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i was thinking, if i made a part 3 of reputation would you guys read it if i made a plot twist that stan used to really like the reader but hid how he felt after he found out about all the things she’d done? like, look at how stan looks at beverly with utter disgust because he believed all the rumours about her.

so, idk. everyone has been asking for a part 3 of reputation and it’s kind of difficult to come up with ideas, but i feel like if i did something like this i could make a lot more parts to it? basically it would kind of turn into a love triangle?? 


On the night you were born, the moon smiled with such wonder, that the stars peeked in to see you” happy birthday @amazingphil ! 

Days like this - Sirius Black x Reader x Remus Lupin(contains smut)

Request: Hello! Fantastic writer 🖤 Would you do a poly wolfstar x reader were the reader is James’s twin and he wakes them up after sex (smut or not you choose; I wouldn’t mind, loved your last one 😏) and he’s like “wtf mate? Wait… mates?” Because he doesn’t know #obliviousPotter(s) 😂😍 Thanks if you can do this 🙃
Warnings:  My English, language, polyamorous-bisexual-relationship, smut part. Um, idk =) Gifs aren’t mine. Credits to their original owners.
Word Count~1.3k
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You couldn’t really remember when it became ‘official’. You couldn’t even pinpoint when the feeling of friendship had become something more. Maybe somewhere between Sirius and Remus. Yes. That was correct. You were in a relationship with both of them. No, it never felt weird. But no, people didn’t really know. Yes, maybe PDA wasn’t your thing but you had never hidden the relationship. But Remus was the moon and Sirius was the stars. Kind and sweet met sin and salty. It felt so perfect to be real.Yet, it was. 
You sluggishly opened your eyes. You were wearing nothing and you weren’t alone in the bed. Suddenly all of the things that happened last night, came back.

“Oh fuck.”  Remus cried out.  You were sitting on your knees between his legs with two of your fingers in his ass, stroking his prostate.  Sirius was standing beside you as you sucked his cock, your tongue working up and down his length, swirling around him.
Being with the two of them was the best thing you had ever done. You were molded to be together. At first, you just simply couldn’t believe that you had fallen for both of them but when they admitted-well it was more of ‘can we all be together now?’ thing. And you knew that you couldn’t pick one because you didn’t like only one.
You knew that the boys had feelings for each other as well but they weren’t quite sure about their place with each other. It was a lot to take in and it was fine-you had time. You were just taking it slow. There was nothing wrong with that.
They were both more than comfortable with you though and they never held back affection.  You wanted to study? No. You would cuddle. You wanted to go out with Lily? No. You would cuddle. Not that you were complaining.
Remus grunted suddenly and his hips bucked. Even at this time, with them exploring their bond with each other, you not being the center of attention was a bit not… normal? Today though, you had decided that it was about them.
Sirius pulled away from you and dropped to his knees. He took Remus’ cock in his hand and started to stroke it while he captured you in a heated kiss. Remus was doing his best not to be loud but he was panting heavily, something that made you think how animalistic the noises were. And turned you on immensely. He reached out and gripped Sirius’ thigh, tightly, before his body jerked up. His cock was pulsing as he came with a noise so primal that made your heat clench. 
Remus sat up and threw Sirius backwards so he was lying sideways on the small bed as he took your place and mimicked your moves. You moved beside him and bent over his cock.
“You want to be inside your girl?”  Remus asked. Since when was Remus the dominant one?
“Oh fuck, yes.” Sirius moaned, sending shivers down your spine. You climbed on top of him, guiding his cock inside of you. You carefully grinded your hips against him as your mouth had captured his in a very, very passionate kiss

Your heart almost stopped when James opened the curtains. He was rubbing his eyes, trying to wake up. Well, maybe it would be more accurate to say that he was clearly shocked. 
“What the hell mate… Wait. Mates? What the fuck?” he just stared at you, jaw hitting the floor. Your hands tried to cover the strategic parts of your body because his eyes were glued to you, barely looking at his friends. He was kind of your brother. Scratch that. He was kind of your twin. And he was seeing his twin sister in bed with TWO of his best friends.Well, that was a shock. 
“PRONGS” Sirius groaned, his voice low and sleepy. Remus covered you with the sheets and gave James a playful look.
“Don’t tell me you didn’t know” he mocked him. James was lost. Like the apocalypse was upon him.
“I didn’t know. I thought that… you were friends. With benefits. Sometimes. What the fuck is going on?” he desperately asked again. You couldn’t help but laugh at him. He gave you a hard look and rolled his eyes.
“Jay, we are together” you simply stated. Sirius, still half asleep, wrapped an arm around your waist and hid his face in the crook of your neck. James thought he understood.
“Okay. You are with Pads. So why is Remus sharing the bed?” he asked again, really puzzled and confused. Remus just shrugged and kissed your forehead.
“James. We are all together. As in all three of us. In a relationship” Remus commented. To say that James’ eyes had gone wider than the sun, would be an understatement. Suddenly, James wasn’t there. Instead, in his place, was standing a stag. You tried your best to stop yourself from laughing but it just didn’t work. You burst out laughing so hard that you couldn’t breathe and felt tears in your eyes. And you weren’t the only one.
Once he turned back into his human body, his cheeks were red and he was utterly embarrassed.
“I’m gonna hide in the bathroom now if you don’t mind” he murmured and left without another word. You calmed down and kissed both of your boys. You knew that you had to talk to your brother. But that could wait.
“Mornin’ sweetheart,” Sirius told you, a genuine smile illuminating his face.
“Not the only sweetheart here” you whispered. You truly wanted this to work and since last night did happen, well… they would have to work a bit.
“Good morning to you too, sweetheart” he greeted Remus, emphasizing and playfully mocking the last word. Remus grimaced at the name.
“Please, don’t” he simply informed Sirius as he got out of the bed. But before he did so, he gave you a pointed look that let you know he was grateful.
“How’d you sleep?” Sirius asked, brushing his lips against your right earlobe.
“With the two of you around, I can’t consider what I did last night as sleeping” you truthfully answered. They had worn you out.
“I’d apologize,” he whispered, his warm breath hitting your ear as Remus finished off for him “But you weren’t complaining. Actually… what was she saying?” Your stomach twisted as you recalled the events.
“More…aw. Oh. OH!” they both made fun of you. You shoved Sirius out of the bed and threw a pillow at Remus.
You sat there, with your back against the headboard, watching them. It was so obvious that you were drunk in love with them, that you wondered how James couldn’t see it. They were getting ready but all you could do was watch them. They were talking about their pranks but their voices trailed off in your mind and you just watched their mouths move, grey eyes meeting caramel ones and darting between you and each other. You smiled as you admired their beauty. But it wasn’t just their beauty that had won you over. They had golden hearts and amazing personalities and… well, how could you explain love? You had absolutely no idea when or how you became so hopelessly devoted to the two of them but you never really understood the way that people fell in love. You didn’t have to.
“Siri? Remy?”. Your voice was thick from the feelings that had overwhelmed you.
“Yeah, love?” they answered in unison.
“I- I think I kinda love you” you whispered, not really trusting your voice.
Genuine smiles were spread across their faces.
“Glad we are on the same page” Sirius said with a smirk as they both came and kissed your cheeks, whispering those words you longed to hear, each nibbling an earlobe, their breaths falling hot on your neck. Days like this, made you believe that perfection wasn’t just an idea but your reality. 
A relationship with those two was the best decision you had ever made.

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favorite psych moments: 5x10 “can i just say what i came here to say, please? i have a motorcycle. and you know what? it is the purest form of freedom that i have ever experienced. you zip through traffic, you park anywhere, you never have to take anyone to the airport, you certainly don’t have to help anyone move. easily the best purchase i’ve ever made in my life. and i have never regretted it. not for one second.”
“great. you love your motorcycle. is there a point to this?“

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EXO react when you (an idol) are feeling sad and struggling to act happy

Here you go :)

(I made this suitable for all genders btw)

Sehun:*it took him a while to pick up that you weren’t usual happy self and when you finally opened up to him and told him about the stress your management he dropped his sassy act and become a total dork. He didn’t know how to solve the problem with your management but always made sure he was someone you could vent to whenever you needed to*

Kai:*with your group’s comeback happening soon, you were trying to get in all the dance practise you could and wanted to perfect the moves. Kai had been helping you because he’s so sweet, but as the days wore on he noticed that your movements became less enthusiastic and you seemed less energetic all-around. Knowing that, although exciting, comebacks can be stressful he wanted to see you relax before the comeback date and the hectic performances and interviews that will follow. So when you were both in the car supposedly on the way to the dance studio, he drove on further in to the city to pick up some food and take the evening off*

Kai- “Come on, we’re getting takeout.”

Y/N- “But…”

Kai- “No buts, we’re going!”

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Tao:*got very upset when you confessed to him about how stressful your management can be after he begged you to tell him what’s wrong. At first he yelled and raved to no one in particular about how cruel your manager is before holding you close clinging onto you like a koala to try and comfort you. Over the next week or so he toned done the whinyness and tried to be more aware of how you’re doing since you’re usually so happy and he hated to see you miserable*

you’re baek okay

D.O:*he’d noticed that your usual bubbly personality was rare to see recently when you weren’t in front of a camera, and he asked you if anything was bothering you. He sat on the couch with you, holding you in his arms as you vented all that was getting you down - the root of your problems being your overly-strict manager, who was very controlling about your personal life and how much time was “acceptable” to spend with family and friends. He promised you he would talk to the manager and reach some kind of compromise. Until then he would always try to make you smile and act like a complete dork to see you happy*

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Chanyeol:*being labelled the happy virus himself, he knew how sometimes it was a lot of pressure to always be upbeat and enthusiastic, and so was very sympathetic when you explained all that was wrong. He did everything in his power to distract you from the stress, whether it was nighttime adventures hunting for Pokemon or playing video games or teaching you how to play guitar. Expect random outburst of aegyo too, all he wants is to see you happy until the pressure passed*

Chen:*he listened to you as you voiced everything you had been worrying about with your management recently. With the threat of one of your group’s members leaving soon, management had been overbearing to ensure no one else would feel the urge to pack up and leave too, and it was getting on your nerves as well as worrying you. Afterwards, he wouldn’t stop cuddling you until you were begging him to free you, and until this difficult period in you career passed he incidentally exhausted himself by acting silly and doing stupid things even more than usual to see you laugh*

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Baekhyun:*he quickly realised that you weren’t yourself, and that your energy seemed to be drained from all the hard work you were doing for your group. Having an overly harsh manager had made you more and more stressed to improve your skills and gain their approval and all the extra training had finally gotten on top of you ;))) . Knowing you wouldn’t listen if he asked you to stop working so hard, he resorted to making sure you were still always busy, but having fun. You’d constantly receive texts or phone-calls along the lines of “Y/N we’re going bowling and you’re coming!” or “Don’t go to the studio let’s go to the arcade instead!” - before you knew it, you were already feeling far less stressed*

Lay:*he sat on the bed with you as you poured out everything that had been stressing you out with your management recently. Your group had just debuted but already you and your group’s members could tell your manager wasn’t the kindest or the most patient. Already she’d upset three members with her harsh criticism, and you were worried for them. Yixing dutifully listened and when all your complaints were out he took you in his arms and pulled you back to lie on the bed before telling you not to worry and to take a nap since you were exhausted with performing and worrying*

“Come get some sleep, it’ll all be okay Y/N”

Suho:*your management wasn’t the most organised or nicest, and you’d had to cancel a trip to visit your family because your manager had supposedly forgotten to tell you that your group was crazy busy with rehearsals those few days - this wasn’t the first time he had “forgotten”. Feeling devastated since you were so excited to see your parents again, you moaned to Junmyeon who after you were done gave you some good motherly advice and then proceeded to cheer you up by being the motherly idiot he is*

“If this happens again, complain. He’s a terrible manager and should probably be replaced”

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Kris:*he realised something was bothering you since you weren’t acting your usual hyper and happy self. He asked you what was bothering you, and, grateful to talk to someone, you ranted about your manager. Everything seemed stressful recently, with your group being booked for so many activities you were run off your feet. He listened hard to all you had to say, and brought you into a huge hug in his long ass arms and promised all the events and interviews would finish soon, and you’d soon enough have plenty of free time*

also this gif is rlly hot to me idk i wanted to use it so

Luhan:*your subdued behaviour made him panic at first, made him think he’d done something wrong and he racked his brains to think what it could be. But one day you came home and vented about your manager and his annoying tendency of never complimenting your group, there was always a “but” - “you did well, but..” or “you have improved, but..” - and it had really gotten you down. You complained about never feeling like you were achieving anything and how you never felt like laughing anymore. After comforting you until everything was out of your system, he whipped around the room in attempts to make you laugh which it did because come on*

“See you’re laughing now!”

Xiumin:*as soon as you told him how demanding your management had become, he instantly started babying you. Being the fantastic listener he is, he gave his full attention to everything you said and complained about. After promising you that all the stress would very soon go away and everything would slot back into place he tripled the aegyo and became even cuter and even sweeter than he normally is because he is a perfect human being we are not worthy of him how is he 26  oh god im emo again im gonna stop*

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Summary: The Winchesters found her in Crowley’s supernatural prison guarded by a dozen of demons. Keeping her as leverage without even knowing she’s the big key everyone is looking for. 

Autor: @sleepywinchester | prev. deanwinchester-af 

Pairings: Dean x OFC (Eventually)

Characters: Dean Winchester, Katherine Pierce, Sam Winchester, Benny.

Words: 1.5k+

Warnings: None.

Title: Mistakes Were Made

A/N: This is part of my series re-write. This chapter is also written in first person; idk, I just felt like writing it that way.  Is been a while since I’ve written for this fic and geez, forgot how much I love it. | gifs are not mine |

Feedback is always appreciated it <3


There was nothing entertaining playing on TV, there were no signs of cases, and the claustrophobic began to overcome my senses. I could take almost everything but boredom, that was something that didn’t suit me. Three days in Bobby’s old cabin with Dean was my limit, I couldn’t handle being in here another hour. Dean wasn’t a bad company, it were the mixed up thoughts and feelings what worried me.

“That’s it,” I spat, standing up from the old couch and shutting the TV off.

“Where are you going?” Dean’s asked without taking his eyes off the laptop.

“We,” I corrected him. “We are going to the bar,” I kept talking as I made my way to his side. My tone casual with a notch of demanding. “If we don’t go out tonight, I’ll lose my mind.”

Dean barely reacted to my words. He scoffed softly without disconnecting from his laptop.

“Suit yourself,” he replied.

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The Lodge?

So I keep hearing about The Lodge, and I know Thomas Doherty is in it. I’ve listened to a bunch of the songs (I actually have a spotify playlist that is only the lodge and descendants songs cause I like them so much). But I was wondering if anyone knew where to watch full episodes? I’m in America and so far haven’t been able to find anything?

Also if someone wanted to sum it up or something, I’d love that. Cause from tumblr, I really have no clue what it’s about, I pretty much have the tumblr rough version with all the ships and such, and I’ve only seen the music videos. And honestly, it totally looks like Thomas’ character is part of a poly relationship, but I feel like it’s actually a love triangle. Cause like, favorite place to be music video so feels like something for a poly relationship, did you see how they all looked at each other, even the guys. 

But anyways, I’m interested in it cause I like the music, but idk what it’s really about. I wanna watch it though.

Sorry this isn’t descendants related, but I felt you all would be a good group to ask! 💙💜💙💜

(Favorite Place To Be music video because seriously someone agree with me this looks like a poly relationship )

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(Not my gif) (this is hot though 😂)