everyone. While walking off stage, you walked up next to Brendon and slipped you hand in to his. He smirks at you as the two of you walk back to your hotel room.

Love you the mostest.


MagizooHerbologist - Part 2

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 2138

Warnings: Violence?? I guess idk 


Originally posted by painfulblisss

Africa. It was a beautiful, dry land, expanding for miles around with no hint of a change in terrain. The edges of the flat lands seemed to divulge into a blur, with the heat being clearly visible through the refraction of the harsh sunlight. You slaved over a dry bush, pushing the warm sweat off your face with the palm of your hand.

“Hurry up (Y/n)! You’ll miss the mating dance!” Newt beckoned you over with a wave and an ecstatic grin. You sighed, abandoning the Shrivelfig you had been collecting to lay next to the excited Magizoologist. You propped your elbows up in the dry grass, its hard spindles digging into your flesh slightly as Newt passed you his pair of binoculars. You were both lying flat on your stomachs, on top of a small hill, now observing a wild Erumpent mating ritual.

“It’s amazing!” You announced in a hushed voice. “But what would happen if they accidentally pierced each other with their horns?”

Newt snickered at your curious question, looking at you with a wild enthusiasm.

“Well Erumpents are… how should I put it? They’re- immune to their own horns. I mean, they can still hurt members of their own kind. They have been known to do so a lot when protecting their territory, or fighting over a mate. But they won’t explode, because their horn’s fluid doesn’t have an effect on the same species.” He explained happily. “They have some sort of anti-explosive agent in their blood.”

“That’s fascinating.” You whispered. Newt turned to you, becoming entranced by your look of complete dedication to the scene. You were so submerged in the magical beasts’ love dance that you hadn’t noticed Newt was doing one of his own. His heart had begun beating loudly in his chest, his stomach proceeding to flip as he watched your lively face watch the act in awe.  

Oh no, he thought. I’m in love with her.

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Hey guys it feels like forever since I posted the comic (5 days really) sorry for the wait. It’s really short this time, a transition upload maybe?, it just didn’t make sense to continue further so bear with me. I really hope to get another update in this week idk I’ve just been feeling very stressed and down recently. I haven’t really been doing my work well and even drawing or watching anime has been… meh. and i guess i’ve been kinda lonely, or actually…  jeez I’m not good at words sorry for being a downer. I still promise to make an update a week no matter what (ok maybe finals will ruin that)

Part 26

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Unconditional (Part 9)

Fandom: Celebrities
Pairing: Reader x Sebastian Stan
Words: 1, 046
Warnings: none, i guess just regret maybe a little angry from choices ?? idk man.
Request: yes or no
Inspired By:
Parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
A/N: part 9 is here. i’m glad i got it up kinda early. but after this is just one last chapter!!! can you believe it!? i’m so happy for all the people who stuck it out this far and hopefully some of you are still around for part 10!
Tags: @almondbuttercup @oldschoolcalifornia @sailorchibimoonunicorn

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bucky x reader

Part 2 of Promise Me (here’s part one)

A/N: I wanted to write in the female perspective as well, and ended up sorta matching the two in the end. So, hope y’all enjoy!!

She couldn’t believe what had happened. She was sick to her stomach every morning and she couldn’t tell if it was from the pregnancy or the fact that he’s gone. He actually left her, out of the front door with all of his things. 

Everything, except for a picture of the two of them that hung crookedly on the wall in front of her. 

Her eyes shut as she breathed in deeply, sitting in their once shared living room with her knees to her chest. 

She remembered the way his arms would wrap around her waist as they slept, or the scruff that tickled her neck as he spread kisses across her body delicately. 

A tear slipped slowly down her cheeks, her eyes watching the picture frame. 

She had never felt love before. She wasn’t the kind of girl you’d expect to be in love, but she did. She loved him more than anything in the world and now she was lost without him. 

“I have to go.” 

The words replayed in her head like a nightmare, his lips seeming to be moving slower and slower each time she heard them. The dark shadows cascaded onto her face, the cars in the city driving passed as she wondered exactly where he’s going. 

“You can’t go. Take me with you!” 

She covered her ears in the hopes that she wouldn’t have to hear any of it again, but alas it continued to replay. The look on his face as he left the door, the pitiful smile he tried to give her in the hopes that one day they could maybe meet again. 

He didn’t know about the baby. She was going to tell him that night, the night that he left. She didn’t know what to do now that he was gone. 

“You have to stay here!” 

“No!” Her voice came out rough and scratchy, the glass lamp next to her being thrown to the wall while she collapsed into a fit of sobs. She was two months pregnant and now without a father, she was missing the one piece to the puzzle that she had hoped for. 

She gathered her knees to her chest again, her body shaking with sobs as she tried to figure out exactly why he left. 

She picked up her phone, deciding to dial his phone one last time. 

Sure enough, it went to voicemail after ringing for a minute. She smiled bitterly, wiping the tears away from her cheeks, “I hope you’re drinking clean water, and that you finally get some rest. I hope you get to meet your baby one day. I hope that this was worth it.” 

With that, she ended her last voicemail.  

Her eyes grew tired as she gathered her hair into a bun, standing from her spot on the floor and laying her body onto the couch tiredly. 

Her phone rang, her caller I.D. reading ‘Bucky’ in big letters across the screen. 

She jumped, quicker than ever before, answering the phone and sniffling into the mic. “Buck…?” 

“I love you. I’ll find a way out of this. Wait for me.” 

There was a click on the other end, and dial tone met her ears. 

The Great Misérables Bake Off, Pt. 1 (2500 Follower Giveaway Fic #4)

Both @unpeubrillante and @ihopeintangoyouhavemoreluck requested Great British Bake Off AUs, so I hope neither minds that I am combining their requests into a two-part fic, with part 2 coming tomorrow. unpeubrillante requested E/R and Marius being Marius, while ihopeintangoyouhavemoreluck wanted some Combeferre/Courfeyrac fluff, so I’ve done my best to incorporate both.

I absolutely LOVE the Great British Bake Off (like it literally sustained me through the last few weeks of campaigning), so the best way that I could think to write a GBBO AU was to write it as a transcript of the show. As such, I’ve done my best to honor the spirit of the show, even if it sacrifices my usual flowery descriptions.

Great British Bake Off AU, developing E/R, developing Combeferre/Courfeyrac, developing Marius/Cosette. Fluff. And loads of crack (the fic kind. Not the drug kind).

The following is a transcript of the unaired fourth episode of Season 3 of The Great Miserables Bake Off. As readers may know, Season 3 was cancelled following the fifth episode when it was revealed that both a host and a judge had become romantically involved with two contestants behind the scenes and when a third contestant tried to arrest the other judge. This transcript, broken into two parts, has been provided for legal purposes pending multiple lawsuits against the studio, contestants, judges and, in one unfortunate incident, the cameraman.

The show’s editors regret to inform readers that only the final cut of the episode is available. Unedited material has been mysteriously misplaced. However, we believe that the edited material shows a clear sense of what transpired leading up to the events of the 5th episode, which can be viewed in their entirety in the previously provided footage.

[CAMERA: Opens on typical overcast British summer day. COURFEYRAC and ÉPONINE are sitting under a tree. ÉPONINE’S arms are crossed and she looks downcast.]

COURFEYRAC: I have a joke to cheer you up. Why are our bakers going to be in a panic today?

ÉPONINE: [without enthusiasm] Why?

COURFEYRAC: Because they’re going to be in a loaf or death situation!

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No footage from s3 because I refuse to recognise its existence.

The Hollow Crown: Story about dark shadows behind the King’s throne.

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown'  — Shakespeare, Henri IV Part 2

Press Coverage/Less Coverage (Tony Stark x Reader) (Part 1/2)

Rating: T, it’s mostly buildup; there’s a little bit of suggestive dialogue but that’s mostly it (for now. wink wink).

Word Count: 4.2 k

Warnings: Suggestive dialogue, Justin Hammer makes a brief appearance, some swearing

A/N: Jesus guys I’m so sorry kms!!! i totally lost my momentum and this ended up taking three months I lowkey hate myself but guess what!!! I’m about halfway done editing my rough draft of my novel which i actually finished!! Also I’m fostering a puppy this weekend and his name is Dan and I love him but anyway !!! here you go, part two is in the works and idk when it will be out but hopefully it’ll be soon!

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