idk i feel like it's awkward sometimes

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Do you have a favourite TT ship?

Yeah I still think it’s Beast Boy and Raven. 

I’m a little strange about it because I’ve realized that I’ve always liked the idea of them a couple years older and giving it a shot after growing up a bit. Meanwhile within the show’s timeline I just liked the banter going back and forth and the hints of some light flirting. but if they were to have been made official then? Idk too soon I think. I enjoyed the awkwardness. And I enjoy how they seem to be testing the waters even on their friendship alone. 

Sometimes the person you didn’t expect to be your friend, might end up your best friend. Or someone pretty important in your life. Just depends on how time treats people, and how people treat people. 

That and I feel like I can now connect with some relationship issues they might bump into, being opposites and all. 

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Mmm I'm so conflicted about bts attending the bbmas. Like, I want them to get recognition and more fans, because they deserve that and I'd be a selfish fuck to want to keep them to myself. But at the same time, I feel like they'll be disrespected by the American artists, or they'll feel awkward at the awards. I hope it all works out well for them and people treat them well 💜

same!!!!! like im so so so happy for them but idk its just a different reality i guess? i dont exactly kno what im trying to say here but like for example, they can b super excited to meet a celebrity but they r just complete assholes to them? im afraid they’ll get dissapointed? but again…. THEY R ADULTS lol we sometimes tend to forget that, anyways…. idk if this makes sense tbh, idk im excited but also nervous n i rlly dont kno why

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i’m the same way sadly. for me its problem cuz i’d ask for stuff when i was younger during times when we couldn’t afford stuff. but i never could tell when those times would be usually, so i just started being too scared to ask. the social anxiety doesn’t help lollo

Aww -hugs-

Yeah I feel it. :c Similar here, kinda grew up with a ‘well we don’t really have a lot of money’ thing soit tends to feel like asking for stuff is too much, I even feel awkward sometimes asking for small amounts of money? 

Like my eldest brother is like ‘relatively well off’ (he’s better off than us at home) so it’s like he can buy things but idk I feel weird asking him even though he’s like ‘I’m happy to help!’’ it’s like ‘you shouldn’t have to spend money on me’ at the same time. 

Okay guys so for some reason my trashy blog hit 1k followers. I don’t even know how my content isn’t even that good tbh. And yes I’m screaming. It may seem like a small number but I was not expecting to get so many omg. But I would genuinely like to thank each follower and all these beautiful people below who keep my dash full of their talents and for creating such a friendly atmosphere. I’ve met so many nice people on here who are honestly too good for me and I just love you guys so much. I would love to say more but I’m just not good with writing these kind of things and I can’t think of anything *cries* but I just want y’all to know that I love you guys so so much! I wish I could hug each one of you and send a million puppies and kittens to your door! ANYWAY tagged below are some (too many) of my fav blogs ^.^

EDIT: For some reason some blogs I tagged didn’t appear below due to some glitch I guess so if you got a notification that you’re tagged but you can’t find your name I’m so sorry!! Tumblr annoys me sometimes >.<

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Can you pls do ao blurb for each boy where your're best friends but you turn him on and he gets a boner and its like a cute awkward if that makes sense haha

oh gosh this is gonna kill me

calum idk i have a feeling sometimes he’d be really hard to turn on if you’re not actually rubbing his dick or something he just doesn’t seem the type to get random boners so you guys would be play fighting because he said something stupid and you hit him gently so he tackled you to the floor and that’s what happened but you’d be trying to get away from him and pry his hands away but your ass was grinding into his dick and you were groaning and just being sexy without realising it so he’d sort of say to you ‘babe you better stop before i get a boner’ and you’d blush and stand up and walk out of the room apologising becuase you were so embarassed

i think michael would be so cute in this situation like you would be sick so he’d come over and you’re only in pyjama shorts and a sports bra because you have a fever or something so once you’ve both had a nap you’d decide to spend the rest of the day playing video games so you put mario kart in and lets be real everybody gets passionate over mario kart so you’d be swearing at the screen and getting fucking angry and after a while michael would give up playing and just watch you get so heated up over this game and he’d start to imagine what you’d be like in bed and how dominant and sexy you’d be whilst riding him so he gets a boner and you can hear him shifting around and just acting like he was uncomfortable so you turn around and glance at the tent in his jeans and be like ‘shit sorry omg did i do that’ and he’d nod and you’d go to leave but he’d just pull you on top of him so you’re cuddling but you’d shift around and he’d groan again and be like ‘y/n your tits aren’t helping’ so you’d just blush even more and bury your face in his neck while he chuckles at you aww aodrable i want a michael

luke would probably always get boners around you but you’d never think it was because of you because you’re on the larger side and luke normally is attracted to thinner girls but one day you’d be wearing leggings and a band top and just messing around with michael like you always do making sexual innuendos bc immaturity is key so you’d say something like ‘michael, luke is making me wet’ and his mind would automatically go to the image of you guys in bed and you moaning like crazy and your soft skin beneath his and he’d get up and walk away but ashton who was sitting next to luke would be like ‘y/n you gave him a boner’ and you’d hear luke groan from wherever he was and be like ‘shut the fuck up ashton’ and you’d tear up bc insecure and you thought they were all teasing you but then you’d get up and walk out and luke would grab your wrist and be like ‘its so hard to control myself around you’ asnaifnOTE NOOOOOOOO

ashton would be because you guys had been friends for so long so you were just really comfortable around eachother so it probably wouldn’t be that awkward the only problem being that you’d have to pretend you didn’t realise so he’d be teaching you how to play the drums and you’d make a comment like ‘do i look as hot as you when i play?’ and he’d nod becuase yes you always look fucking hot ugh but anyways you’d keep on teasing him and you’d feel his dick getting harder and harder with every comment you made until he just stood up and walked out of the room bc so done with u right now

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