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Morning Morals

I am back! Once again! This time with a gift for my wonderful Mami, @dan-yuna . My gift is a sleepy, freshly awoken Morality.

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Lemme get my point through.
We HideKane enthusiasts are salty and bitter about this, yes.
But remember: Each has their own blog and everyone can rant, let out their rage and emotions out. About anything they want. Bc this is their blog just as yours is yours.
We will eventually calm down so just let us be this way for the time being and endure it. We are not trying to find approval. We just want to get it off our chest and let our voices be heard and to share it (and also to interact with people who feel the same way.) And NOT to get it rubbed off on our faces that we are stupid fujoshi losers. Not to aggravate anyone on this platform. We also not ask for feedback or con arguments to the things we state. So please dont.
I was a touken shipper at the beginning but the more i got to know about Kaneki’s deep connection to Hide the more i detached from Touken. That doesnt mean that Touka and Kaneki do not have a deep relationship. But i just dont support it anymore and ofc we are not pleased with this chapter that we not support. But who cares? Each to their own guys. Just let us talk about what bothers us , u dont need to interfere. Pls respect that just as i respect other views rather its Touka or Tsukiyama with Kaneki or whoever, even Mutsuki. At the same time that im not happy about the outcome tho , im looking forward to Yomo’s and Ayato’s reaction. And that Kaneki deserves the love he gets, i mean we all cheer for his happiness, are we not?
Noow to Ishida (i love ishida).

I see that there are irrational pple due to rage but me as a pretty rational personality.. It’s Ishida’s manga and he is free to decide what to do. Insulting him wont do shit and it’s just basically a wrong thing to do.
Stop insulting the blessed mangaka who brought TG upon us. He deserves respect just like any other person does.
My message dont insult Ishida for doing what he likes to do. Do you wanna be treated like that? No? Good, then stop.

(I cant talk for everyone but for myself. Yet Im sure others feel this way as well so stop being mean and dickheads everyone, for fuck’s n peace’s sake)

Im not tagging this to gain anger but let my voice be heard.


   I want to make a tribute to Homestuck. Even though i left the fandom years ago i still kept up with the updates and kinda kept it with me i guess. It’s hard to believe it’s been 7 years. i remember when i first started reading after Problem Sleuth and no one could have thought it would have gone on for this long or be this spectacular! At one point Homestuck was a huge part of my life and has been with me for almost half my life so to be honest it hurts to say goodbye. I’m really thankful to all the people i’ve met through HS and the improvement in my art as I drew fanart of it. I wanted to post some of my old art, from before i had a pentab and only drew on paper or my schoolwork, but i either threw it away or lost it. I would have wanted to post this on 4/13 but it was only till after i watched Act 7 that i really felt my emotions come back and felt inspired to draw again. I might make a few more drawings depending on how the next few weeks go. Until then thank you to all my followers homestucks or not, and thank you to everyone who worked on HS to make it into the masterpiece it is today.

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I was tagged by: @spacee

Relationship status: single

Favorite colour: dark ish red like my blog bg

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick? idk

Last song you listened to: do not disturb

Last movie you watched: idk…… i think it was one of the austin powers cuz it was on tv when i was eating lunch

Top 3 Characters: elliot alderson, winifred burkle and everyone from sense8 dont argue with me they all count as one

Top 3 Ships: uhhh idk i dont rly ship anyone now tbh

Books you are currently reading: im not reading anything:(

Top 5 shows, series, or musicals: sense8, mr robot, how to get away with murder, suits, master of none (this is more of a top 3 + the first 2 others that popped into my head)

i tag: @ifiam @aenipai @lovedflush @ilovtofu @lotusdagger @chinas @piscesgrls @kindasyc @bao6ei

hanbit  asked:

Gugudan and Sistar 💗

aaaaaaahhhh thank you so much!!!!


  • My first bias: hana caught my eye at first 
  • Your current bias and why: im still loyal to hana tbh like i feel bad saying sejeong bc everyone knows her bc ioi and bc she gets more attention and stuff and i dont wanna leave the other girls in the dust  
  • Favourite song: rainbow!! but i also heard diary for the first time the other day and was like !!!!!!!!!
  • Favourite MV: wonderland U CANT TOP MERMAID CONCEPT TBH
  • OTP: hana and sejeong god bless oh my lord
  • Member you think has the best smile: MINA lil miss eye smile 
  • Favourite choreography: wonderland :’)
  • Favourite era: girl like me era i think ???
  • Do you own any merchandise: noooooo :(
  • Have you seen them live: nnnnnoooooooooooooooo :(((((
  • Favourite voice/singer: nayoung or soyee
  • Favourite dancer: mimi, her stage presence is so !!!!!!!

sistar bless up 

  • My first bias: bora bora bora 
  • Your current bias and why: hyorin she’s so real and funny and good and perfect she’s honestly my queen 
  • Favourite song: i swear dont even get me STARTED 
  • Favourite MV: I SWEAR 
  • OTP: hyorin and bora OR hyorin and soyou 
  • Member you think has the best smile: hyorin look at her MOUTH its HUGE it takes up her whole face when she smiles and i absolutely adore it 
  • Favourite choreography: i like that the SKIRTS 
  • Favourite era: give it to me OUTFITS AND HAIR STYLES especially dasom in that era oh my god 
  • Do you own any merchandise: no i literally own one kpop thing and thats an exid poster jfc 
  • Have you seen them live: NO 
  • Favourite voice/singer: tbh like hyorin is a vocal goddess everyone knows that but dasom’s vocals are so slept on and she has such pretty tone 
  • Favourite dancer: bora bora 

(sorry its blurry btw. I just idk)Sup everyone. I did an (collab)art meme or double meme with my fam, @thisrandomuser ! Feel free to do this to your friend! Or anyone! If you dont have a friend, *cries* its okay I feel you. Tag anyone that you wanna do this meme! I hope you like it! Also, feel free to ask me or blah blah what things what you want to do with me! I hope you like it again~!


Okay so i dont really wanna get into discourse, but.
So this is what comes up when u google sga and queer. I know this doesnt mean everyone views it this way but this is why some ppl dont wanna use sga. Cus its used by homophobic christian ppl.
Im not saying for ppl to use queer if u dont wanna, just don’t attack the ppl that do and dont push sga onto everyone.
Also pls dont harass me please and thank u.

as someone who tags 99.9% of my posts, i always find it so exciting when i see someone tag a post when they normally dont tag stuff. idk why. its like, most of the time its radio silence and then they encounter a post that speaks to them in some way to where they cant help but comment on it (even if its just in a tag)

au where jim and bones are best friends (obviously) who do /everything/ together except have sex. they go to movies in the dead of night, get blackout drunk, visit each other at work (though that’s usually jim just getting hurt), and all sorts of other shit. jim’s pansexual and bones is bi, so everyone figures that they’re into each other. they’re constantly arguing with people who think they’re a couple (God no, he’s just my best friend! I mean, yeah, he’s fuckin hot, but we’re not together). they dont understand why everyone thinks that until jim is giggling like a little girl when bones starts dancing around campus with him and suddenly he realizes, that everyone thinks they’re a couple because they basically are, it seems like sometimes, and hey bones wanna see a movie and get chinese afterwards, except like maybe a date this time? everyone already thinks we are so why not give it a shot?

and that’s how Leonard H McCoy, M.D., PhD ends up marrying James T Kirk


6 (+1) SELFIES OF 2016 !!!!!

im a vapid bitch who likes bein popular so ima list everyone who tagged me before my lazy ass got up and did it: @compoyo @teamnowalls @nintendogamegirl @gradient @guqin @arroz @sapphictaurean and @nostorage !!

i started 2016 with long hair and i’m ending it with much shorter (but healthier) hair. besides that, though… the year of realizing things has been hard on all of us and it’s been hard for me. that being said; it’s better to know ugly truths and be able to solve problems, than to exist thinking nothing’s wrong

wow that was so fake deep but i’m just in a melodramatic mood what can i say… anyways idk who to tag now since so many people have done it :( 

okay i tag: @cinmn-apple@baby-leef  , @thespookyvirgo , @sponch-binch @ulymizane , @cutebabyspice , @jrpg , @shatteredhand , @mutedpink and idk who else i wanna tag everyone!! if u see this take it as me tagging u !! u obviously dont have to do it if you dont wanna but @ me in them if you do 

happy holidays everyone 😘💓💗💕💞

idk if theres a fandom that has been through more shit or has spent more time and money or who’ve grown more or most importantly been more proud than the youtube fandom this year like i’m calling for a universal break for all youtubers in 2016 so everyone can take a moment to fuckin breathe