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PART 1 | calculate the expectation of love.

student!jungkook + tutor!jimin = math!jikook ;)


alternatively, 16k+ of self-indulgent romantic crack, unnecessary dialogue and really bad math humour as reluctant math major Jungkook sets out on his quest for love.

Happy Valentine’s Day~!  ♥ This is for @gracefulweather! She should know I probably destroyed my midterm mark thanks to her. 

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oH SHIT what's going on with beenzino?

Well… what is going around is that, apparently, Beenzino’s girlfriend Stefanie Michova has… dated? (more like fooled around with) a bunch of Korean rappers before geting steady with Beenzino. They’re naming Dumbfounded, Jay Park and some other two that I can’t really remember the name now, I’m sorry. I’m just watching from afar aka Twitter. lol I saw them mentioning a guy from Mnet too LOL I don’t know.
But the thing is, she was married for three years up to late 2013… and in early (?) 2014 she was already going out with Beenzino lol they’re saying she cheated on her husband who was waiting for her to return from Korea. lol Everybody wants to know if she’s divorced or if she’s still married to her husband or not, since she still uses her married name on Facebook (unless it’s a fake profile? Idk it’s Stefanie Michova-Uncles, something like this) and he’s dating Beenzino???? what
And you know this new Jay Park song, ‘2d thots’? Somehow people came up with the idea that he’s dissing her on the song. lol (which I disagree, he said in the lyrics that the girl has a “fat ass” and Stefanie is plain?) It all started with this song, and people based on pictures started to suppose that it’s her and started digging her past and found out that she is/was IDK married and stuff. Jay Park has already denied that it’s for her, check his Instagram/Twitter~

tbh we don’t know if she broke up with her husband or not and we have nothing to do with her life and what she does with it, but she’s racist, koreaboo and she culturally appropriates things… She doesn’t even know Beenzino’s name like LOL have you seen that instagram printscreen on Tumblr where she got Zino’s name wrong? omg

Imagine #5- Kinky Johnson Imagine

~Johnson’s POV~

I stood there watching the most beautiful, sexiest girl I have ever seen. That’s Y/N Y/L/N, she’s a popular and rich and well, I’m Jack Johnson…I mean, I’m on the basketball but I don’t think she every sees me or notices me. She’d never go for me. “Stop staring” I snap out of my daydream as my best friend Jack claps his hands in front of my face. “Shut up Jack” I roll my eyes, looking back at the beautiful goddess sitting two tables away from me. She caught my eye and winked at me, licking her lips. I gasped and turned my head to look at my lap, my eyes meeting my newly found erection.

“I’m gonna go to the bathroom” I stand up, grabbing my book and covering the tent that was my pants. By the time I had fastened my penis under my belt the bell had rang. I quickly rushed to 6th period, the class I had with Y/N. I walked in right as the bell rang, the teacher letting me know that I am tardy. Like no shit coyote ugly, I know. He starts rambling on about some project and how he’s gonna pick partners and I just sit there hoping I don’t get paired with Bartholemue. He’s cool, he’s just a bit of a fucking burnout. I listen for my name as he calls out partners.

Emily and Gilinsky

Jordyn and Sammy

Johnson and Y/N

Kati- WAIT, did he just say what I think he said??? Holy shit holyshit HOLYSHIT.

“You may group up now” our teacher said, I looked over at her desk and she smiled, waving me over. I picked up my things and went to go sit down next to the beautiful goddess that was my partner for the next month. “Hey Johnson” She smirked. I was at lost for words. “I wanna start the project after school, okay?” She leaned over on the desk, her breasts more prominent than ever in the crop top she was wearing. “Oh, Alright” I stutter, she smiles and rests her hand on my thigh. “Meet me at my car after 7th period okay?” She says and I nod repeatedly. The bell rings and she gets up from her chair.

“See yah later cutie” she smirks walking away. I then realized….I don’t have a 7th period….I’m just gonna have to wait. I walked over to the front of the school, sitting on one of the benches by the band room which is right next to the student parking. I sat there on my phone just scrolling through Twitter, Facebook, tumblr, etc. The bell finally rang and I started walking towards Y/N’s car. I found the black jeep and waited for her. A minute later I seen her strutting over towards me. Her chest bouncing with each step and her hips swaying. Fuck I’m gonna get another hard on.

“Hey cutie” she says, unlocking the car. Was she talking to me or the car? Idk but we both got in the car and she started driving towards her house. When we pulled up at the huge house my eyes widened. I had never seen the house in the daytime. I’ve been here for parties but that’s usually when it’s dark…and I’m stoned. The house is big and white, probably four stories. I wasn’t kidding when I said she was rich. “C'mon, Johnson” She smiles as we walk into her house. “Ms. Y/L/N” Her butler nodded at her. “Sup Dick” She says, walking upstairs as I follow. “Y/N are you calling the butler Dick again?” Her older brother asked.

“That’s his name, isnt it?” She asked, giggling a bit. “His name is Richard, dumbass” He laughed, pushing her head to the side playfully. “Yeah but he’s not even the cool butler” She says playfully in my ear. I laugh. “Who’s this” His face suddenly sharpened as he look towards me. “This is Johnson. He is my health project partner” She grabbed my hand, swinging our arms and making my cheeks turn a bright crimson. “You better leave the door open” He says sternly as she starts to walk away. “Yeah yeah” She rolls her eyes, leading me to her room. “This is my room” She sighs. Her room was made up of two things, books and makeup. It was nice tho, but I cant imagine what her closet looks like.

“Oh…duh, do you want something? Snack, Drink?” She asks, putting her backpack down on her bed. “Uhh, sure” I stutter “Jack. Calm down…I don’t bite” She stands up from the bed walking over to me and resting her hand on my shoulder. “C'mon, let’s go downstairs, let’s not bother Dick” She giggles, making me laugh. We walk through the house, to the kitchen by her bedroom, I guess they have more than one? She opens the fridge, bending over to grab something. I tilt my head to the side, checking out her ass until she stood back up.

“What do you want to drink?” She asks, turning her head towards me. I opened my mouth to speak but my phone began to ring, it was my mom. “Hold on, sorry” I say, she nods as I leave the secondary kitchen and walk towards her room.

“Hello?” I say, answering the phone. “Jack? Honey, where are you?” My mom asks, I roll my eyes because I texted her exactly where I was. “Mom, I’m at Y/N Y/L/N’s house, she’s my health project partner. I texted you” I sigh, shaking my head. “Oh, okay. Sorry…Call me when you’re on your way home, okay?” She says, I shake my head once more, rubbing my eyes. “Alright, mother, see you later” I say as she continues to say ‘be careful’ and other things a million times as I just agree, looking around Y/N’s room. I notice a pink rope lightly dangling from her bottom drawer.

“A-Alright mom, I’ll see you at home” I say, hanging up the phone and reaching towards the drawer to open it. I pull it open to see an array of sexual bondage items, including everything from handcuffs, edible body paint and vibrators. An erection starts to grow, I hear the door open and slam the drawer close, turning my head quickly to meet the eyes of Y/N.

“Johnson” She drags out playfully, putting down the drinks she had in her hand. “Y/N! Hey” I stutter awkwardly, gulping. “What did you see?” She asks, smirking and walking over to me. My heart starts racing as she sits on my lap, crossing her legs and wrapping her arms around my shoulders. “Huh, Johnson?” She looks at me, giving me bedroom eyes.

“I-uh, I….I” I stutter once more as she reaches over to the drawer, opening it. “Did you see my play stuff?” She smirks, looking me in the eyes directly as I nodded awkwardly. She leans into my ears and whispers; “Do you wanna play with me Johnson?” She kisses my neck as I nod, my heart racing although I tried to stay calm.

She tells me to lay down on my back as she straddles me, leaning over and kissing my neck. I let my hands roam her body, as she brings her lips to mine. We begin making out, my hands on her waist as I brought them down to her ass, squeezing it in my hands as she moans. I flip us over as she giggles and starts unbuttoning my flannel. I begin kissing from her jaw, down to her neck, leaving love bites on her. “Ugh, Johnson” She moans softly, running her fingers through my hair. My member begins to grow erect as she bucks her hips towards mine.

I lift her shirt over her head, throwing it on the floor and continuing to kiss down her from her jaw to the bottom of her bra. She quickly slips off her shorts and thong in a quick movement as I take a moment to kick off my jeans. I reach towards her drawer, scavenging around to see what I wanted to use. I pick up a black wooden paddle, smirking at her as I sit on the edge of the bed and bring her over my lap. I unhook her bra, letting it slip off to the floor.

“What you gonna do to me Johnson?” She asks seductively, moving her hips from side to side. I begin to rub her ass, squeezing it once before smacking it with my bare hands as she gasps and moans simultaneously. I reach my hand to rub her clit from the back before smacking her ass once more. I continue rubbing her clit with my left hand, holding her down onto my lap with the other. I grab the paddle, lightly bringing the surface to her red skin and caressing it with the paddle. I bring the paddle from her skin, bringing it back down with force and colliding it with her ass, as I watch her jump and whimper out.

I smack her ass once more, getting the same reaction before I begin to rub her clit again. She begins to shake as I rub her clit, moaning out continuously. Her ass begins to bruise as I tell her to stand up, smacking her ass with the paddle again. “Come here, baby” I say as she gets on her knees in front of me. Her makeup running along with tears on her face as she smiles up at me. I cup her face, wiping the mascara tears and bringing her to kiss me again. She disconnects our lips, kissing my neck and playing with the waistband of my boxers.

She slips off my boxers, my member standing erect in front of her. She licks her hand from her palm to fingertips, wrapping her right hand around my staff and pumping it up and down. She puts the tip in her mouth before quickly taking the whole thing into her throat. She begins to bob her head up and down as I run my fingers through her hair, tugging at it.

“Shit” I whisper under my breath, coming close to releasing. I don’t want to finish into her mouth so I grab the bottom of her jaw before telling her to stop and pulling her up to face me as I stand up. “Lie down” I say pointing towards the bed; she lies down as I go to grab the pink rope and silk ribbon from her drawer. I spread her legs, tying them on the posts of the bed frame. I grab the silk ribbon, tying her wrists together and to the bed frame. I grab the magic wand vibrator, turning it to to medium setting before pressing it to her clit. I watch her wiggle and squirm in pleasure underneath me. I turn the setting to high as I hear the buzzing noise progress and see her buck her hips forward as she moans in pleasure.

She begins to shake, approaching her orgasm; she moans out in pleasure but I remove the vibrator before she could release. Her eyes dart angrily towards me as I smirk, untying her from the bed. “Do you have condoms?” I ask, running my hand through my hair. “Yep” She says, reaching over to her top drawer, pulling out a condom and ripping open the aluminum package with her teeth. “Come here Johnson” she waves me over. I smirk, crawling over her as she rolls the condom over my member.

I run my hand over her wet, dripping slit before pumping my hand over my member before positioning it over her opening. I slip my tip in, leaving it there, teasing her. I pull it out, putting it back in before she screams. “Dammit Johnson! Just fuck me already!” She yells, frustrated. Our eyes meet as I smirk, slamming into her roughly.

I continue to rock into her roughly, my hands gripping her waist as I bring her body to mine. Her hands gripped the sheets, she bit her tongue trying not to scream aloud in pleasure as her family was downstairs. I lean over to kiss her neck and she begins to bite into my shoulder, her nails digging into my back.

“Fuck Johnson” She whispers in my ear, her lips moving from my shoulder to my neck as she began sucking and biting. “That’s gonna leave a hickey” I whisper, looking into her eyes as she smirks. “Good” She coos. I shake my head, leaning down to kiss her as she whispers “I’m gonna cum” I smile as I bite her lip, pulling it out as she moans.

Soon, I feel her tighten around me, she begins to shake and tense before releasing herself on to me. Her walls tightening set me off and I fill the condom, continuing to thrust into her, riding out my orgasm. I pull out of her, rolling the condom off before tying it and getting up to throw it in the trash. “Nice butt” She snickers, rolling out of bed. “I’ll be back” She says, going into the bathroom and turning on the shower. She steps in, looks at me and waves me over.