idk i find this part cool

pros and cons of being pansexual


-so many dating options 

-everyone is attractive

-so. many. hot. people.

-not worrying about having to change gender or pronouns in song lyrics

-being free to date who you like

-not being restricted by gender

- the sense of relief when you finally find a label you identify with

-being part of the lgbtq+ community

-sometimes when you come out you’re also educating people about it and idk it’s really nice to hear people saying ‘oh i didn’t know about that. wow that’s really cool’

-the pan flag is really aesthetically pleasing??


-everyone is attractive

- ‘so you like pans lol?’

- people not taking you seriously

-no one knowing what pansexual is

- ‘so you’re bisexual’

-being afraid to come out to some family members because the term is a relatively new thing and they could react badly

- ‘that’s not a thing’

- people assuming you want to date them ??

- being excluded by some parts of the lgbtq+ community because apparently you’re not queer enough??

- not being taken seriously

- some straight people will make fun of you, especially when you come out

-coming out

-the pan jokes

OK how about (Klance) God AU

-so the team are gods, nature/weather gods, or something
-like Pidge is the goddess of nature
-Hunk the God of ground
-Shiro the God of wind and storms
-Lance the God of ocean and rain
-Keith the God of the Sun (basically of hot/good weather)
-Allura is the queen of the gods and Conan is her advisor
-but they were not always gods, before the team there had been other gods that got replaced cause they were tied and wanted to rest (idk, details are not important)
-but the former ocean and sun gods just didn’t get along at. ALL. And coursed some nature catastrophes
-So Allura is like: “Shiro, they can’t meet. I’m not ready for that shit.”
-And Shiro is like: “OK. Whatever you say”
-(Shiro is like the leader of the gods idk)
-So Keith and Lance never meet but they know the other exist
-they still manage to hate the other
-“Hunk. He ruined my wonderful rainy day!! I worked so hard for it”
-“I fucking hate Rain” “Keith, we need rain.” “Fiiine. But I will create some nice hot days afterwards.”
-they have weather competitions
-besides Lance and Keith, everyone had meet the others and became really close. And they find the competitions hilarious
-“He is actually really nice, Lance.” “What did he do to you Pidge?!”
-“Lance is really cool, you know.” “Sure Hunk, can you give me the cookies?”

Now the Klance part:
-they can shift into human form
-they actually only hide their god-aura and go to earth to spend some time there
-now Keith and Lance like to be humans and accidentally meet
-Lance is in flirting mode, because that’s a cute human (but the mullet though, am I in the wrong timeline?) and he has time to spend so why not spend it with that cutie
-Keith is confused, but plays along since he too has time to spend and nothing better to do
-they have a great time together and meet up several times
-they fall in love and are: “shit, I can’t have feelings for a human. I’m a God….”
-but they keep meeting
-a kiss
-aaaangst feelings yaaay
-they plan to break up or something

-than Shiro and Allura are like: “We trust them to meet and not destroy the earth”
-Ocean God and Sun God meet up
-awkward silence
-more silence
-Allura and Shiro fearing
-“Seriously? Even as a God you have a mullet, candy ass?”
-“Oh shut up, Pretty Boy”
-“You think I’m pretty?”
-“Yeah? I mentioned it as a human, didn’t I?”
-everyone is confused but Lance and Keith are happy and still go on human dates
-happy end

(Sorry for my bad English but I wanted to share this idea)

i sort of like the headcanon that godtiers brains are just totally saturated with their aspect and they have to get used to loads of new senses and feelings and instincts when they become gods 


john suddenly being able to sense every movement and change in atmospherics, his head constantly full of wooshing white noise, always sensing when movement and progression is being prevented, sensing stagnation, feeling claustrophic when he cant feel the wind

rose having to deal with the constant sense of a sort of de ja vu but for things havent happened yet, tiny whispers and maddening glimpses, sometimes literal whispers, unnerving and from frightening otherworldy forces, constantly weighing and sifting and deciphering all possibilities and fortunes, the weight of the world on her shoulders. no wonder she tries to obfuscate her knowledge, slowing and stifling her mind with drink

daves head being full of the ticking of infinite clocks, some slowing, reversing, even stopping, especially when there are multiple versions of himself around. he has a nauseating sense of inevitability when something must be, and an unexplained dread when the timeline goes wrong, physically feeling the flow of time, feeling doomed selves like phantom limbs. so he puts on his headphones, turns his music up loud, trying to isolate one steady rhythm to ground himself in the chaos.

jade of course constantly being aware of space - movement, stillness, placement - to teleport like that she must be constantly aware of all points in space at any given time. she feels the weight and force and energy of everything. manipulating objects requires an implicit, instinctive and yet unbelievably scientific and mathematical grasp over the object. for every item she shrinks she feels as though she takes on the weight and mass she took from it. anything she creates or causes to grow saps her mental strength and energy and stretches her to exhausting levels. she can sense the enormity of reality, the universe, and how small she is despite her power.

jane feeling an echo of the wounds and sicknesses of those around her, grass growing under her feet, each time she heals she feels the pain of the wound. she is drained when she heals, having to pass her energy and life on to someone else. all absense of life is felt like an unbearable chill boring away at her soul, even a dead potplant can give the overpowering sense of loss and ruined potential.

jake feeling hope, but being absolutely wrecked by each pitfall. seeing the possibility in everything, but when it is denied it hurts like a punch in the gut, makes the world around him feel smaller until it seems like a sealed darkened box. overcoming and staying resilient almost feels like a feature of his being that is out of his control, others using his hope to find their strength, utilising him as a medium. he wants to act and fight but the light is blinding and confusing, the possibilties too great, he has to struggle to see a path so as not to become passive. sometimes it is just easier to hide from the light.

dirk’s tendancy toward a searching, burning destructive curiosity intensifies, a thirst to pull apart and understand everyone around him, but with no solution as to how to put them back together again. its a compulsion. he can feel peoples identities, their sense of selves, cracks and weak spots and insecurities and lies. he can feel how fragile people are, constantly aware of the one push they need that could destroy them. every person feels like a precarious pile of random objects, constantly teetering. some people have already collapsed and splintered and broken - himself included - and he feels that too, uncomfortable tears and splits and displacements, but as a Prince only feels capable of destroying, not healing.

roxy can sense lack and loss. she always has a peculiar feeling of detachment, like part of her is elsewhere, as she is constantly reaching out to find something, whatever it is thats missing. constantly yearning. she very much feels like a medium, like her body is out there somewhere, physically wandering and searching for what is needed. finding it and pulling it into reality takes her energy, similar to jade.sometimes after periods of searching it feels as if she herself will be lost in the void forever. perhaps a part of her always will be. she senses need and loss around her and is desperate to help but is forced to blindly grasp in pitch blackness until she allows herself to succumb and become one with nothingness.

nursey the tech disaster and dex the apple support guy: an au

a conversation between me & @brandnewfashion

(interspersed with random hockey commentary)


au where nursey keeps having IT trouble and every time he goes online to use that quick chat help service (bc he doesn’t want to call. that’s awkward af) he gets dex as the service guy





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the edge of seventeen tag!

i wasn’t gonna do this cause i didn’t necessarily get tagged {i’m just gonna go ahead and presume that’s cause i’m on a weird hiatus and not because nobody gives a crap about me} but either way it looked fun so here it is!

at this point, toby’s sort of experimenting with hair colours and questioning her sexuality, whereas Logan’s still taking part in her everlasting emo stage and buying the cheapest black kohl eyeliner. i also put them in school uniform just because that’s how i picture them at seventeen for some reason. i find myself imagining Toby and Logan not really going to prom, but rather Toby turning up for an hour then going to join Logan and a bunch of friends in a parking lot to drink and smoke. idk man.

this was alot of fun, cheers to @alwaysimming for inventing this challenge.

i noticed a couple cool people who hadn’t done this yet so i tag:

@bonehlda , @riice , @cherrysimblr , @enriques4 , and @nolan-sims

and you! that is if you haven’t done it already <3

Life Updates & Personal Shit

I have several life updates. I haven’t been active much or had the ask open or done anything for these reasons:

- I completed my second year of teaching music
- I have two finals left for my night classes (one last week already thank goodness)
- I was off my meds for a little and have been recovering from that
- I got into a HUGE row with my parents and basically moved in with my boyfriend for a week, and today is the first day back in my house BECAUSE
- I found a SCARY lump in my breast and have a doctors appointment tomorrow

As you can see, life has been busy, crazy, and wildly unexpected and scary for me for the last few months (That last one has me scared to death, one of my students lost her mom to breast cancer this year within like three weeks of finding out, so THATS in my head).

Oh on top of all of this my best friend in the world and I haven’t really spoken in two years due to stupidity on all parts and we made up last night but I hope it’s not just because I might like you know get bad news tomorrow. Idk there’s a lot in my head and there’s the update.

I don’t really have friends here, I have 22,000 people that like my content, which is cool. There’s a few of you that have been nice and reach out when I vent about depression and PTSD but I haven’t made like lasting impressions or friendships in the witch community. Maybe I’m boring idk. I’ve wanted to, but with how busy I’ve been (clearly) and I have a hard time making friends or being active in a “new” community (I only discovered witchcraft like 3 years ago, and the Tumblr community 2.5).

I guess what I’m saying is I’d like support and more friends in my life and this is easier to me then putting my life out on *shudders* ƒɑϲҽҍօօƙ.

Tl;dr: If anyone is interested in having a new witch friend with a shit ton of personal problems, hmu. 😅

so while my mind is still on overdrive, trying to apply for as many jobs as possible and find a way to keep money coming in so i can go on this trip and honestly afford to feed myself and move back up to cleveland since i can’t find affordable living arrangements here, my body is exploding with signs of stress. i won’t go into detail, but i’m in a lot of pain, and i’m trying to stave off crying because monday i won’t have a job. i heard back from two places here that i applied to, and they were no’s. i’m trying not to freak out. the best case scenario is finding a part-time job or two at this point, and idk how i’m going to make ends meet. basically i’m writing this all out and sharing it with 50,000 people because most of my friend group is pretty apathetic about my situation, or so it seems when i’ve tried to reach out, so i’m sort of freaking out about that too. i’m trying to stay cool and focused, but all of a sudden the rug was pulled out from under my feet and now i’m supposed to somehow have it all together enough to get another job in two days and pay rent and pay for moving, and food, and all my bills. idk what i’m going to do. i feel sick to my stomach. 

so yeah, thanks for reading this and letting me vent.i need someone and i feel like i have no one.


Request: Hi first of all i’m obsessed with all your fics. Second, i had this great idea for a fic but i suck at writing but anyway this would be a cool fic… Kylo and reader develop and a force bond and find out reader has force healing but it’s not really strong… UNTIL starkiller is being blown up and she has to save him and she plunges her hand through his ribcage to restart his heart. idk just super like blood/hot/fluffy force bond after UGH and he’s so impressed like

A/N: I didn’t really add the whole blood/hot part, I kind of made it a bit angsty and fluffy so I hope you don’t mind! It’s a bit cheesy towards the end but it made sense. Thank you and enjoy!

Warning: None

Word Count: 2.8K+

It had easily been a good handful of years since you first joined the First Order, although you were just as new as Kylo was to the organization, you weren’t at such a high rank. Like Kylo, you were trained under Snoke. Unlike Kylo, you had been with the dark side for as long as you could remember.

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They find out the gender of their baby

Anon: Okay, how about a 2 part series thing where first they react to you telling them you’re pregnant and then the second part being you tell them it’s a girl/boy/twins (varying with each member) 

Sequel to this :)
These are so hard to write for me, idk why? But I’m considering making a third part of this, just because I love to imagine them being all cool, cute dads ;-; Let me know what you think! Should I make a part 3?


1 boy – When the doctor told you and him that you were going to have a boy, you felt happy, and obviously, so did Sehyuk, but he acted quietly and calm. He didn’t really mind, whichever gender the child would be. He had told you that already, when you two had discussed names. What mattered to him was that the child was healthy, and that it would grow up happily.
The moment you got back into the car, he suddenly started smiling widely. As you asked him why he was smiling, he replied “I’m happy”, and instead of driving home with you, he drove to multiple different stores, to buy supplies you would need for the baby – all blue or boy-themed. Only infront of you did he show how amazed and happy he was that he would have a son. You didn’t say anything about it, you just watched him pick out boy clothes and blue curtains with little pirates on them (he insisted on buying them, though you thought they were hideous).


1 boy - “So..” He started your conversation when you were back in the car. “We will have a boy, hm?” He was still smiling, as were you. He chuckled, and when you asked him about it, he replied “I’m just imagining all the thing’s we can do together… the things I have to teach him. Important things. Like this, you see, the safety belt-” You interrupted him, telling him that he did not need to test this every time.
“Maybe go camping, fishing, father-son-bonding-sessions?” You suggested, to which he screwed up his face.
“Ahh.. don’t make stupid suggestions like that. I won’t be a lame dad like that.” He did imagine a lot of things he wanted to do with your son. Not only teach him about the dangers of this world, but also play fun games, do sports with him, show him everything nice the world has to offer.


twins – 1  girl & 1 boy – You didn’t know the gender yet, just that you were expecting not one, but two wonderful, angelic babies. The doctor hadn’t told you the gender, and neither was he going to. Your mother was the first to find out. Based on the gender, she baked you and Sangdo a cake, filled with smarties in either blue or pink. You would have a big party, with both of your families, and you would get presents, and eat cake, thus revealing the gender.
The party was going amazingly well, and you could see how nervous Sangdo was to find out the gender of his babies. Then, finally, it was time. Your mother gave you the knife, and together with Sangdo, you cut it once, twice; a mixture of blue and pink smarties fell out of the cake, covering the table and the floor. When Sangdo saw, he looked down at you with a shy, sheepish smile. When you asked him, he said that he wanted a girl, and you had wanted a boy, so knowing that you’d get both made him extremely happy. You’d both get what you wanted. You were going to have two lovely children, he already loved both of them so much.


1 boy – When he found out that he was going to have a son, he gave you a big, wide smile, immediately dropping to his knees. He kissed your belly over and over again. Recently, the little boy had started kicking! He loved playing around with this – whenever he kissed you, he would get a small kick as a response!
“He’s going to play footie a lot when he grows up.” Yooncheol said one day. It was very cute to see him interact with his child like that. Initally, he said to you that he wanted a daughter, but the second the doctor had said the word “boy”, he had been in love with the idea of the typical father-son clichés.


twins – 2  girls - He couldn’t come with you to the ultrasound, so when he arrived back at home, he immediately asked you how it went. It had been the first of your regular check ups with the doctor, he hadn’t told you the gender yet, as it was too early for that, but he did tell you that ‘there are two heartbeats’ meaning just that… you were going to have not one, but two babies. Two babies suddenly coming into the life of you and Hansol. You did not know if you could handle it at all, neither did you know if Hansol would handle it. Without saying anything further, you showed him the picture of the ultrasound. When he understood that you were pregnant with twins, he would straight away be very worried. He would always take care of you, be around you. He would insist on doing most of the chores from now on, and whenever you did something you shouldn’t do, even if it was just lifting up something heavy, he would yell and send you to the bed, to just relax, while he did whatever you were doing for you.
When you, a few months later, found out that you were expecting two little girls, you decided to do something fun! Hansol didn’t come with you again and he wouldn’t be home for another couple of hours, so you bought filled up black balloons with pink confetti. You made him pop said balloons. When the pink confetti rained down onto the floor, he would smile happily. He loved the idea of having girls, a mini version of you. He could teach them stuff, be a good dad, dance around with them!


twins – 2 boys – He was generally very excited for this, seeing as he used to think that you couldn’t have a child before. So when he found out that you two were gonna have another two – you  were going to have twins, he did another victorious gesture. He just smiled happily at you, afraid that if he said something, he might start crying. He was so happy and giddy now, finally you’d get children, but it was so astonishing for him that you just went from not being able to get children to being pregnant with two children at once. He felt so happy and complete.
Being told that the twins would both be boys would just be a plus for him, he had wanted a son more than a daughter anyway, he was sure that his sons would be just like him, you would have to tame the three of them, while they had fun.
“We’re a family now” He randomly said one night, like he couldn’t believe it. He felt like he had won, like he made it.


1 girl – You hadn’t seen him in forever. The day you two had that argument was the last time you had spoken to him, the last time you even saw him. Now you were sitting in a café, with your 5 month old baby daughter, and there he was, standing in the line to order his drink. You really hoped he wouldn’t see you, but it was already to late. His eyes first met the buggy, little Y/D/N in it, and then moved over to you. He anxiously left the queue and walked over to your table.
“Y/N?” You greeted him, looking at Y/D/N as she made some sounds, indicating that she wanted her binkie. Xero grabbed the binkie, which was still lying in the buggy, next to her face, and gave the little baby her binkie back. At that moment, he just looked like a normal, caring father. He knew that this was his daughter, and he knew that he should have been there for her. He wanted to be there for her. Seeing how much she looked like him already, just as a baby, he really wanted this.
“Can I-” he started, but was interrupted by you.
“Take a seat.” You two had a lot to talk about.


twins –1 boy & 1 girl – Today was the day the doctor would tell you the gender of your baby. You were really excited! Despite you having had multiple ultrasounds so far, the baby was always in some weird position that didn’t allow you to see it correctly, so you, and Sanggyun as well, really hoped to finally get to see this child.
“Wa-wait a second” When the doctor had said this, and moved the ultrasound transducer over your belly at a different angle, Sanggyun looked so worried, the worst kind of thoughts went through his head, he did not want to lose this child! “you-uh.. I’m really sorry, I haven’t been able to notice before, but you are actually expecting two babies. They are twins. Dizygotic twins at that!” A-Tom gasped and looked at you in awe. He was shocked, but in a good way. Not only did you have healthy babies, but there were multiple of them! You would have a big family! He did not worry about all the stress that came with having twins, he was just really excited, and really proud. He and you would have two beautiful children together, a son that would be just like him, and a girl which would be just like you. He loved the idea in his head.


twins – 2 girls – To make up for how he reacted when you first told him about your pregnancy, he tried to be the best, most supportive boyfriend and ‘father’ he could be. He would give you massages every night before sleep, do most of the chores, and do anything you asked him to do. He knew how happy you were to have a baby, and your excitement and affected him; he now could see why you had wanted this.
When he found out that you were going to have twins, he was a bit shocked, once again. He wasn’t sure if he could handle two people at once, but again, for the sake of your happiness, because he loved you so much, he tried to see it all in a positive point of view.
“Two girls!” He smiled at you widely. “Woah!” He would hide all the negative feelings he had about this from you. He would hide how scared he was of this challenging new event in his life; he would hide that he was scared about both of them being girls; what if he wouldn’t be as close to them as you? He wanted to get his children’s love just as much as you. He also still wanted to receive all of your love, you were the most important person in his life… and from now on, so were the two little princesses in your belly.


Part III of the fun cat stickers I drew for the wonderful @giphy ‘s newly released app/gif keyboard (Giphy Keys)! You should all go download this very cool gif keyboard in the app store!!!! Part I here! Part II here!

After you have it all set up, just search for “cindysuenkeys” with your new gif keyboard, and you will find my cat stickers for texting and messaging!

YAYYY!! 1st stickers set ever! Thanks Giphy!! <3 <3

anonymous asked:

Why people hate/don't love furries? :/ i'm not a furry but i find cool the furries, plus the drawings (like fanart ecc) are really difficult to draw or in any case create a character! And many of the character of movie ecc (like looney toons) are not furries? Like if you hate furries you hate all not a part lol, i don't understand :( i'm not into so idk really a lot or all of the furries but look like not explained the hate :/ your cat icon it's really cute ^^

The reason people hate/dislike furries is because of the select few of the fandom. There are people into bestiality, neo-Nazis, racists, people of that sort. They tend to focus more on the negative parts instead of the positive, loving part of the fandom.
That and some people just think it’s fuckin weird to want to dress up as animals. And then think we do it all the time.
(Also thank u. I too love Sky)

anonymous asked:

when you said you project onto Connor I was like that's ok and makes sense, Connor. and then I realized i assume people are their icons so I've subconsciously thought you were actually him since I followed u (sorry) and that's part of why I find you so cool (I mean most of the "why" is how real and wonderful you seem) Anyways, hope you're doing well not-connor

Ha oh my gosh that’s actually really funny. Today’s been a pretty mild day, not really feeling anything if you know what I mean. Idk

devilmaycrywiki  asked:

9,10,14,15 !

9. An animated character you remember but nobody else seems to.

oh gosh this is specific as well


can i say two?

these two here. edgar and ellen. goth icons honestly….. i haven’t been able to find much edgar and ellen online but i love what little i can. i’ve been meaning to read the books too. i hear they’re pretty fucked

idk if anyone else remembers this but these two were part of a target halloween promo i thought that was so cool!!!!

10. An animated character you hate the most, and why?

gosh these are real specific i gotta dig deep….

to be honest most characters i hate i just am really fucking bored of, there’s not too many characters i hate w/ my entire being.


him. i hate him. i hate him so much.

14. The best episode of a cartoon you really like.

ok let’s talk about some cartoons i love but haven’t touched yet

like evil con carne!

this episode. is. very stupid. but i fucking love it. basically hector, skarr, and ghastly, on their way to raid a ship, are caught in traffic, and it’s just them bantering. idk why but it’s the funniest thing ever to me. the trouble with skarrina is a close second, which is just as stupid, but in a different way (the plot of the ep being skarr gets a girlfriend, who is a bomb)

15. The worst episode of a cartoon you really like.

season 2 of dan vs. was…. really fucking forgetable, with the exception of some diamonds in the rough and other eps people will not let me forget

but i digress….

i. can’t say much about this episode because i do not remember a single thing other than it was kinda boring. the whole thing was done in film noir style, which i guess was cool but i only remember one joke.

kristanni-20x6  asked:

That post with the erasers in the slime are actually called Iwako erasers. As you said, they come apart in a few pieces which I find cool. I have about 300 of them in one of my shoeboxes.

Yeah!! It’s hard to explain lol but with the popsicle ones the stick comes out and the…..glaze part?? The frosting part?? The outer shell covering the ice cream part?? Idk but that part comes off too, like a cover! Those erasers are so much fun, I used to collect them too back in high school! (I have no idea where any of them are now though lol! It’s neat that yours are still all together! ^^)

i-am-never-getting-my-life-back  asked:

Iris, orchid, poinsettia and violet :)

iris: do you prefer writing about a man or a woman character? why?

woman, idk why, i guess i relate more to a female character because i am female. and i find it easier to write from that point of view, there’s always a little part of me in each female character that i write about :)

orchid: do you prefer to write one shots or multi part fics?

one shots are fun because each one can have a different story line and all the characters can be different. but multi part fics are cool as well because you can go into more depth with the character and include more events. i really don’t know, probably one shots i guess, writing a new character and story line each time is fun

poinsettia: is it hard for you to make up names for characters in your fics?

not really, for one shots i use y/n so it’s all the same. for fan fics i decide if i want a unique name and usually pick a letter from the alphabet then go online and search ‘names starting with x’ or something. i’m not very original 😂 i tend to stay away from my friends’ names just because it’s kinda weird, especially if there’s smut in the story. i don’t like relating names to people i know

violet: do you read a lot?

NO I DONT AND I SHOULD!!! i used to be into reading a lot when i was younger and then i stopped wanting to. if smut counts i read a shit ton but i don’t think i’ve gotten my hands on a real book in ages.

I’ve always seen in Hunk/Lance stuff as Hunk being the one who’s secretly in love with Lance, but I’d think it’s probably more likely that Lance is the one who’s heels over head for Hunk

Yes, Lance is the one who has a not-so secret crush on Hunk

Lance who immediately upon meeting Hunk decided that he’s the One™

Lance spending any moment not dedicated to studying with Hunk, making him do crazy stunts just for Hunk to stay with him

Lance pulling Pidge into their adventures, but always staying by Hunk’s side

Lance covering up his amorous feelings by being snarky towards Hunk

Lance hitting on Allura to move suspicion away from him because he thinks he might be too obvious

Lance being worried as hell when Hunk was taking forever to find his Lion, and praying in any language he knew that he got out alive (when he thought he was dead, a literal part of him died until he came back)

Lance, behind closed doors, blushing like a schoolgirl because “omg he said I looked cool in my Paladin suit!”

Lance enjoying any food Hunk makes, even if it makes him sick to his stomach

Lance trusting Hunk to have his back in missions

Lance being totally in love with Hunk

Lance being totally in love with Hunk


yiffxing  asked:


gabby idk how u think any part of yourself is ugly because when ever i see ur selfies all i see are beauty goals like wow!!! yixing is so lucky to have a beaut as a gf and im so lucky to have an ultra cool mutual!!!! you are one of the first yixing blogs i followed and im so glad u were.

ps: i love ur nose wtf

jnghobi  asked:

i'm trying to find cool and clever and assumptions but i'm???? suck and i can only assume: U R V TALENTED and also V SWEET and i feel like i've followed u in the past or something cause ur old url sounds v familiar??? but my memory sucks dskjhfkjhdf

LAURA I LOVE YOU SO MUCH :’) idk about the talented part but i love my friends and i love spreading positivity <3 

nkgnfdh you mean you recognize bartowski? it’s possible! i’ve been on this hellsite for almost 6 years

send in your assumptions about me