idk i felt like giffing it so i did


under the cut are 74 gif icons of the handsome as hell, skam actor,  herman tømmeraas  as requested by me. none of these gifs belong to me, so all of the credits go to the original gif owners. however, i did edit and resize them all ( do NOT steal ). please like or reblog if you use !!

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idk why i have a sudden interest in emma i came across the playback video and based off like the combined 27 seconds (probably) she was in the video i felt compelled to make an entire gifset for her, the video was colored so nicely i had to do it and it had to be of emma 

Companions react to Sole stumbling over something during/right after a battle and falling over.



(On low affinity more sth like)






Piper (after laughing):

Strong: (too busy with ‘sound of battle’ to notice)

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(and yes that’s a reference to how he always calls you babe when romanced)

- I felt like it :p not a reaction blog though might make a gif reaction blog to the side though, Idk  If you wanna see more of these, send me sth. I’ll make a side blog. On the  other hand SO MANY fantastic reactions blogs already so not sure? - 

UPDATE: A sideblog was born, so if you want more fallout 4 / reaction gifs etc. from yours truly you might wanna go for my sideblog instead of this one. ^^ HERE IT IS:


“I used to go on runs, it’s kind of hard for me now unfortunately in Paris because it’s a little bit hectic. My knees aren’t that great, so recently I haven’t been on the treadmill that much but that’s why I like to box on a soft floor. It’s good for me.” -Gigi Hadid

Strong || Ella & Charlie

Their last conversation hadn’t turned out the way Charlie had intended — at all. He didn’t understand why Ella was acting the way she was and he was really worried about her. He knew he had to apologise for what he’d said; he’d felt guilty ever since he’d had a chance to calm down. He just didn’t know if she was accept it. Managing to find out her room number, Charlie made his way to Ella’s dorm, knocking on the door a little nervously.


“So your father told you once,
That you were his princess…
And you won’t see the castle,
You cannot find your prince.
But now you’ve grown a lot,
And your dresses don’t fit right.
Your daddy’s not your hero,
He stole your chariot…”

[Just as she’s about to begin singing the next verse, the door to the recording room swung open. Shock and confusion filled her features, and she turned to the person who’d walked in.] “How did you… I was so sure I closed that…”