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Be More Michael!

a/n: At first, I can’t see any situation where Michael takes a squip. But seeing how I put an (with a name and everything) au out there I have it a shot by shimmying around some very circumstantial stuff. 
summary: Michael just wanted a tictac
VERY QUESTIONABLE PLOT?? drug mentioned (mainly pot and squip)

“Wait so it’s like drugs?” Michael muttered as they walked side by side down to the Payless. He rummaged through his hoodie’s pockets and began picking at the lint he found in every crevice. “Are you sure you wanna take drugs? You know JUST stopped gagging when you take a drag of the blunt” Michael winked at him, sticking out his tongue adding a bit more insult to his tease.

Jeremy turned up his nose and stiffened his spine trying to make himself look taller. “It’s not drugs…it’s a computer…or whatever, I don’t know how to explain it. Rich had this cool song…” He waved his hands in front of him. “It’s from Japan.” His voice went up a few octaves before cracking, trying to recreate the feel.

Michael nodded a bit, “sounds legit.” The closer they got the more Jeremy began to perspire beside him. “Dude stop walking like someone who’s about to make a drug deal.”

“W-What” Jeremy flinched then looked around nervously. “I-I look like someone who’s going to make a deal!”

“That or you look like someone who’s about to take a major dump in his pants.” Michael clapped his hands on Jeremy’s shoulders and gave him a small squeeze. “Just be chill.”

“That’s MY problem, I don’t know how to be CHILL, Michael.” He hung his head a bit and sighed. “…I wish I can be more like you.” He chuckled a bit. “You’re always pretty chill.”

“Be more like me then, walk in there and trade in hundreds of dollars for a possibility of awesomeness…or a complete and utter waste of time.”

“I don’t think anyone could be more Michael, Michael” Jeremy’s blue eyes disarmed Michael’s heart and he felt all his taunts and best friend banter go out the window and into speeding traffic. “Say…uh…you usually buy your weed…mind…ya know…” He swayed a bit, pulling a very sweet Heere smile.

How could Michael say no? With a few groans and eye rolls, Jeremy slapped the bills into Michael’s hand went to wait for him inside of Spencer’s. Michael walked in with a little more sauve than Jeremy but he couldn’t shake the small voice that reminded him he was packing 600$ of money that didn’t belong to him. The drug deal was suddenly weighing on him a bit harder than his usually dime-bag deal. Still, Jeremy was counting on him and he pushed through the Payless and walked over to an exceptionally greasy looking stock boy behind the counter. “I’m here for the…stuff.” Michael leaned up against the desk, keeping his face turned away from the employee.

“The stuff?” He repeated in a monotone voice.

“Yea-yea man you know the stuff, that stuff, that special stuff.” Michael waved his hand coolly, he even popped the hood of his hoodie up adding to the effect. He was so suave, Jeremy would cream himself if he saw him. Wait—why did that come to mind. Suddenly Michael felt himself flush and a hand come to his mouth. Suddenly he felt the box nudge his arm and he looked down. So there it was…600 dollars worth of drugs. He opened it up to check and his face fell… “My…dude…” he muttered opening the box fully “what the hell is this?”

“Size eight-n-a half red pumps from the back room.” He shrugged, “We ran out a week ago, I’ve been holding onto it for the right price.”

“Do I look like I’m here for a size eight heel?” He pulled up the shoe by the heel and began to wave it around.

The stockman shrugged then waved his hand over his face, “probably and maybe a tictac.”

Michael groaned and leaned in a bit to the counter against the stockboy’s wishes. “I’m here for…the squip?” He whispered watching the man’s eyes go from dull to very steely and cold. He gave Michael a nod and went to the backroom. After two long minutes of waiting he returned with a regular looking shoe box. Michael opened it up a second time half expecting another pair of shoes when he noticed a baggie with a long, off gray pill inside. “So…this is it?” This tiny thing was worth 600$?

“400.” The guy grunted, Michael blinked.

“Wait w-”
“You heard me, four. Hundred.”

There was no arguing with that, Michael handed over the money saving Jeremy two hundred dollars and getting the drugs for him. He was going to be his hero. “Alright, oh can I have a tictac too?” He breathed into his closed hand and wondered if he had severe sushi breath.

“Here take it with Red Dew, and also, before you go I gotta tell you that–” He handed over the mint then realized Jenna was strolling over. “We’re all out!”

“Of…shoes?” She shook her head a bit then looked at Michael.

“Right.” The stock boy turned his attention to Jenna and left Michael to his devices. Michael didn’t seem to think there was anything else he needed to know. A drug was a drug and from what he knew pills got ingested. A part of him did worry though…his brother and his father were big on the war against drugs. His brother more so he was turning into Michael’s police man when it came to his future. He made his way towards the Spencer’s, thumbing the tictac in his hand while he examined the pill some more.

“Well lil buddy, you’re gonna make my buddy super cool…” He chuckled talking to the small pill. “Which shouldn’t be too hard, Jeremy is already the coolest, but I guess sharing that kind of cool-a-tude with the rest of the world won’t be bad. After all” Michael felt his smile soften a bit. “After, all Christine won’t be able to resist him once she gets to know him.”

For a second Michael thought about…well what if he didn’t give this to Jeremy. Nothing would change, he wouldn’t have to share Jeremy with anyone. No one would have to know how Jeremy was awesome at Mario Kart, or the fact he held the n64 controller WRONG by using that weird middle handle. Or the way he wrinkled his nose right before he laughed like he was trying to fight it back. No one had to know that Jeremy could name the best 80s B-rate horror films in order of blood content. No one had to know that Jeremy had a small mole on his hip that as a kid his father would say was his tickle button. No one had to know the Jeremy Michael knew…He held the pill in his hand feeling like he could crush it in his palm…then sighed, stuffing it in his pocket.

It would crush Jeremy. It would suck if Jeremy was unhappy. He bit his bottom lip and smiled, feeling his muscles relax with defeat. If this made Jeremy happy… well then Michael didn’t need any more reason than that. After all what were bros for? He smirked as he watched Jeremy narrowly avoid half of the anime merch, even with his back to it, Michael knew he was probably eyeing some shirt or poster. “Jeeeer” Michael sang as he walked through the store. “I got your drugs.”

“MICHAEL” Jeremy shrieked cupping both hands at his mouth. “Don’t! SAY!THAT!” He hissed, turning red from the tips of his ears down to his neck.

“Tehe.” Michae chuckled beneath his hands. “Alright, alright, oh and I saved you 200$.”

“Wow, and here was worried I blew ALL of my money.” Jeremy opened the box and blinked. There was no pill, his face went pale for a second when Michael pulled his hand from his pocket and presented him with the small white pill. “Jesus, Michael you scared me!”

“Is it ok for a Jewish kid to swear to Jesus?” Jeremy shrugged a bit and it forced a small laugh out of Michael as his friend looked at the pill. “Well…there it is, cool in a capsule. You ready?”

“You wanna split it?” Jeremy asked his eyes on it, this was going to change his life. He could feel it.

“I don’t think it works like that…plus I like knowing when you’re cool, you’re gonna owe me.” He winked. “You gotta drink that with Mountain Dew, by the way.”

“Why?” Jeremy didn’t mind but it felt like a strange combination.

“No clue, just do it.” Michael was ready to watch Jeremy take his first steps into drug induced popularity when his phone buzzed. He snatched it out of his hoodie pocket and pouted. “I gotta run, brother is coming home tomorrow and I have to help mom clean out his room.”

“I didn’t think Ryan would be back so soon, isn’t he like…in college?”

“Yea he’s only coming for a short while before finals hit him. Then we won’t hear from him for another few weeks.” Michael shrugged, “sooo that means tomorrow night, we’re hanging at your place!”

With a ruffle of Jeremy’s short, tuffed brown hair Michael was off. He didn’t hear much from Jeremy after that, Michael felt like asking how it went and whether he was alright. However he was probably enjoying his new popularity, more importantly his mom had him carry down boxes of junk that had been storing in Ryan’s room to the basement, Aka Michael’s man cave. “Are we done yet, MA?” He called from down stairs feeling grungier than usual.

“Si~” She sang from the kitchen.

Michael slumped into his beanbag and stared at the second one beside him. He wondered if Jeremy would be too cool for video games? No, that was unlikely. Jeremy would be himself, just…maybe less sweaty and better breath. “Ah… right.” He dug his hands into his pocket and found his tictac. He popped it into his mouth and rolled it around in his tongue. It wasn’t right, no mint flavor and it was surprisingly sleeker than he thought.

“Michael, tienes hambre? (Michae are you hungry?)” his mother called from upstairs.

“Nah Ma I’m fine-aH” He spoke while his tongue was still testing the strange pill in his mouth. He felt the tictac roll down his throat and in a moment of pure shock he reached for his soda and chugged it down dislodging the small object from his throat canal.  “Fuck…” He hissed, gulping making sure he was not going to choke on a tictac. What a lame death that would be.

Michael took off his glasses and rubbed his watery eyes. The moment past and he reached for his phone realizing he had a missed call from Jeremy. Probably called while he was helping his mother. His hand paused when he heard, so clearly a voice say.

Calibrating Cerebral functions

“Huh…” Michael looked around and stared at his TV which was very clearly off.

Identifying …Michael Mell…Self confident, glorified…loser.

“Wait woah who said that, I am not a glorified loser! … I’m a regular loser with great qualities.” He spoke back to the disembodied voice.

Well, then regular loser Michael. This…is going to hurt.

And it did.

Kidnapped Scenario - Dazai Osamu

Hello! Since both of these requests are somewhat similar in terms of scenario (despite one of them being a continuation of an earlier scenario), I decided to combine them (???) kinda. I hope you two don’t mind! ^_^’ I also used gender neutral pronouns because then it’s easier for everyone. I’m also taking a leap by writing in the third-person P.O.V of the reader, which is a new experience for me since I usually write in the third-person P.O.V of the canon characters.

Oh, and look - it’s another long post (11 pages, but still). So much for my earlier promise of shorter ones. C’: 

Under the cut, because of the potential triggers for violence and kidnapping, and also drug-induced comas, even though it isn’t actually stated. I think it can be classed as angsty, but Idk honestly. There is also swearing.

I apologise for any mistakes you encounter, but I hope you enjoy!

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Author’s note: Kuroshitsuji with 15. Let’s make this a competition.”
First Christmas prompt! #fail Oh well, it’s Christmas somewhere, right? Right. Thanks so much for your lovely compliment! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and enjoy this little fic!

Summary: When Ciel’s servants fail to make him happy during everyone’s favorite holiday of the year, Sebastian suggests they turn this into a small competition. The first one to make Ciel smile or laugh is the winner and of course, as the perfect butler, Sebastian has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Word count: 2k (woops)

The smell of snow was already penetrating his room and Ciel woke up groggily, already annoyed at the familiar scent, and saw a blurry Sebastian preparing a cup of tea at the foot of his bed. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, Ciel sat up straight and let out a small huff when his butler looked up at him, the usual smile permanently plastered on his face.

“Good morning, young master. Did you sleep well?”

“As if you care,” Ciel mumbled and scooted over to the side, letting his feet dangle above the ground as Sebastian walked over to him with his tray.

Fortunately, the strong aroma of the earl grey tea took his mind off the fact that it was snowing outside and he purposely held the steaming cup right under his nose, practically forcing himself to smell nothing but that.


Oh, how he loathed this holiday. The only good thing was the profit he made with his company because people were dumb enough to buy presents for their loved ones. It was honestly the most useless day of the year, along with his birthday. Winter reminded him too much of the loss of his parents and his childhood, which was why he was giving Sebastian even more death stares than usual.

He couldn’t focus on the newspaper, his breakfast or his tea for that matter. He couldn’t even think of any random insults for Sebastian who was graciously ironing his clothes for today.

“You seem a bit tense today, my lord,” Sebastian mumbled as he gently dressed Ciel in a simply, yet fancy suit for the special occasion. “Anything I can do for you to make you feel better?”

As much as he wanted to not go downstairs and celebrate Christmas with the rest of his servants, Ciel didn’t have a choice so he shook his head, shrugged Sebastian’s hand off after he had tied a red tie around his neck and left his room, getting tailed by Sebastian’s quiet yet obvious footsteps.

The minute he got to the main living room, he was met with an explosion of “Merry Christmas, young master!”s, “Hope you like the presents we got you!” and “I did all the decoratin’ myself, sir,” and Ciel couldn’t be more annoyed. Even though they all meant well, he couldn’t help but glare at the gigantic Christmas tree in the farthest corner of the room, decorated with sparkly baubles, angels and everything else they could think of.

Finny started arguing with Bard about the chocolate cake that was in the middle of the large, beautifully decorated table, which somewhat appealed to Ciel because it was something sweet, but it still made his eyebrow twitch.

He took a seat at the head of the table and let Sebastian cut the first slice because it didn’t look like his servants were going to stop bickering any time soon. Mey-Rin was doing her best to stop them by flailing around like a butterfly while Tanaka sat in his usual corner, drinking his tea.

No matter what they did, they couldn’t get Ciel to be excited about Christmas. Every person in that room knew why he was not going to put on a fake smile, or at least pretend he liked the presents they got him, because everything about this holiday reminded him too much of the fire. So instead of listening to them constantly trying to cheer him up with silly stories, dance-moves and more sweet foods, Ciel just sat there, resting his cheek in the palm of his hand, watching them with a blank expression.

Somewhere in the back of his mind he did appreciate their efforts, namely Finny’s because he was trying the hardest by hugging him close and running his rough fingers through his hair while the others simply ran around in circles like lunatics. Sebastian was watching everything quietly, his blood colored eyes containing a neutral glitter while he cleaned the table.

“It’s no use,” Mey-Rin said, totally and utterly defeated as she held her face. “We cannot make the young master happy. And I thought he’d surely enjoy our presents and cake…”

“It’s obviously not his favorite day of the year,” Finny mumbled quietly against the back of his head and pulled away. “Did you at least enjoy the cake, my lord?”

“I did, it was quite tasty,” Ciel replied honestly and cleaned his fingers with his handkerchief, feeling undeniably cold without Finny’s presence. “You did a good job on that.”

They had probably put loads of sugar in it to hide their mistakes because it was a tad bit too sweet, but since he liked sweet things, he didn’t have anything to complain about. Plus, it was fun to see Sebastian’s disapproving look when he said that, obviously not pleased with the fact they made a cake without his surveillance. The latter was what made the white lie worth it because Sebastian was looking between him and the cake with the sourest expression he had ever seen.

However, the irritated expression was soon replaced with a cool one and Sebastian straightened up. “Let’s make this a competition, then. See who can cheer the young master up today. The winner can relax and take it easy for the rest of the day.”

That asshole clearly had a plan and Ciel did not like where this was going. Not one bit.

“Excuse you and your face,” he sneered and dropped his fork.

“But we’ve already tried everything!” Finny exclaimed, tears apparent in his large eyes. “D’you have any other ideas, then, Sebastian-san?”

“I do,” Sebastian smiled and looked down at Ciel with a rather mischievous, demonic look. “What kind of butler would I be if I didn’t even know how to cheer up our beloved young master?”

Okay, Ciel debated with himself for a minute. He could either give in and put a fake smile right now to get this over with or he could bite and see what kind of stupid plan this guy had. Seeing as he did like a challenge, Ciel decided to give them their needed permission with a mere flick of his wrist and watched everyone run around the house, trying their best to find something that would a bring a smile to his face.

Sebastian remained by his side during their frantic search, acting exceedingly patient and content, making Ciel even more annoyed because what was Sebastian’s oh so flawless plan?

Everyone else seemed to suck at making him smile, as usual. Finny had put on this idiotic clown costume and tried to entertain him by throwing some brightly colored balls in the air, Bard wanted to drag him to the kitchen to let him blow things up because “That always cheered me up when I was little!” but Sebastian promptly stopped him from doing so with a rather forced smile and Mey-Rin tried to show off her skills by balancing a couple of plates on her hands, shoulders and head. She failed of course and Sebastian was quick enough to catch all of them before they would hit the ground and shatter into pieces.

After some more failed tries, Bard tried telling a few funny stories about his childhood, along with a few very bad jokes, Finny went to the garden to bring in some flowers and Mey-Rin just kept tripping over her own feet and dropping furniture whenever she came up with a new plan. Tanaka remained silent throughout the day, chuckling every now and then while he watched their pure yet competitive attempts.  

At the end of the day, none of them succeeded and Ciel was left exhausted and bored of their endless, non-entertaining actions. “I’m gonna go to bed.”

He was about to get up but Sebastian, that smug-looking bastard, held out an arm and his smile widened. “Excuse me, sir, but I’m still allowed to give it a try, am I not?”

Ciel sighed and sat back down, folding his arms over his chest. “Right, I almost forgot. Go ahead.”

It was undoubtedly the biggest mistake he had ever made. Sebastian strode over to the back of his chair and placed both of his hands on his shoulders and Ciel felt himself frowning because he had no idea what to expect. Everyone watched in anticipation as Sebastian’s hand gently slipped down his torso, causing Ciel’s body to twitch lightly and right when he was onto him, it was already too late.

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Perfect- Daryl Dixon

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Can you do one where Daryl + reader are together, but Daryl gets jealous because a new member (this can be a totally made up male character) joined the group and new member + reader have gotten quite close. Daryl + reader have a big fight… Then you can do whatever else you’d like to the story :) I love your one shots btw :)”

Anon requested- “daryl x reader… jealous daryl? <3″

Word count: 1720

Warnings: swearing, angst,

Note: i’ve literally eaten 17 clementines today while bingeing OITNB i’m probably going to explode omg. WHT IF I TURN INTO A CLEMENTINE WTF GUYS I’M SCARED NOW. (can clementine seeds get you prego??//??/)

FYI: I’d already written half of this when I got the anon message about daryl & reader being together. so sadly, they’re not in the beginning… hope you’ll all enjoy nevertheless!!! (good luck for finals/exams to everyone who has them approaching! <3 ) PS JENSEN ACKLES WAS MY (obvious) FACE CLAIM FOR ELI!!!11!!1!

(pls ignore me, idk why but i’m very energetic rn… probably nothing to do with all those clementines and cookies i ate. hehehehe.) 


He was a nice man. With piercing green orbs and pump lips he was easy on the eyes too. His jawline sharp and scruff soft. It helped that he was a doctor. Of course, he was a doctor. He saved lives, he was sweet, funny and basically worshipped the ground you walked on.

So obviously Daryl was jealous. How couldn’t he be? He was perfect, everything you could wish for.

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Prince!Performance Unit

anonymous asked

What would prince!svt be like!?? that’d be cute c:


  • he already a prince don’t @ me
  • the boy got MONEY
  • throws wicked parties in the wine cellar under the family villa, cops have showed up numerous times
  • almost got his parents arrested but they got money so 
  • gets lost in the hedge maze a LOT
  • enjoys acting like a statue in the fountain
  • “free showers, and saves energy!” ok jun 
  • rides to school in different cars for each day of the week
  • girls @ school call him “Prince Charming”
  • bc he buys all of them muji stationary
  • thought royalty was clean, neat, and formal?
  • SIKE
  • he’s stopped chef!mingyu several times from throwing away the uneaten food on guests’ plates at social gatherings
  • befriends minghao, another powerful prince
  • made a peasant joke once but then felt bad bc he realizes that not everyone has a very comfortable lifestyle like him
  • is really aware of his classmates situations
  • he paid college tuition for one of his classmates bc their family was in huge debt
  • they’re really best friends 
  • jun never understood the un-royal world, like? why doesn’t this TV go into the wall? what’s this box on the back of it? why is it so static-y?
  • wants to be seen as normal, tries hard to fit in with the other boys in school, but they don’t like him bc “too snooty”
  • least snooty baby but whatever fuck those boys
  • plans to give all his inheritance money away to charity


  • lives in a smaller castle off the city limits
  • SIKE
  • that castle is connected (UNDERGROUND!) to everything within the city, including his school 
  • the teachers never know how he gets there so fast and sometimes even before them
  • the castle still looks very nice, but it’s not as behemoth as a traditional castle 
  • “just look for the bigger mansion house, idk”
  • doesn’t have a lot of parties
  • when he does have parties, he yells at everyone to be quiet bc his mom is sleeping
  • paid for a professional artist to make a portrait of his mom and dad
  • hung it up in the living room
  • forgets stairs are a thing and has fallen up/down them many times
  • “hahaha, i didn’t fall….. I was just practicing…., a dance…”
  • at school, he’s popular
  • no one really pays attention the the fact that he’s a prince because he doesn’t really talk about anything except his mom, sports, idols, normal “teen stuff”
  • average student but teachers love him for his attendance record
  • at the galas he’s been dragged to, he just falls asleep on the couch until its finally time to go home me too
  • he doesn’t really buy a lot of things with his money
  • except food
  • when he inherits the “mansion”, he’s adding more area to make a dance studio for kids in hard situations (and it’s free what a good soul he is)


  • his castle is the biggest in the nation
  • like, he smart and all, but even he gets lost in there
  • one time he started crying because he didn’t know if he was even in his own house at the point of wandering around for so long
  • actually makes a bed out of EVERYTHING in that castle
  • wants a firefighter pole to make going downstairs faster but his mom said fuck no, bitch
  • he has a chauffeur who drives him everywhere
  • minghao is actually really self-conscious about all the money and power he has
  • he just wants to be accepted
  • confides in his classmate junhui, another prince
  • has gotten out of detention by charming his teachers
  • does parkour on the school courtyard
  • “minghao what are you doing up on that tree?””I’m planning my escape”
  • very popular with the ladies
  • two confession letters per hour
  • wants to throw parties in his castle but he doesn’t want everyone else to get lost
  • bought a contractor to make a separate room so he can adopt all strays
  • really sweet to the family maids and butlers
  • always hugs them when he thinks they are sad
  • a prince that strives for equality :’)


  • what a young prince
  • usually alone in the castle
  • leaves windows open so cats and birds can come in and have fun
  • “chan what the hell is this white stuff on our couch?!” “uhhhh…. that’s milk….”
  • his castle is pretty big
  • the entrance includes a 10-foot high shrub labyrinth
  • doesn’t invite people over bc the labyrinth has booby traps
  • gardener!seokmin has freed him from a few before, lowkey tired of it
  • walks to school but doesn’t know he is being followed by the S.S agents his family hired
  • somewhat popular at school
  • quiet compared to the other kids but when he laughs OH BOY
  • his best subject is English
  • best friends with the teachers
  • has a B in P.E bc he always starts dance battles
  • the only reason he doesn’t get failed in P.E is bc he a good dancer
  • very sheltered, but very polite, formal
  • the star at social gatherings and galas
  • secretly memorized movie scripts for prince’s roles
  • he wants a horse in his room
  • mom said no
  • blasts his spotify playlists through the castles bluetooth system
  • received complaints from the neighbors
  • “hello, 911? i think Michael Jackson is having a concert next door”
  • plans to move when he gets his inheritance
  • wants to live in a big city and just be
  • he watches studio ghibli at night to fall asleep
  • so pure don’t taint him

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So perfect. Joker x Reader

A/n: as promised here’s the “reader idolised J as pure perfection ” imagen X’D had a lot of fun writing it so hope you enjoy. :3

Warning : none ? Idk

Pairing : (Jared Leto) Joker x Reader

Plot : J likes to brake in to people’s houses from time to time when he’s bored. This time he broke in to the readers house and to his surprise she saw him as perfection (idk it gets a bit weird xD)

So perfect.

As an artist you found beauty in almost everything .

It was your small talent and fetish . It was a blessing and curse.  You absolutely loved things you consider flawless.  But such things can be rearly found in the mostly ugly world you live in . It became rare for you too seriously something as perfect as you always wished . It definitely was a curse.  So much so , this fetish of yours almost drove you insane. 

It was rather quiet in Gotham tonight . No police car sirens , no screaming,  no gun shots.

It almost felt weird. 

 You were painting in your living room again.  You just couldn’t finish an order for a simple portrait but every time you tried you hated the result . Sighing,  not liking this one either , you decided to wrap things up . You cleared your supplies,  washed your brushes and palette,  and got in to some clean clothes , because the others you were in were covered in paint .

You got up stairs to your bedroom . As you sat down on your bed you opened up your laptop,  opening Netflix to see if you were interested in any of the films , TV shows or series they had . You soon found a move , and of course you fell asleep half way through the film .

You woke up to a sound of glass breaking .

Was it one of your windows or was your cat just walking on the shelfs again and knocked over a vase ? Either way you had to check.  You quickly got up from your bed and quietly walked down stairs.  It was dark as hell but you still could see the outline of things . As you walked further in to the living room , turning on the lights along the way , you really though it really was your cat .

But your thoughts were soon cut short when you felt a rough gripp on your arm . Someone floped you around and knocked you to the ground,  knocking out the air out of you lungs.  You looked up to see what you thought was perfection in its purest form .

It was a man , about a head tallerthat you, bright green hair,  perfect pale , almost white skin , crazy blue eyes and the most perfect smile .

“Now now Doll ~ how about we play a little game … ” he started talking but it was as if you couldn’t hear a word he was saying in that amazing raspy voice of his .

Your eyes trailed don’t from his eyes to his exposed chest . He also had tattoos all over his body . God he looked absolutely breathtakingly perfect . You were deep in thought or rather amazement that you had no idea what he was taking about . He noticed the absence of your attention so he gripped your chin and made you look at him .

“Doll you better be listening to me ” he growled.
“So perfect ” you mumble as your hands reach to touch his flawless skin . You saw the slight confusion in his eyes as you continued mumbling.

“So absolutely perfect … not a single flaw …. absolutely breathtaking….” you continued . You used your chance and flipped over so now you were on top of him getting a better look at him . You were surprised he allowed this , he was surprised too .

“I haven’t seen someone this flawless in a long time … ” you say as your fingers gently trace his tattoos on his chest . “You are absolutely perfect ” you say to him while looking him in the eyes . At first he was confused but soon a smirk appeared on his red lips and soon a crazed laughter left his throat making you like this mysterious man even more .

“I’m starting to really like you ” he said “what’s your name doll ” he asked , you still on top of him .“(Y/n) …” you say . “Joker ” he interrupted himself.  Then all of a sudden he stands up you in his arms “I don’t usually take my new toys home but I particularly like you , so it’s your lucky day pumpkin  ” he laughed again before walking out of your hose .

You had no idea where he was taking you and to be honest.

You didn’t mind at all .

Coffee, Add Sugar - A Bethyl Diner AU

When Beth Greene gets a job as a waitress at Carol’s Place - one of the few diners in Blackwood, Georgia - Daryl is certain she’s been put here to throw him off.

Clean. That’s the first thing Daryl notes about her… She’s too clean. 

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“You will never know how beautiful you are to me‚” Calum said‚ his hand moving to brush the hair that had fallen in front of your face back behind your hair. You just rolled your eyes before rolling over off of the plush blankets and sheets that had wrapped around your body like they were trying to keep you with Calum for just a little while longer.

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