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do u have any tips on how u can figure out/guess someone's moon sign ? theres these two lovebirds in my class and theyre awful and hes a leo and shes a cancer but we all know the real shit is at the moon (and venus when it comes to love™) signs

leo and cancer couples seem so messy ndndndn but i love this question so here u go (also this is from my pov and my own experience so dont quote me on this lmao)

aries moons are those attention seekers u know they dont ASK for it but they end up getting it and enjoying it?? and they can be real messy and angry when emotional tbh (fire moons are so emotional smh no one says that about them but they are)

taurus moons are so?? stubborn? and critical like they want people to think they’re chill u know from a distance but inside they’re fucking DYING and wont tell anyone abt it 

gemini moons are the easiest to spot ndndndn look for the non stop talking bitch whose attention span doesnt EXIST and u can talk to them all u want tbh they’re not even listening, they’re just waiting for THEIR turn to talk and hoard the conversation

cancer moons? did u mean? angels sent from above? they’re my personal favorite tbh, when they really care about a person YOU JUST KNOW like they’ll listen and care for u a lot but on the other hand, its so visible when they dislike u bc they’ll just pretend you dong exist, they’re soo transparent i swear

leo moons are ICONIC i swear some of the most entertaining people out there, i just have so much love for them, they’re real sunshines always trying to make the world a better place for the people they love (but watch out for the undeveloped ones and their huge ass ego)

virgo moons?? i’ve only known one my entire life and she was a mess tbh but she was also a gemini so i cant blame her, they just need constant reassurement that they’re doing good tbh JUST TELL THEM U LOVE THEM

libra moons are not my cup of tea when underdeveloped like they’re just the Ultimate People Pleasers 3000 but still on the other extremly superficial? they’re not all this bad honestly though the developed ones are like human versions of a cotton candy but i still??? idk??

scorpio moons are such wildcards honestly u know never what ur gonna get like, is this scorpio moon a mean bitch with a god complex?? or the sweetest most caring person u’ve ever met? anyway im both

i loveee sag moons with my entire heart ugh they can be a little “ill do things my own way so fuck you” but they’re also like reallyy funny and optimistic and serious when they want to be, god i would die 4 them

capricorn moons are soo easy to spot ugh and i KNOW this is a stereotype but they’re sooo sarcastic like i knew this girl who was a cap moon and i always thought she hated me but turns out she really liked me and that was her way of expressing emotions? idk tbh they seem like robots but deep down they actually have feelings (i think)

aquarius moons ugh ive known 2 in my life one was a cold ass bitch who only had like 3 friends and didnt talk to anyone but still somehow was superpopular ?? idk and the other is probably the most fun loving person ive ever met ugh i still miss her tbh

pisces moons !! hidden gems!! such kind hearts ugh i always love them so so much they’re just trying their best tbh they might be too emotional but they’re TRYING

(also message me if u still dont know bc i can help u out lmao)


Bruce Wayne x Reader

Request: I was wondering if I could request where Bruce Wayne comes home from being batman only to see you perched in his chair with his hoodie? (Does the Bruce wayne wear hoodies? I think so?) Idk fluff is needed cause this man needs love. I’m rambling but anyways love your work and continue to be beautiful!

Warnings: Talk of sad feelings and loneliness.

Author’s Note: Okay, so I started to write this, then I realized you wanted Bruce to be coming home from being Batman and I was like “ugh,” but I felt that what I’d written so far was good and I didn’t want to delete it so if you really want it to be exactly how you requested then I can do that, just ask me. But this kind of took a turn for a direction I didn’t intend but I think it’s beautiful. Also yes, I definitely think Bruce would wear hoodies because who doesn’t? What would he train in? 

Also this came out a bit more sad than I originally intended so I’m sorry because you requested fluff! 

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“Honey?” Bruce called out as he opened the door to your shared bedroom to change. Putting down his briefcase on one of the armchairs in your room he starts to change into something more comfortable. Bruce wasn’t too concerned about receiving no reply as the manor was very big and sound didn’t always travel the best depending on where you were.

It was also likely that you probably had fallen asleep on the couch watching movies or reading. Despite the fact that you were a grown women you still couldn’t resist taking naps every once in a while, something Bruce had come to learn.

Looking for his favorite hoodie, as it was starting to get colder and colder outside every passing day, Bruce couldn’t find it to his dismay. “I could’ve sworn it was…?” his sentence trailed off as he scratched his head and decided it was probably in the wash or the hamper as he wore it often and was so busy he’d most likely forgot that he’d done so as it was dirty. 

Opting for a different hoodie, Bruce made his way back downstairs to see what everyone was up to… everyone meaning Alfred and you of course. The house was a little too quiet for Bruce’s liking but then again it always had been as he was growing up, which just brought back sad memories and a loneliness that Bruce couldn’t really place his finger on… I mean, after all, he had you now and he shouldn’t feel lonely at all! Not even in the slightest… yet, there was still a small space of loneliness that sat there in his chest.

On the bright side the manor had livened up a bit once you’d moved in with Alfred and him! There was always something going on and always a more positive air to the place… Bruce really did love having you in his home, in fact, he couldn’t imagine what it would be like to go back to the way it was before.

Making his way to the kitchen Bruce didn’t spot Alfred or you, which worried him to no end. Before Bruce could panic however, he found a note on the table which read:

Master Bruce,

when you arrive home I may not be in the kitchen, however I can assure you that dinner is cooking in the slow cooker and I will most likely be in the west wing corridors cleaning. Y/N last I saw was in your study, but also came out to chat for a bit. 

Didn’t want you to worry so I wrote this all down,


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lil-cubone asked: vision or star-lord

Remember this. When they finally understand what you are. This is how they will deal with you as well.

i feel kind of sad and it sucks ah

Do you know that feeling when you’ve just finished a book, a tv series or a videogame whom story was so good you can’t help yourself but wanting more of it? Like you whish there was some kind of sequel or idk something to expand the story for you to continue living it. And in these moments I always look for surrogates of what actually made me fall in love and never find anything that equals it and I feel completely lost and empty ugh

Chanyeol x Reader (very light smut)

Requested by a cute anonie “Well I was thinking, could u write a small scenario about the imagine u posted ^_^ the one where pcy’s gripping your thigh while driving a car?👀 thx love💕”

Hope I won’t disappoint you! And sorry if my english is not perfect~

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OKay but honestly, Changbin’s voice is so unique and distinct. When I first heard Hellevator, I was confused as to who’s voice belonged to who, but I could almost, always automatically match Changbin’s voice to himself every time I listened to the song. It’s so (i don’t even know how to properly describe it) but it’s kind of husky? Raspy? Not deep? Maybe a little nasally? But at the same time his voice just feels as if it physically carries so much swag and charisma. Ugh idk how to properly describe it and it’s driving me crazy. But his voice is just so different from the other boys, and especially from other artists and idols and it just makes me happy. 



The trailerrrrrrr is out baes! I’m just gonna talk about my favorite spots

Look, right on ChiHaya !! *SCREAMS* and MaeIso too! dammit boys why are you not in traditional whyyy so modern. i wanna see you in yukata. Beautiful girl right there, Rinka.

Fandom: Sensei OTP!!!
Staffs: Got you


shota Gakushuu HIHIHI

and of course….

KaruNagi standing beside each other. *SCREAMING MY HEAD OUT* Karma, why so good looking in black. NAGISAAAAAAAAAAAA bae as always~~ I’m not expecting for karmagisa in the trailer ‘cause idk. I’m not just expecting. and idk. I feel like S2 will not have karmagisa moments as much as in S1 (like they’d be focusing on NagiKae or something) I DONT KNOW. WHY AM I FEELING THIS KIND OF FOREBODING. UGH why do you always give me these tragic feels karmagisa no fair

and thankfully we’ll get to see the test of courage animated! and no human korosensei in the trailer :(


Unbelievable *requested*

Teen Wolf - Isaac Lahey

Note: holy cow im like super stuck with my writers/reader block I just can’t function ugh well it’s been many months since I’ve written and I know I still owe you all bad boy with feelings part 3 and I’m on it I promise but in the mean time here’s this very badly written imagine… sorry😅

Request: I really guiltily like isaac when he’s newly turned (and kind of douchey) so I was wondering if i could request isaac flirting with say someone who’s sat next to him for most of the year in one of his classes??? idk if that makes sense haha?

Triggers: uhhh lol just bad boy feels I guess

The semester was quickly rushing away, and your lab partner, Isaac Lahey has been away for weeks. You being the nice person that you are, covered for him saying that he was very ill. Did Isaac know? Of course not. You two only spoke in class, he seemed to disappear in the halls of the school, he would show up to all his classes and go home. Also you didn’t want to see poor Isaac in trouble.

The day Isaac Lahey waltzed into class an hour late, you couldn’t help but suck in a breath. This was not the Isaac you knew, no this kid had a whole new aura, get up, vibe, everything. This Isaac strode with untouchable confidence, the leather jacket was new too.

“Mr. Lahey… looks like you’ve taken your sweet time nursing yourself back to health” the lab teacher said, raising a questioning brow at him.

“What?” Isaac said, he looked confused and taken by surprise.

“Y/n has been updating me about your illness..?” The teacher said. Now realizing your lies.

“Oh, yeah… had a virus” Isaac said with a tight smile.

He rolled his eyes when his back was facing the teacher, and found his usual spot beside you that has been left unoccupied for weeks, except currently someone was sitting in his sit, quite cute too, if you do say so yourself, but he had nothing on Isaac.

The teacher stepped out the class with his coffee which was empty, clearly he was annoyed.

“Behave, class” he muttered before closing the door.

Isaac looked at the boy sitting next to you, and raised a brow at him. Still the boy not getting the message he looked over to you and started pointing out things in your notes. Isaac firmly placed both hands on the edges of the desk and look that guy in the eyes.

“Beat it, before I beat you” he said in all seriousness.

The guy immediately collected his things and found a seat in the back, and Isaac proceeded to carelessly seat himself, legs spread, bag thrown on the floor and he twirled a pen in his hand.

You could here the girls on the other side of the class start their usual gossip. “Who’s that?” A girl said, clearly not paying attention to anything. You could basically see the heart eyes on her, which only caused you to roll your eyes.

“That was a bit excessive don’t you think?” You said not looking at him. “What, he was in my seat” he said, shrugging.

“I don’t know… that was kind of a douche move” you said now looking at him to see what reaction he’d give.

He laughed slightly, and rolled his eyes, a sigh leaving his mouth. “Douche move?” He said, looking at you “You don’t even know that half of it” he said, he seemed to staring at something straight ahead so the blank chalk board.

The teacher came back sipping on his coffee, which slammed down on his desk

. “Which reminds me, you’ve been covering for me, babe?” He whispered to you.

It took you a second to realize he was talking to you. What had he called you ‘babe’? This was your brain taking a second to decide if you were going to be sassy or try not to take it personally. You finally decided to take it easy.

“And have goody two shoes in trouble, not a chance” you whispered back.

“Goody two shoes died a week ago didn’t you hear?” He whispered, not looking at you, giving you the impression that he didn’t care all that much.

“Aw, that’s too bad, I thought he was pretty cute” you said, mimicking the same careless body language.

“Oh really?” He said, raising a brow at you.

“It’s really a shame” you continued.

The bell rung and you made your way to the door, without waiting for a response from Isaac. Before you left the class, you turned to catch just the slightest smirk on Isaac’s face, which left you with a pleased grin.

He followed behind you, it felt different to be followed by him, almost as if you could get in trouble just by being near him. The hallway cleared quickly as students made there way to their next class, and your class being on the other side of the school you’ve already accepted the fact that you were going to be late.

Isaac unexpectedly trapping you between his body and the cold lockers pressing against your back. Your heart was racing, you hated to admit it but you secretly loved this transformation of Isaac’s.

“Not into bad boys?” He whispered, leaning downward.

“Nope” you barely whispered.

Isaac’s new wolf senses didn’t need to tell him you were lying, he could tell by the way you didn’t push him away.

Before either of you could say anything, you heard the unmistakable voice of coach yell from down the hall.

“Hey! You two get to class!” He yelled, not impressed as he walked down the hall.

A small gasp left your mouth before pushing Isaac away and running to class. Isaac was not the only goody two shoes in the school. You couldn’t tell if he was following you this time, because you were completely focused on getting to class.

You had a mini heart attack when you saw Isaac nonchalantly leaning against the lockers in front of your class. Slightly out of breath you glared at him in surprise.

“but how-” you started but never finished.

“That wasn’t very nice, you should’ve at least excused yourself before running off” Isaac said disregarding your unfinished question.

You squinted at him, unbelievable, you thought. You rolled your eyes before entering your class. Isaac smirked to himself as he walked down the hallway, listening to your heart racing.

Your very uninteresting class had passed and regrettably all you thought about was Isaac. You were making your way out of class and to your absolute surprise Isaac was leaning against someone’s locker, examining he’s nails. As much as you wanted to catch his attention, your inner self told you to stay away from boys like him, boys who’ll break your heart in a snap of a finger.

You were so engulfed in thought, you didn’t even feel someone circle their hand around your wrist.

“Ahem” you heard someone clear their throat right next to you.

Snapping you out of thought, you curiously looked up to see the one and only Isaac Lahey, a slight smile in his face.

“Let’s try that again, shall we?” Isaac said, more in a stating tone than questioning.

“Try what again?” You asked, surprised as to what he was talking about.

Pulling you toward him, now pressed against his chest. You gasped, dropping your backpack.

“Isaac?!” You questioned his actions.

“Y/n” he said, rolling his eyes.

Gently placing a hand on your cheek and gazing into your face as if he’d never seen you before.

“Isaac…” you whispered

“Y/n, shh please” he said, trying to refocus

“Please? Your manners returned” you grinned

He closed his eyes and grinned with you. Completely forgetting you two were standing in a school hallway. He very carefully placed his lips onto yours, you shared the sweetest of kisses, almost something you’d expect from the 'old’ Isaac. Old or new he was the same deep down. Imaginary fireworks were going off in the background that’s how magical that kiss was.

“You’re unbelievable, Isaac Lahey” you said with that same grin.

“You’re just as unbelievable, Y/n” he said, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“MOVE!” Someone from behind you two yelled, since you two were in the middle of the main hall and the bell had just rung.

“Hey, SHUT UP!” Isaac yelled back.

“Hey he just stole my line!” Stiles said to Scott, somewhere in the hallway.

Isaac rolled his eyes, inevitably.

“You better not make me regret this, Lahey” you said with a wink.

okay so I’m gonna spew out some incoherent thoughts about Moircy (is that what we’re calling it?) because they will not leave me alone

  • it seems like they’re in more or less the same field, from what I’m getting out of it. with Moira being eleven years older, I wonder if Angela looked up to her as a role model when she was younger.
    • and if maybe Moira’s pushing the boundaries nudged Angela into doing the same? re: resurrect and whatnot. 
  • obviously they’ve got ethical differences, esp when it comes to using biotic technology to hurt people. maybe it was when it came out that Moira was a part of Blackwatch that Angela kind of went o.o and tried to back off from being on board with her work
  • as fun as I’m sure it is to work in the shadows and have your employer deny any connection with you because of your sketchy history, I bet Moira was a little jealous that Angela ended up being the shining star of Overwatch’s medic services. her work went so much further, couldn’t they see that?
  • man it would take some canon-bending but I am ALL about the thought of Moira having been Angela’s mentor and that going sideways with all the controversy and stuff AHHHH
    • (asjkfa Moira feeling betrayed if Angela stopped looking up to her because of it? fric KC)

idk literally all I want right now is to construct an overlapping backstory for them and mix in the weird hate relationship that’s kind of ust and kind of mutual respect and very (*takes a deep breath of Homestuck*) kismesis-esque. ugh.

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I'm kind of confused about the Draco / Marauders talk but I'll give it a shot anywaylol. So idk I just recovered from a flu and I imagine Draco to be the type of boyfriend who would take car of you and make you soup even though he doesnt know how and he'd probably spill and make a mess but ugh it'd just be so cute

omg yes!

  • like he would always put in 110% effort to make you feel better
  • and stay by your side and supply you with tea and soup no matter what
  • you’d tell him not to get so close or else he’ll get sick
  • but he just dismisses your warnings
  • so draco brings you tea and gives you millions of kisses on the forehead
  • brushing the hair from your face and telling you you still look beautiful 
  • he’ll make sure you’re treated like a princess while you’re sick (and every day of your life with him, really)

Well, well, well, look who’s back with the most morally repugnant update in Union history. Me. It’s been a very productive summer of Netflix, chill and giving wrong directions to tourists but all good things must come to an end. Also coming to an end is my ill-fated attempt to kill Max, who, after refusing to eat the cake FOR 2 FUCKING DAYS is finally released from the cage of death. Honestly, I’m impressed, Max, you’re definitely not as stupid as you look.

-Yea, I get that a lot.

I doubt that but whatever, now gtfo and I better not see your Komei-clone ass around Jojo ever again or it’s back in prison for you!

-So, Jojo, not that we’re not all extremely invested in the excruciating selection process of your husband, but are you any closer to picking one?? I mean I love this whole commune thing we have going but the constant food delivery for 8 is killing us.

-We’re afraid not, dear brother, it’s starting to look like no one in this world is worthy of our majesty.

Ugh are we really doing royal ‘we’ now? Is this what this has come to?

-Yes, college has really helped develop our sense of self-worth.

How can it be self-worth if you’re ‘we’?

-This is exactly the kind of idiotic questioning that would get you eliminated from the suitor process. 

Oh, perish the thought! And miss out on this classical-music-dick-measuring-contest you have them doing?

-Ew seriously, Francis, Vivaldi? Why don’t you turn up to Justin Bieber while you’re at it.


-I lost the dick measuring contest and my punishment is sleeping on the couch.


-Maybe later, Real Housewives of Pleasantview is on, Cassandra is getting dragged for the pigtails!!

-Ha, look at this Vivaldi-listening losér! Point at him and laugh, everyone!

-Who’s laughing now, bitch? Not you with that hoof right in your French-whore mouth!

-Ugh, aren’t you late for the beans-on-toast feast, you limey piece of merde?

Not since the 100 Years War have French-British tensions ran this high. Of course that one was for a throne, while this one..

-Is for something far more important.. Our heart.

LMAO Jojo please be serious, you don’t have a heart.

-We absolutely do and it’s made out of pure gold.

Yea I guess, I mean gold is a metal after all! 

-Do you really think you should be eating decaying Chinese food, mon cheri? You’re going to need a soda to digest it and you know it’s too cold for your teeth!

-Wyatt, I don’t pay you to think, I pay you to sit across from me and look pretty, and occasionally to scooch down next to me so I look taller.

-You actually don’t pay me at all.

-Yes and obviously I’m getting my money’s worth.

Wow Jojo tone it down, your gold heart is shinning so brightly I’m gonna go blind!

Precious Gunther has added three new addictions to his existing sex one! A) working out in this atrocious outfit.

B) blowing bubbles from dawn to dusk.

and c) and the most disturbing one, constantly being alone in enclosed spaces with his brother’s intended, Brit Brit. At first I wasn’t too worried about it, thinking Brit is a popularity sim so it’s only natural..but then..


-Man idk, it’s almost supernatural. Blame it on God ;)

UGH I don’t even know who I hate more, your whore ass-

-or this fucking llama that hasn’t gone home in 3 days and is eating all our pizza. 

-I just feel so accepted here, like I’m part of the family, you know? 


Speaking of furries, not even the cow will approach the fucking cowplant, jfc. I mean you’d expect some kind of kinship there but nop. Great job Jojo, you killed a dozen secret society members for a defective cowplant.

-Mooo :(

I don’t know which one of you did that but stfu, I can’t anymore with this flop ass household!!!1

ANYWAY back to Brit and Daniel, it seems like my Gunther concerns were baseless, since these two remain eternally into each other, always autonomously doing cute crap.

-Oh Daniel, let me serenade you with the song of your people!  

The kings made us drunk with fumes,
peace among us, war to the tyrants!
Let the armies go on strike,
stocks in the air, and break ranks.
If they insist, these cannibals
on making heroes of us,
they will know soon that our bullets
are for our own generals  ♪


In other news, allow me to present you all with Melody’s personality panel. I was under the false impression that being the child of Wanda and Stephen she was.. nice?? But nop, total Union freak material! We hit the jackpot once again. Now her best friendship with bitch Brit makes total sense.

-Honestly girl, this janky ass house is such a step down from the sorority, I spend half the day thinking of ways to peace out.

-Ugh I know, I was on the fence at first but can you really put a price on good d?

-Aw, what are my beautiful hens cackling about? May I join?


-I was about to make a math joke but I doubt you gals would get it, amirite? As Barbie said, math is hard!

- I’m a literal math major.

-Oh I know, Mel, good for you! Affirmative action works wonders!


It’s another day in paradise. Daniel has finally cracked and gone full Komei, autonomously cleaning shit even though we have a maid..

Melody ate a ton of burnt grilled cheese and is non-stop throwing up..


-What?? We’re just talking, GAWD

No you’re not “””just talking””” you’re gossiping and doing sexy whispers, I KNOW YOUR TRICKS GUNTHER-

-I don’t mean to interrupt but I think you’re focusing on the wrong issue here?



Nice try whores, nothing is happening outside-


-That’s right, Ti-Ning and I are in love now!


-Nop! We got tired of waiting for Jojo and we decided the best way to handle it was to suddenly make out in front of him even tho we have never even flirted before!


-Well it is, so best accept it and we can all move on :)

Oh yea certainly, I mean if anything Jojo is known for his ability to forgive and forget!

See the ghost of Ti-Ning indeed! Finally a wish Jojo and I share. 


-Haha!!! Finally I’m free to be as gross as I want >:) 

Well.. enjoy it while it lasts.

-The hell does that mean??

Nothing, just you know, none of us know when our time will come.. only that it will. The curse of human existence, one might say. Only we among the animal world know that we will die. Memento mori, Ti-Ning. And we will memento you. 

-..Yea, maybe it’s time I move out?

I mean, you can try..

..but like the curse from It Follows, it follows. It being Jojo. How you holding up boo?

-Oh, I’m great, can’t you tell?

You know what might help? Some of your beloved homework! Do something useful, get your mind off this stuff..

“Sending The First Human to Mercury and Leaving Him There: A Very Specific Space Exploration Proposal” 

-Jojό!! I’m writing about how I finally won your heart but please don’t look, I’m gonna read this at our wedding!

-Yea I literally couldn’t care less about you and your thoughts/feelings/etc, what was left of my heart is dead and gone and now there’s only a black hole there.. Oh we could also send Ti-Ning to a black hole if Mercury doesn’t work. Nice.

-UGH how are you even still alive and breathing the same air as me and not dead from shame like you should be, you vile adulteress???

-OH PLEASE you’re just mad cause Fran and I realized we can do better than your mega-jaw ass. If not for the endless supply of bubbles around here blurring our vision this would have happened weeks ago!

-I’m going to strangle you in your sleep and my jaw will be the last thing you see.

-Your jaw would be the last thing I saw even if I died on the moon.


…………………well I guess it’s official then. And if the above didn’t seal it..

..this definitely did. God have mercy on me, what a shitshow.

While Tin and Fran are woohooing, Jojo attempts to end his troubles once and for all by running out of the house and into a thunder fire. Thankfully the rain puts it out quickly and all we’re left with is critically low hygiene. 

Man, serving Penguin teas! You have the entire look down, Jo. I’d tell you to audition for Gotham but that’s extremely bad career advice

-Oh god, I almost died!!!! 

Aw I know, but don’t worry you’re safe now <3

-No I mean I came so close but didn’t make it.. :(

Jojo please, if anything, live to kill Ti-Ning and Francis. You owe it to yourself.

As soon as Fran and Tin are done, guess who rushes in to gossip next to the bed. ISTG YOU ASSHOLES, BREAK IT THE FUCK UP BEFORE I THROW YOU OUT THAT WINDOW

-Whatever, we’d just land on Jojo trying to set himself on fire.

-LOL oh Brit you’re so funny!



-Get him, Jojό!

Honestly Wyatt, I get being supportive but I’m really starting to worry about you, even demeaning yourself has its limits..

..especially since Jojo continues to be a massive freakshow. Good lord.

-Oh Francis, don’t tell Wyatt cause you know how he gets, but your total disregard for my existence is making me see you in a whole new, hot, light..

Man, good thing Wyatt isn’t standing 3 steps away from you!

Oh yes, loving this dinner. An ocean between us..

-I wouldn’t eat that third slice if I was you, Ti-Ning. Your funeral day is fast approaching, don’t you want to look nice for it? 

-Well you’ll be there so it doesn’t matter, everyone will be looking at your jaw.

Yes, what a wonderful night. Now let’s all go to bed and hopefully everyone will have calmed down a little by tomorrow!

LMAO yea idk what I was thinking.

-Strangle me in my sleep? How about I strangle you in broad daylight???

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but.. poor Jojo. Not only did he get his ass beat, but to literally add insult to the injury-

-everyone is lusting after Gunther during his defeat. Jfc, I’d want to set myself on fire too.

Oh here we go, Gunther to the rescue! 

-How dare you beat up my brother even though he attacked you first? Prepare to die!

-Whatever, I’ve been preparing for that for the last couple days!

Aw, Gunther is such a good brother/giant loser depending on the outcome of this fight.

VINDICATION. Bravo, Gunther, defending our non-existent family honor!

Daniel, in true Daniel fashion, slept through this entire shitshow, which might be the smartest thing he’s ever done.

Oop, spoke too soon. Say what you want about Gunther and Daniel but man do they both love Jojo! Truly god knows why.

-So Brit, you’re studying poli-sci, can you think of a peaceful resolution to this? Haha!


Well, you might not need to Brit! WHAT IS UP WITH THIS HYPER-FLAMMABLE CACTUS

Brit returns from her finals with a free pizza! How’d you do, Brit?

-Saved by the nightie again!

NOICE. Got a freebie pizza from it too?

-No, I found it in the garbage. My gift to Francis and Ti-Ning for their 3 day anniversary! 

Jojo’s official greek house portrait coming along nicely! Wow he looks very majestic..

..Instagram vs Real Life.

-Bowling is so satisfying if you pretend the pins are your former lovers’ genitals!

Whatever coping method works for you boo!

Gunther and Ti-Ning are officially enemies which is hilarious because not even Jojo is enemies with him?? Follow your bliss, Guns!

In an impressive display of brotherly synchronicity we have double slapping across the room. Double the slapping for half the time, Jojo is as always a true capitalist.

JOJO!! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU WON! So proud of my baby <3 I’m ofc kidding, this shit has gotten old really fast and I extremely feel Brit watching uninterested. ENOUGH  

HARD MOOD. Brit is honestly on another level than the rest of us basics. What an icon.

For some reason I bothered to fulfill Ti-Ning’s want to learn that relationship maintenance or w/e lifetime skill (talk about money down the drain) and the irony of this pop up text almost sent me to an early grave. And we know who’s going to an early grave today..




Ice Cube would like to say,
that I’m a crazy muthafucka from around the way,
since I was a youth, I smoked weed out,
now I’m the muthafucka that ya read about,
takin’ a life or two,
that’s what the hell I do, you don’t like how I’m livin
well fuck you ♪

Wyatt and Brit were on their way to react to Ti-Ning’s little accident but somehow got sidetracked and are now randomly arguing on the porch. Honestly I don’t even know what’s going on anymore, I’ve lost all control of this household.

Jojo rushes over to celebrate Ti-Ning’s demise by immediately slapping the shit out of his grieving lover! Whenever you think we can’t possibly sink any lower, think again. Like right now, after the slapping, are you thinking we can’t sink any lower?????????????????????????????







OK. In my 10 years of playing I have never wanted to quit without saving more than with this bullshit. Look at fucking Fran’s smug ass face and moron Wyatt putting on an Oscar worthy performance of shock and regret. YOU SHOULD HAVE SAID NO, YOU SHOULD HAVE GONE HOME WYATT. What the FUCK are we gonna do now???? I guess good thing Max Flexor survived the cage of death. GOD.DAMMIT

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Im aroace and the regs made me feel really gross about my orientation. Where i live isnt safe and everytime i tried to imply i was aro to my friends i was met with disdain and/or violence. I keep thinking maybe the regs are right and maybe i should get a boyfriend to appear straight and not be broken but i really dont want to. A kind of mutual beard would be helpful for safety though. Ugh idk, how do i feel better about myself? Those posts really made me feel gross and even more unsafe

I’m completely cool with finding and sticking with someone for safely. However, and a big however, it can be equally dangerous if you date a person “”because you should”” when you don’t want that and they expect things you don’t want to give. Bringing that home so to speak will not bring you peace.

You can lean more on online communities and be yourself there. You can make plans or save up to leave to find a safer community. Even if you are young and can only do a dollar a week, that dollar is adding hope to a future you do want.

While at times it does feel easier to jut give in and fall in line, you aren’t going to like that life when you gotta live it every second. However, I am for lying awful people to keep yourself safe (maybe you do have a friend who can pretend to be your boyfriend), being alone sucks but maybe not speaking to them is best, or not telling them certain things in order to be safer. 

Safely first. And that includes not only blending in at times but making sure you don’t down a metaphorical poison because their bigoted voices are getting in your head. 

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What do you think when you see people hate on CMBYN? It makes me really sad and like makes me feel bad for loving it :/ and yet I keep looking at all the hate for some reason idk why? Ugh

Hii! Honestly I don’t even bother anymore. It used to make me feel bad, and I forced myself to stop looking for those kinds of reactions. Thing is: if people are unwilling to look past their conviction, which is in 95% of cases wrong or uninformed, why should I bother trying to change their minds? If they come around, that’s great. If they don’t, and still feel uncomfortable with the book/movie, that’s also great. But if they keep spewing hurtful lies and throwing around very big words as if they have no meaning at all, I will not tolerate them, and those users will ultimately be blocked. 

And to cite @cmbyntag: use that block button. Don’t let anyone ruin this book/movie for you. I trust that you’re capable of deciding how the book/movie makes you feel as an individual, and don’t allow someone’s ignorance force your opinion. 

Sending loads of love. 🧡🍑


Hetamyu: The Great World 1/?: where in Japan sees China as a complete stranger than a brother. Though he considers him as a mentor (even called him: Teacher[Kyoushi]) and respects him but that’s just it.

Going back to this scene was painful! If you noticed China’s face at the fourth panel in the stageplay SHOWS REAL PAIN (HE BLINKED SEVERAL TIMES TOO FUCK)–THE AWKWARD PAUSE MADE IT WORSE I TELL YOU! While England got drunk by pouring vodka in his tea hence the burst of: “PAY YOUR RESPECTS TO YOUR BROTHER” kind of a thing idk, and the way he pushed Japan afterwards was painful to watch j esus freakin chirst–

disclaimer: my japanese is almost non-existent so these are not 100% accurate. heck i’m more confused than you tbh so take these with a great pile of salt. feel free to correct me in the PM.

I hate hate hate how mature/adult/grown up media just about always contain sex, drugs, slapstick comedy

all I want is the stories from kids’ shows and movies but it goes further in those themes

like a more explicit view of the impact of death. actually show me the emotions it evokes from characters instead of just saying it happened and skipping over the actual scene because it’d be too much for kids

give me “adult” movies and shows that treat family the same way children’s media does. no more “ugh parents/in-laws am I right? lol” meanwhile the family with your significant other is far more meaningful and important

actually you know what. give me more media that takes itself seriously. I’m tired of poop jokes and dramatic moments getting ruined for comedy. give me more how to train your dragons and voltrons and cocos

I want those kinds of stories but ones that are allowed to cross that pg13 line and just have more emotion

trans women: wow, dating is hard. i love girls? i love trans girls?? wow. men are pretty awful. otoh i like paying my bills and sometimes they’re cute…

terfs: it was ok when trans women were raping men by deception but the problem was when they started doing it to lesbians. they NEED to stop pushing this agenda.

trans women: hey yall lost my housing… again… and my meds… anyway here’s my paypal 💚 be nice if i had some kind of support network offline but i feel so stigmatized within “LGBT” communities… ugh idk the worst part is that interacting with that stuff gets to you, you really feel like even more of a monster…

terfs: btw to clarify the rape by deception thing, i’m talking about attempts to destigmatize trans women’s bodies. oh, no, not just the misguided ones, literally all of them. also that first person was problematic – is she saying men who fetishize trans women consider them women? lmao

trans women: i might feel more connected to LGBT things but so many gay men think we’re gross and aren’t interested and you always have this fear in the back of your mind that CAFABs are gonna turn on you with hidden transmisogynist stuff if you get too involved…

terfs: anyway trans women are misogynists with bad makeup and disgusting fuckholes and are dominated by their shallow and vain personalities (typical narcissistic men). i can’t believe how many people fall for this gender crap.

trans women: hey guys, got a new client who’s not another straight man! AND its this rich lesbian in the city 💵💵💵💵💵 yeahhhhh! i can afford decent food! maybe i can start my surgery savings back up too! btw here’s my paypal again! 💚 you know having to milk social media to live sucks but i love my friends on here so much! :’) i don’t know what i’d do without my friends… 💚😘

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I accidentally saw something I wasn't supposed to when I was trying to find my phone with one of my really good friends phone. there was a whole series of texts between them about me and how they're "so tired of me not being okay" and that I'm always nagging at the back of their minds and that they're really tired of having to baby me. these are the people I trust most in the world, tell everything to, and confide in always. seeing that kind of destroyed me. ugh. idk dude.

calmly tell them that you saw it and ask them how you can improve your relationships? idk ive never had anything like this happen, if anyone else has advice pls feel free to reply

-mod a

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I've recently been 100% okay with my sexuality (it wasn't easy considering I was surrounded by many homophobic people last year but now I moved schools and things are getting better) but I don't know when or how I should come out to my family.. or even if I should.. I'm a lesbian and although my parents don't SEEM homophobic , you never really know how someone will react. I feel like I'm lying to them everyday (which I know I'm not ?? Not really ?? But it's ugH idk) I'm kind of scared

Same, sweetheart. I completely understand. And honestly? Come out when you’re ready. You can wait, you’re allowed to wait and take all the time you need. Or heck, you don’t even have to come out. It’s not something all LGBT+ people are required to do. You can get a s/o and just be like “here’s my s/o!” and go on from there.

It all comes down to your own decision and whether you’re comfortable. You are NOT lying to anyone, you’re simply protecting yourself. Ily. Remember you always have our support regardless. 💖