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   Please keep in mind that, however hard my muse may argue something or however confidently they make a statement, they can be wrong. It’s my muse’s opinion, and my muse talking, and their perception is skewed.
              Do not feel like everything out of my character’s mouth is the truth, or that I’m godmodding. 

bones exposed

Title: Bones Exposed
Pairing: Blurryface/Reader (slight Tyler/Reader)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Name-calling, dirty talk, handcuffs, unprotected sex. (Also, there’s some fluff, and vague mention of a self-destructive streak.)
A/N: Hella long word count once again, like 5.6k or something. If this goes over well, I will write more; potentially, I’d make him even rougher, but only if you guys wanna delve into that. Sorry it took so long, lots of personal stuff + writer’s block are not a good mix. Enjoy, and keep requesting. (And I don’t know how people write Blurry in their stories, but this is what I thought felt the best so idk???)

If you guys don’t like it, I’m so sorry, lmfao.

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a little part of me kinda hates that i grew up with hp????? idk harry potter feels like something i’ve always known and all my memories of it merge together and i can’t separate my experiences…like i don’t remember how i felt when you found out quirrel was actually the one after the stone not snape and i feel like i’ve always know that sirius was harry’s godfather and just loads of stuff ya know? i just wish i could reread the books for the first time now and really experience the plot and appreciate all the twists and turns and come up with theories and just really take it all in idk

The signs on Halloween
  • Aries: telling scary stories to little children
  • Taurus: trying to watch all the halloween movies in one night
  • Gemini: recreating halloween make-up tutorials which turn out perfectly
  • Cancer: baking halloween themed goods
  • Leo: going trick or treating with friends
  • Virgo: rereading harry potter by the fireplace
  • Libra: going to the best halloween parties in town
  • Scorpio: going on a ghost hunting spree
  • Sagittarius: visiting haunted houses and not getting scared once
  • Capricorn: carving pumpkins like a pro
  • Aquarius: haunting the streets, scaring people with fake blood
  • Pisces: winning every apple bobbing contest

“I like to do things that glorify being alone. I buy a candle that smells pretty, turn down the lights, and make a playlist of low-key songs. If you don’t act like you’ve been hit by the plague when you’re alone on Friday night, and just see it as a chance to have fun by yourself, it’s not a bad day.”

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if you could rewrite ashfur to be a better character, what would u change both character and plot wise? :o im very interested to hear ur interpretation

make him commit!! if he’s gonna be a villain/antagonist then make him commit to it! the reason i don’t like ash as a villain is bc he doesn’t actually go thru w it! he traps the 3 and then lets them go! what was his plan after that??? did he honestly not expect them to retaliate??

nah, if you’re gonna have ashfur be the villain then give more foreshadowing/more violent actions. have him nearly kill lionpaw in a training session, have him lead jaypaw to the edge of a cliff and give him a little “shove” idk something!! it just felt like ashfur was confused and didn’t know what he wanted and it confuses the reader too. 

i know a lot of ppl dislike how ash looks in the new anime but like… he actually looks like a 10 year old and ash by far has been the most expressive ive ever seen since season one and two

like xyz had great animation but ash’s facial features hardly changed. the new animation is basically making battle more fluid and expressive which is something fans always wanted. in xyz there were great animated battles but imo the characters felt… stiff???

idk i just felt the series needed a nice change. and the new season is colorful and will most likely catch a lot of children’s attention since pokemon gains new younger audiences everyday

Poor sehunnie was expecting presents from Santa this year :(
MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL YOU LOVELIES I’m sorry for this trash/shitty meme with grammar that hurts my guts but I ran out of space and wanted to post something for Christmas because idk I felt like it was the end of the world if I didn’t, but thanks for liking my posts, y'all make me happy and I hope my memes make you laugh, look forward to more memes or don’t lmao have a good end to 2016 💫
- sebootyyebooty 💕💕
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mmmmg been feeling weird about human artists/furry artists…..cause like IDK, not all (by any means) are like this, but I feel there’s this thing where human artists have an aversion to furries or are seen as better than furry/anthro artists….n like…that makes me sad cause i follow a lotttt of human artists and admire them a lot but have sometimes felt avoided or something? like its a higher club im not allowed into? SHRUGSS. maybe this is a problem of my own and i need to do some soul searching ha ha…this is probably silly!!!!

Here’s the Dazai one! 

x___x; Idk how I suddenly went a little more….mmmm…deep? Something like that. But to be honest, I do feel Dazai is the kind of lover/significant other who would be more gentle and more affectionate - I mean, if you guys read some of my Dazai x Reader fics, I do portray him a little like that. 

That and I think I may have gotten a tad carried away with Dazai XD; Welp! I’m already planning to do more of these. Took a little while with this one because chores, then tried to construct the words properly and all. 

I hope, for some or most of you, Dazai lovers or not, you’ll find these helpful and brighten your days ahead.


Well I’m out of characters that I officially have in game, but I can share my recent concept for a frosty sylvari. I wanted him to look both frosty and a little aurora borealis like; he also really makes me think of the Japanese Painted Fern (very neat plants).
Aside from the base design though, I don’t have anything else, not a name, I couldn’t even put together an outfit that I felt fit his design. I guess I’ll have to work on designing him outside of the game (which is okay cause I also have that ogre out of game).

ART TIP: Keep a balance between digital and traditional art

because there are things traditional art will teach you that digital art won’t, and the same goes the other way

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i just saw your angsty headcanon can we have a sequel to them? or idk yoosung zen and seven's reaction after mc is gone?

  Ok I’m guzzling down coffee for you guys I’m only gonna do Yoosung,Seven, and a bit of Jumin. 

  Lets just say something went down at the dance…..and me the fucking 4′9 15 year old had to come to my friends rescue from like a 6′2 17 year old ugh well anyways on to the post.

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 He felt like shit. Honestly it was his fault he didnt relize he had been neglecting his wife he just wanted to make her proud with good grades and test scores. Its been a week and he just wants her back. He was so desperate it wasnt just a want anyore it was a need. 

 He grabbed his hoodie and ran out the door. He didnt even bother to get in his car he just ran to Seven’s house. 

 “SEVEN!!!” He screams.”OPEN UP THE GATE”

 He opens it cautiously knowing that he wouldn’t go away anyways.

  “Where is MC” He yells.

 “Asleep” He lies.

 What about me” You say walking out but when you see Yoosung your jaw drops.”Y-Yoosung” 

 “Hey MC” He says scratching his head nervously.

 ‘Seven why did you let him in” She says

 A look of panic flashes over Sevens face”Oh he…uh wouldn’t shut up so I let him in”

 “Oh ok”You turn your head towards Yoosung.”Yoosung I still love you but I cant go back to you”

 “Look I know I screwed up I can change”He pleads.

 “If you cant even follow your own vows how can I believe you right now” You say coldly. 

 “MC”He says quietly.

 “Yoosung” Seven starts.”I think you should go don’t worry I’ll take care of her I promise”

 “Just one more question” He says.

 “What is it” You say trying not to break down in tears.

 “Are we getting a divorce o-” 

 You combust into tears. You cant take it anymore all this saddness you just want him to leave.

 “GO JUST GO” You yell still having a mental breakdown.

 And he does just that…..


 You sit in the car curled up in a ball crying your eyes out. You cant except hes gone even though it just happened minutes ago right in front of you.

 “Mrs.Choi” Driver Kim starts just hearing his last name makes your stomach turn.”We’re here”

 You just sit there whats the point of moving,whats the point in anything. Driver Kim stands there awkwardly for a minute until he speaks up.

 “I’ll go get Mr. Han” He says walking off.

 You stay in the same position for hat seems like forever. You have a giant headache from all your crying and yet you cant stop crying. You hear footsteps outside the car.

 “MC?” Jumin asks then he looks in the car. “MC what happened?”

 You look up for a minute tears dripping off your face rapidly. “I-Its Seven”

 “What happened to Seven” He asks. “Where is he”

  You stifle a sob”H-Hes…. d-dea-” You cant even finish your sentence.

 “MC come inside please” He asks.

 You want to but you cant bring yourself to move its like you have no energy. Jumin walks over and picks you up bridal style and takes you up to his penthouse and lies you on the guest bed. 

 You realize how tired you are and feel you eyelids become droopy the last thing you hear before you go to sleep is.

 “Dont worry MC I’ll find who did this and make them pay”


 Today was the day he dreaded the most. Its not like he didn’t hate everyday without you but today it would be worse. Your funeral. Just because he didn’t want one it was your wish to have one so he respected it. He wasn’t sure what to do he knew it was his fault but no one else knew and this guilt would haunt him forever.

 He hears a faint knock at the door and knows that its time to go he had requested it to be a peaceful funereal just him,Seven,Yoosung,Zen,and Jaehee. He got in the car and the drive seemed to drag on forever but when you go to there he wished it had been longer. When he entered everyone bombarded him.

 “Im so sorry we all miss her” Yoosung says.

 “Mr. Han…” Jaehee trails off unable to find words.

 “Jumin I cant imagine how much pain you must be feeling right now” Zen says quietly.

 “Jumin it’s good to see you finally” Seven says trying to be happy for everybody else’s sake bu you can see right through his cheerfulness.

 The funeral was long and boring but he listened anyways out of respect for you. The guilt was with him the entire time and he decided to tell everyone the truth. When the service was over and everyone spoke you walked towards everyone.

 Guys I have something to confess” You say nervously.

 They’re faces are confused it makes sense as far as they knew you had gotten hit by a car.

 “Guys MC didn’t just get hit by a car” He stops for a moment. “She wanted to get hit by that car…..because of me”

 Everyone looks at you sadly.

 “I’m sure that’s not true Im sure she didn’t mean to get hit” Yoosung speaks up.

 “Guys I hate to break it to you but I watched the surveillance cam she knew that car was coming plus she looked so sad and broken” Seven says.

 “Its my fault I worked too much yelling at her when she wanted to spend time if I could do anything over again I would spend more time with her” He says now sobbing.

 The other look at something the never thought they’d see. Jumin Han was crying. 

// So if anyone ever needs to write about a collapsed lung, I have just done some first hand research on what it feels like (don’t worry, there’s not really gory details about how collapsed lungs happen).

The side of the chest that the collapsed lung will hurt like fucking hell. Personally I feel like a knife is being ramed into my shoulder blade. Breathing is difficult and breathing too deeply or rapidly makes the pain MUCH WORSE.

Moving causes EXTREME AGONY. The pain may also shift with the direction of one’s body, basically like gravity is pushing the pain around. I can not sit up or stand up without someone either pulling me my my arms or full on lifting me.

I also experienced a sensation of something actually moving inside my chest (maybe the air pocket outside of my lung, maybe the lung itself idk all I know is it felt like something was moving in there) any time I lean forward or roll onto my side.

If I have to go through this shit, by god am I going make something useful come of it.

And anyone who may be concered, don’t worry too much. Treatment is already underway so all there is to do is share the data I have gathered.