idk i forget the rest


What rivalry?

Unpopular Opinion (I guess??) I really really don’t like the 11th doctor

undertale from what I've seen on my dash (never played it)
  • Papyrus: a skeleton, he's nice, happy and loud?? Uses a font almost every middle schooler uses for an Egypt report
  • Sans: COMIC SANS. He smiles a lot?? Either sadistic or very sad from what I've seen. Spooky scurry skeletons
  • Frisk??: doesn't hurt anything, like nothing. It's a child, that's about it
  • Flower: EVIL and DISGUSTING but cute sometimes???
  • Lamb mother: motherly, lamby, very sad??? Idk
  • i forget the rest

anonymous asked:

Does it get annoying with so many people freaking out over Patty and kind of forgetting the rest of the band? Idk i see people doing that a lot, but I think you're all super rad people if it counts

At the end of the day it happens with every band. The frontman will always get more attention. We don’t do it for the attention we do it for the love of music and because we believe in the songs so no it doesn’t bother us. 

I really hope the Walter Scott video brings a change in the way the murders of Black people by police are handled. I hope this has opened the eyes of people who refused to believe we’re telling the truth. I hope from now on the families of these slain Black men and women see justice. I hope cops learn that our lives matter and that they will be punished for their blatant disregard. I hope it fucking stops
But the fact that people are acting like it was the first time a murder of one of us by a cop was caught in tape doesn’t sit well with me. Idk why. I should just be happy we’re finally being heard right? But I can’t because I keep thinking about Tamir and John Crawford and Eric Garner. Their murders were caught on tape too yet these cops have still gone unpunished.
I’m so happy to finally see a step in the right direction but idk that doesn’t mean I can just forget about the rest.