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could i request seungwoo roommate!au????

thanks for requesting!! 

edit: its 4 am and i finally finished,,,haven’t betad so ill fix tmr morning !!

- even though he can clearly take care of himself, you always end up looking after him bc you’re scared that he will somehow end himself when you’re gone

- you met him while you were hanging up posters for a roommate bc you couldn’t handle the fees all at once lol and it would be nice for an extra hand around

- daniel ended up moving in with jisung and even though he promised seongwoo that they would live together smh

- so seongwoo needed to find a place fast bc he preferred to not crash in a cramped apartment the whole year lol

- and found your ad for needing a roomie!! so he contacted you and it was history from there

- it was awkward at first but he always ended up cracking jokes to lighten the mood (which always works hehe)

- you two end up getting to know each other well and it seemed like you two are basically bffs lol

- becomes very affectionate to you so get used to skinship

- likes to ruffle your hair or give you big hugs or anything really

- or sometimes cuddles but not a lot!! because seongwoo would freeze up bc why is his heart beating so fast??

- seongwoo is in the dance club for the college so he always ends up coming home late and sometimes doesn’t make it to his room and just crashes in the living room sofa

- and you’re always home before him bc work ended earlier so you’re always there to take care of him

- u just kinda,,leave him there bc he was kinda heavy lol so you just cover him with a blanket and leave dinner in the microwave and a glass of water on the table for him when he wakes up

- even when its his turn to buy groceries or clean the apartment, he always seems tired or worn out half the time so you just kinda do it because you know he’s too tired to do it lol

- and sometimes u just feel like he takes you for granted?? like idk its like you end up doing all the work and you can’t help feeling this way because even if he has dance club,,,he should at least help

- but he does don’t worry

- in fact, he takes notice of all the things that you do for him and even though its his turn to buy things or do chores, you still end up doing it for him when you notice he’s exhausted

- he returns the favor actually!! whenever he notices that you’ve had a rough week or you have a huge project coming up and you can’t clean around the apartment

- he does the work and even buys you extra stuff bc all the things you do for him and he’s grateful fnbjik

- but sometimes you’ll have a rough day and you’ll be pissed and tired and it’s like seongwoo notices because the moment you walk through the door, he just encloses you in a big hug and stays there until you’re feeling better again

- and instantly, your bad mood is gone bc hugging seongwoo is like hugging a teddy bear hehe

- u always tries to shove food down his throat bc sometimes he’s so busy that he forgets to eat and smh like boy!!!! you need to eat!!

- ok moving on!!

- always greets you once you get home because he lowkey misses you and he’s glad that you’re back hehe

- always asks about your day and makes small talk and if you ask about his, will low-key be overdramatic about it because he loves making you laugh hehe

-okokkok  you’re studying music theory and you’re always trying to identify chords or if a song modulates or is planing 

- and seongwoo notices this ofc!! he notices how passionate you are while talking about music theory and he always sends you a random song because he knows that you like to practice a lot

- and you just go !!! because lowkey you didn’t think he would remember and the fact that he always asks about the songs and what you found interesting about it once he came home

- in return, you always ask about the dance club and ask him to show you his new moves hehe

- you always hype him up when you he shows you and move and he’s just !!! flustered but secretly glad

- and sometimes asks him to sing to you and its just !! an experience !! 

- his voice was so good though?? how does a human sound this good 

- like vocal king?? 

- jaehwan, somewhere far away: did someone sAy vocAl kIng?? 

- and its a cute and happy bonding experience!!

- ok but im not saying that if seongwoo were to ever cook for you, all he would make is cheap ramen or that chef boyarde stuff but thats exactly what im saying

- thus, you end up being the chef in the house because you’re the only one who can make sure that the both of you can get the proper nutrients needed hehe

- ok but living with seongwoo would include stealing his sweaters and he’s always like ?? where are my sweaters

- you: *wearing his sweater* hA hA i have no idea?? maybe you lost it hmMMM?

- he would notice and just,,,sigh LMFAO 

- ‘’ok but i need them because they complete my outfit hello’’ 

- ‘’choose a different one this one is comfy’’ 

- ‘’excUSE ME?? these are mY sweaters we shouldn’t have to argue give them back!!” 

- ‘’eXcUsE mE? nO” 

- ‘’just go wear yours wTF!!” 

- ‘’nO!! its different!!” 

- aka seongwoo just wearing another sweater as he ended up making you win because he got lazy LMFAO (even tho we both know he let u keep them bc he thought u looked cute !! hehe like those sweater paws?? he almost fainted wow legend) 

- ok story time!!

- once the two of you didn’t see each other for like three days because of midterms

-which was a wild ride like you breaking down in the library

- seongwoo passing out on the floor during a break from practice

- you almost turning in your paper late and having daehwi distract the teacher by coming up with some sob story of his s/o taking all of his money in his bank account so you can sneak in your paper

- seongwoo end up running from one side of the campus to the other because he went to the wrong classroom and only had like 3 minutes left to turn in his project

- you having a sugar crash and basically passing out for a day straight and waking up,,,,only to realize that u had class in a few minutes LMFAO

- and after that, you ended up collapsing on your bed in relief and probably sleep for like 3894375 years

- then seongwoo joins you and basically cuddles up to you bc a) he missed you and b) he missed talking to u

- and then the two of u end up sleeping and once u wake up, you two spill all the tea that has happened the past three days hehe

- all in all, a very cute relationship!! someone that you trust a lot and is vvvv glad you took the chance to accept him as a roommate!!

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#AU 1 with 정Hannie please? ♥️

Arranged Marriage AU (Request from this list!)


Ok love (I still need a general name for you guys or something), this is different than my other arranged marriage AUs, because they way “arranged marriage” was taken is…different…I hope you still like it! ALSO OMG SORRY FOR DELAY WITH ALL THESE SCENARIOS BUT I FINALLY GOT HOME FROM MY TRIP AND MY PC MAKES EDITING EASIER THANK GOD

  • You and Jeonghan
  • Friends in middle school
  • You weren’t necessarily best friends at the time, but this incident brought you guys closer
  • First of all Jeonghan wants to be your close friend
  • He thinks you’re nice, but it’s kind of awkward for you to be together all the time
  • One day you were having a small chat during passing period
  • People in the hallway were teasing Jeonghan for liking you
  • He’s tired as usual he just wants to take a nap tho he just ignores them
  • Classic sleepy Hannie
  • Except you see it as an opportunity
  • So a lot of these guys like you and have obvious (annoying) crushes on you
  • So you just say
  • “Yeah he’s nice to me, we’re getting married at 22 if we don’t get married to anyone else. He wouldn’t want to be on my bad side”
  • Yeah just nonchalantly bring up marriage
  • People are stunned
  • But you just drag a smirking Jeonghan to class
  • “So you’re my future wife now?”
  • “I mean sure, lol it was a joke but why not?”
  • Chillest way to announce a marriage
  • Now obviously since you guys are in middle school, most people don’t take it seriously but got what you meant, so the guys who liked you stopped being so nagging
  • Except your friend who was ready to get you both on a date but that’s not important
  • No but you guys promised she would help during the future ceremony so she is on this relationship too
  • But Jeonghan is kind of in the middle of his feelings
  • He’s happy he gets to spend time with you without being judged, but does he actually have a crush on you or does he just want to stay friends?
  • Like he wants to be friend zoned so he can find a better guy for you and like make you look good for only the best suitors
  • Low-key the non-gay gay friend
  • At some point people thought he actually was gay bc he was close with this other guy but he looks like he likes you
  • But anyways you guys keep this promise until senior year of highschool when you gained a boyfriend
  • No, it wasn’t Jeonghan, but Jeonghan’s friend who he introduced bc he thinks you go well together
  • Everyone is fine I am NOT FINE but the people from your middle school were asking “I thought you were set with Jeonghan?”
  • So after high school into college
  • Jeonghan is in a different college than you but you guys are still best friends, so you visit each other and 2 other friends+your boyfriend (one is that girl that ships you lol)
  • Now important detail your boyfriend is also in the same college as Jeonghan
  • Now one day, he has a late class/test and Jeonghan is sent to give you food and just tell you that he’s busy
  • But as you talk with Jeonghan, he keeps looking to your face and how pretty you look
  • Brushes it off for the most part
  • Fails miserably really
  • Except he feels an emptiness in his heart
  • It sounds cheesy but he feels like he missed a chance to be with you
  • But he wants you as his friend bc that’s what he likes about you
  • You’re caring towards your friends, and though you can Burn the Haters™ you always care for your 4 closest friends
  • That’s what he loves about you
  • Wait what did he say love or…
  • nEVeRmiNd
  • But at one point in your college life, rumors spread Jeonghan had a girlfriend out of college and was visiting her after school
  • Jeonghan definitely wasn’t with you, so maybe he finally found someone
  • Now you feel that same kind of empty
  • You love your boyfriend, but Jeonghan always had your heart, y'know?
  • You were going to approach him about it on the last day of college, to see if the rumors were true
  • But on the last day…
  • Your boyfriend came to your dorm to tell you something urgent had happened
  • Now you were scared something had happened to Jeonghan bc he and Jeonghan were close
  • Wait a minute why do you care about Jeonghan more than your boyfriend…anYWAYS
  • But nope™
  • Your boyfriend had lost romantic feelings for you
  • He was asking to breakup
  • He still wanted to be friends but he was moving, and didn’t know how he could handle a long distance relationship
  • You wanted to try and handle the relationship, but this guy couldn’t take it
  • He was heartbroken himself tbh
  • You’re a depressed mess and ask him to leave
  • Only person who is available to comfort you right now?
  • Jeonghan.
  • This boi is ready to fight his friend, but you assure him through tears that it wasn’t really his fault (it is tho man you could’ve tried)
  • Jeonghan at this point
  • So close that he doesn’t care you look horrible and can’t do things
  • So for the rest of the year you just crash at his place
  • He’s trying hard to take care of the person that he got engaged to in his teens
  • Even after you come in good terms with you ex-boyfriend, Jeonghan still has to visit you to check up on you
  • One day he comes home and panics bc you’re coughing hysterically and turns out you had an overdose on pills for suicide
  • He had to call your friend who ships you to help get you to the hospital immediately
  • When your friend is outside discussing your condition and working out getting your family out to see you, Jeonghan sits silently next to you, holding your hand, asking why (Tell me whyyyyyy wae mami mami jakku heundeullini…)
  • “There’s no point in living anyway…I’m too depressed to care for myself, I don’t want to be a burden to you” (idk if you actually have depression in this story don’t kill me if I write this without ever mentioning it again)
  • If you weren’t in a hospital bed he would be squeezing you to death
  • “Why this?! Why would you do this?!? What would I do without- What would our friend feel if she never got to go to the wedding of her best friends because her friend died?”
  • That’s what really hits you.
  • This guy agreed to marry you but you almost left him- no, you are slowly leaving him bc these pills are still in your system and your organs are slowly failing
  • When your parents visit later in the week, you’re still in bad condition
  • But one night, when everyone’s asleep including you, Jeonghan plants a warm kiss on your forehead and prays you get better
  • Miraculously, you start to pull through from your weak condition and your body starts up normally again!
  • You’re still stuck in the hospital but your family has to leave to go back home
  • They trust Jeonghan with your life (and kinda pressure him to make sure you’ll be taken care of)
  • Damn he loves you
  • And he finally tells you this
  • “Oh I know”
  • “What.”
  • “Kind of obvious. Also kisses”
  • “YoU wERe awAkE”
  • When you’re finally cleared from the hospital, Jeonghan makes you stay home and get lots of rest
  • Yea no he just sleeps so much but keeps you stuck in his arms you can’t escape bed
  • “Jeonghan. We’re going to miss lunch.”
  • He gets up lets you go bc you need to eat
  • What could go wrong when you’re with him?
  • Jeonghan makes sure you don’t feel uncomfortable or start crying again; he hates to see you cry
  • I mean on your 22nd birthday you break down in tears again
  • When Jeonghan gets on one knee and proposes to you
  • Let me just say that your shipper friend is like the reason behind this relationship
  • And he proposed to you when you were all together
  • So when he’s putting the ring on your finger
  • You’re crying with your hand over your mouth in shock
  • The people at wherever place you are at (bc this guy is definitely making this public) are crying bc it’s so cute and sweet
  • Your friend is at the side crying bc her friends are *cough* finally getting married
  • And since it was a promise by 3 middle school kiddos
  • “Arranged”
  • You gotta love this guy who loves you lots

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*me nervous if this will do good* I had to rewrite this twice and now I’m finally happy with how it turned out

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Do you have any tips for writers who want to write sim stories but don't know how to get them posted in order?

Hi Nonny! I’ll be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure what this question was asking, but I don’t like to give advice that isn’t at least somewhat well-thought out. So here are my tips for starting out and how to format/order your posts (or something like that.)

Jade’s Super Awesome Tips For Getting Your Simblr Story/Legacy Off the Ground i.e. Potentially Helpful Formatting Tips For New Simblr Writers

First of all: If you want to do a sims story, DO IT. They’re great creative outlets, and someone will want to read it! And remember, it is your blog, so do whatever you want, and don’t feel pressured to have to make things a certain way. But, if you want to be organized, these are some guidelines: 

1. Identify your posts in some way. Doesn’t matter how. Some simblr writers use episode, some use chapters, some use a mixture of both (i.e. Chapters for longer portions, like an entire arc, and episodes for each individual scene. Example: Chapter 1: Episode 1, Chapter 1: Episode 2… etc.). This is helpful in letting regular readers know if they’ve missed a post, and follow along linearly. It’s just helpful all around.

2. Linkage. My dudes, this is so important, which is why I made a previous post about it. A lot of simblr writers are already doing previous/next links on their posts, and that’s GREAT. Everyone should definitely be doing this. Personally, I really think the movement should expand to include “beginning” links. On my own posts I have all three, a link to to the start of that particular story, the previous post in the sequence, and I update all posts to include the “next” link once I have it posted. Tumblr’s post formatting makes this SO easy, there’s no real reason not to do it, because it’s super helpful to readers, and trust me, people want to read from the beginning. Maybe not everyone, but you also don’t want to turn people away because they couldn’t find the start of your cool story. So, I repeat, all stories should have this format: Beginning/ Previous / Next links on each post. I’m beating a dead horse here, but it’s so nice, as a reader, just to be able to flip through someone’s story via easy linking, because I don’t have to break my immersion of the story by tabbing out or looking around, or scrolling through your posts to find the next one in line.

  • Helpful side note: If you’re the type of writer who posts things out of chronological order, using these links would still be a good idea, because you can go back and edit them at any time, and you can link to any post on your tumblr, so if you post something later down the line that you think should have happened at an earlier time in the story, you can just rearrange your links to reflect your correct chronological timeline.  
  • Here is my tutorial on how to link your story posts with beginning/next/previous links!

3. Tag correctly. Some simblr writers have more intensive tagging systems than I do, so I won’t speak too much about this, because as a reader, I don’t really use tags to navigate new stories I read. But it is still important to tag all posts in a story the same, so either with the title or legacy name, and then you can tag individual chapters or episodes if you want to. Also be sure to tag if you’re doing a story, or a legacy, or whatever type of story. I use #ts4 story #sims story #ts4 storytelling, there’s a whole other slew of legacy tags which I don’t use, cuz obviously I am not a legacy simblr.

4. Have a table of contents or story page of some sort, especially if you’re doing multiple stories/legacies at once, but even if you’re not, it will help people who are lurking around your profile navigate through your story. If you’d like an example of how to format them, here is my story page and here are my table of contents pages.  As I am not the be all and end all for formatting, I think another great example is @beverlyallitsims index page (she made it SO easy to catch up on her MLSC story and now I’m just another Randy fangirl. I’m a living testament to this process working wonders!). 

5. Billboard advertising. Okay, now this one is totally optional, but if you are doing a legacy or story, it’s a really nice little touch to have a banner or some tell, even if it’s just a small one (you don’t need to be some Photoshop wizard), to let people know that this is an ongoing thing you’re doing, not just a random collection of photos (those are cool too!), but some people go looking specifically for stories and/or legacies to read, so having a banner or something with your story title or legacy name (generation number) is a good idea, too. 

Bottom Line: Make your stuff accessible! Unless, of course, you don’t actually want people to read it lol, which is totally fine, too. Some people like to use their blogs as a personal outlet, and don’t need to be noticed. But there’s nothing wrong with trying to be visible, and if you do have a small pool of readers, be generous and help them along. Total strangers want to read your work, put in a little extra time to make sure their stay is a pleasant one. You know, before you rip out their hearts with your edgy theatrical sim-drama. 

Again, idk if this answers your question, Nonny. But I do want to help! If anyone has any questions or is looking for advice, feel free to message me, either privately, or on Nonny, I don’t mind. My inbox is always open. 

Tsukista TV Ep 3 Summary Notes

This week’s episode focused on Menjo Kentaro, who plays Hajime, and Nakada Hiroki, who plays Haru. It’s also Six Gravity’s last episode before Procellarum is in charge starting next week. Read below the cut for a list of the notable stuff that happened with related screenshots. I even made some gifs this time! As always, feel free to add to the list or correct me if I got anything wrong~

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"It's your lucky day" | Mechanic!Alex x reader

Alright guys, I just wanted to say that when I saw so much people wanting my fic I cried ( I’m a loser lol). I really felt like someone appreciate the things that I write and that made me really happy so thank you. This isn’t great, I think it’s pretty bad but you asked for it so….
If you don’t like it please don’t hate, I’m a sensitive bean.
Thank you for reading this little introduction❤❤.
PS: I’m on mobile so I’m gonna edit it tomorrow beacuse now it’s 5 am and I can’t turn on my computer because it makes terrible noises and I’m very sleepy so Idk how is the grammar.

Warnings: mechanic!Alex is a warning so…., she checks one time the phone while driving ( DOn’T USe yOuR pHonE WHiLE DrIvIng)

You are in your car with the windows down and the hand out letting the wind caress your skin.
You are very happy today because you are going to see your sister after a long time when you two were too busy.
You hum quietly your favourite song checking quickly you phone, seeing how much miles you have to do to finally arrive to your sister’s house when a you hear the motor crackle slightly.
You open your eyes wide terrified, praying.
“C'mon boy you can’t leave me here” you say hitting the dashboard again and again.
Your car starts to slow down while you curse under your breath and continue to hit the dashboard.
“No, no, no please, you can’t do this to me. I saved you from being destryed and you thank me like this?” you continue to whine mumbling senseless things.
Your car stops completely and you drag yourself out for checking the motor.
You open the hood and look on the inside with a confused look, closing it after a minute.
“Alright I have to find help” you mumble.
You start walking in the streets of the city that you were passing, searching for someone.
You spot a blonde guy that is coming out of a garage.
“Excuse me, sir” you shout walking, almost running, towards him.
“Yeah?” he turns giving you the opportunity to see that he is shirtless and cover in dirt and sweat.
You stare at him with wide eyes and mentally drooling.
“Are you okay?” he asks looking in your eyes.
“What? Y-yeah I’m okay, my car won’t move, do you- do you know a mechanic?” you say trying hard not to stare at his chest but failing.
“Well, it’s your lucky day, because I am a mechanic, where’s your car?”
“It’s the blue there”
“Alright I’ll pick it, stay there” he walks towards your car, giving you a nice view of his back and you almost faint when you see his muscles twitching under his skin.
You look at your toes watching over and over again the image ot his muscular chest and blushing to your self.
You snap your head up and look at him still blushing.
“Enter and sit somewhere, it won’t take so long”.
You nod entering in the garage and sitting on chair that seems clean, watching the guy as he works.
You look at his fingers climbing up his body with your stare, admiring his arms and biceps, moving to his shoulder and his neck and going down to his chest until you meet the hem of his jeans.
You close your eyes trying to calm your furious heartbeat and not to go too far with your mind.
“Okay it’s done” he says smirking at you.
“Okay, how much is it?”
“It’s free, but at one condition: go on a date with me”.
You look at him all red nodding vigorously, blushing even more when you hear him chuckle.
You open the door of your car and sit, closing it right after.
“Here’s my number, call me and we can decide when we can hang out, alright?”
“Bye” he says winking at you and then chuckling at your red cheeks.
“Bye” you say driving out of his garage.

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modern au marcoacesabo

lol so i suck at making aus? So I went and found this on some prompt list and idk hope this is okay?


“–really appreciate it,” a voice is saying. “Thank you so much for giving me a chance.”

The answering murmur is too low to make out, but it doesn’t matter because Ace knows that voice. He stops pacing and edges a little closer to the door, because this can’t be what he thinks it is.

“Of course,” that voice says again, and Ace backs up to the other end of the hallway just before the door opens.

It’s another student, he notices, blond and tall and pretty, and quite likely there to steal what is his. Sure enough, Professor Marco is right behind him. “I’ll let you know soon, yoi,” he’s saying, and it’s exactly as Ace feared.

He steps forward, and Professor Marco’s eyes dart to him. “Oh, Ace!” he says. “I was starting to think you weren’t interested.”

Ace sticks his gaze on Marco and ignores the other student. “Of course I am,” he says instead. “You don’t often have TA positions available, so I just wasn’t expecting it.” He waves his handful of papers. “Had to get references.”

“References,” the other student repeats quietly, and Ace almost doesn’t grin.

“Well, come in, yoi,” Professor Marco says, and holds the door open. “I have to say, I wasn’t expecting two such qualified applicants.

It’s Ace’s turn to echo, "Qualified,” under his breath, and the brat doesn’t even try to hide his smirk.

Professor Marco accepts the references and application papers Ace spent so long carefully filling out  and takes them to his desk. “Both of you come highly recommended, yoi,” he says, sitting. “I know you from class, of course, and mentoring,” which is Ace, of course, because Ace is the best candidate. But then he looks at the other student and continues, “And Professor Dragon has nothing but praise for you.”

Shit. If Professor Dragon’s backing his rival, all the references in the world aren’t going to help.

“This is a dilemma, yoi,” he says, then leans back in his chair and steeples his fingers, gazing at them both.

Ace straightens his spine and stops chewing on his lip, aware of every second spent under that considering gaze. He runs his palms down the nice shirt he wore, just in case, and hopes it stops soon because he can feel the blush starting, and–

–and then Professor Marco says, “Well, I suppose you can share, yoi. There’s enough grading to go around anyway, so just plan everything together and then–switch off days or something.”

They both stare at him with varying degrees of betrayal.

Ace bites back on his first reply of with him? and his second reply of that’s not fair! and pastes a smile on his face. “Of course,” he says, and if he doesn’t sound happy, well, at least he doesn’t sound upset. “We’ll share.”

“Yeah, it’ll be fun!” the blond guy agrees, and he’s definitely a better actor than Ace, that’s for sure, because his grin says happy while his eyes say murder.

“Great, yoi,” Professor Marco says, and stares at them for a bit. They both stare back, until he raises an eyebrow and says, “You can leave now.”

“Leave,” Ace echoes. “Right! Yeah, I’ll just be going. Thanks, Professor Marco!”

“Thank you again,” the blond says graciously, and then the asshole has the gall to step aside and let Ace go through the door first, complete with mocking little bow.

The door closes behind them and they walk in step until they’re out the door of the building, far enough away that there’s no chance at all of the professor hearing them. Then Ace turns to the blond guy and leans in, stepping forward and trying to back him into the building’s outer wall. “We’re not sharing,” he says.

The blond steps back easy enough, but then leans casually on the wall and smiles at him. “Of course we’re not,” he agrees mildly.

“I know what you’re aiming for,” Ace hisses, and he has the audacity to laugh.

“I’m here for the credit hours,” he says, and then puts on a fake surprised look, complete with batting lashes. “Why, what are you thinking? Maybe you think I’m here for the same reason as you?”

“Wha–no! I’m not–what?!” The guy laughs and pats his cheek, and Ace flinches. “Don’t touch me!”

He raises both hands in obvious surrender. “Sorry,” he says, and maybe even means it, but Ace is taking nothing about this guy on faith. Except–

“Hey,” Ace says, eyes narrowing. The asshole has a scar around his left eye, big and blatant, but something about those eyes and the turn of his nose and the tilt of that smile is just–isn’t it familiar? “Hey, don’t I know you?”

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Sorry if this has been asked before, but is writers block ever a problem for you? I have admired how prolific you are, and appreciate how you've discussed the negative aspects of writing too much. But what about when you've been staring at a blank document for what feels like years? Tell me there's a magical cure!

It is a problem for me, though I often don’t call it writer’s block (though sometimes I do, I’m fickle).

I’ve written about it in the past. This is probably the best post I’ve written about it. :D

Okay, but also yes, YES writer’s block is a problem for me. See:

- Taking two years to get started on The Ice Plague. Definitely insecurity related writer’s block.

- Taking a billion years to publish a book. See an absolute fear of failure.

- Me using the old technique of ‘I’m writing therefore you can’t see what I have writer’s block with’ (i.e. trading original works for fanfiction because it’s less pressure).

I can generally get words down. Most of the time. I’ve also had a solid writer’s block of years in the past - like literally years - where I wrote nothing. Nothing at all. But…I trained myself as a visual artist to work even when I didn’t feel like working, and as a result, I can also write when I don’t feel like writing. It’s a work ethic thing, and it means my job isn’t always fun (like all jobs), though I do think inspiration likes a willing partner, and is more likely to come if I just start and try something, than if I wait for inspiration to lead the dance.

So I’m very fortunate, because I know writers who can’t write like this. Idk why I can function this way. But then there’s things like yeah, I really did kind of spend ages hanging on The Ice Plague and staring at documents or blank pages, and feeling like…awash with terror and no movement happening.

As for how I solved that. I made myself sit down and write a line. I knew my writer’s block with The Ice Plague was - and still is - in part that I feel like no one will want to read it, and that it will be bad. I feel this in my bones. It’s a horrible feeling. I also had it with Game Theory and The Court of Five Thrones, but to a much lesser extent (god if I’d known that feeling could get worse), but it’s very bad now because I’m working with characters I don’t know anyone will ever love. Gwyn and Augus light a pretty bright torch. People might not want to look at candles after that, even if they’ll become torches later.

And so… I just… I told myself that 2017 was the year I had to start, and I needed a chapter by the end of February, and that all I had to do for the first two months was like, try writing a line. Or a paragraph. Or a snippet of dialogue.

I sort of jettisoned the idea of ‘completing a chapter’ like I normally do, and just…gently forged on. As a result, I’m five chapters in, and I’ve made the most progress I’ve made since I came up with the idea years ago.

I wish there was a magical cure! There’s not. Writer’s block is so uniquely personal to each of us, and everything from health and fatigue, to mental illness, to grave insecurities, to the story not being ‘right’ or us not being ready to write it yet, etc. can be behind it. It can be all or none of those things!

I think there are some things to remember:

- You can be nice to yourself or you can be good to yourself. Sometimes if you’re lucky, these are the same thing. But sometimes they’re not. For example:

Nice: I will treat myself to a thousand burgers (dis me)
Good: I love burgers, but I want to be good to my body to be healthy so I’m going to eat some salad and lean meat.
Nice & Good: Man I love spinach I’m so glad it’s good for me too. OR;
Nice & Good: I’m going to have a burger today, I love them so much, but I’ll keep being disciplined in the day to day re: what I eat.

In writing, it can look like this:

Nice: I’m going to be gentle to myself and not work on this project until I’m feeling it more. (this can last a lifetime!)
Good: Provided it won’t harm me in any way to do so, I’m going to cultivate some writing discipline and try writing a sentence of this thing I’m blanking on today.
Nice & Good: Because this project intimidates me, I’m not going to look at it tomorrow or the next day, but today I have to write a line. And on X day, I will write a paragraph. And then I’ll rest some more with this idea.

- You need to learn how to write in a way that works for you, and sometimes overcoming writer’s block is a matter of turfing a lot of things you’ve learned - that you need to put down words regularly (you don’t), that you need to achieve a wordcount (you don’t), that you need to never rewrite (you don’t), that you can’t edit as you go (you can), that you need to write a lot at once (you don’t), that you need to ‘finish’ something when you start it (you don’t), that it has to be perfect (it doesn’t), that you need to be nice or good (you don’t, lol) etc. 

Like it was very freeing for me to be like ‘okay, even if everyone hates The Ice Plague, I need to write this for me. It ties up a lot of loose ends in the universe, and Mosk and Eran’s stories are important to me and need to be told. If I don’t tell them now, their stories won’t fade. So I’m going to tell them.’ But I also have to remind myself of this all the time, because I also want to give the people who read Fae Tales something they want to read, and I am terrified of not delivering. Emotional journeys, am I right??

But still, that moment of ‘I’m doing this because of X’ - clarifying your motivations - can help a lot. It can help you to realise or remember why you wanted to write on that blank page in the first place.

- Sometimes writer’s block just lingers. Be honest with yourself about your mental state, do you have the energy to be writing right now? Are you too mentally fatigued? Is it not the right time to be cultivating writing discipline? That kind of stuff matters a ton. I regularly blast past my own limits and then crash, and I don’t recommend that to anyone. Sometimes writer’s block protects you from yourself. And you know, that’s a thing too.

Reposted Art and You: A Guide for the Rest of The Fandom

AKA “How the hell can I tell if artwork is stolen and what do I do?”


I’m just a grumpy dubber who doesn’t like to see people getting credit for work that isn’t their own. Every day, or just about, I prowl youtube for stolen artwork. I think my record of reposts reported to artists in one night is 15 or 16. If you’re one of the people I’ve spoken to in the past, again, you’re very welcome. :)

But there’s a lot of stolen stuff out there and there are more sites than just youtube. I can’t do everything here, people. Work with me.

If you’re reading this and you’re someone who’s had a video of artwork you posted taken down, HELLO! I might just be the little bitch who snitched on you.

This is tailored towards the Miraculous Ladybug fandom but it applies EVERYWHERE. ALL FANDOMS.


If it’s not on tumblr or deviatart, you should assume it’s reposted. The only exception I know of this is the user on instagram who made ML photo edits - but they now have a tumblr account anyway.  If it’s on: youtube, weheartit (FUCK this website), pintrest, instagram, anywhere else, 9/10 times it’s been reposted.

Keep in mind that not all reposters are inherently thieves. Technically speaking, as a dubber, I’m a reposter. (cue dramatic gasps)  However, when I repost, it’s done with the artist’s full conset and proper credit is given in the description, along with indication that I am doing so with permission. So, yes, I am technically a reposter, but I am not a thief. And there are a number of others like me. We are benevolent and we’re just doing what we love and supporting the artist. 

Then you got these other douchewaffles who are reposters and thieves. These are the people who do NOT have permission to repost OR reposted w/o following the conditions set by the artist. By not adhering to the rules set by the artist, you are in violation of the agreement/contract and, therefore, guilty. 

Do not let them get away with it.

Some artists are chill with talking to the people and getting them to put proper credit and that’s that. Cool, dude. Resolved peacefully and the artist can get more exposure - assuming people on youtube are smart enough to read the fucking description and, uh, as a dubber, I know for a fact we’ve got some real gems over on youtube. >_>    HOPEFULLY, the poster has learned their lesson.

Some artists don’t even fucking care and straight up flag that shit. …Personally, I agree with this one more. That person didn’t have the fucking courtesy to even ASK YOU. Why should they be allowed to reap the benefits of your hard work?  Flag it. Report them.

Is it stolen?

If it’s on instagram, pintrest, weheartit– assume it’s stolen. I know this is a generalization but it’s one that is well-supported.

If you see a video of artwork/a comic on youtube that:

  • been made with a video editor that’s left a watermark on it
  • Has no credit  or something like “Art is not mine!” “Credit to the artist” “found on x website!”  or, lol, has the artist name but no link to their tumblr
  • Has really bad audio quality if it’s a dub
  • Has a name like “Miraculous Ladybug Comic #”
  • Has a watermark visible on the image that is not theirs
  • Is by tumblr user sapphireluna
  • Part of a large picspam


Oh crap I think this is stolen. What do I do?!

TELL THE ARTIST IMMEDIATELY. Give them a link to the stolen artwork or video. If they have their messages and askbox set to private or off, make a tumblr post and tag them if you must. Just make sure they see it.

If you do not recognize the artist and there is no watermark or legible signature, take a screenshot of the video or if it’s a picture download it, and run it through google’s reverse image search. Tumblr and deviantart are likely to be the locations of the artist. OR, shit, send it to me and I can try to find them.

If you’re nervous to contact the artist….don’t be. You’re helping them. Artists, if someone comes to you with a link to a stolen video or image post, thank them. Even if it’s the third time you’ve heard about it, you know they’re just trying to help you.


Do not bully the person, do not harass them, but make a fuss! I don’t recommend it but you’re going to drag them, be smart about it. Yes, I know, cussing and yelling is easy–LOL I don’t think there’s anyone who’s followed me for at least a month who hasn’t seen me go to town on someone–but the best smackdowns also include logic and reason.


What about dubs?

Many dubs are not on the level. No matter how well put together they may seem. Some of the well known dubbers steal. Yes, that’s right. Your favorite dubber might just have stolen that artwork. 

How do I know? Well, see, between being an active member of the fandom, a dubber, and finding stolen artwork, I’ve gotten the chance to talk to and befriend a lot of artists throughout the fandom. I know who people have problems with. Or, HAH, in one case, I found one of their dubs using my girl piikopoko’s music. (That music box theme song, y’all? It’s hers. Use it without permission and you’re stealing. I will fight you.)

On that note: philsterman01, kujirashonen, and neitheram are on the level. I know they always ask and they got some good dubs. There are other dubbers who I’ve heard get consent but I just don’t know them well enough to vouch for them.

And there are dubbers who I wouldn’t vouch for period. (…Unless, idk, someone offers me a million dollars, then I might.) As much as I’d like to, I’m not going to call anyone out here. This isn’t that kind of post. But I know who you are and you know who you are and you should be ashamed.

In summary: keep and eye out and speak up! Reposters of the rotten sort are everywhere and artists cannot be. If you see something, SAY SOMETHING. My salty ass will keep on prowling youtube every day but Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, help me.

theorilliaorange  asked:

(I'm sorry, I have like. 3000 questions for you) Your writing is so lively and vivid, what kind of things do you try to do/avoid to keep from getting too bogged down/being too descriptive/not descriptive enough? Do you have any recommendations for someone feeling like they're in a rut with their writing? Are there any authors/books that inspire you, particularly when it comes to writing smut?

Thank you, what a wonderful comment. I have to laugh though because I just spent my whole morning going “oh god there’s too much exposition in this scene, why, why can’t I just make this concise and aptly descriptive and move on with my life, whyyyyyy I am the woooooorst” and smacking my head off the keyboard.

So i guess in answer to your first question is “idk lol?”

I do tend to read things out loud though, it helps me find the rhythm of the words and cut out anything that sounds jarring or too fiddly. Sometimes I hate it to do it too because I really love a turn of phrase, but if it sounds out of place when reading aloud, then it has to go. I will keep it to one side however, in case there’s another time when I might use it. I have a whole word document that’s just filled with clever things I’m saving for rainy days.

As for being descriptive enough, I like to play with things like that because my inclination is to always gush about small details, even though I know it’s not always good for the narrative. So for instance in my current novel I have two main characters Vlad and Nathan. Vlad tends to be much more detail orientated than Nathan is, so if I want to go off and a spiel about how something looks, such as room furnishings or someone’s attire, I indulge in that through Vlad’s POV.

Nathan for instance, would never notice that Lady Katherine’s gown had pearl buttons at the cuffs, merely that she was wearing a blue dress and it suited her. He’d be more inclined to notice the brightness of a person’s smile over the polish of their shoes.

Vlad on the other hand might describe it as a confection of sky blue silks with a dazzling assortment of adornments, from the pearl buttons at her lace cuffs, to the blue sapphire brooch pinned to her bodice in a tasteful display of style and wealth. He might also note that the cut of the gown was several seasons out of date, but seen as how he’s wearing an eclectic mix of his favorite styles from the last century he’s hardly one to judge.

Doing it this way allows me to play more with my levels of description, without foisting a lot of descriptive narrative onto the reader all the time. It also serves to give the POVs a little more diversity and realness to them, as I often find when you get the same narrative focus from multiple different characters, it can be a little…well unbelievable I suppose. There’s no way Mister Darcy would look at a dress and see the same thing as Elizabeth would, what he might call frippery she might assess to be delicate. So play around with it, try to make it a part of your character narrative and not just you narrating descriptors at your reader, if that makes sense…

As for what to do in a rut, I’ve been severely depressed for months—everything has been a rut.

The way I coped with it creatively was to take my characters out of their established world and drop them somewhere new, or to go off on a tangent like I’m three books in and we’re all good and old. Basically I was writing fanfic of my own work. There’s a different sort of feeling to fanfic compared to the “pressure” of original content, which I am not sure if everyone else gets that feeling, but I used to feel horribly overwhelmed by the thought of “I’ll never compare to XYZ with my own work so I should just stay in this already nicely built playground and share it with friends”. So I’ve just stopped thinking of how much work I need to put into things in terms of world building, and act as though it’s already done. I write the characters like they’re well established and loved characters with many years of world building behind them. It seems to work in that it tricks my brain into thinking “this is still hard work but we’re not terrified to do this”.

One of my other favorite things to do is take characters on a lunch date, drop them somewhere nice like a cafe where they can people watch and do simple things like savor the rich taste of fresh coffee and indulge in internal monologuing which would otherwise bog down by proper narrative. I find doing this helps me to flesh them out more and I come back to my work with a better understanding of who and what I want my characters to be. I do this with places too, take a scene and describe at dawn, noon, afternoon, dusk and midnight. It lets me dilly dally and play with words until my brain clicks on something it likes and once that happens I just keep following that tangent until I find my way back in my narrative. Sort of like a shortcut on a map that ends up taking you the scenic route.

if I’m really struggling I put my work away for anywhere from a day to a month and come back to it with fresh eyes. I go do something else, either I work on something else or I spend my time reading and doing things I enjoy. Creative burn out is a very real thing, and while some people might be able to keep working through it and just keep pushing until they break through, some of us do need time to recharge. So don’t berate yourself for not always working on something. Sometimes the brain just needs to rest and reset.

As for smut, although I edited a lot of professional smut, I still find some of the best smut writers are fanfic writers. Probably because they do it for the genuine love of it and not “for easy money” which sadly a lot of published erotica writers do. There’s a lot of people who think it’s “easy” or like it’s cheapening to their “skills”—which frankly if you feel the need to degrade certain types of genres but you’re still willing to do it for the money, your skill probably isn’t as great as you think it is.

For published small time(ish) writers whose work I enjoy still, Tanith Davenport is a lot of fun sometimes, as is Sierra Cartwright who apparently now has a tumblr:

Another writer I like to promote was Paige Turner but I currently can’t seem to find her work anywhere :( which is a shame because gay archeologists in the Victorian era was incredibly fun to read and edit.

As for fanfic writers whose smut I enjoy, I’m currently really enjoying @blustersquall‘s “What Lies Behind the Throne” a Dragon Age AU.

@bettydays fanfic and original work is frankly some of my favorite things at the moment, it’s very self aware and refreshing as well as packing an emotional punch of catharsis.

And @canistakahari ’s “here comes the spark” remains my firmest go to happy fic with smut. Like, it’s that one fic if I’m feeling down I just start reading it again and all is right with the world for a little while.

That said I don’t actually read a lot of smut, (perhaps because so much of it bothers me (dear god use lube, USE LUBE) after several years of editing and not being able to resist the urge to want to “fix” things.) instead I prefer to open up a conversation tab and harass either @renegadecupcake, @outsidershrine @jeneelestrange and occasionally @thehuxdeluxe on snapchat and inflict my own thoughts on them until they respond with something just as equally depraved and delightful. That’s always a fun diversion. Some of my best ideas have come from conversations that have started with me going “what if” and the other person going “oh no :)”

So if you struggle with writing smutty ideas, I’d highly suggest getting yourself a group of like minded people who don’t mind getting a text message in the middle of the night that says “how do we feel about gratuitous boot grinding and oral sex?” who may then reply “JOY IT’S THREE AM” followed by “what kind of boots are we talking about tho?”

I hope this helps? I never know if I’m giving useful advice or not, but I hope you’ll find some of it useful <3


replied to your post

“okay all previous prompts (*cough*) have gotten too invested to work…”


You’d have never thought you would be thanking the stars for having Bro as a guardian, but then you friended Karkat on Facebook and you learned what it’s like having a supportive, encouraging, overly religious family was like and it was horrifying. No status goes unremarked on, no tagged picture goes unliked (which explains his 45 minute rant about your photography), no high score on Candy Crush goes unchallenged by some distant relative.

It’s fascinating really. You could probably switch your major to anthropology and write your senior thesis on the dynamics of the Vantas family, using only direct sources and quotes. Screencaps included. Be cited for decades to come in the study of the occult family style. Mafia mentality in relation to blood. What close circuit communities do for the introduction of modern ideals.

Or, you could just make a bunch of shitty comics about it and laugh about it with Karkat over cereal at 2PM on a Tuesday.

The most surprising thing was that he wasn’t out to them yet. Someone as blatantly and proudly queer as Karkat Motherfucking Vantas just doesn’t keep his mouth shut around homophobic ignorant shut-ins but then his great aunt comments on his status, “LOL ITS OKAY SWEETIE, YOU’LL FIND A NICE GIRL AND START YOUR OWN FAMILY. JUST MAKE SURE SHE’S A VIRGIN!! LOL”

And you’re sitting there imagining them all wearing filly collars and wooden shoes because these people are living in the fucking Dark Ages. Karkat being choosy about a girl’s virginity? Any of his friends being actual virgins?

Every holiday is a brand new ridiculous 4chan-esque story in family time nightmare meals. His second cousin eloped with a priest of a “conflicting” religion. His uncle on his father’s sideis in a fight with his wife because she found out he’d been having coffee with a group that accepted a gay couple. There’s a cousin you all know as The Cousin who is apparently trying to make everyone more open minded about topics and is apparently Making It Worse but explaining liberal topics in the Worse Goddamn Way Possible and honestly. You’d rather take on Bro than deal with that level of bullshit.

Needless to say, you can kind of understand why Karkat is a bit crazy.

You, Rose, and John all tend to invite him to holiday meals with Mr. Egbert six months in advance to allow him an excuse to get out of these fucking things. Mr. Egbert gives stern looks for swearing but everyone would be wearing nothing but crop tops, booty shorts, and rainbow thigh highs and his smile wouldn’t falter. You all tried it once too.

But then, one night, Karkat almost kicks down your door looking like he’d just been steamed with some lobsters and looking just as happy as the lobsters would be.


“I’m going to come out to my entire fucking family as the gayest shit-talking liberal aitheist anti-Christ figure they’ve ever had the misfortune of inviting into their prison of a community and you’re going to pose as my apathetic unconventional douchelord boyfriend.”

You say, “Okay, two things: first, what the fuck brought this on?”

His face scrunches up and you can see him reliving the exact thing that brought this on. “They’re disowning my fucking godmother for admitting to being bi.”


“Yeah, I know. What’s the second thing?”

“No,” you say.

“Yes,” he hisses. “You are the only person who won’t spend the entire fucking time giggling your ass off or trying to put your gross chalk stained hands all over me and you have enough patience to legitimately say ‘dank meme’ at every picture in every fucking photo album.”

You’ve always wanted to say “dank meme” at a photo album of a family who had no idea what a meme was. Damn him, he knows your secret.

Which is how you find yourself sitting at a table across from The Cousin on Thanksgiving.

And it’s somehow worse than Karkat described it.

anonymous asked:

Long recap and ramble about the joint younow please! I need it.

Okay sorry this is so late, I debated whether I should still post it or not because everything’s probably already been said by now lol but oh well.

First off, I loved this show. Although there was an obvious difference in moods between them (dan being ‘frickin’ zazzed’ as he’d put it lol and phil far more relaxed and mellow), you could tell that they were both feeling excited and proud of the tour/book so far. Dan was nearly giddy at times, like seemingly ‘high on life’ from the success and wonderful things happening for them. And it was incredibly nice to see them so happy.

Phil was on fire in this show…no pun intended. Despite his more mellow mood (I almost thought perhaps he had a headache or something? he kept blinking his eyes shut and squeezing them tight like the light was hurting. idk maybe it was just an issue with his contacts lol), his humor was killing me. I love when his dry, sarcastic side shows. The side he used to show more often in old school Phil videos and that we get occasional glimpses of every now and then. I live for it.

The way he was mocking Dan’s long waffle-y tangents and trying to move the topics along when Dan was stuck on a point for 84 years was amazing. I like what @phantheraglama wrote here about Phil sassing Dan and I agree that it just emphasized their closeness even more. They are beyond well-trained in those quirks and habits and the comfort-level they have with each other is unreal. They’re skilled at balancing each other. Phil knows when to be a listening ear, how to put his own opinion aside and allow Dan the time to ramble and assert his thoughts, even if he might not truly agree. But he also knows when he can poke fun at Dan’s intensity and teasingly move the conversation along elsewhere. It’s really great to witness.

Basically, the whole vibe of this show felt like an old married couple bickering and completing each other’s sentences. It was incredible.

 -Notable moments below-

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Hai tou! I wonder what kind of fountain pen should i start with? Under 10$ if possible too? Thank you ^7^

Hello!!! ^O^ All of the pens I’ve mentioned in this blog before are over 15$ and up! Its usually hard to find good pens under 15$ haha _(:3」 ∠)_ I only know of little that are under 10$;; I’ll go over a couple of good starter pens for you! 

Sorry that this post is gonna be long, but I have a lot to talk abt fountain pens : 3 cc;;; These are all opinions and they might be biased along with taste and preference haha o)-<

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GMNY promo

Okay now that I’ve had a few moments to gather myself after the unexpected bomb that was the New Years promo…..I’m going to try to analyze it rationally (I had to watch it like ten times to catch everything, and even though I’m calmer about the promo now, it still wasn’t fun to do because every time I’m like Farkleeeee why bb)

1. “Charlie Gardner just asked if I was invited to your party”. Lucas seems more surprised by Charlie asking him that question than the party itself. So my best guess is Riley invited Lucas but didn’t tell Charlie. Once again, more of these kids doing what they do best—not communicating!

2. Lucaya and Riarlie at Topanga’s (probably later in the same scene). Charlie looking at Riley, Riley and Lucas looking at Maya. It kinda seemed like more of that look Riley gives Lucaya in Texas 3 (when she realizes they like each other but she still likes him).

3. Charlie and Auggie counting down to midnight. Cute. Also confirms midnight takes place on the roof. Also if that’s midnight, then the episode must cover until somewhat past midnight (because there’s the stills of the classmates leaving and Charlie carrying Auggie)

4. Maya, Lucas, Riley, Charlie sitting on the living room bay window. Charlie says “This is gonna be awkward”. That gap between Riley and Charlie though! Lucaya are super close together. But Riley is also super close to Lucas and not Charlie.  Okay, Riles….Also, just Lucaya is sitting under a giant clock decoration set to midnight. Knowing how intentional these show runners are about things, it seems like a good sign. And I’m guessing this scene is post-midnight, based on the clock and Charlie’s line.

5. In parallel fashion to GMT3, Farkle drags Riley outside of Topanga’s this time. “I want you to tell them”. It’s cute how Farkle thinks he knows what’s going on (side note: nice hair!). But Farkle doesn’t.

6. Matching shirts Smarckle and Farkle being a tad obnoxious about the ultimatum.

7. Quick cut to Topanga’s where they all notice Charlie for the first time in the back. Who wants to bet this takes place right after Lucas mentions “Charlie Gardner just asked if I was invited to your party”. It’d be a nice parallel to how Lucas showed up out of the blue in Semi Formal.

8. More at Topanga’s: Charlie: “Who’s with who at midnight?” Smarckle is clearly a thing, Lucaya seems to be a thing, so idk what the mystery is for Charlie. I think the order for the Topanga’s promo clips is probably Lucas’s line, Charlie’s entrance, this line, then the scene with him looking at Riley and Lucas looking at Maya.

9. Rooftop–Riley to Farkle: I just need a little more time. Farkle to Riley: I don’t think you know what you’re doing.  Honestly, neither of them know what they’re doing. It’s like Riley doesn’t know how to see beyond her bro/bf dichotomy and just be a friend to Lucas, and Farkle doesn’t know how to care for Riley in “that way” (because even if he doesn’t consciously realize yet, my Riarkle radar was going off a lot during this promo) while still being a good friend to Maya. The boy knows how to love the “two women the same” but clearly hasn’t been able to navigate being able to love them differently.

10. Cut of Charlie approaching Riley. It looks all dramatic but I bet it’s not and just the way it’s edited in the promo. Like just imagine it ending up being Charlie saying something like “Great party Riley!” or something about Auggie.

11. Cut of Lucas looking at Maya, cute af. That boy likessssssssss her. It’s all over his face. I get a gut feeling that whatever cute Lucaya shit is going on here, is what Riley sees. And maybe she finally realizes to let go over her Rucas ideal. And it’s also probably close to midnight at this point.

12. Riley trying to walk away from the party I guess (maybe she witnessed that previously mentioned Lucaya moment and decided to give up with Lucas).

13. If Riley does realize to give up on her Lucas crush, she definitely doesn’t get a chance to tell anyone that before Farkle blurts out “Riley still loves Lucas” (probably close to or right after midnight). I’m guessing the classmates scatter right after this.  As annoying and wrong as what he does is (also what a parallel to Riley outing Maya in Texas), I’m okay with it (sort of, it’s still a dick move). These kids need to be upfront and straighten out their shit. And while Farkle blurting it out isn’t the best way they could go about it (like seriously, dick move Farkle), it makes sense. Farkle, “the genius”, understands a lot, but the feelings stuff isn’t one of them. (Remember “blalalala” in Texas 3, “I don’t understand these feelings we’re feeling” also Texas 3). Obviously if he understood feelings more, he’d be more hip to Lucaya (he was there during Rules!!) and he wouldn’t say Riley still “loves” Lucas (because lol no she doesn’t “love” him like that). Anyway, Farkle likes to deal with things he can see, things that are out there, not hidden. And he wants to keep the status quo. So I get it (but still, once again, dick move Farkle).

14. Cut to Lucaya. Maya’s hands drop a bit and she looks upset. But Lucas’s face reads kind of like “What? I’m confused”. Obviously Farkle’s declaration is gonna cause some drama. But if romantic Rucas was really going to happen again for real, this would not be the Lucas reaction we see. He’s confused, but he obviously isn’t delighted or running over to Riley to make some declaration to her. That face he makes earlier at Maya (the I like you so much face) is not a face he makes at Riley when her feelings her outed (his confused reaction is not even close to his Maya face). If romantic Rucas were made to last, we’d see it in his reaction to him finding out Riley still likes him. But we don’t. Now, Maya does seem upset, and seeing as she’s Riley’s best friend, I could see her trying to step back again at the end of the episode. But I feel pretty certain that resolution will come in Legacy and Lucas will finally get his say (aka Big Declaration for Maya) and this shit will get resolved.

So yes, GMNY is going to bring on the angst, but overall I’m still pretty confident in what the end result will be in Legacy (or early S3, but I hope they resolve this triangle stuff in Legacy).

Let me know if you have any other thoughts :) Stay positive!!

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Hey idk if your taking victuuri prompts but I've been trying really hard to find a fic about Victor meeting yuri on an ice rink and pretending he doesn't know how to skate so that he helps him/teaches him idk maybe yuri would work there orrr?

hey there anon, mod madds here and we are indeed taking prompts, especially for viktuuri! but before before that, i also think you might be looking for/enjoy this fic in particular (i just read it myself this morning!). now without further ado!

edit: ahh, this got unexpectedly long and doesn’t really answer the prompt at all and only sort of answers the prompt but i decided to end it here bc it was getting kinda long lol. i guess let me know if you want more ?? also please keep in mind this is unedited, enjoy~

Viktor wanders down the street, Makkachin trotting happily at his side as his owner stares down at his phone screen in confusion, before looking around at his surroundings.

Ah,’  he thinks, a bit remorsefully, ‘I’m lost.’  He leans down to scratch Makkachin’s ears, sighing a bit as he adjusts the beanie on his head, pulling the scarf around his neck tighter. It wasn’t cold really, no where near as bad as Russia, but he was wary of any passerby recognizing him and drawing the media’s attention. 

He’d come out to Hasetsu as an impromptu vacation when the newest Japanese representative, an excitable character that went by Kenjirou Minami, had mentioned an onsen that served really amazing katsudon. He’d hate for his trip to be ended before it began by the crowds of people that constantly nipped at his heels.

After all, even the great Viktor Nikiforov needed a break from cameras every once in a while.

One text to Minami and another fifteen minutes of backtracking and circling, and Viktor still hasn’t found the place–none of these streets had names, how did anyone find their way about!–and  he sighs, coming to a stop as Makkachin stares up at him curiously, whining. 

“It appears I’ve got no idea where we are, Makkachin!” He says in an overly dramatic forlorn voice, and Makkachin reacts accordingly, hopping around with a bark and Viktor laughs, barking back, which sends the overly excitable pup running off in one direction. Viktor’s amusement dissolves into a short burst of panic, and he takes off after the dog.

“Makkachin!” He calls sternly, but the dog only stops and lunges, tail wagging hard enough to make his body wiggle, before taking off again. Viktor groans in exasperation, sprinting after his doofus of a dog with panting breath until a stranger, someone with dark hair and glasses, yelps in alarm as he’s assaulted by 65 pounds of brown fur and is toppled to the floor. Viktor winces as he jogs up to the man, catching his breath as he pulls Makkachin off the dazed stranger.

“Makkachin, down!” He admonishes, before turning apologetically to the stranger who’s staring at him in confusion. Viktor opens his mouth, before stalling—did the man even know English? Viktor bites his cheek, tugging Makkachin back with a remorseful look as he sifted through his survival Japanese, looking for an apology. What had Minami taught him, again?

“G-gomen?” Viktor says questioningly with a strained smile, stumbling over the accented syllables, and the stranger’s face alights with realization. He sits up, fixing his glasses a bit nervously.

“Ah, no, it’s okay, just unexpected.” The fluent English surprises Viktor, before a grin breaks out on his face and he huffs out a laugh.

“Oh, thank god.” He says in English as well, “I would have hated to have you threatening a law suit in another language that I don’t understand; that just gets messy.” He offers a hand to the stranger, who gathers the gym bag that had fallen from his shoulder and takes it. “I’m so sorry, Makkachin doesn’t normally misbehave like that, it’s just been a while since he’s been out an about like this so he’s very excitable today, not that that’s an excuse.” Viktor turns to the dog at his side after helping the man up, brandishing a finger. “Bad Makkachin.” He says sternly with a frown, and the dog droops, lying at Viktor’s feet with a whine that he knows makes Viktor cave every time. Viktor in turn droops, finger falling as he mutters indiscernible words, and the stranger laughs.

“Really, it’s okay; he reminds me of a larger version of my old dog. But you might want to be careful, not everyone takes as well to being tackled by someone’s dog.” The stranger gives him a shy smile in response, adjusting the strap on his shoulder. Viktor takes a moment to really examine the person in front of him.

The man is shorter than him, dressed plainly in athletic sweats and an old black windbreaker that looks oddly familiar, with the Japanese flag stitched on the corner near his collar bone. Blue framed glasses rest on his nose, behind which chestnut eyes stare back at Viktor. He knows instantly the man is probably younger than him, with a round face that gives off a childish appeal, but he’s probably still in his twenties.  He’s fairly attractive too, the jacket of a Japanese representative clinging to his frame nicely—

Wait, the jacket—

It’s the same as Minami’s! That’s where he’d recognized it! Apprehension fills Viktor immediately, and he steps back, keeping his smile in place even as it turns sharp from the lack of emotion. If this was a skater, Viktor didn’t want to be recognized—

The stranger seems to sense the mood shift, and tenses a bit awkwardly, fingers wrapping around his strap as he gestures to the building next to them.

“Ah, well, it was nice to meet you, but I’m late for lessons—“ The man says with an apologetic smile, stepping away, and Viktor glances up, only just realizing they’ve stopped at an ice rink. A rink he recognizes. Viktor’s gaze turns back to the man, and something clicks.

Minami was constantly talking about a retired skater at Ice Castle, the Japanese representative that inspired him to skate before all but disappearing from the sport—

“Ah, wait!” Viktor says, reaching his hand out in a movement that makes the man pause. Viktor bites his cheek for a moment, before throwing caution to the wind. If the man hadn’t recognized him yet, maybe he wouldn’t at all. “You wouldn’t happen to be Yuuri Katsuki, would you?” The man looks confused, but nods, and Viktor claps his hands together in excitement, a plan coming together in his mind at once.

He was bored and his curiosity had been sparked about this skater, after all he and Minami may not be very close friends, but since Minami was always watching videos of the other skater, Viktor had seen some of his routines, and they had been good, so he wanted to know more—why did he retire so early? So suddenly?

Also, the other guy was kind of really hot, so sue him if that drove his curiosity as well.

“A friend of mine mentioned this place, and, ah, this is kind of embarrassing.” Viktor says, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly, eyes glinting, ever the perfect actor. “I was wondering if you could teach me how to skate.” Yuuri looks startled at the request, before he flushes and down casts his eyes. Viktor’s concerned he’s going to say no, so on impulse he steps forward, gripping Yuuri’s hands and leaning in close, eyes pleading, “Of course, you’ll be reimbursed for your time, but my friend said you’re the one inspired him to skate, so I’d really love to learn how to skate from you, personally. Please, teach me?” Yuuri’s face is tomato red in shock and embarrassment, but after a moment, he nods, mumbling,

“Okay.” Viktor cheers, elated, bouncing away from Yuuri, who places a hand on his heart with a deep breath. Viktor jumps around with Makkachin for a moment, before turning his attention back to Yuuri, gaze suddenly intense.

“When do we start?” Yuuri fumbles for a response.

“Um, w-well, I have to teach a juniors class right now for about two hours, but after I’m free if you could manage that?” He stutters, and Viktor claps his hands together with a determined nod.

“Okay! I have to make some calls right now then, but I’ll definitely be here, Yuuri!” He smiles brightly, and Yuuri nods absently, flushing pink as Viktor bounds away with a wave. “Good luck with your class!”

“T-thank you…?” Yuuri mumbles to the empty air, still confused and flustered over what just occurred.

Viktor hums as he retraces his path back to his hotel (not without some mistake), Makkachin trotting happily by his side. He was going to have to tell Yakov he was extending his vacation a few weeks; he was supposed to be prepping for next season, but he figured since it was still the off season, he could spare a few weeks as long as he kept up his training regiment.

‘This,’ He thinks with a smile, ‘is going to be interesting.’

there you have it!! hope you enjoyed :3

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Quick EXO concert in LA recap

-Concert started with overdose

-Chanyeol likes jogging

-Suho is adorable and I really want to marry him

-Suho again spoke the most english

-LA also got the One Step Back track for the first and midway through ments. 

-Just a quick FYI, ambulances were at the venue for ppl who fainted/got sick about 4 hours before showtime. Soon as I got into the pit around 6:15 pm someone already needed to be escorted out of the area (there was a gurney).

-Suho said it would make his heart hurt if anyone got hurt trying to see them

-deafening screams for bacon (ie, baekhyun) playing the piano during my answer

-deafening screams whenever D.O. did anything

-Cute VCRs

-Cute boys

-chanyeol grabbed kai baek and tried going for D.O. for the kissing/hugging elves in red stripes thing….kai tried kicking someone and d.o. was having none of chan’s sh*t

-boys stripping onstage

-chanyeol is obsessed with jogging

-suho asked what he liked about LA and he jogged away and backstage

-he’d come back and jog away 3 more times

-suho asked chan to “come here” and put his arm around him (probably to stop the jogging fever) 

-chanyeol mentioned the marathon that happened in LA that morning

-suho talked about things he loved in LA most and he said he likes Pinks hot dogs and he’s been to six flags, disneyland, santa monica beach/pier. He said his favorite thing was us (exo-l) cute

-Kai said he wishes there was a cruise from disneyland to disneyworld then he said stuff about going to malibu beach and swimming with exo-l. 

-Suho talked about being in LA for christmas last year and being sad that he couldn’t spend christmas with us. Then he said we were gonna have christmas now (lol) to make up for it

-Xiumin has energizer bunny level energy like if you watched him dance i bet he could hop right off that stage he was jumping so high like damn boy 

-before the machine mashup set Xiumin and Chanyeol came out to “teach” us korean lyrics to shout. 

-Chanyeol kept shaking his head no until we got a solid run (with xiumin’s help)

-Machine, drop that, let out the beast, 365 set meant that EXO went crazy and everyone had to jump

-let out the beast literally turned the venue into a rave

-suho is beautiful

-screams were deafening when Kai came out to start Call Me Baby

-ment where we had to step back again or else the concert had to stop (ppl listened..slowly but surely) 

-chanyeol tried bribing everyone saying that D.O. would do a little dance for everyone if they stepped back

-D.O. threatened Chan and Chan ended up on the floor..

-D.O. did a cute…hand…heart dance…thing (i recorded it, must look and edit it later) 

-Chen got a lot of screams during one of the VCRs, Miracles in December, and Sing for you

-chen also said he wouldn’t mind having a family in L.A. ;) ;) 

-Anytime Lay was on screen, screams were eardrum shattering

-Sehun spoke mostly during the ending ment. Screams were so loud idk all of what he said, but he was smiling cutely the whole time. He asked if we knew about the marathon and wanted to tell us if we didn’t know lol. Also while chanyeol was doing his ment sehun kept touching baekhyun for fun.

-Xiumin doesn’t run out of energy ever

-Suho promised he would come back with new songs and lay and yeahhh

-ppl threw stuff onstage by chanyeol and everyone in the back w/ me thought it was underwear. Chan picked them up and they were like giant plushie roses. he played with them during sehun/baek’s ments. D.O. came by and goofed with him.

-After Unfair encore they all said byeee…chen and baek stayed till the end with their arms around each other. chen left and baek was last to leaveee

(All in all i give concert experience an 8.5) 

***Special Notes***

-No cameras, if you had one that wasn’t a phone you got taken out and your cam will be taken until the end of the show, and they make u delete the pics. (Bigger cams=rejected from the venue *i talked to the security guy about it*)

-LA fans were body checked (That hand wand type body scanner) 

-cute smallish backpacks were allowed