idk i feel kind of ugh

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I'm kind of confused about the Draco / Marauders talk but I'll give it a shot anywaylol. So idk I just recovered from a flu and I imagine Draco to be the type of boyfriend who would take car of you and make you soup even though he doesnt know how and he'd probably spill and make a mess but ugh it'd just be so cute

omg yes!

  • like he would always put in 110% effort to make you feel better
  • and stay by your side and supply you with tea and soup no matter what
  • you’d tell him not to get so close or else he’ll get sick
  • but he just dismisses your warnings
  • so draco brings you tea and gives you millions of kisses on the forehead
  • brushing the hair from your face and telling you you still look beautiful 
  • he’ll make sure you’re treated like a princess while you’re sick (and every day of your life with him, really)

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Remember this. When they finally understand what you are. This is how they will deal with you as well.

So hot

Okay sooooo my feelings on this clip are summed up perfectly by Sana:

Nei, nei, nei.

  • Sana is looking amazing as usual. I loved her makeup in this clip (that lipstick!)
  • Noora leaving is so suspicious. She is not a good liar, like, at all.
  • As soon as Vilde said that the best thing for Noora was to find a new boy, I thought UGH because I knew it was going to involve Elias and his friends and I swear if they try and set up Noora and Yousef… Yeah, okay Vilde, Jonas of Mahdi would be fun, but that’s not what is going to happen here. And also, like kind of rude towards Eva (Jonas wise)? Idk, I am sure people have mixed feelings on that!
  • Sana wants the girls to wait outside. Sana has kept these worlds separate for so long, and I think that’s how she likes it. None of her friends even know who Yousef is, let alone that she likes him. I also think she is thinking far enough ahead to know things might get rocky incorporating them into her friend group considering Even’s past with her brother and his friends, specifically Mikael obviously.
  • Nice call back with the Chris + spoon Skam. Listen, not to jump to any conclusions, but after they show Chris the camera switched to show Mikael so…history may be repeating itself here is all I’m saying.
  • And then it was just nei, nei, nei from there!

- Rikki


The trailerrrrrrr is out baes! I’m just gonna talk about my favorite spots

Look, right on ChiHaya !! *SCREAMS* and MaeIso too! dammit boys why are you not in traditional whyyy so modern. i wanna see you in yukata. Beautiful girl right there, Rinka.

Fandom: Sensei OTP!!!
Staffs: Got you


shota Gakushuu HIHIHI

and of course….

KaruNagi standing beside each other. *SCREAMING MY HEAD OUT* Karma, why so good looking in black. NAGISAAAAAAAAAAAA bae as always~~ I’m not expecting for karmagisa in the trailer ‘cause idk. I’m not just expecting. and idk. I feel like S2 will not have karmagisa moments as much as in S1 (like they’d be focusing on NagiKae or something) I DONT KNOW. WHY AM I FEELING THIS KIND OF FOREBODING. UGH why do you always give me these tragic feels karmagisa no fair

and thankfully we’ll get to see the test of courage animated! and no human korosensei in the trailer :(


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Wow! Just wow! That fic was PERFECTION! I love domineering Hobi, and ugh, your characterization of jungkook! So fucking hot... And Omg that ending!!! I really hope you write a third part to Nudes, Not Flowers!!! I'd love to see that trio again!!!

thank you so much for all your kind words :’)) ♡
I’m actually thinking of writing a poly!junghope after Hoseok graduates and moves out of state?? but i feel like if I write that it’ll be really angsty and probably turn into a series, haha. do i need that pain in my life?? idk

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Okay, I was scrolling along and just wanted to tell you that your icon is lovely? I love how it has this shadow-like feel of mystery? idk how to word but THE THING IS IT'S LOVELY AND SO ARE YOU.

oMg this is so random and kind i really appreciate it i love you too!!!! smh thank you for sending me this i hope you have an amazing day and tHank you AGAIN!!! 

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conf: i really want to cuddle w someone rn like it's the perfect weather rn where i am for it and i just have been craving that kind of physical touch (idk how else to word that) lately like i want to lay my head on someone's chest and curl up in their arms and just relax and listen to their heartbeat and feel them trace their fingers on my arm or back and not have to think about anything or anyone except what's happening at that moment ugh i'm too stressed lately i just want affection

Aww babe :(( come here (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Tell me how you feel about me
Do you like or like, like me?

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my life idk what i'm doing, i'm so close to end my life. My parents and brother are disappointed with me and everytime i feel happy i feel like i dont deserve to be happy ugh and idk what to do I always overthink things ugh I wanted to cry andlet this all out ugh fck this 😭

cry and let it all out, then move on. a lot of shitty things happen in life but it doesn’t mean it’s a shit life, you can fight and overcome the shit!! and if it’s the kind of shit you need to walk away from, it’s not easy so take your time to muster the courage to walk away.

stay strong, everyone deserves to be happy and there’s no reason for you to feel otherwise 💪🏻💕

do you ever think about what it would have been like for ron to see hermione at the yule ball for the first time?? like i mean obviously from what we saw through harry’s pov he was furious and crazy jealous and wouldn’t even speak to her when he passed her but i bet that was his secondary reaction, once he’d processed what was happened. imagine his initial, instinctual reaction when he first laid eyes on krum’s stunning date and then realised it was hermione??? that was probably when it hit him, when he was like ‘oh fuck i think i fancy hermione fuck fuck fuCK I REALLY GODDAMN FANCY MY BEST FRIEND HERMIONE!!!!!’

he’d probably known before that on some unacknowledged level that he had a kind of crush on her but idk it’s just a favourite headcanon of mine that when ron first saw her smiling nervously in those floaty periwinkle blue dress robes that those feelings became fully realised in a blinding flash.

okay but like 

adder said something really good when we watched the last episode: in that morty is acting out more and more to impress rick 

morty’s definitely changed from season one. he’s a lot more outspoken. he gets angry instead of scared or worried. he’s a lot more confident with girls, and, uh, he talks back to summer, and his parents. (or at least jerry). which, you know, good for him! a little confidence is a good thing in a kid like morty! but, um. 

it’s a little worrying that morty seems to be doing this WAY too much because of rick’s influence. like, we’ve already witnessed several occasions in season two where morty says something and then blatantly looks for rick for affirmation. (”right rick??”) he’s verbally attacking people in the family that rick used to mock, and still does (summer and jerry) and we know that rick tends to drag other people down to his level (re: episode with verity. it’s not exactly intentional, but rick just kind of spreads his destructive misery around until it sticks). rick is terrible when it comes to emotions: and morty’s an exceptionally needy kid. (not to mention rick tends to reinforce the notion that morty being himself is terrible and only when he acts like rick he’s actually impressive) in the long run, this is an awful combination because now that morty’s ricking it up in increasing degrees, he’s going to assume that that’ll win him rick’s approval - which it won’t, of course, because rick hates himself most of all, and like hell he wants to see morty being like him

so, you know, eventually something morty does or says is going to backfire in a major way. rick is probably going to call him out on him (rightfully so). that’s going to be painful. idk. will morty get frustrated or upset? will he lash out? will he rethink his behaviour? i just feel bad, honestly. 

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which bts song reminds you of each member? :)

It’s so difficult to pick just one song per member, like I agonized over this, so I’m going to cheat and do which songs remind me of each member <3 This is very long, I’m sorry I got carried away.

Jimin: Ah, my sun and stars, light of my life, bane of my existence. For him I immediately think of Tomorrow and Let Me Know. Tomorrow is one of my favorite BTS songs, and I just think his vocals on it are so good, especially on the live rooftop version which I think is better than the studio version. It blows me away every time I watch it. For Let Me Know its because of his high note which completely fucks me up every time I hear it. After you listen to it you can’t think of anyone else but him for awhile. And he nails it on every live performance too, he’s incredible.

Suga: UGH SO MANY. Honestly every song makes me think of him but I’ll try. So Suga composed Let Me Know and Tomorrow so they also make me think of him. But for some reason I really associate Suga with Converse High. I think it’s because of his iconic line “I really hate converse” and how that conflicts with him wearing them a lot in real life. Other songs that come to mind when I think of Suga are Blanket Kick, and 어디에서 왔는지 (Where Did You Come From) because I think he really shines on mid-tempo retro sounding songs.  And I always think of him with Miss Right because of his lines about the baby shoes that kill me and make me want children despite not liking kids and never wanting children. God, I’m such a Suga slut.

Rapmon: Expensive Girl. It’s got to be Expensive Girl. I know its one of his singles and not a BTS song but “Imma beat that pussy like you never ever felt before” is iconic and sums him up for me. He’s so weird and pervy and I love him. But I also associate him with Cypher Pt.3 and We Are Bulletproof Pt.2 because they’re aggressive and I think he really stands out on them.

J-Hope: I feel like his signature song is Satoori Rap, because he’s known for his dialect and his verse is first so to me that’s his song.  I also associate him with 2학년 Second Grade because he kills his verse in this. There’s a vine floating around of him performing it live and if you’ve seen that then you know why I picked this. Also the song is really upbeat and peppy and so is J-Hope.

Jungkook: Love Is Not Over because he composed it and he talks about it and his Dad’s hopes for him to make money off of it in SKIT: Expectations! and its really cute. And then also Boy In Luv because until recently he was still in school, and its a school themed video so it just fits for him really well. Also I always think of his his cute little rap at the beginning and how he awkwardly did it on Weekly Idol lol.

Taehyung/V: Ugh this one is going to be really emo so prepare yourselves. First and foremost I associate him with Hold Me Tight because he composed it. He’s so loving and gentle but yet really fun and wild, and this song kind of gives me the same feelings? Idk It’s sad and slow at times, but also upbeat and energetic at the same time and just really beautiful and oh my god I’m such a sap I need to turn this around. Ok other songs that remind me of him are War of Hormones and Boy In Luv because they feature his growl really well and he looks great in both videos.

Jin: To me his songs are Miss Right, and Rapmon’s Trouble which he features on (not a bts song but still very important). These are perfect because I feel like Jin is the poster child of like a sweet caring perfect boyfriend, or at least that’s his image to me. But then Trouble is the complete opposite of that image. It’s sexy and shows that there’s a stripper inside of him that he needs to let out more often.

Wow this was longer then I meant for it to be.  I’m sorry, but it was fun for me so deal with it <3

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okay this might be a kind of reallllly dumb question but do you know of any good books about mythology? I just feel like a huge chunk of tumblr knows so much about it and I don't.. but I find it to be a fascinating topic that I'd like to learn more about. idk sorry this is such a dumb question ugh ugh

Hey dear anon! That question is not dumb at all! To be honest it’s best just to browse the net instead of reading in the books, you can probably find anything you want to know and more like this.

my English teacher put us in groups of like 7 to share these writing pieces we made (and we never make groups so idk why she did that) and I happened to also be with 2 girls that I dislike. and in the beginning, I already accidentally hit her thigh with my desk and she’s all like “ugh omygod that’s gonna leave a bruise” and I apologized like 50x. and then she also made me feel awkward by mentioning Asian stereotypes and the other people in the group were kind of laughing and then she apologized to me bc she didn’t mean to make me feel awkward. I want to go home lmao this class is shit

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You know, I just miss River so much, since the start i always had kind if a crush for her. I really want her to come back and just ugh, she gives me so many feels. Idk if you understand, because there are many people that doesn't like her that much

I miss her too! Definitely would love to see how she and Twelve interact… or better yet, her and Missy. It’s rumored that she might return for Series 9, but if she does, I’d personally just love to see her as a guest star in an episode or two, and not as a full-time companion.

I think the bulk of what can be done with her character was completed successfully by the end of Series 7 (though admittedly, it was a rough ride to get there half the time), so it would just be too unnecessary to really delve into her character again and draw the same conclusions.

It’s funny, cause I just took a look at a list of her total appearances on the show, and she’s in a lot fewer episodes than I’d remembered her being. I guess that’s just cause a little of her goes a long way. :p

Honestly, what I’d love most of all for River would be her own comic book series…there are a lot of visual gaps to be filled in for her timeline, and it’s a medium that could do her a lot of justice!

I know there’s plenty of material there: the series could choose to focus on something like her regenerations prior to becoming River, her childhood as Mels with Amy and Rory, the years she was trained as an assassin, the years she spent as a archaeologist, the adventures she spent with the Doctor that occurred offscreen…

Or imagine even just a tragic and gorgeous one-shot comic, where we finally visit the Singing Towers of Darillium and get to experience the last night that Eleven and River ever spent together before she met her fate in the Library…

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Troye's so not into Connor tbh. Tronnor relationship is somehow all about Troye, you know, Troye's album, Troye's interviews, Troye's birthday and stuff. In vlogs Troye's always in his phone. Tronnor seems really one-sided idk

Ugh, bye. I used to be so patient and helpful with asks like these, but I’m kind of tired of answering them. You’re assuming negative things about them based on the fraction of their lives that they share.

We see what they want us to see. Connor is emotionally extroverted. He shares his feelings with his viewers. Troye is emotionally introverted. His feelings are usually most clear in his music, and we don’t have his music yet. They visit each other all the time, but it happens to be more convenient for Troye since he has music to work on. He could probably be working in Sydney more often than in LA, that seems more practical, but instead he’s rarely in Sydney. Troye has lots going on in the final stages of his album, and he’s public about the project, so we see lots of the process. Connor’s projects are all kept secret until they’re released, so we don’t see Troye’s involvement in the process at all. But regardless, Troye is very supportive of Connor. He was the only other person following Common Culture on Twitter for months, he promoted Connor’s book five times (yep, five), favorited the video of the gala, was actually in the gala video, introduced Connor to many of the songs on his compilations, and is generally just always there, even if it’s not immediately apparent. 

 So please stop assuming that their relationship is anything less than stable, because if it was all about Troye as you say it is, they wouldn’t be as happy as they are.

Ugh. Rant. Using this blog as an emotional outlet for a second.

You ever have this problem where the state of a relationship is really not your fault, but still feel like the main person actively trying to rebuild it & make progress & show love & forgiveness & understanding & attempt & attempt to keep patience through the pain & try to talk through stuff (like you know they’re trying too but you’re both reeling in fear) & then also, at the same time, have to apologize ‘cause any expression, even the jestful expression, of your hurt feelings over how things have transpired or the rejection you’ve felt or the insecurities you’re experiencing seem to hurt/offend the other person? Like, sorry I’ve made you mad or stressed you out w/ my heartbreak, dude. I’ll try caring less next time? Idk?

Like I’m just all of the:

And they are all:

And I’m all:

And they are all:

And then I’m just:

I think I need a hug. Or just a really long, productive, understanding talk about things & stuff. Or both. Someone hug me?

Confess (advice? Idk): maybe this sounds strange, but I really really wish I had black friends. To hang with, talk to, whatever. It’s bothering me to the point where I almost feel sort of empty over it. I find it kind of hard to meet anyone at my college (my only experiences there have been negative, unfortunately). :( ugh. I just want friends that get me, you know? Friends that are #woke (or willing 2 be), lol. I love my friends I have now but it’s just hard. I feel alone. Idk. Any advice? /:


 I was smirking and nodding viciously when Callie told AJ that Brandon was cool and warned him about next time like yup mhm you defend your man

cole’s deep voice all together made me feel things i didn’t know exist 


aj could you possibly be a cute lil shit away from callie k thanks

they kicked brandon out of camp rock and i am livid my darling angel does not deserve this kind of pain it was cunt – i mean kat’s fault blAME HER SHE DROVE HIM TO THIS

do you ever think telling the truth right off the bat could maybe be…idk…easier? just a thought on my mind recently (indirect to mariana p.s get ur shit together)

jonnor the entire episode was adorable and amazing okay 

“hey, i’m jude. and i’m gay.”

“i’m super gay. for you.”


aw stef standing up for lena was so damn adorable i couldn’t handle it yes tell that motherfucker – sorry grams but c’mon – how your wife is feeling

aj at dinner smh “i was jealous” yeah we all were cole got to take the hottest woman to walk the earth to a gay prom take a few steps back into the fucking ocean


and the promo

“i am not blind, callie”

“you kinda are, brandon”


anyway see you all next episode where i’ll probably be swimming in my own tears

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