idk i found this scene cute

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Yes! *coughs* Can I request headcanons for Kakyoin with a boyish female S/O who's secretly into cute and girly things but is too shy to admit it because S/O feels like they don't suit them? Thank you!

[ HAHA This reminds me of old me! I love it when my partner makes me feel like its ok to show them my girly side so this was fun to write. Also I made it a more modern au cos really idk how to explain cute and girl in the 90s :’) ]

- He first noticed when he caught you staring at the plush toys in the arcade claw machine that your tomboy facade broke for the first time in front of him. “ Do you want one?” when he asked you, you aggressively shook your head. Seemingly like a child knowing if they said yes they’d get scolded. Of course he found that Adorable. 
- Slowly more similar scenes appeared, like when you guys pass a fashion store and theres a cute top or less discrete article like a bag or a pair of cute socks that catch your eye he’d watch your eyes sparkle before the sudden realisation of what you’re thinking sinks in and you back away.
- It didn’t take long for him to confront you on it thought, asking you if you’re doing this out of fear that he’d leave or that the style just didn’t fit. Or if you were hiding anything from him regarding all this.
- Once you admit that it was just not all that ‘You’ to do something like that or dress that way he just lets out a small laugh and nods. Everyone had their own style of course, he understood, giving you advice like “ Hey, everyone does wardrobe changes every once in a while.” 
- The next day you see him buy you that cute holographic bag you were eyeing and you just stare at him in confusion. He just shrugs and said that if cute was what you wanted then cute was what you could be. Assuring you he thinks you look good as long as your happy.
- Scenes like this started to happen more often though the months of you two being together, him buying little things for you or encouraging you to do what you like and just show your true self to him. After all he loves you for you, and if you’re happy with a style like this he’d support you with it.
- However, he won’t just aimlessly let you buy whatever you want, making sure at least you had a cohesive sense of fashion so that no one would judge you for it. [Not that he’d let anyone judge you in the first place.]
- Kak also makes sure you feel adorable though it. Throwing you compliments, helping you take photos and telling you how cute you look like this. And if you revert back to your boyish style on days you’re too tired to dress all cutesy he doesn’t mind either, reminding you how adorable or cool you look with whatever you wear. 

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HELLO!!!! may I ask how did you find your art style..?? (Btw love you and your art!!)

Found it in the parking lot behind a supermarket

ok jk, idk i rly like cute and cartoon-y stuff and Umino Chica is my idol with her cute warm looking drawings but still able to relay very emotional turmoil in the characters and scenes and I think she is my biggest inspiration but i also have a lot of other inspirations and my own shortcomings and shortcuts and then ta-da?

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omg what do u think of graylu

Oh lordy, even though I’m an avid NaLu fan, I won’t deny that GrayLu would make one of the most attractive Fairy Tail couples ahaha. Gray was originally the first guy in FT that I liked and I shipped him with Erza at first (until Jellal came along and I was like oh I see LOL) but anyway, I think both of them have great chemistry! Like it’s also pretty damn obvious that Gray is attracted to Lucy, I mean, come on, do you see how he treats her??? He has no problem calling her cute and complimenting her, there are a number of moments where him, Lucy, and Natsu are in danger, and Gray went out of his way to make sure Lucy is alright, not only that, but tHE AMOUNT OF TIMES HE BLUSHES WHEN HE SEES LUCY NAKED LOOL. Like because Gray isn’t as dense as Natsu, I feel like him and Lucy are able to have an actual regular conversation, with some friendly flirting here and there. I absolutely LOVE Natsu, but damn, I need a guy with the capability to have a deep conversation with you know? Especially with Lucy, since not only is she beautiful, but she’s a book nerd, so I remember one scene where Gray sneaked into her house and found the draft of her novel and began reading it or something– IDK. I can understand why Juvia would be jealous of Lucy… bECAUSE OF THE FACT THAT HE ACTUALLY PAYS ATTENTION TO HER. Anyway yeah, GrayLu is hella cute. Tbh, wouldn’t mind having just a nice threesome relationship with Natsu/Lucy/Gray lmaoo

Sorry I rambled a lot, here have an old sketch I drew of them.

Goblin Review: Episode 5

So we didn’t get much in regards to the sword but I loved everything about this episode. From our favorite married couple to Shin/Eun Tak moments to Yeo/Sunny to even Deok Hwa, everything was perfect. What I love about this drama is that it’s witty and the quick delivery of lines just make it more amusing to watch. The characters are refreshing and the fact that they all really get along makes me smile. Also, while Eun Tak does her best to avoid the ghosts, she does help them when she can and I think that’s really going to help her out when she needs it.

Goblin/Grim Reaper: They’re honestly my favorite couple in this drama. Like they argue over the silliest things (like decorating Eun Tak’s room? omg I was dying), but still go to each other for advice and spend more than half of their time teasing each other in good nature. That scene where Shin was heating an egg for Yeo and Yeo was cooling the beer for Shin was so cute; it was like they don’t even realize that they did that for each other, it’s just a habit. But I think one of my favorite things will be how they’re always pointing fingers at one another when Eun Tak complains about something haha.

Shin/Eun Tak: I know the age is still a concern but idk, I feel like they haven’t done anything to deserve hate for it. I honestly don’t see any romantic feelings from Eun Tak at this time and while it’s obvious that Shin likes her (I mean he called himself her boyfriend lol), in a way it seems very innocent. I honestly found that scene quite amusing; he kinda sorta just blurted it out because he was frustrated that they were ignoring him and she was mad. It was cute. Even when he said “I love you” earlier in the episode, it was more for the sake of saying it and not because he meant it in a romantic way.

Yeo/Sunny: For someone who has amnesia and is awkward af around people, he was so smooth in complimenting Sunny’s smile. Lol. I love that they’ve finally met again and had some conversations. I thought it was super adorable how Yeo upset when Sunny asked for his name and spent all that time trying to come up with one. I can’t wait to find out how they end up choosing “Wang Yeo”, like do they pick a fake name for now and then he’ll remember his real name later? Also, I love how he got excited over how to use a phone and that he has Sunny’s name as “Sunny not Sun Hee.” He’s so precious <3

Yeo/Eun Tak: I was so happy to see them become more friendly! Like the scene in which he greets her when she first arrive made me laugh hard. And how he got upset at Shin for insinuating that she sleep in his room, how he went to her to ask for help in choosing a name, how she smiled when he kept telling Shin to give her the 5k? I love it.

Deok hwa: His obsession with his credit card amuses me to no end and I love that his gramps is so savage. That scene where his gramps’s assistant tells what he needs to do in taking care of Eun Tak made me lol.

My one question is how/why he was suddenly able to feel pain from where the sword was?

That preview though is already breaking my heart. It looks like he does figure out what he wrote in his journal and is aware of what pulling the sword means, but because he asked, she’ll still go through with it. Or something could happen and nothing goes according to plan and she doesn’t pull the sword. I assume that last scene in Canada is him just predicting her future since he can’t actually see it? Her, grown up but with no knowledge of him or their travels waiting for someone that we can’t see. Watch it be him though. Lol.

Drop an ask and tell me what you think or ask questions! :) (Review Episode: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 )

But like...


is also the title of a book that revolves around a gay couple. Although basically every chapter has a sex scene, there are a couple of parts that either reminded me of Harry and Louis or that I found just plain adorable.

(long hair, don’t care)

the tattoos reminded me of both Louis and Harry

but idk it’s super cute

this entire part killed me

The ending really screwed me over too :(

All I’m saying is that it’s an interesting coincidence